Saturday, August 16, 2008

Big Brother 10 Bulletin - POV

The houseguests were right -- POV played out in the middle of the night. And, the winner? DAN

Yes, Dan has won the Power of Veto.


Anonymous said...

WTG Dan!!! tour 1st in POV and I'm 1st here!

Anonymous said...

yeah way to go dan
now lets get rid of april, then the CKA, and then ollie!!
heres hoping for a Renny, Dan finale.
As long as April, Ollie and the disgusting old man are not there i am thrilled
thanks for the updates jackie


delee said...

POV was unfair to J as he is not an nightowl. Oh well...

Ollie wants April to give Dan, $1000 of her bricks to not vote her out. WOW a whole $1000. Yeh right, give me all the clothes and all the gold bricks then we will talk.

I can not see Dan using the POV!

Anonymous said...

Dan does not like to put the focus on himself and he does not want to be a target. So I would be shocked if he uses POV. So April will be gone.

I hope Memphis goes soon. I have never liked him. He has an arrogance about him that bothers me. I know I am in the minority about this. But he admitted in his interview that he is a hustler and he has lived off women who buy him all kinds of stuff. I would not be surprised if his girlfriend comes from money. He says he lives a good lifestyle but yet makes 1000 dollars a month and lives in LA.
That was one of the feeds a while back. So either he is lying or something is going on.

There is just something about him I cannot stand. But that is what is interesting about BB, everyone has different favorites.

I hope Jerry goes after April and I liked Jerry until he went beserk and ballistic towards Dan and off the deep end.


Anonymous said...

Yes, after April, I hope Jerry goes...then Memphis or Keesha.

I am not a big fan of Memphis or Keesha or April.

Anonymous said...

You know, if I am Dan, I'm going to maneuver Jerry by using the POV on him. Just as an olive branch to bring down his defenses.

This would HOPEFULLY have Renny put up Ollie which would assure April going home.

Having Jerry up there could make the vote tighter as he and April both have enough enemies.

Jerry has shown to be a puppet, why not increase the numbers in the house to favor your own alliance until the alliance needs to start to split. By taking Jerry off - it may bring MORE sympathy to Dan and kinda leaves Ollie and Michelle out on their own.

I really, really want April to go home this week.. I would be disappointed to see Dan and Ollie sway either Memphis or Michelle to vote for Jerry. Jerry did show up Michelle during the POV and has targeted Dan.

It just leaves some question marks with having both April and Jerry up there. The guys might like to continue the battles between the girls to keep the focus off themselves. Ollie is liked enough that putting him against April makes sure she goes. Just my $.02 ~~ KMOD

becky said...

Anonymous said... You know, if I am Dan, I'm going to maneuver Jerry by using the POV on him. Just as an olive branch to bring down his defenses.

Excellent idea. I think Dan should run it by Renny first. He takes off Jerry, making the Sgt look foolish for all his Judas comments, Renny replaces him with Ollie and then they vote out April like all of them want to do.

I am for Dan and Renny all the way.

Laurie said...

Whatever Dan does with the POV,he'd be very smart to talk with Renny and see what her thoughts are. I'm glad he's not AP anymore!

I'm on the fence about Memphis. He's got that slow pace and drawl and other mannerisms that make him look like he's half asleep all the time, and he's not really done anything since winning the car. He's going to have to show some game soon or he will be gone.

I'm just so glad Ollie or April didn't win. What will the poor little girl do now? I wonder if she can scream her way off the block?

Nancy from long island said...

I don't think Renny want's to put Ollie up. Her own alliance was mad she didn't put him up to begin with. I think if Dan does use it Renny might put up Memphis she think's for herself. I doubt Dan will use it he won't make waves. They have the votes to evict April. Though I don't like Jerry he is no threat to them. It will be very interesting to see Ollie on his own. I think alliances will change again come Thursday.

sharon said...

I like the plan for Dan to take CKA down and have Ollie or Memphis put up and then still vote April out.

Memphis is kinda shady and he doesn't do much of anything,but he'd be good to go to the final 2 with,would anybody vote for him?

Tom`S said...

Great news!
Wtg Dan! It's best April go home, they need to break her and Ollie.

Ollie hides behind others.
Okay he also hides under the sheets, April & Ollie have gotten on my last nerve. Jerry close behind. Ollie wouldn't have been so bad, except he allows April to control his mind! Haha

Renny best HOH yet!

