Tuesday, August 26, 2008

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

As Jerry continues to watch the washing machine (his form of television, I guess), my latest live feeds post is up over on TV Squad. Remember to stop back later as the show airs here on the East Coast. At about 9 PM ET, I'll get the live-blogging post up and then my full review/recap of the episode will go up on TVS sometime much later.

Oh .. and welcome aboard all the new faces in comments! Make yourselves at home. I'll send someone around with the beverage cart soon.


Anonymous said...

i just realized I'll be one vacation when the final show is on :-( Jackie, I'll be tuning into your blog the whole time I'm away.


meb said...

Good one Jackie about the beverage cart... I noticed there seemed to be a few new posters too. Usually I try to welcome a new name, but I'll take this opportunity to just say hello to all and WELCOME! You're gonna love it here.

I stopped into work today, first since August 19th. It was great to see everyone again, and they assured me my job was waiting for me when I'm ready to return. I can't wait, but need to be sensible. That's going to be difficult. I got lots of hugs and "how good you look" comments. I'm feeling great, so I'll accept their sentiments. LOL

It's been such a good week of BB that I hope it continues thru to the end. I'm still hoping that Dan had a method to his madness, and that he comes out of this being in the F2.

Again, welcome to all you newbies out there. Look forward to reading your thoughts about the houseguests.


Patti said...

Some of these players are the biggest group of misfits ever. From the very beginning of the game, they seem to be all about revenge and vindication as opposed to playing a game for the sake of the game. It seems to me as if Dan and Memphis are the only two who are playing as is evident by Dan's comment "It's just a game!" Every week it's about who was wronged and who's going to be punished for the "wrong".

Also, I know there alot of posters who aren't too fond of Memphis (which I wasn't in the beginning); however, I think that he truly stands up for what he believes. I remember him being very upset by the "Judas" remarks, and I think, even though he admits he's a "player", he would defend a girl's honor in a skinny minute.

That's my 2 cents and thank you to all who made me feel so welcome in posting this. This truly seems like a great family, and Jackie you make me "pee my pants" daily.


Jackie said...

Patti - Thanks, I think. As long as I don't have to pay the laundry bill. Maybe Jerry can watch the wash!

Jackie said...

MEB - How was your trip? It sounds like you're doing amazing for what you went through!

Anonymous said...

i'm not new just don't post alot.
I have been reading your stuff since you were host on aol. I love the spin you put on things. I may join in the posting since this seems like a fun group.I'll try and bring some deviled eggs to go with the brevages.
I really want dan to win unfortun. the one i want gets sent home

medford or

Anne said...

MEB you are an inspiration! You epitomize faith and courage.

Petals said...

Hey Judi from OR, welcome to posting! This is a fun room, you'll love it. You can recognize me from the cowprint beanbag in the corner, not to mention the killer mochaccino watermelon shots I whip-up.
FYI: I'm a Danana (a Dan fan).
On with the show!

Petals said...

{med} Good luck with your return to work. Hope your DVR is programmed - LOL. Wouldn't want to miss any of the latest fun-filled house events.
Here \~/ Have a mochaccino shot.

lynn1 said...

Thanks for offering the mochaccino watermelon shots. They sound delicious, but i think I will stick with my fav "Jade Kiss Martini" made with Midori, Malibu rum, vodka and Pineapple juice. Shaken not stirred! Yum!

Patti said...

Petals and Lynn,

How long would it take me to get there? Those both sound yummy! Am taping the show so I can get "the littles" bathed and in bed and watch with no interruptions.


lynn1 said...

Patti, after bathing "the littles" you may need to join us.
I am in the New Orleans area with fingers crossed that Gustav is not coming for a visit.

becky said...

Boy, never thought coming here that I would feel the need to "confess".

I am Becky. I am a Jackieholic too. I am also a Danana.

Welcome to all the new posters. I will bring a bit of Texas Tea to the party tonight.

SharonS said...

I came to post to request a diet pepsi from the beverage cart, but the jade kiss martini sounds better! I'll start with one of those, please.

I don't get the time to post often, but I squeeze in daily reads and sometimes a few clicks hoping for a new post by the Spectacular Jackie -- you keep my cravings sated and my funny bone tickled.

TerryinCA said...

Im starting to feel Im in a confessional...because I TOO am a Jackieaholic and a Danana fan.
MEB- so good to see you posting!

Just got back home last night from a long weekend in NY..upstate..Syracuse and Niagra Falls. It is so beautiful there. We were delayed about 3 hrs because of "Fay" and then potential "Gustav" but got home last night at 10pm...
I was without a computer for all but about 2 hrs of the weekend...I didnt check email when I got the chance, I tuned in here to Jackies Blog!

lynn1 said...

