Saturday, August 30, 2008

BB10: POV Update and My Apologies

My apologies for leading everyone astray early this morning. I could have sworn it was the veto necklace on Jerry in a quick flash after the feeds returned. But it's not Jerry who won it -- Memphis won the POV.

I've been out most of the day (yay, long time since I've done that), but here's what I've gathered upon my return:
  • Memphis won the POV.
  • Memphis promised Jerry he wouldn't use it.
  • Memphis promised Dan he will save him and made him promise not to pull any odd stunts.
  • Renny will go on the block.
  • Memphis and Dan aren't telling anyone and Memphis plans to act like it's his decision after a lot of thought just decided upon before the POV meeting on Monday.
  • Renny is the one they will vote out this week. Only Dan and Memphis will vote.


monty924 said...

Glad you enjoyed your day away, Jackie. You deserved it. And, you don't need to apologize either. None of the blogs new who one POV so you weren't the only one.

I'm still sad my Renny will be going to sequester. No more fun in the BB house. sigh

Erika said...

not that I wasn't in unbelief but upset about Jerry,I had to go to another source to see and I was glad to see Memphis with the veto. But thanks for the suspense!!!!

No big deal, you are awesome for doing this blog and I'm already thinking about it coming to an end as BB10 is wrapping up, I will really miss this as I always check in with you every season!!!!

Anonymous said...


sassyshirl said...

Hip Hip Hurrah!!! For CKA not winning the POV. Been lurking and reading Jackie's blog for 3 yrs now. It is the greatest.

Go Dan Go!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Erika, you don't have to leave. Jackie always covers Survivor and Amazing Race as well as other shows. :)

becky said...

Jackie, no apologies are necessary. From what I read you are not the only one who though Jerry won.

Glad you had a day out. You do an awesome job with this blog.

Gustav evacuees: Be safe on the highway.

Jenna'sMom, we hope to retire in San Antonio. When we go there (not often enough) our time is spent visiting children and grandchildren. Maybe we can meet after we move. I have met several women on the Beagle Board. In fact, this year was our ninth reunion.

Anonymous said...


Geez i hope memphis keeps his alliance with Dan
The old goat is tough to beat.
I like dan a little more than renny so i am all for memphis and Dan staying in.
Then the 3 need to get jerry OUT

then every man for him or herself

If dan makes it to the end with keesha he could very well win!!!

Go Dan GO!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

So how do we know Memphis really wants to keep Dan. Maybe he's going to stick with Jerry. I certainly hope he sticks with Dan. I guess saving Dan ensures the two of them go to final two together if Dan won the final HOH.


Jackie said...

Nina - Memphis doesn't like Jerry. He's been tight with Dan all along and the "Renegades" alliance is real. He has an allegiance to Dan, not to Jerry. He's playing Jerry.

meb said...

A little twist on Nina's thought that Memphis could stay with Jerry. What if he's just telling Dan that he'll save him to give him high hopes and then doesn't save him at the POV meeting, just to get back at him for putting him up last HOH.

That would just be mean, but I can see Memphis doing it.

I hope he's sincere tho. He probably thinks he can win against Dan in the F2. I think it would be a toss up.

Jackie: That was great (even tho I know you didn't mean to mislead us about Jerry getting POV), but being down in the dumps and then to find out that Memphis won! That was a real high!

Anonymous said...

Wow...Keesha is really betraying Renny by lying to her about what is going on. I never thought I'd see that. Renny will be heartbroken.

Anonymous said...

I will miss Renny terribly. Not a good week for New Orleans. I keep thinking about her friends and family that are most likely evacuating right now. No apologies needad at all dear Jackie! I have been living my life for three years now and know I can always check her blog for all I have missed. Thanks from Caligirl! This is hard to do from my iPhone ;)

Auntie Leigh said...

What a roller-coaster. Down in the dumps with no hope for our fav, Dan. And now he is headed to the final 2!!!!! What a great season this has been and this site has been more fun than the show. Yhat must have been the reason for the long faces. The boys were keeping their Renegades alliance secret. Cool. And no apologies required, Jackie. You are awesome.

Clementine said...

I think Memphis is sincere about final three with Dan and Keesha, but I'm not sure who he really wants in final two with him. Should be interesting.

The dinner that Renny is cooking looks delicious, as always. If she leaves, they'll be eating Cheez-Its and undercooked meatloaf for the next few weeks.

I watched some of Housecalls with Michelle earlier. She told the producers that she's ready to be on the next BB All-Stars. And she must've said "single and ready to mingle" about 5 times. Blech. She claimed that Dan told people early in the game that he was supposed to be America's player last season and this season. I think that's another of her lies. Trying to justify her "plant" theory. The girl is pathological.

Clementine said...

Hey, it just occurred to me...

They didn't have any comps this season where BB let them practice ahead of time (like this HOH that I think was skeet-ball). Wonder why?

Jackie: hope you had a nice day!

Anonymous said...