Thanks Jackie

Nana in the NW said...

But Memphis and Dan are pretty tight. Would he take Col. off knowing it would mean Mem. would go up? I don't see that happening.....but I have been wrong MANY times in this game. Usually by this stage there is so much paranoia going on that the HG don't make game-smart decisions!

Does anybody know what the comp. was like?

Anonymous said...

I am glad someone finally talked about Ollie hiding behind others.
He encourages April to fight and confront others. I want him as a target as soon as April and Jerry leave.

nancy from long island said...

I agree Nana, Dan and Memphis are tight and it would be to risky to take Jerry off. I really think Renny would put M up she doesn't trust him.

Nana in the NW said...

I'm going to answer my own question.....

It sounds like the comp. was about weights and measures(i.e. how long is a snake, how much does that weigh, etc.) and voodoo dolls. I think the person with correct answer got to "stab" a doll with pins(Michelle wanted to keep her doll and BB said no because of the needles). Dan sounds surprised to have won. He is going to talk to Jerry today......hmmmmmm. Dan better not do anything to go against Renny. Although, I could easily see Dan, Memphis, Keesha and Michelle forming an alliance.

Things seem to be happening in Fast Forward:
Noms. and food comp. on Friday....POV, technically, on Sat. but was late Fri. night. I guess if they hold the POV meeting today we will know something is up.

It's going to be 97 today and I have 2 outdoor weddings to attend(3p.m. and 5p.m.)....ugh!!!

monty924 said...

YAY Judas! Dan's smart enough to know that he should NOT use the POV. Renny dodged a bullet here! Memphis, Dan and Keesha don't really trust her judgement any longer.

Sydney said...


nancy in nj said...

i wonder if col KA will be suddenly nice to dan... will be interesting to see how friendly he now feels toward "Judas".

nana...the color of your house sounds nice and inviting! Two weddings? i never had to do that..but i actually think it would be fun!renny told michele (on BBAD) that she would rather take her (michele) to the end with her than keeesha. renny feels like keesha's main aliance is with memphis not her.

PlaidChick said...

I've been in hiding but reading.

We had a death in my extended family. Only in my life to do I go to a funeral in the afternoon for my 92 year old God-mother, and a birthday party for my 4 year old God-son that evening. The circle of life. Thank God she passed in her sleep in no pain. I can hear her laughing with all her loved ones who passed before her. She had a wonderful outlook on life even though she had some hardships.

Got home late Thursday night to see Renny win HOH. OK-- Dan and Memphis and Keesha obviously threw it.. and if that group is going to stick together that HAVE to keep winning HOH's. Dan and Memphis are going to have to stop playing dumb in every sense of the word to keep Michelle, Jerry, Ollie and April away.... LOVED LOVED LOVED April's drop dead look as she was out in round 1. So did the audience apparently.

Glad Dan won PoV, but I bet he's not. The "I can't win, I'm not good at this game" can only last for so long. The lay low approach is good, but now Ollie wants April to give up her money to go off the block? He's a dumb ass, doesn't he realize he would go up in replacement of her, and I think it would be wonderful that to spite April they evict Ollie instead of Jerry, since they're still playing this game so personally. Won't happen, Dan will play it safe and not use it. His chances of winning HOH are slim and a double eviction could be around the corner, and he would be gone if he took April off.

I am curious why it was a April/Jerry nomination. Was it to smack Jerry's ego down a little? Doesn't really matter, as long at Dan doesn't turn to the dark side, April is done.

I'm hoping the final 4 will be Dan, Memphis, Keesha and Renny.

michellch1 said...

I said the same thing, Nancy! It will be interesting to watch Jerry suck up to Judas now that he needs him. He's a jerk! Bleck!

formerly anon said...

Dan is sitting pretty now! I agree that he should use it to take Jerry down. Why not? Who cares if he pisses off Renny? Her power is over now, she can't vote. He won the POV and he should do what he wants, just the same way she won HOH and did what SHE wanted!

It would just obliterate Jerry (in a good way) if Dan used it. Dan probably knows that it's the biggest symbolic thing he can do in this game to redeem his Christian image -- and it doesn't hurt him in any way. It doesn't even matter if she puts Memphis up, April will still be going.

With Ollie not on the block, that's one SURE vote against whoever is sitting next to April. If Renny really wants April gone, Ollie's vote needs to be taken away from him - and she can justify it that way. It's nothing against Ollie.

