Monday, August 04, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds Report

My latest live feeds report is now live over on TV Squad. I can't promise real excitement. They're dolts, y'know!


sharon said...

Do we really,really believe these hamsters will grow a backbone and actually break from this ridiculous,vote the HOH way? I am afraid to hope and then see all of them march into the DR and vote for Memphis.

We don't want JessMe in sequester,now do we?We don't want he and Manchelle meeting up there. I wouldn't mind if April was the first to go,though.And Ollie(aka Ali)get a clue!!jerry turned out to be such a disappointment.

Clementine said...

Is it wrong that I find Dan's schoolteacher/coach voice to be kind of ... hot? ;)

Swim Club

"You hit your foot with your other foot?" Ha!

But he needs to remind Renny to breathe before her cheeks explode!

Anonymous said...

Go Jesse Go!
Go Jesse Go!
Go Jesse Go!
Go Jesse Go!

Go somewhere. Go anywhere. I don't care where. Just Go. Go out of my sight so I don't ever have to see you again. Go! Go! Go!


becky said...

sharon said...Do we really,really believe these hamsters will grow a backbone and actually break from this ridiculous,vote the HOH way?

Don't hold your breath! I don't think there is any hope.

Clementine said...Is it wrong that I find Dan's schoolteacher/coach voice to be kind of ... hot? ;)


Jackie, good post.

Zoetawny said...


Love the photos! The captions were priceless. You have many talents and we enjoy you sharing them with us.

The ginger ale bottle must have really hurt. OUCH! I know you're being as careful as possible but things still happen. If you need better pain meds than Tylenol by all means ask your doctor. I don't want to think of you needlessly suffering in pain.

I didn't think Jerry would use the POV. I'm really enjoying Dan as the AP. I watched the video of him hugging Jessie and his smile directly to the camera was priceless.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the house guests won't vote with the HOH this week but I still have doubts. Praying to the BB gods that Jessme goes. It will be interesting to see what Manchelle does without her muscle man.

Speaking of Manchelle, will someone tell her that bandana looks dreadful.

Clementine said...
Is it wrong that I find Dan's schoolteacher/coach voice to be kind of ... hot? ;)
Dan is looking better and better to me now. If he was my teacher I think I would have a crush on him.

Just so you know, I might be MIA this week and part of next week. My husband's brother and wife are arriving from Utah to stay with us for a visit. I'm sure my dh will think I'm being rude if I disappear and go online while they're here. I will most definitely have to sneak upstairs to watch the live eviction show Thursday. I doubt whether my in- laws watch BB. They are Mormon so I'd better watch my language while watching BB. LOL

Has anyone heard how Meb is doing?

I'll try to sneak online even if it's only to read Jackie's recaps. I think I will be going through withdrawals.

Stay well all!

meb said...

OK... I wanted to do something clever on my way back to Jackie's, but I realized, I'm either on "LOCK-DOWN" from all those drugs I just put away at the hospital and can't think... or probably, I'm just not that clever!

At any rate... I'm home (Saturday), feeling much, much, much better, but a long road to recovery. And we all know that I am letting "Jesus Take The Wheel"!

JACKIE & EVERYONE! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! for your kindness to my daughter who informed you of my hospitalization, your cards, your emails, your kind and caring thoughts, and most of all for your prayers.

I know Sydney was the link between my daughter and you and I so appreciate her precious time and dedication she took to keep you posted.

I haven't even begun to read all the posts, but Jackie I want to thank you for the OFF TOPIC on my behalf so people could comment, and Laurie for the Prayer Place on the JackieUSAblogspot.

I would like to thank all of you individually for your concern, but can't even imagine how to start, so I'll leave it here. I couldn't imagine the friends I have made on this blog over a silly reality show, but I did, and I'm ever so grateful!

Jackie, I was relieved to read how well you're doing, even if you did have a mishap with dropping the bottle on your ankle. Take care of that along with your other knee to maintain balance throughout your recuperation.

When I feel really up to it, I'll post on my blog my experiences of those 15 (count 'em) 15 days in the hospital. Not so much fun and thankful to be home.

