Sunday, August 24, 2008

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning

Well, Memphis winning the PoV has put some excitement in the house. Here's what's been going on since the big win:
  • Ollie and Michelle are not happy campers. Ollie wants Dan to convince Memphis not to use the veto. Memphis ain't that stupid!
  • Michelle slammed around.
  • Ollie made all kinds of threats towards Dan while speaking to Michelle including punching Dan in the jaw, etc. Then he went to bed and put a pillow over his head.
  • Jerry just seemed dazed and confused for a while.
  • Dan spilled the beans on the third part of the Ollie HOH deal to Renny, Memphis, and Keesha. He told them he has no intention of keeping the third part although he had kept the first two parts. He wanted to let them know first.
  • Ollie, meanwhile, told Michelle he wanted to expose Dan's deal to all and call him out in front of them.
  • Memphis wants Dan to put up Ollie, but Dan will hold to that part of the deal -- Ollie is safe this week.
  • Ollie was like a petulant child with a really bad temper as he blew off steam to Michelle about the situation.
  • Michelle wants Ollie to tell Dan he must put Keesha on the block.
  • Renny suggested a scheme in which they'd take Jerry's money in return for his safety this week.
  • Memphis isn't keen on any idea his alliance has in which he doesn't remove himself from the block even though they assure his safety. They want him to take Jerry off and Dan to put Michelle up.
  • Renny, Dan, and Keesha have made pretty solid plans to be the final three, with Memphis as the fourth.
  • Renny cooked up a nice dinner (no food comp this week, they can all eat) and everyone but Ollie took part in the meal.
  • Memphis, Dan, Keesha, and Renny think Ollie has to go next week. (They don't know it's a live double eviction week this week.)
  • Jerry tried to get Keesha to give him her vote to stay this week. (Which she will if Michelle goes on the block.)
  • Ollie finally talked to Dan. He said Keesha has to go on the block -- she's been badmouthing him, blah-blah, deal, blah, your alliance will turn on you, blah-blah.
  • Dan told Ollie he's still trying to get Memphis to not use the veto. (They wanted it to stay mum about breaking the third part of the deal until the veto meeting on Monday.)
  • Ollie told Dan that Renny deserves to be on the block and if it's a tie between Renny and Jerry, he wants Dan to vote out Renny.
  • Dan just kept saying he had to think about things, talk to Memphis, etc. Thankfully, he made no new promises to Ollie.
  • BB told them that one of them will be chosen by America to get a phone call from home. Jerry cried thinking about his wife upon hearing the news.
  • Ollie tried to reassure Michelle that he holds the cards even if Memphis uses the veto.
  • BB gave them alcohol, but not in abundance. One bottle of wine and a six-pack of beer.
  • Ollie and Michelle talked about what great game players they are. Ollie says his HOH deal is the best in the history of the game.
  • Michelle, on her own, isn't quite as smug. She had a few bouts of crying during the evening, at least one had to do with the phone call from home (which it seems she didn't receive). She thinks Jerry got it, but he denied it.
  • Most seemed to sleep rather fitfully through the night as did I. My apologies for a late report today. I was a fitful sleeper, then got watching The Sopranos on A&E when I should have been writing.


Laurie said...

Good morning Jackie. It was a restless night at our house, too!

Thanks for the update. It's so great that you endure all of this so that we can chime in with our thoughts and opinions. I couldn't possibly listen to the houseguests, especially Michelle and Jerry. Their voices grate on my nerves.

I hope Jerry gets the phone call. I hope Michelle goes home. I hope Ollie implodes.

Tom`S said...

Ollie should get sent home packing what a sour loser!

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that Dan puts up Michelle in Memphis' place. I would like to see Dan and Renny in the end. It's strange, I disliked Renny at the begining and liked Jerry but it switched real fast during the season.
Now, one last comment (question). On Thursday's show did everyone else notice that Ollie's dad kept calling his relationship with April a "Showmass" (not showmance). I didn't know if he did that on purpose or if he just didn't know the word.

PDX Granny said...

Thanks for the heads up about the new post, Laurie. Of course, I didn't read it until I had made a comment on the old one. LOL

Have a good day, all!! I'm off to play with my grandson!! : )

I'll catch up later.

Sasha said...

Thinking about how Michelle (over)reacted to the unitard situation, I can only imagine how she'll be if she's put on the block. I still can't help but smile when I think of her screaming and turning her back in the DR.