Renny won't be playing in the HOH next week, so why should Dan care if he pisses her off? And if she gets mad, it's just a double standard, like getting mad for not voting the way the HOH wants (who started that nonsense?)

Yes, Dan HAS to take Jerry down. It's pure poetic justice and benefits Dan far more than if he alienates Renny (because when Jerry gets to the jury house, guess who his favorite player will turn out to be?)

ALSO, Snape-ril and Ollie must be pitted against each other even if it's a foregone conclusion what will happen. Ollie needs to see what she might be capable of when put in that situcation. Renny should think of it as couples' counseling.

Wish I had seen the feeds right after that POV!!

Jen said...

I couldn't be happier that Dan won!! Oh yeah!! Now hopefully this will get the whole AP out of the rest of the house's minds! Doubt it though!!

I really hope April goes this week!!

I am so excited!! Renny was making me a little nervous but I still love the girl!!

formerly anon said...

I love Dan. He's forcing Keesha to eat a piece of fruit for breakfast.

She's complaining about her weight, gained 7 pounds in the house. He asks what she's eating for breakfast. She says coffee (yay! me too!) and he says, no, you MUST eat a piece of fruit. Choose one, banana, apple, peach.

And I'm waiting for him to tell her that if she eats breakfast, she's MORE likely to lost weight! And then he does (because he's a health teacher, he would know that!)

Dan MUST use the POV to take Jerry down. He just MUST.

Nana in the NW said...

Maybe this was part of Renny's plan....have Jerry taken off(since she told him he was going home) and put Ollie up. That way Ollie would have to be campaining for himself and NOT April. Renny likes Ollie and wants him to stay but gamewise she knows A/O need to be broken up.

Ohhhhhh.....but then there's always Memphis....

I'll bet Dan won by default. He has been playing that "weak player" card the whole game. When he was not at risk of being put up why would he start winning now?

If Dan is going to talk to Jerry I guess we'll see how much "crow" Jerry is willing to eat to stay in the game....tehehehe

plaidchick--sorry for your loss. Your day was truly an example of The Circle of Life.

nancy--both weddings will be fun---one is on a farm(barefoot bride, cows in the pasture, and the smell of farm poop) and the other is an hour from the first one in a beautiful park. I just wish it wasn't so hot.

Next weekend I have another wedding at 2p.m. and a 50th Anniv. party(the one I have been making a scrapbook for) at the same time. It is an hour away from the wedding location(which is also outdoors!). Can I be cloned??

Syd--how was the movie??

Jumping over to Joker's....

Nana in the NW said...

I SHOULD PROOF READ MY COMMENTS...I meant Renny told Jerry he WASN'T going home.

formerly anon said...

I know I keep harping on this, but I just see this as a fantastic, almost perfectly tailor made opportunity for Dan to really make an impact. Think about it -- BB has been maligned because of all of the hypocritical religiousness that's gone on in seasons past.

He's the first one who has not used his religion like a weapon, nor been blatently hypocritical. And yet he's also the one who has been accused of disgracing his religion.

The opportunity now for him to show the true meaning of Christianity, of compassion, of forgiveness, of the golden rule -- how could he not fulfill his destiny? I know he sees it too.

I mean, it's so obvious that I have to wonder if production engineered it so he would win? It's just too perfect.

Remember that Judas was so destroyed over what he did that he hanged himself -- that's how ashamed he was.

I think Jerry is going to feel that sort of shame soon, and it will destroy him (temporarily -- in the end it might actually humble him and cause him to reevaluate how he judges people)

formerly anon said...

Live feeds - up in HOH room are Renny, Michelle, Keesha and Dan.

Newsflash: BB just announced a lockdown, all HGs have to go outside (and I bet it's hot today, ugh)

formerly anon said...

So they're all going outside now, the HOH pow-wow was broken up.

But Michelle seems to be campaigning hard against Jerry. Looks like Michelle wants April to stay. WTF?

They're talking about how Jerry is a complete question mark, nobody ever knows what he will do. Dan must realize that getting jerry indebted to him right now would be a good idea -- after all, would Jerry risk becoming the Judas that he accuses Dan of?

Nancy from long island said...

Why does it matter If Dan takes Jerry down? I still think Jerry will think of him as Judas maybe not to Dan's face. Your all assuming it will change is opinion of Dan. I think April is going home no matter what, so it shouldn't matter if Jerry stay's he can take one for the team. Remember he follow's the HOH of the week. I guess that could be said for alot of them. I love Dan but I don't think the rest of the alliance want's him to use it in fear of being put up themselves. I think the alliances will change Thursday because that's how this house work's team up with whoever is HOH this week.

monty924 said...