I guess Renny's insticts were correct about Memphis. She knew he'd be her problem eventually.
He has to do it though although I kind of wish it were Keesha going first. I like her but I like Renny way better.

fa said...

Whoever is saying that Memphis is slimy for betraying Renny... hello??? It's not like there's much choice left!! I think if Renny were in the identical situation, there is NO question that Memphis would be going home.

Good for goose, good for gander!

Anonymous said...

Those boys are bad. Sitting at the table waiting for Renny to serve them dinner. Awful to lie to her like that. My perfect BB world is noms stay the same and Keesha is voted out. No more smacking her snack foods in the feeds. Yay!

Clementine said...

Memphis read in the rule book that there is a mandatory psych eval for all of them after the show. I think that was true in past years, also. But every time he mentions it today, the feeds go to Fishes. Why would that be top secret?? Geez, BB, worry about your editors using fake dialogue! That's really the bigger issue.

TerryinCA said...

I sure hope that Memphis stick with the plan...not sure I trust him. and I think Dan and Memphis should vote for one each and make Jerry decide. then neither woman would know who gave them the vote

jennasmom and becky ...I have a son and daughter in law in SanAntonio..what abeauriful place is that Riverwalk~

monty924 said...

The Michelle housecalls interview was a hoot. I missed it live, but I did come into the interview as Gretchen was waiting for them to bring in Ollie after the break. It was hilarious. She looked up at the overhead cam and made the cuckoo sign.

I couldn't wait to find the youtube of the Michelle part of the interview after that.

I'm one of the biggest Renny lovers on here, but if its her time to go... its her time to go. Do I hate it? Heck yea I hate it. I'm still rooting for Dan, Memphis and Keesha though. They've played a great game so far and I've laughed just as hard at some of their antics as I have Rennys. Any of the D/M/K can win it and I'll be satisfied - just NOT CKA.

I'll just stay in my jammies and robe tomorrow and watch Renny youtubes all day! :( :)

The Martone Memories said...

this news makes me much happier than i was earlier today

joy n said...

Just want to let all know I will not be around anymore. I will be a lurker on occasion again, enjoying everyone's comments, but not commenting myself. No one needs to worry.
I'm altogether fine. Just a personal thing.

Hope everyone heals quickly.
Hope Mother Nature wreaks no havoc on anyone's lives. God bless.

Thanks so much, Jackie. You do a wonderful job here!


Joyce N.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you got out and enjoyed yor day. I am glad Jerry did not win the POV. It will be sad to see Renny go to sequester but Dan is growing on me.

Sally said...

How nice that you got to be out and about with a freind today, Jackie! Hope your knee and the weather and other elements all cooperated to make it a good outing. And it sounds like you posted right before and right after your adventure--you take such good care of your blog family!

I'm very happy Memphis won POV. I know people from the D/K/R/M group will start being evicted, but I sure don't want Jerry calling the shots.

Bet Renny will have fun in the jury house and I think she'll do a lot to ease tensions and build bridges among the other HGs there. She could really affect the final vote.

My mantra continues: Anybody but Jerry.... Anybody but Jerry.... Anybody but Jerry...

Anonymous said...

The big question tonight is will a drunken Keesha pick a fight with Colonel or will she pass out in her own vomit. Blech! She bugs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Someone please tell me how I can found out what to do to see what my user name and password is. Nothing is taking. Dumb me didn't write it down.

PDX Granny said...

anon 12:18

If you go to you should be able to reset you password. Try your email address as the user name.

This worked for me when my senior memory kicked in. :)

Anonymous said...

Yah I do agree that Memphis will stay loyal to Dan b/c now he gets rid of his biggest threat in the alliance of four, Rennie. Of course if Memphis does save Dan, I have to give him more credit in this game. He's played the next best game, after Dan of course. A case could also be made for Jerry playing a good game, but I really really don't like Jerry.

So now I'm all for Dan and Memphis in the final two.


Anne said...

joy n: Maybe you could check in once in a while and let us know you're ok? please?

Sending good thoughts your way.

Nana in the NW said...

Jackie--that's the best mistake you've made!! It kept us all on our toes and wondering....but in the end it worked out the way most of wanted!!! No apologizes necessary.

lynn1, cha cha, and those others in Gustav's path--be safe and evacuate in plenty of time. Check in when you can and let us know you are OK. We are all praying for minimal damages.

erika--just because BB is over you don't need to leave us. Many of us are here all year and we discuss other shows and our daily lives. Besides, Survivor and Amazing Race will begin soon!!

clementine--justtvnuts doesn't carry the feeds on the weekend(he says that's his wife's time). During the week when you get to the site click on FOTD on the top of the video screen. It should work for you. I have noticed that the feeds cut in and out alot and then pause....but I guess something is better than nothing! You might also try:

The HG did get to practice with the golf clubs(or was it hockey sticks) before the comp. when Mich. got the unitard.

fa--I agree that if the roles were reversed Renny would be doing exactly what Memphis is doing. It's no secret that they were in the same alliance but not really close.

joyn--sorry to read you will be leaving us :( hope things get better for you and we will see your name in blue someday soon.

