Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Amazing Race - Mosquito Net Scenes and Final Words

The CBS websites are really putting in more video clips than they've done in previous seasons. I was looking around today and found more clips on their site than what comprised the actual show! So, I couldn't help but to share a few with you. While I liked Anita and Arthur, they are a bit "out there" for this show. I can't help but wonder if CBS made them wear the tie-dyed outfits. I'm adding Dallas and Toni to my "hope they do well" list. They're the mother and son. I'm definitely not too keen on the blonds.

Monday, September 29, 2008

OFF TOPIC: We Interrupt This Blog

There I was ... innocently watching and blogging Heroes. All of a sudden I heard a huge crash. I left my Heroes dangling, called 911, and headed outside. Oh, yes. I put my camera in my pocket. Mind you, I live in a 30 MPH zone -- a city street with parked cars on either side.

These are the driver and passengers of the overturned Jeep which hit all the cars.

Shhh ... I wasn't back 300 feet.

I'm out of order here. The overturned Jeep is on the flatbed and that's red car #1-- her back axle is smashed, the car is probably totaled. The car parked behind her was hit, too. That one got by with scrapes and a destroyed hubcap.

This is car #3 on the right with the overturned Jeep on the left. Car #3 had been innocently parked with its nose to the right ... and not on the lawn.

The Jeep on its side and car #3 again. The front end of that car is all crunched, too.

Lieutenants dress funny here.

This is car #4. Car #3 pushed in its back end about ten inches and its nose is under a second (parked) Jeep.

This is car #4's nose under the Jeep which was parked in front of it.

Six vehicles, four of them totaled. When they righted the overturned Jeep, beer bottles were all over the ground falling through the broken windows. The driver was arrested for drunk driving. There were five people in the Jeep. The neighbors here pulled them all out. Other than minor bumps, no one was hurt.

Ah, but an odd man on the street carrying a bottle in bag and reeking of alcohol claimed he saw it all. According to him, someone came out of the driveway across the street, bottomed out on the slight hill in the driveway, then went out of control. According to him, he hit three other cars going the other direction, then sideswiped the Jeep causing him to lose control.

I don't know. It could have happened that way. It's just a good thing no one got hurt. And, if the Jeep driver was drunk, his reactions are off.

But I wouldn't advise parking on my street.

Heroes ... Tonight's Show Live-Blogged

Yes, it's Monday and it's Heroes time! As the show airs, I'll be updating this post as much as I can. Please feel free to join in down in the comments!

It's creeping me out that Mrs. Petrelli is cuddling her adopted son, Sylar. She calls in Bridgette who can see everything an object has ever touched. Dhe's going to "feed" Sylar.

Jessica/Tracy/Whoever finds that she can burn through a rose stem with her finger. Nathan approaches the fake Peter (future) and demands to see his real brother. He got a message saying that Peter broke out of Level Five..

Meanwhile Peter and Marlo (oops, wrong show - he played Marlo on The Wire) are doing a bank robbery?

Back at Primatech -- HRG returns only to get scolded by Mrs. Petrelli. He says he wants to get all the escapees. She introduces him to his new partner ... Sylar.

Back at the Bennet's house -- Claire's mother is there to protect them, but she isn't allowed to smoke in the house. Claire has decided that she's going to leave school. She thinks she should be out there helping her father fight the criminals. Her biological mother insists she goes to school.

Primatech -- Noah is reluctant to work with Sylar. Mrs. P. says Gabriel has just been misunderstood.

Ando and Hiro - Still going after the speed girl Daphne. He wants his formula back. She's already sold his father's half. She called Hiro Pikachu. Heehee. Uh-oh she's slow. Hiro's powers aren't working either. Ah, it's because the Haitian is there!

Claire tells her bio mother about how she wants to fight the bad guys. She's hoping that her mother can teach her how to fight.

Nathan -- meets up with Tracy/Niki ... whoever. She has the video of the sex with Nathan, yet she insists she's not her. Nathan isn't all that convinced.