Jackie, thanks and thanks again. I can't imagine any scenario in which you owe us an apology :) You go above and beyond in what you do for us!!

With Ollie's smug attitude, I'm sure it's only time until we hear him tell us he's the newest "puppet master". Y'right.

Anonymous said...

I have begun watching BBAD but had to turn it off last night. I find Michelle and Ollie to be ugly spirited people. All they do is whine and say nasty things. And They have isolated themselves from the others. If either was my child I would be ashamed of their actions.


Jen said...

Happy Sunday!!

I really hope Michelle gets put on the block. It will be a week of her whining and crying though! She is such a drama queen!!

Ollie and April are really meant for each other! They are both mean spirited people!!

I hope Ollie and Michelle are the ones that go this week, since it's a double eviction!! Thursday's show should be really good!!

flipflopsinthewinter said...

Michelle is just kind of strange. I know she's always been a little off, I think I'm just noticing it more now with less people to concentrate on.

Her voice (and voices) are really, really odd. And....she's an alcohol hog. Always taking other people's drinks. I'd have to slap her hand!!

Laurie said...

Off topic: I'm off to Portland later today. Besides business, I get to turn it into a mini-vacation because PDX Granny is going to show me some of her lovely state on Monday afternoon and evening. How cool is that? One place we are going to was formerly a place for the insane. If they don't keep us there, we will both be back Monday night to share our adventures with you.

On topic: Ollie and Michelle are both very mean spirited people. It's too bad because the others have actually had some real fun and some real conversations in the time they have been there. But, if you are not a trustworthy person yourself, you go through life not trusting others and projecting your thoughts on them. They are both experts on that, as was April. Although April actually did have some brain power.

Anon 12:30, I noticed he kept saying Showmass and couldn't tell if he wasn't understanding or if he just couldn't say it. Either way, I think he was clueless about what was going on.

FlipFlop, I really think Michelle has an alcohol problem. Her whole personality (IES) change when she gets some in her body and she didn't even have that much. The baby talk and baby voice are so annoying. Surely that doesn't work in her real life.

OK, gotta go pack for my trip. I'm so excited now because I get to meet somebody from here. Anyone else near Portland?

Lucy said...

Jackie, you have absolutely no reason to apologize. As Tony would say, "Fahget about it."

Sasha, have you seen Chuck around? I have been looking to play a game of football. LOL

nancy from long island said...

I think Dan should put up Ollie I don't think he should honor anything that was agreed to. Why wait get him out now. Dan should tell Renny that Ollie wanted her up. The next HOH will be fun I can't wait

Lucy said...

Sasha, I guess I should have changed my avitar before I asked you about Chuck. Lucille Ball would not be looking to play football with Charlie Brown.

Tessa said...

Good Afternoon All- I have a question. On double eviction night, will there be a POV played? I can't see how there would be time and I can't remember from past seasons.

nancy from long island said...

I think so Tessa

Nana in the NW said...

I'm so jealous for Laurie and PDX--I really wanted to meet up with you two!! My schedule just doesn't seem to allow it. But if the formerly insane place deems it necessary to keep you give me a call. I'll make a late night road trip and help you escape!

Laurie pack for cooler weather--cloudy, showers and low 70's this week. :(

We need to REALLY think about a possible "meet-up" in the late spring--maybe LA/San Deigo area??

Jackie no apoligizes necessary for sleeping in. But as you can tell from the previous post when your not around this site just goes to the dogs--names that is!! LOL

I really hope Jerry gets the phone call. We are not going to see it until Tues. show.

I agree about Mich. having an alcohol problem. She talks alot about it being "a staple in her diet" and seems to need it everyday. Her life must be pretty miserable at home...sad.

After watching Ollie's parents I don't think they have a clue what BB is about. I believe his dad had never heard the word "showmance" and thought it was pronounced "showmass". They definitely haven't watched BBAD or the live feeds(Ollie probably didn't tell them about it). Their church appears to be small and probably not very worldly. That is the community his family socializes in.

Not much sleep for me either. I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday cleaning out the pool. It's very painful but I will see the dr. tomorrow.

Today I have a wedding and 50th Anniv. party to attend. Both are happening at the same time, about an hour's drive apart!

Nana in the NW said...

tessa I'm sure someone will beat me to your answer but....