Again... So much heartfelt thanks go out to all of you. Prayer works! Keep it up.

Those of you who have mentioned you're ill or new developments with health... I will keep YOU in MY prayers as well.

LOVE! meb

joy n said...

I just watched House Calls with Angie and Evil Dick. Great show, by the way. Angie mentioned that she didn't know that April and Ollie were actually having sex in the house. Angie is really intelligent and had she stayed longer, would have been a good player.

At the very end, during the credits, they showed a piece of the live feeds. It showed Jerry picking his nose, using both index fingers, and it looked like he was wiping them off on the back of the couch. Big-time gross!

joy n said...

MEB!!!! So happy to see you back! You must be so relieved to be home again. We missed you so much. There is power in prayer!

Don't overdo anything and listen to your doctor. I'm just so glad to "hear" you back on the blog again.

W E L C O M E - H O M E !!!!!

Clementine said...

Hooray for Meb being home! Get well soon!

Donna in AL said...

MEB, I have missed you so much! I am so glad you are back! I am so thankful your daughter let us know about you. You are a trooper, I can't imagine the pain you have been in and still you seem to keep your sense of humor. I not sure I could be that brave (and hope I never have to).

I am glad you are home, let those around you take care of you. I am sure you have taken care of them plenty of times in the past.

You are still in my prayers!

I just am not into BB as yet. I can't seem to find anyone I really like except Renny. I know as soon as I say I am pulling for her, she will be voted out!

nancy in nj (and pa) said...

YEA MEB!!!!!!!!!


GOD BLESS!!!!!!!

Gayle said...

Welcome Home MEB! We really missed you! YES, PRAYER DOES WORK! I'll keep you in my prayers as you heal. Take your time, but please obey your doctor.

becky said...

MEB, glad you are home! Don't overdo. Get a lot of rest and spend you time reading the BB reports.

Anybody in the Houston/Galveston area? Look like it is your turn. Hope Ed turns out to be just a rain storm. My verification word is "gulfzbdd" -- hope that doesn't mean Gulf is bad.


monty924 said...

Woohoo, welcome back MEB! Great to see your post here. You were surely missed. HUGS!

Sydney said...

(((YAY MEB))))

Meb, I'm glad you got to post -- and write such a long one as well! you sound like your old self but my what you must have been through!


I will be VIBING you OUT ALL week, and am knowing that this week will end up being a good one. It is tough to have anyone visit for longer than a few days. If you need to, write in an VENT!

monty924 said...

Uh OH! They're talking about politics and the war. Libra is keeping her mouth zipped so far, but Renny is speaking her mind. Very respectfully (pardon the respect reference) I might add. This can only go downhill. Look for a fight night!

Please Renny and Libra keep your cool until after JessMe's gone. That's all I care about, LOL! :P

Nana in the NW said...

WELCOME BACK MEB!!!! I was so happy to see your name!! 15 days in the hospital....ugh! Just take it slow and listen to your doctor. Check back in here when you feel up to it--we are all still praying for you.

sharon--hope your dr. will get you in this week and the new lump is nothing serious.

zoe--have fun with the in-laws...maybe you'll have to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night and check in....LOL

laurie--love the pinata...JessMe face would make it perfect. I'm in line behind Monty to whack it!! I love party games.

As for BB:

They are not picking a new AP each week are they? It was just a one week/one time twist.....

A new alliance is emerging?? I haven't checked Joker's for a few days so this blog is my info sight. I would love to see some of the power taken away from HOH, but if L/K/R/M/D do break away then they better win the HOH comp on Thurs.

I always find it odd when you hear the HG talk about just wanting to make it to sequester....what happened to winning the game!?

April/Ollie are disgusting...yesterday they had a quickie mid-day. He called it getting some "Sunday brunch"--how romantic!! I sure wouldn't want to be the next HOH--I would wash those sheets SEVERAL times.

I'm disliking Keesha more and more. She has to most vulgar mouth in the house and seems to think "what's good for the goose is not good for the gander"(when she was HOH everyone had to honor her choice for eviction but now that she doesn't agree with April, they need to take a stand against her).