Looks like the HG have got crafts and games. That should keep them busy for awhile.

It's been a long moving my niece to her new house and I'm tired. Night all.....

Anonymous said...

just watched Housecalls and Ollie and Michele really are two pathetic people. They still want to destroy Dan. Sore losers all the way.

Nana in the NW said...

I really am heading to bed but just sat down to get a update on Gustav.

I believe BB should be telling Renny what is happening, allowing her to talk to her family, and then make a choice if she wants to go be with them.

Her family is everything to her. She should be given the chance to be with them. I would be furious if I was her and had not been notified....especially given the latest info of mandatory evacuations of the NO area.

Tom in CA said...

Clementine said: Memphis read in the rule book that there is a mandatory psych eval for all of them after the show. I think that was true in past years, also. But every time he mentions it today, the feeds go to Fishes. Why would that be top secret??

I suggested last year that the producers film a reunion show about three months after the hgs leave the house and have had time to watch themselves on tape. Maybe they should film these mandatory psych evals. Now THAT would be entertaining.

Tom in CA

Susan said...

Hi all. Just got home from work and checking in (yes, have to work all labor day weekend!) -- thank you again, Jackie.

The audio on the feeds is just awful tonight.

Susan said...

Does anyone else have another voice (Dan, like he's talking in the diary room) on the feeds???? It's weird!

Anonymous said...

Dan and Memphis talking about serving your country. Only for those who need discipline? OMG. Dude! Where is Jerry?

Anonymous said...

I think the shorts Memphis is wearing in Jackie's latest screencap look like Dan's shorts/swimsuit. Are they sharing it or do they both own similar shorts?


Anonymous said...

The houseguests should be nice to Rennie. Gustav is heading for New Orleans, I'm sure BB told her, it would be unethical not to seeing as the whole city has been told to evacuate.


Anonymous said...

Please identify the HG. Dumb, dumber, and dumbest? Idiots

Anonymous said...

Please identify the HG. Dumb, dumber, and dumbest? Idiots

Anonymous said...

On the feeds, Jerry is banished to the HOH room. hahahah

oh and keesha has hiccups. she is a dumb ass.

Dan oMG..

This country is doomed.

Susan said...

Joy n: I hope you change your mind. I lurk a lot; I don't quite feel part of the group, kinda like an outsider sometimes. (even when I post I feel quite invisible.)

But it's still a nice place to come. Jackie works so hard.

Anyway, I hope everything is okay with you- be happy.
~Susan in MA

Laurie said...

Hi Susan! Nobody is invisible but sometimes names get lost in the flurry of posting. Your posts are always welcome.

Glad to know Jerry doesn't have POV. It gives me hope!

meb said...

joyn... I'm so disappointed to read you won't be posting. I so enjoy your take on the shows. Take care. I will miss you!

Laurie said...

Hi Jackie,
I just want to join everyone else in saying you never need to apologize to us for anything. I'm sorry that rude anonymous person felt the need to even comment to you on your previous post.

We are grateful for the work you do and do our best to support you with our donations and each other with our posts here at the blog.

I'm glad you were out and enjoying your day with a friend. It's a perfect way to spend a Saturday and heaven knows ... you deserved some time in the fresh air.

Hang in there ... and don't let idiots get to you.

fa said...

I wonder if CBS/BB leaves the decision about contacting HGs during an emergency, up to family members? Like if Renny's family called and told them to tell her, would they do it then? I would frikken hope so!

If they're watching the show (and I hope they are packing instead of that) they should realize that she's likely out the door anyway, and contact her -- she will never forgive them if they don't. I'd be furious if I were in that situation and nobody told me because I was playing a game that I clearly was not going to win!

Gustav looks like no joke - they're saying it is worse than Katrina!!!!!!! About the time Renny gets put on the block it should be hitting her city. By eviction night, NO could be in serious trouble. They're calling for 100% evacuation!

Tom`S said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anne said...

I remember when BB would have someone waiting outside with Julie for the evicted HG and they would have a little reunion.

Forget the mandatory shrink-fest, now would be the perfect time for BB to get Renny's family out of New Orleans and into sunny California.

sue said...

joyn, I read you might not be posting for a while, you may have noticed I have been absent for a while, too. Life slips in the way sometimes, although my things seem small when I see the Gustav news. I visited your profile (as I have in the past, thank you) and saw your comment about the Eagles. There was a year in our lives when Hotel California was playing (probably from an 8 track!) every day. Thirty years ago, but still the lines and rhythm of that song can take me back. Thanks for making me smile at the memory. Sue

Anonymous said...

Tom 6:06AM, I don't fully understand...but hang in there! You sound like a good person!
A Blog Friend

tbc said...

No apologies necessary. I hope you enjoyed your day out. It was overcast and rainy here in NY, but I hope it was nice by you! :)

TerryinCA said...

Oh Jackie do not apologize, we here forget you have a life other an BB!
((((Jackie)))) And in a way it made the memphis win a bit sweeter :)