Back to the bank -- Police are arriving Yikes, ex-Marlo (didn't get his hero name), has a plan. He called the police, ripped the heart out of one of the robbers who threatened him, and wants the cops to get Noah there.

Parkman is still walking the desert. The man with him painted a painting which told him everything he knows about Parkman. He painted it when he was a boy.

Oh, Sylar has a suit on. He questions if she's his real mother. She says he was born with powers which made him the way he is. They get the report on the bank robbery in Poughkeepsie. Mrs. P tells Nathan that Peter's in the body of Jesse.

Ando and Hiro -- In a movie theater. The fast girl is there. She told Ando he's Robin to Hiro's Batman. They're upset that Daphne is looking for the formula for money.

Back to the desert and more paintings ... Parkman's entire life. The future has changed and Parkman with the baby painting is no longer. Sure enough, the guy has Isaac eyes when he paints!

In the bank -- "Peter" says he doesn't want to go back. The ex-Marlo realizes he's not Jesse and flings him across the room.

Sylar and Noah -- Noah tells Sylar that she's playing them. Noah tells him that they're not partners, he's in charge. But Sylar goes forward into some kind of FBI guy persona and wins his heart. Well, maybe not his heart.

Peter tells the other robbers he was put in the body against his will. They beat him.

Noah is donning a vest to go in the bank. Sylar is actually acting human. Noah doesn't want him going in the bank to "use that buffet" in there -- the powers.

Hmm ... Tracy (?) is at a casket with pictures of Micah/Niki and Niki in the coffin. New Orleans. Micah realizes she's not his mother. He asks her if she's special and has a super power. He tells her he can talk to machines. Both she and his mother were born in the same hospital, same time, same doctor.

Hiro tried a ploy to get the briefcase (with the formula?) from the Haitian. He accidentally knocked him down the stairs. Powers are back -- Daphne whizzes by them and grabs it.

Back to the bank -- Noah is facing Knox (ex-Marlo!) and Knox isn't pleased. Jesse/Peter finds his powers. First everything blows, then all freezes. Future Peter arrives to save Jesse-bodied Peter. They vanish together. Uh-oh ... now the real Jesse has Noah!

Claire and bio-mom are going into a warehouse of some kind where the mom is going to teach her how to fight. The beginning is survival. Claire says she wants to learn to fight.

In the bank, Syalr has arrived to save Noah from Knox and Jesse. It looks like a new partnership is forming between Noah and Sylar.

Claire tells her Mom she's indestructible. The mother mentions suffocation. Claire is having problems. The bio-Mom is telling her it's her mind. She feels trapped. Her body won't stop the bad guys. Claire screams that she wants to hurt them ... and then goes free.

Bank -- Sylar let Knox escape. He goes for Jesse ... I guess the partnership isn't too cool. He does his thing to Jesse while Noah is trapped watching him through glass.

Claire and bio-Mom are talking. You have to learn how to save yourself before you save the world. Aw, they

Desert --

Yikes ... big car crash outside here. Later!

Amazing Race Review is up on TV Squad

My review of the season premiere of The Amazing Race is now up on TV Squad. I hope folks take a gander.

As long as I don't get goosed.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Amazing Race 13 Season Premiere

jackie's tv blog, the amazing race

Yes! I mean ... no! It's not on here on the East Coast as it's delayed by football. Once it starts, while I won't actually be live-blogging the entire show, I'll be updating this post regularly with my thoughts on the happenings and critical events. Of course, everyone is welcome to do the same in the comments area!

Until the show starts, we'll just have to admire Zoetawny's cool new graphic.

8:15 PM and we're getting started here in the NYC area.

Okay, they're going to Brazil leaving from Los Angeles. Out of my own geekiness, I'd like to see the comic book guys do well.

Lots of teams off to a bad start -- marked counter means just that. Duh. At least my comic book guys were #1 on the first flight!

Even though the first flight was delayed, they still had an hour and a half lead over the second flight.

In the Detour I was thinking they should count the steps. After all, what else could the question be?