Formerly anon, you make good points. I'm not sure these HGs think that deeply or recognize the symbolism of their actions. Dan probably wants to tell Jerry he's safe and he will make sure of it. It accomplishes the same thing as taking him off the block and does not jeopardize his standing with Renny, Memphis, and Keesha.

Renny has made it clear she doesn't want to put Ollie up so that leaves Memphis. She ought not p*ss him off any more than she already did with her noms. JMO

monty924 said...

PS. What's up with the fish? They're on an outdoor lockdown, not in a meeting. Geesh!

I guess we will see the smaller table when the LD is over.

formerly anon said...

I think it does accomplish alot if Dan uses the POV on Jerry. As far as I can see, it's all beneficial to Dan. The risk:reward ratio is strongly in his favor to use it on Jerry.

Number one, he demonstrates forgiveness to Jerry and is that much closer to getting Jerry's jury vote -- which right now, he stands zero chance of.

Two, putting Ollie up is a smart move for Renny, and hopefully Dan or someone can show her why -- Ollie's vote for April to stay has to be taken out of his hands, simple and easy to explain.

Three, worst case, Memphis gets put up - neither Dan, Michelle nor Keesha will vote for Memphis to leave over April - would they?

I think they all perceive Memphis to be a good final two partner - not that he'd be their first choice (I think Renny would take Michelle, and actually root for Michelle to win - I think Renny would be happy with 2nd place if Michelle won) - almost anyone in that house would win if Memphis were their F2 partner - so why rush to get him out? Renny is just concerned that Memphis has sway over Keesha, that's why she doesn't like him (so much of this game has been played by jealousy hasn't it? "I don't like so-and-so hanging out with my bestest friend, so they need to go"

monty924 said...

Two, putting Ollie up is a smart move for Renny, and hopefully Dan or someone can show her why -- Ollie's vote for April to stay has to be taken out of his hands, simple and easy to explain.

Again, true but Dan, Memphis, and Keesha were not successful in getting Renny to realize this before her intial noms. Renny thinks she's playing smart and playing the end game. I love her but can't get past her noms. It would have been a smarter move at this point to pit April and Ollie against each other from the get go. When you have a solid block of four why risk it? She underestimated how Dan and Memphis, and to a degree how Keesha took her noms. Renny could be in serious trouble here.

formerly anon said...

But putting Ollie up now is a little bit different than putting him up initially. Because now there's no way April can save herself, so very little risk of Ollie getting voted out, whereas before, if April had won POV, then it'd be Ollie vs. someone else and more risk.

Renny better wisen up and stop being so stubborn.

PlaidChick said...

nana in the NW-- thank you...

I see all of yall's point in Dan using the POV, but since he lays low, I don't think he'll have the guts to do it. Unfortunately, you have to do something big to advance in this game. He has nothing to lose, but removing Jerry would be Dan showing his whole hand to everyone.

The waffle begins...

formerly anon said...

plaidchick, but here's the thing - I can't see how Dan would lose anything by doing it. He's played the sympathy card alot, and I could see him getting all emotional with (whoever needs to hear it) and saying how he HAS to redeem himself in Jerry's eyes, and how he HAS to do something really Christian-like before the game is over, because otherwise he might not have a job to go back to, blah blah blah -- I could totally see him pulling that card out. The forgive-your-enemies card, not just in word, but in deed.

And I could totally see everybody falling for it!

Who would fault him for it? And how stupid would they look?

jb said...

"Michelle is a bit upset that Libra didn't say goodbye to her."

I don't blame Libra: She remembers that big LIE that Michelle told about what the plane "said" ..and has repeated it recently. That makes Michelle the lowest in my book.

formerly anon said...

How funny. In the space of 5 minutes, Michelle and Renny both said about each other: "she's a loose canon" - LOL!

Michelle was outside conspiring with Memphis, and Renny and Keesha are upstairs talking.

Keesha just told Renny that she thinks Michelle wants to keep April in the game (I thought so too) and Renny looks shocked.

Now Renny is anti-Michelle. She believes that Michelle has something with Memphis (she does). She thinks Michelle would only win if Memphis were F2 with her (it's true).