I'm exhausted....between painting and yard work I don't think my back will every be the same!

Everyone in Texas--stay safe and as dry as you can. Hopefully Edcaurdo doesn't pack too much of a punch!

Jackie--TY for the pics. I love the ducks following you...I had a picture in my mind of you getting on the bus with all the ducks climbing on board behind you!! LOL
Set-backs are so frustrating...are you on a time frame to when you have to go back to work? Just remember we can always keep ourselves do what you have to and rest when you can.

Off to watch High School Musical and The Mole.

Sydney said...

bracing for the tropical storm that may turn into a hurricane here... right now looks headed straight for Houston but you never know how these things can change course or disapate. My mother in law lives far closer to Galveston and that is something to be concerned about. No need for us to evacuate or board up but we always have plenty of disaster stuff ready. I had it ready when I lived thru tornadoes in Illinois, earhtquakes in LA and 9/11 in NY.

Petals said...

Okay, bring out the torches, but I have to admit: I dislike April & Libra more than I dislike Jessie. I think he's getting a bad rap. Maybe I'm feeling a lil Devil's Advocacy or something. The lil guy is sorta growing on me. Maybe it's his youth,ignorance or naivete?

Laurie said...

Yeah, MEB, I'm so glad to see you here which means you are home! Whoopeee!!

You are just in time to take a whack at our new Pity Party JessMe Pinata!

If you aren't up to it yet I'm sure plenty of people who will pinch hit for you!

Warm and gentle hugs, my friend. Our prayers are answered!

Petals said...

Save Jessie.
Liberate Libra!

(don't kill me)

Jackie said...

MEB! - YAY! Welcome home! 15 days in the hospital had to be horrible. I'm soglad to hear you're back at home and you have my thoughts and prayers for a good recovery.

And to the others who mentioned it -- I called the doctor's office today. Yes, new pain meds are prescribed. No, I don't owe the bill I previously paid which they accidentally billed again. And, they received a letter from BCBS saying the extra physical therapy is being considered and the decision will be made within two weeks.

As for my return to work, my workplace has already approved a medical LOA until September 30. So, I don't really have to worry.

monty924 said...

Great news Jackie. It has to be comforting to know that you have the support of your workplace, and you do need the extra convelescence.

Now if we all want to have fun, then head on over to the CBS Big Brother webpage and check out Wake-up Calls. They're bringing back the hilarity from All-Stars. I don't know about any of you, but I LMAO when they were all sleeping and those wake-up calls kept coming every 15 minutes. LOL

This keeps getting better and better. I love this season! :)

monty924 said...

oops! The link just in case...

lynn1 said...

MEB, It was wonderful to see your post! Please take it easy until you have had a chance to fully recover.

Jackie, glad to her your insurance comapny is considering extending your PT.

PlaidChick said...

Welcome back MEB!

PDX Granny said...


I started reading the comments, and had to take a double take when seeing your name!! I'm soooo glad you're back! You've got to know just how much you've been missed and how we've all been praying for you.

Now back to reading what you had to say . . . . .


Patty said...

MEB-Welcome home! I hope things are going well for you. Take things slow and recover well.

Sydney-My hubby flew out early this morning and will be in Houston all week. I think he is a little worried about hearing the news of the hurricane. I hope you all stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back MEB. Hope you feel better soon.


dla said...


Welcome back!! You were definitely missed. :)

Take care of you ~

dla said...


Thank you so much for the update on your recuperation. It is so critical that you take this slow and easy, and end with the best result to take you through the years.

I am certainly hoping for additional PT to be approved. I know firsthand what a difference that can make in any recovery, and I have never had anything so serious as a knee replacement.

Hoping you feel better by the day... And forget about us on those "off" days. Your health is the most important thing.


dla said...

Sydney and all of our Houston / Galveston friends,


I received a phone call from another friend who lives in Houston this evening, and I sure hope Ed diverts, or does not pick up any steam.

Please keep us informed. You know we are holding you in our thoughts.