On Thurs. they will immediately do evictions. That usually gives the HG the clue that it's a DE. An HOH will be held, that person has a commercial break to decide who to nominate. After that there is a POV comp., ceremony, and then eviction. The show will end with another HOH comp.

The best part of this schedule is that the alliances don't have time to plan strategy so it's about the only eviction that everyone votes on their own.

Anonymous said...

Feeds are back up. All are in livingroom

Anonymous said...

whoops, i blinked and now they are all over the house. Jerry got the phone call. Renny is bitter

nancy from long island said...

It look like Jerry got the call he deserves it I would have Rather seen Renny get it.

Anonymous said...

renny is acting like a bitch. i hope Dan wins, the rest are undeserving and annoying.

Sissy from DE said...

To me, with her ranting about the unitard, with her actions when she won the HOH and from what I'm reading, her reactions when she didn't get the phone call, Michelle remonds me of BB6 and Ivette from the "Nerd Herd". Who were Maggie, Ivette, April and Jen (I think). I know all hispanics don't act they way but I think BB picks ones that do. I've also noticed that BB likes to show people at their dumbest, such as last seasons Natalie with her " He's done...D-U-N.. done" Amber thinking she was model material (BB6), Ollie's dad and his Showmass and many more.I would like to know what are BB's criteria for picking people.

Anonymous said...

Did the girls decide they have to stick together? Are they voting out Jerry?

PDX Granny said...

Nana, I so wish you could join us too!! We'd be like the Three Musketeers!! Or maybe the Three Stooges. It's going to be a blast!! Last weather check I did only has Monday as being the cool day with scattered showers. The rest of the week should be high 70's to low 80's.

I agree, we should definitely plan for a Jackie's Group meet-up sometime in the future. I have time off again in October. Next break won't be until after the end of May. So. Cal would be fun. Or Vegas, like we had talked about a while back.

Now, on to BB.

I don't remember who mentioned it - Maybe FA or DLA. Whomever, I agree that to try to get Jerry to give up his $'s for safety is not a nice idea. It's going way above and beyond the normal scheming and lying game play. Isn't that all he's gotten out of this game so far, and he's planning on giving it to his grandkids. I say let it be!!!

I've appreciated how for the most part, this cast been able to be together as a group. Of course they have their alliances (or two - or three) but they haven't had the same herd mentality that those in the past have had. It's been good to see them all gather together for general chit chat and non-game playing time. Although it seems like that may be coming to a quick halt now that Ollie & Michelle have joined forces and begun isolating themselves.

I was with Sasha and Laurie, hoping that Ollie really did have game, and was waiting for his true colors to come out when April left. If what we're seeing now are his true colors, YUCK!! I think I'd rather have April back and be watching the showmance. At least they weren't so negative!!

Jackie, talking about joining forces, that's what I'm doing with all those who appreciate you!! I've tried watching the feeds on justtvnuts and it drives me crazy! I don't know how you can stick to it for so long in order to feed our addiction. Just trying to figure out what Michelle is saying while crunching and smacking would have me in a straight jacket!

Laurie said...

Nana, I wish you could join us, too. What fun that would be! We could be our own alliance. Of course, we'd be nice and share with everyone else, except for the bathroom. I want my own bathroom!

I'm so glad to hear that Jerry won the phone call. He needed to hear about his wife more than anything else. I'm sure he's been concerned. Not that I like the old coot, mind you, but I'm not mean spirited and I think the call was good for him.

Poor Michelle ... she lost something again and I'm sure it wasn't fair. After all, she wore the unitard and lost the trip and ...wah wah wah.... hand her some sour grapes and tell her there is no pity party this time. No booze either.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think Dan would be much better off putting up Mich. than Ollie although I would like to see him go asap. This way, he doesn't have to listen to her bitch and moan for a whole week about being on the block and him being a betrayer etc. Plus, from previous experience, Ollie and Jerry just don't do good at comps. Ollie's only come close to winning one and the slop has done a real number on Jerry over the past couple of weeks in terms of stamina and just being stable. I think Dan feels like his alliance has a much better chance of winning against either Ollie or Jerry than they do against Mich.

I can't wait for the veto ceremony. I can see Mich. now fuming outside the HOH door and Dan hiding inside with only his snacks to eat, determined not to let her in. Little pig little pig let me in. Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Ha. Ha. I don't blame him either I probably would too. She's kinda scary. LOL.