Pit Stop order so far:
1. Nick and Star - won a trip to Belize
2. Ken and Tina
3. Terence and Sarah
4. Mark and Bill
5. Kelly and Christy
6. Toni and Dallas
7. Andrew and Dan
8. Aja and Ty
9. Anthony and Stephanie
10. Marisa and Brooke
11. Anita and Arthur

Alas, the hippies Anita and Arthur were Philiminated. Once my show review goes live at TV Squad, I'll post the link!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Survivor Gabon: The Jeff Probst Blog

Nah, paying Jeff Probst to blog here on my blog isn't quite in my budget. But he is blogging his thoughts on each episode at ew.com on their PopWatch blog. Since I can't get him here for you (my apologies, but I'm sure you don't expect him here, right?), I can do the next best thing ... spread the word about the blog he is doing and share some excerpts for discussion.

Regarding the Fang tribe, Jeff said:
  • It's not the last time they'll make questionable choices either.
  • The mismatched tribes continue to haunt Fang. I kept reminding them, "Quit complaining. You did it to yourselves." I like being a pain in the ass.
  • They're all afraid to do anything and coming from a place of fear is never a good idea.
Regarding some of the castaways, Jeff said:
  • Actions speak louder than words. Marcus and G.C., good for you. Hope that first episode immunity really pays off for you 'cause it may cost you later.
  • Randy getting injured was a nice bonus for episode 1. Anytime there is an injury, along with blood or stitches, it's usually good for the show. Randy is going to be a star if he can last long enough. Everything he says cracks me up. I also think most of it is heartfelt. He's mean as an alley cat, and trust me they're mean.
  • But nobody can touch Corinne on the Bitch meter. I only feel comfortable saying this because Corinne told it to me in person ... In her favor, Corinne plays the game hard, she knows how important alliances are, and if she forms a good one she could be around for a while.
  • Not sure what happened to Michelle's attitude. I had her picked as a favorite in my preshow picks. Yes. A favorite. Something happened and her zeal disappeared.
  • At the first tribal council, G.C. reluctantly accepted the leadership position. The question is how long will he last and how effective will he be? I would have never chosen him as my leader. This is the guy that raced ahead to get immunity for himself. It is a sign.
  • Over at Kota, Ace is cracking me up. I love him!
  • Sugar cries a lot. Just warning you. But I think you're going to like her. Maybe even root for her.
  • Marcus is getting a lot of love from everybody. They love his leadership, they love that he's a doctor, and they love how calm he is. He drove us nuts as producers because he was telling everybody to act rationally! What?! What are you doing? Quit ruining Survivor, dude. Marcus is waaaay too good for this game.
  • Dan's visit to Exile Island tells you everything you need to know about Dan. He's lovable and extremely well-intentioned but he overthinks everything. He's Hamlet.
  • I actually liked Gillian quite a bit during casting. But once the show started, Gillian...you became a little annoying. You simply talked too much without saying anything substantive. You were a cheerleader, and let's face it, cheerleaders are…well, annoying. We hated to see you go, but if you hadn't been voted out, we may have removed you ourselves.
Jeff also said that the idol on Exile Island is relatively easy to find. He said that next week Fang needs a win and Sugar needs a Kleenex. Uh-oh for those on the Sugar pick in Orkmommy's pool!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Survivor Review up on TV Squad

I want to thank everyone for the fun evening on the Survivor post here! What a great bunch we are, aren't we? My sympathies to those who ended up with Gillian and Michelle in Orkmommy's pool. I see I have Charlie. I don't think he's going to win it, but I think he's in a good bunch with Marcus, Jacquie, and Corinne. If they do get Bob in there, that's going to be the alliance to watch.

Overall, I'm most impressed with Bob. Heck, I even like the bowtie.

My Survivor premiere review is up over on TV Squad. They almost weren't going to cover it this season, so I hope you can all take a gander at it. I'd appreciate it!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Survivor Gabon Premiere

jackie's tv blog, survivor

Yes, Zoetawny has made a new and nifty graphic for the blog! I have said she rocks, right? I won't be live-blogging every detail of the two-hour show(s) tonight, but I will keep the blog updated with major events and stray thoughts about the show. Everyone is welcome to visit in comments! Survivors ready?