Cheers Sharon ! I am a regular diet coke drinker but once in a while I like something a little more exotic and festive.

why not? said...

ok ok ok...since you are bringing drinks and food, im here! haha i am not new to you, jackie....you have always been my bb informant! well, as long as i can remember stalking the hamsters via the feeds. i usually just read all of your comments and have no reason to post, ya'll said what i wouldve said!

on to the good stuff! i have always been a fan of dan..maybe bc im from michigan, too, but still a fan. he has kept his cool. i would not have been able to do that...i would be wamber, im sure of it. jerry and ollie have brought me through all the 'breakup' emotions.....now im just offended. i really wished that ollie would have been punished, but i know he's great tv and i dont blame bb for keeping him around. enough of the bashing! i feel like im listening to a scratched record, over and over and over again. ah! jerry's voice annoyed me to death at first, now his mouth annoys me.

im torn on the rest of them...mostly bc i hated the last season so much that these guys, though emotional, are saints.

aprils gone, im happy.

thanks all for the welcome!

becky said...

TerryinCA said......I was without a computer for all but about 2 hrs of the weekend...I didnt check email when I got the chance, I tuned in here to Jackies Blog!

LOL Another confession -- that is what I do when I get home from being gone for a while. Skip email and come straight to Jackie's blog.

BTW, Texas Tea is what they call Margaretias at a convention. They walk around while you are standing in line for the food or such with buckets of Margaritas and a dipper. They fill your glass again and again. Sure makes standing in line fun!

joy n said...

Hey, everyone. Sorry if I worried anybody. I've had an eye problem (stye) that caused more problems, but it's improved enough to get back on my normal schedule of BB and Jackie's blog. I can read and type again.

Nana in the NW, I sent you an email. "Jackie's Search Party" made me laugh. Thank you.

Jackie, I'm still laughing over your latest post on TV Squad. One of your funniest. Dan, keep feeding those birds!

I have been watching the BB shows but have a lot of catching up to do here. Ollie sucks at this game.

I have Survivor news from where else but realitytvworld. The show's air date has been changed to Sept. 25, BUT on that date, they will show 2 back-to-back episodes. No explanation of the date change. Also, Wednesday morning, (they don't say which Wednesday), The Early Show will unveil the identities of the new castaways. I'll try to find more on that.

Thanks for caring!

meb said...

Jackie... the trip was great because I got to see family; brother, sister, nieces, great nieces and nephews, cousins (did I leave anyone out?) My sister had dinners two of the four nights and invited everyone she could think of. I faired well on the trip to and from Delaware, but was glad to get home and into my own bed.

anne: Thanks...I have to be honest, your comment brought a tear. I've never thought of myself as an inspiration, but that was sweet to hear, and my courage comes from my faith. I have to place all my trust in Him for my healing. So, feeling as good as I do, it's easy to believe He has me in His hands.

Petals: I'm not back to work yet, but when I'm ready, they have said my job would be there. I just stopped in today to say hello. It was great to see everyone.

Can't wait to get together for those watermelon shots. Let me know when they're ready!

Just a few more minutes and the show is on... even tho I know what's already happened, I want to see Ollie's reaction when Dan puts up Michelle. I know they won't show the whole thing, but I want to see his face at the moment Dan replaces Mephis with her! Priceless I know!


Nana in the NW said...


I received an e-mail from our friend Joyn today. She has had some medical issues with her eyes and has not been reading much. She said she will be trying to be with us tonight....if only reading but not posting.

So now that we solved that problem WHERE IS DONNA IN AL.???

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome. It's so nice to feel wanted!lol

How about a Long Island Ice tea for me please.

Can hardly wait for the action to begin tonight. I'll be here listening as always.


Anonymous said...

Many East Coast BB shows will be per-empted for "you know what" check your local listings.....

PDX Granny said...

Hi ORKmommy!
Hi dla!
Hi Laurie!
Hi Teabbfan!
Hi Becky!
Hi terryinca!
Hi all of you out there in denial!

Hi, I'm Elaine, aka PDX Granny. I'm a Jackieholic.

I must admit that I've let Jackie's take over my life. Even more so than BB. It's gotten so bad that I've even started up meeting with strange women that are hanging out around their keyboards. I know strangeness because it's the same thing I see when I look in the mirror.

I have a confession to make. I found out today that one of my coworkers is a BB fan. She hasn't succumbed to the temptation of watching feeds and reading blogs so I know she's not a true addict. I'm thinking of telling her about Jackie's. Is that a bad thing? Will I have to go to confession? Oh, wait! I'm not Catholic! Scratch that last part.

But will I be worse if I'm not only an addict, but also an enabler?

Oh help me!! Help me!!

STOP!! Don't help me!! I'm having the time of my life. No matter how much I need it, I don't want help!!