WOW, I'm surprised. But it's good.

monty924 said...

jb said...
I don't blame Libra: She remembers that big LIE that Michelle told about what the plane "said" ..and has repeated it recently. That makes Michelle the lowest in my book.
Libra didn't know it was lie. None of them do except for Memphis. Michelle keeps playing it and that seems to be her plan. Libra's gone now so the entire banner issue should be as well, but Michelle is hanging on to it.

Plaidchick, I too am sorry for your loss. Godparents are special, and you obviously had a long relationship with yours. 92 years is an amazing life which many of us will not realize. My godfather died at 76, my own father at 80, and my Godmother is still alive. I think I need to send her a card now to say hello. She lives out west now so there's no opportunity to see her any longer.

This game is starting to heat up and all of us will have different opinions on what they should all do now. Its always fun to hear what their reasoning is/was once their evicted. It always amazes me why they did what they did in the game... well except for ED. That was pretty clear cut the entire season. :)

formerly anon said...

Dan is going up to talk to Renny, but he and Keesha were talking as though they have a firm de facto alliance of some sort (Dan/Keesha)

"production" asked Dan to wear his Veto necklace when he goes to talk to Renny, lol

formerly anon said...

Wow first thing Dan says is that he thinks the whole house would vote for Jerry to leave.. that sort of stumped Renny

formerly anon said...

ok now -- second thing Dan says is who would you put up if I took Jerry off?

Renny, stumped again

formerly anon said...

it feels tense between Dan and Renny.

Now he's assuring Renny that he'll do what she wants

formerly anon said...

What cognitive dissonance.

Renny locks herself out of the HOH room, but Jerry is in the DR so she can't go tell anyone.

Then suddenly she thinks that maybe she should just say it in her mic, then they'll know.

Holy cow, don't they realize that somebody is ALWAYS watching all of them? It doesn't seem to occur to her that they must already know she's locked out! BB is constantly telling them to stop doing this or that, you'd think that would register.

Sydney said...

darn -- I went out last night so have missed all the comments from teh last three posts -- now I am wondering what Renny did to threaten everyon'e belief in her... unless someone will take pity on my and give it to me in brief (have to out now again and can't catch up til tomorrow AM).

Nana, Mama Mia was so colorful adn fun. My husband is a good sport but it would not have been is cup of tea, better to go with the girls. I want the table settings -- all mismatched, white, steel blue and turquoise -- that they used at the party and I want that gossamer angle fairy dress the bride wore (and having her 20 year old body and skin would be icing on the cake, lol).

joy n said...

I'm so happy to hear that Dan won POV. I don't think Dan using it to take Jerry off will help him any. IMO, Jerry has made this a very personal rampage against Dan and wants to keep it that way. If Dan decided to use it to take Jer down, Jer would gladly accept it, and then, probably do whatever, say whatever it took to still take Dan down. Dan has to know how untrustworthy and illogical Jerry is. I just don't see Jer dropping his hatred of "Judas" "just like that." Renny already told Jerry he would be safe, why would he be grateful to Dan? He would simply call Dan on his obvious butt-kissing and make him look bad for doing it. JMHO.

Renny is making me nervous, too. Why does that HOH title seem to go to everyone's head this season?

We just switched our cable package from HBO to SHO, so for the very first time, tonight I get to watch BBAD. If it gets boring, I'll tape it, as I will on weekdays, but I'm kind of looking forward to it. The only live stuff I've had to look at so far is the stuff Jackie gives us, and justtvnuts which is not so reliable. Plus, I get to watch DEXTER in the fall!

ginnyjulie said...

I hope Dan takes Jerry off and puts up Ollie. I just want one of them to go home. I am old fashioned (AND I don't apologize for it). I think it's appalling BB lets people watch them having sex.

I too would like to see a Renny/Dan finish. Not sure which of them would win.

Anonymous said...

Dan is smart so he will keep the nominations the same.

TerryinCA said... sorry to hear of your loss, how kind that it was softened by the birthday..
Sydney....I, too, want to live in Mamma Mia land...I play the soundtrack constantly...the sights and sound go around in my head all the time...the vintage tablecloths...that dress...ohyes! there anything Meryl Streep cant do?
Oh...BB...Yay Dan!
I want April gone, she is a nasty girl...bitchy and self important. I think Dan should only let Jerry off if Renny ned to shake her up....
Thanks Jackie....great to come home from seeing Chorus Line today in San Diego with Laurie..and read up.....