Interesting start -- I felt bad for Gillian struggling up the hill, but I was shocked that Crystal had trouble! Kudos to Matty for helping them. My Charlie (in Orkmommy's pool) lied about being a lawyer, as did the doctor lie about being a doctor. Crystal didn't mention the gold medal in the Olympics for track and field ... had she done so, she would have been humiliated. Kota is definitely a stronger tribe than Fang.

Kota has huts! So does Fang!

First injury on the first night -- Randy cut his head on a branch and needed stitches. Great start ... not even in a challenge! He's not quitting though and it was a definite cut, not really a bump to the head. He should be fine.

Kota won Immunity and fire. Fang goes to Tribal Council and one is going home tonight. Too bad Danny has individual immunity from the first challenge for his tribe. He sat and did nothing while the others were digging for their puzzle pieces. I don't think it looks too good for Gillian. Alas, she's more annoying than I thought she would be. Weak and annoying, she will make a good target for them at TC.

Tribal Council -- 5 votes Michelle, 1 vote Gillian. Enough for Michelle to go. I was wrong about the annoying factor for Gillian. Michelle is out because she's such a "Negative Nancy." GC (Danny) was voted leader of the tribe, albeit a bit reluctantly.

Randy is irking me. Heck, GC I'm not too thrilled with, but he's trying to lead. Hopefully Randy will follow his own plan and shut up, let others crash and burn. As long as the "shut up" part is done, I'll be happy.

Kota wins their second immunity and reward (fishing gear). At least this time Fang was close. Kota chose to send Dan to Exile Island.

Dan had no luck finding the idol and it looks like Gillian is the likely target again although she wants to get a movement afoot to get rid of the weakest young person (Ken).

Hmmm ... Fang is worried Dan has the hidden Idol and now he's targeted along with Gillian. Will she squeak through again?

Tribal Council - Gillian is out. Five votes for her and one (hers) for Ken. Enough to boot her.

Checking Out the Survivor Gabon Castaways: Part 3

This is my look at the last six castaways accompanied by their video clips from the CBS website. You can find parts one and two here and here ... but not here.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Jacquie Berg, age 25, Santa Barbara, California
Cool, a Jackie on the show, albeit with odd spelling and I'm not a 25-year-old natural blond. At least CBS fixed the spelling on her name. I pondered if she was transgendered with the name "Jacque." I kind of like her. Whether she'll get anywhere near the final four, I don't know. I think she's a contender, but wonder if the Sugars will stay on instead of her.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Gillian Larson, age 61, Temecula, California
Oh, I think I already adore this retired nurse who's tried 15 times to get on the show. She keeps herself fit, but I'm not sure how well she's going to hold up endurance-wise throughout the season. I'd say she might be just a bit nutsy, but she's turned into my newest favorite for the win. Who knows? It could happen!

Watch CBS Videos Online

Danny "GC" Brown, age 26, Portland, Oregon
Ah, a working man "Dreamz" -- one who actually has a job and home even though he had a hard upbringing. He's a maintenance man although his family has been homeless in his youth. The guy has some good ideals. While I'm not getting the "sole Survivor" vibe from him, I think he could go a long ways in the game.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Dan Kay, age 32, Boston, Massachusetts
Not to be confused with castaway Danny, nor Danny Kaye. A lawyer from Boston who comes across quasi-smug with himself to me on initial glance, he's wearing one of those silly little faux-hawks. You know, kind of like Memphis. Hopefully he won't have hair product in Africa. I'm a bit leery of anyone who talks about wanting to lead. They may as well say, "Slap a target on my back and stick a fork in me." Maybe I'll think differently once I see him in action. He isn't bad on the eyes and doesn't have the Boston Rob accent.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Crystal Cox, age 29, Durham, North Carolina
Crystal is a former track and field Olympics champion. She seems very determined and she certainly has overcome challenges in her life. I think she could definitely go far physically and probably isn't too shabby mentally, either. I only wonder if her own super confidence in herself might be a downfall. It's one thing for an older woman like Gillian to be super confident, but when it's a very physically fit younger woman, she might be looked upon as as much of a threat as a young physically fit guy.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Charlie Herschel, age 29, NYC, New York
Okay, this makes the second lawyer this season and I've lost count of how many of them are 29. He's this season's gay guy representative, I guess. He does run marathons and is a huge fan of the show. I think it's going to be interesting to see him work his strategies. He's making a lot of really good points. He's a go-getter in education and career. I think I might like his gameplay if he goes the route he says he will in the video.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Update, Update ... This is an Update