The one thing about BB that always kills me is how everyone thinks they deserve something. I think either Jerry or Renny should have gotten the phone call over Mich. Jerry's wife is very ill and he and Renny are the only ones still inside who have kids, although they are grown. I would rather see either of them get it because of those reasons than Mich who's just missing her mommy. Maybe that's why she keeps talking like a baby.

The other thing that kills me is how they all think they deserve to win the whole game without ever winning anything when it counted. I did not like ED but he and Dani would have been out how many times if they hadn't won either POV or HOH? At least, they played the game. I would have like ED a lot more if he hadn't used intimidation and personal attacks as a strategy for winning comps. IMHO, out of the three of J/M/O the one who deserves to be there the most is Jerry. He's won POV 3 times. The only comp MIch ever won was an HOH that was tailored for her win. Ollie hasn't won anything and most likely won't.

Forgive me for being so long winded, I haven't posted in a while but I think that's just Mich. accent when she calls Ollie Ali.


TeaBbfan said...

I want Ollie gone he is just a big huey as Dick on housecalls called Jessie ...shuffling around hmm mayhaps I am thinking about big bird

TeaBbfan said...

OK Ollie said he would kill Dan
Michelle has threaten Dan with bodily harm
Where does CBS draw the line
they should be tossed out of the game
with no bones about it just gone
but with so little players
Hey they could bring back Libra and April now that would be GAME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TeaBbfan said...

Wait ok lol ...slow today
they could kick out both Ollie and Michelle since its a double eviction
but would be more dramactic and exciting if they brought back Libra and April
and we got to see them both leave again with D/E Double Eviction
am I just ebile?????

Nancy from long island said...

You know what Tbbeafan I don't even think CBS will show us on TV the threat's which is disappointing since threats were made. Just like how they down played Jerry's verbal abuse to Dan. People shouldn't forget this guy is a jerk and stop feeling sorry for him. I feel sorry for his family but not him. He need's to go soon but not before O/M.

Laurie said...

teabbfan, I love your idea. Get those two out today which would add some real drama to a Sunday, bring back the wicked witches from the south and west, and then kick them out on Thursday. It's brilliant!

Wishful thinking, I know, but it's pleasant to imagine. I'm logged from the airport because my plane is delayed. Oh well, at least I'm past security and comfy with my water and my laptop. I cannot complain.

Oh, I also agree that it's annoying when people say the deserve to win. You have to wonder what they base that on sometimes. Michelle deserves only to be knocked down a few pegs and Ollie deserves only to have somebody prick his self inflated balloonish ego. But we will see that soon, yes?

Clementine said...

Dan and Renny have a little chemistry going... he teases her about her clothes, her hair, gives her a little poke in the ribs...

Renny: "You're trying to be smitten with me, sometimes I think!"

Dan: "Nah, I do the same thing to my mom, to aggravate her.."

Renny: "You're a brat!"

If Dan were 20 yrs older or Renny 20 yrs younger... Hee, hee.

Clementine said...

Just noticing the number of comments on the last few posts...


We have a trend going :)

Clementine said...

Have a nice trip, Laurie!

fa said...

Warning: potentially provocative post ahead, proceed with an open mind, or skip altogether:

I read elsewhere that when Jerry was talking about his phone call from home, and how America is so great because of their compassion towards him because his wife has Parkinsons...

I am so tired of his faux sentimental half-educated mostly ignorant comments about certain social/political topics. He's a very typical R.

If "America" were half as compassionate as he believes, "they" would be FULLY supporting research into stem cell applications towards PD and other similar horrible diseases.

Rant off. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Her voice (and voices) are really, really odd. And....she's an alcohol hog. Always taking other people's drinks. I'd have to slap her hand!!

I tried to watch BB after dark on Showtime the other night and Michelle was eating chips or something and talking and it was so irritating hearing her smack her lips and chew, is was so disgusting I had to turn it off, lol.

PDX Granny said...

Anon 5:37, that when I turned it off too!! Then when trying again later, it was Ollie in the kitchen with the phone onion things that are so gross!!

Anonymous said...

Talking, slurping and smacking in the microphone? Keesha wins the prize with Renny a close second. Those women eat non stop and if Keesha sucks on one more sucker while looking at herself in the mirror....At least Michelle is real. And her voices come out mainly when drunk. The Valley girls from last bbs voices still rattle in my head.

ginnyjulie said...

I've been such a Renny fan until lately. Her scheming to take Jerry's money has make me sick at my stomach. I've lost all respect for her. I don't much care for Jerry myself, but he's an old man with a sick wife. Come on people, where are all the morals these days? I've been fortunate I've never needed money bad enough to steal it from others. Now I'm hoping Keesha and Dan are in the finals.

Clementine said...

Dan spends 99.9% of his time with Memphis, Renny and Keesha. How can Michelle and Ollie not realize where his loyalty is?

After Dan puts Michelle on the block, he may need to spend the rest of the week locked in his HOH room. Maybe Renny can deliver dinner to him up there!

Zoetawny said...

Happy Sunday!

Hope everyone is doing fine. I finally got a chance to pop in and post.

There's been a lot of wheeling and dealing in the house since Dan won HOH. Memphis did more talking (whining) than he's done the entire time in the house expressing his insecurities about being nominated. But, now that he's won the veto he can rest easy for a while. From what I've read Keesha was giddy last night after some alcohol and can feel safe again this week.

I'm not surprised at Michelle's temper tantrums knowing that she will probably go up against Jerry. It irked me to no end how she and Ollie thought they had "it" in the bag. Even though I wouldn't mind seeing Jerry go home I want Michelle gone more.

I do hope Jerry gets that phone call from home since I think he needs it more than most of them. Jerry seems to be loosing it more talking to himself and not feeling a part of the younger set. Although I didn't approve of Jerry's personal verbal assaults I have to give him some credit for still being in the house. I thought he would be gone much sooner.

Do the house guests know about this week's double eviction? I don't think they do. I can't wait until Thursday to see who goes besides Michelle. Ollie leaving would be too much to hope for.

Ollie's dad calling A&O a "showmass" really killed me. They're not Catholic and go to mass on Sunday. ;) He didn't seem to get it but maybe playing as if he didn't get it was his way of being in denial and dealing with it. On the other side, April's sister didn't seem too thrilled with the marriage proposal, no surprise. She did seem to support her evil twin by doing some damage control stating that she was the quiet one and April the outgoing one.

GO DAN!!!!!!!!!


Thanks once again for all your efforts keeping me abreast. Not having the feeds I sure do miss a lot of what's really going on in that house. I sure hope you're continuing to feel better each day and the Coumadin isn't wreaking havoc with your health.

PDX Granny said...

I just re-read what I said 30 minutes ago. I really meant "phony" onion rings.

I haven't had much time to read Jokers or check out the feeds, so I'm forming all my opinons on what I'm reading here....but I know I can trust what you say!

Ginnyjulie, I agree! I don't think there's ever been a time that I haven't needed money, but never bad enough to take it away from an old man (or anyone else for that matter), no matter how much of an old fart he is! If Renny is truly trying to get it, she's come down a peg or two in my eyes. I'm hoping it's just one of those thoughts that crossed her mind, then was forgotten about almost as soon.

I can hardly wait to see Michelle's reaction to not getting the phone call. She's one tough cookie, and doesn't hold anything back. Should be entertaining, to say the least.

Teabbfan, wouldn't it be great if your scenario played out?!?! I can just see it now, April thinking she'd be reunited with Ollie, only to find him kicked out.

Speaking of Ollie & April, I wonder how much of his nasty mood is due to frustration?

Clementine said...

They gave up on the idea to negotiate with Jerry for his $

The plan is to tell Jerry he is safe from eviction this week, if he agrees to nominate Ollie should he win the next HOH

The problem would be: if Jerry doesn't agree, they're still going to vote out Michelle. And also, Jerry may not feel obligated to respect the terms of a deal, after Dan broke the deal with Ollie. They decided Dan should not be the one to approach Jerry.

Renny does have a deep, personal dislike for CKA, and she talks about him constantly.

Jerry won the call from home, and sounds like it happened with all the other houseguests in the room.

Ollie/Michelle thinks that America must be rooting for them too, since Jerry is on their side(delusional).

Meanwhile Ollie, Michelle and Jerry have been bashing Keesha nonstop (behind her back, of course).

Anne said...

I, too, would be very disappointed if Renny & Co. went ahead with the idea of getting $ from Jerry just to be mean. It goes beyond game play and isn't necessary. I'm glad to hear they scrapped the plan.

Geez, would it kill these people to be happy that at least one of them got a call from home? I don't care for Jerry at all but to be so jealous because he won a call from his wife is so freaking petty!

Michelle can go next as far as I'm concerned - she needs a face to face with her shrink before she has a complete meltdown in front of the world...

One more thing, did it bother anyone else that April's family had the young child sitting up front watching her canoodling in bed with Ollie? She didn't look more than 6 years old!

Sasha said...

Lucy...just saw your comment. I haven't seen Chuck in a bit but for a BB gold bar, I might encourage him to kick the football while you hold it :)

{{{{ZOE}}}} was wondering where you've been. Glad to see you!

TeaBbfan said...

I know Nancy and I so felt that same way about Dick season 8
and thanks to all who commented to me it made me feel like a part of this blogg now .......

TeaBbfan said...

Laurie I hope u have a safe flight let us know u arrive safely please
O wow thanks for thinking it was brilliant ..spell check please lol

fa said...


1) When Dan agreed to keep Michelle "safe" did it apply to the post-POV nom too? (independent of the 3rd part of the deal, I mean)

2) It seems that part of the deal involves Ollie not talking about the deal, or is it just part 3 of the deal he can't talk about?

3) Is there any reciprocal understanding wrt Dan's crew -- iow, if Dan tells his crew about the deal, has he broken any agreement?

It gets tricky if Dan is allowed to tell his crew, because then anyone can claim that it was one of them who told Jerry/Michelle, and Ollie is looking all innocent

sharon said...

Thank goodness they have scraped the idea to fleece Col KA of his money.That was just wrong,shame on Renny.He may be a liar,a dirty mouth and a butthead,but he's wanting that money for his grandkids,so some part of him is good.I'm also glad he got the phone call,I would have rooted for Renny before,but glad she didn't get it. Renny has a real mean streak and it's showing more and more. Not attractive!

I can't wait for the POV drama.I really don't want anybody hurt,just Ollie sitting there with egg on his face and Manchelle swearing like a sailor!If I were Dan,I would make my announcement and then high tail it to the HOH and let the fall out begin.I don't want any of those mean spirited(O/M/J)to win anything else. I also don't want Memphis to win,he did win that car and I don't care for his kind of gameplay. How has he switched sides so many times and is still everyone's best bud??

Somebody was commenting on how O/M will never admit what they do is wrong,but everything the others do is evil and bad. Shades of the Nerd Herd,they never were anything but the "good" people and they did much the same as these "good" people,O/M. I hope Ollie got a warning about touching anybody in this game,because if he gets DQ,what does that do to their jury of 7?

Good...60 Minutes started on time,darn golf anyway!

Anonymous said...

Dan asked Memphis in the HOH room: I told you about the deal. What did I tell you?

Like he couldn't keep his stories straight. Memphis didn't notice but I thought it was a little odd.

Anonymous said...

got this at Jokers.....

"Jerry now says he wouldn't be surprised if Keesha and Memphis are related somehow. Ollie says sure they are. - cindytexas
Now Ollie says he knows for sure Dan is a plant. Jerry says if he is, he has to do what they say. Ollie says he doesn't know about that, but he knows he's a plant from the outside"

These HG are so delusional!!
Can't wait to see how they react after POV!!!


Laurie said...

Hi all, I'm posting to you from my lovely hotel room in Portland. It took a lot of patience on my part but I am finally here. My plane was delayed an hour, the train I was taking into town had a detour. Do you know how a train detours? It stops and everyone gets on a bus to go the the next stop. However, the next stop involved going over a bridge that was raising up to let a paddle boat go under it so we had to wait another 15 minutes for that. Then we got to the next stop and had to walk to our train. By then I was so disoriented that I wasn't sure I was on the right train and going in the right direction. Lucky for me, the guy across from me works for the transit system and he assured me I was headed towards town. He even told me which way to turn when i got off the train to get to my hotel. He was an angel. I was followed all the way to my hotel by a homeless woman who insisted i should give her money since I had a suitcase and was going to one of the nice hotels up the street. I listened to her story but was afraid to give her anything. I'm here for a week and don't need a new friend.

anyway, I am now in my room and enjoying room service for dinner. I can't go out again today! I'm watching BB and enjoying the comments and the faces the houseguests are making. Well all except the smug ollie face. I know that will go away soon, but it's still hard to stomach!