Nope, not a TV image. This is a shot I took in the NYC subway as a train was going by. I think it symbolizes how quickly things can pass us by.

I apologize for the lack of an entry yesterday. I have many things going on -- some good, some not so good, but all seem to be time-sapping. On the good end, I have a new computer monitor as my old one was fading away (thanks and a shout out to my brother for my birthday gift). I also bought a cheapie MP3 player and found out that all the Rhapsody music I've downloaded for years on my computer due to the BB SuperPass have to be burned to a CD before I can load them in the MP3 player as they're RealPlayer file format. The last few months of my SuperPass they've switched to MP3 format at Rhapsody, but I have years of the downloads.

I go not only to the vampires tomorrow, but to the orthopedic surgeon, too. It's my pre-release back to work visit. Right now I don't think I'm ready to stress the knee as much as need be for my return to work. When I go back, I have to return full time and with very few work restrictions. So I don't know. I'll see what the doctor says.

Also, tomorrow is the season premiere of Survivor. I'll be covering it here and on TV Squad later in the evening. It's going to be two hours. Right now I'm not sure if I'll do an actual live-blog here or not. I'll decide before it airs!

Can I get a show of hands from folks who want a Prison Break discussion post set up?

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Heroes Season Premiere Tonight

Yes, there is a three-hour block of Heroes scheduled tonight. The actual new season begins at 9 PM ET/PT. I'll be watching, but I don't think I'm going to write up a full review. I'm a bit fuzzy on where last season left off although I'm sure it will come back to me. But three hours worth is too long for my knee to be in one position watching and blogging. I'll try to get the more important things mentioned, though.

The first hour is a pre-season premiere special. All of the stars and a huge party with clips from the past seasons, a run-down of the heroes, some glimpses into the new season. I'll have to have a Heroes party with my cat. She doesn't like to fly ... sigh.

Who shot Nathan Petrelli? Noah? Adam Monroe? Niki's Jessica? His mother? Mohinder? Claire? Sylar? Unknown assassin? The suspense builds.

Volume Three - "Villains"

Ohh ... Claire tries to shoot Peter, then he goes back to the past when Nathan was shot. Peter chased the would be assissin into the mens room only to find his cap and jacket. Hmmm....

UH-oh, now Nathan is dead but we know he isn't. He zooms to life right at Peter and we get the opening credits.

Hiro now has 51% of his father's business, but he's the same old Hiro at heart. A message recorded by his father was given to him. But then there's Claire packing to save Nathan but running into Sylar instead. He wants her healing power, of course. But she gives him a right uppercut instead. He's locking all exits before she can get to them. No working phone. Claire! He's in back of you! She hides in a closet with a butcher knife.

Cut to Maya being surprised by Mohinder. He's ready to give up his work. He decides her powers have a mind/body connection ... flight or fight. He has an epiphany ... the abilities are produced by adrenalin.

Back to Hiro -- He leaves him a sacred duty. He must keep a secret. In the wrong hands the secret could destroy the world. He's supposed to be a sentinel, but Hiro wants to be a hero. He's not supposed to open the safe, but that's what he wants to do. Heh, another DVD from his father scolding him. He has half of a formula that the fate of the world depends on and must find the person with the other half.

Ohh ... a new blond female evil "hero" speedster snatched the formula and he froze time to catch up with her. She escapes with the half the formula.

Meanwhile, Peter might be the assailant of his brother. He went to retrieve the gun and Parkman caught him. Yipes, it turns out that Peter's scar returns and he tells Parkman that he came from the future to stop Nathan from telling the world about them. And, now that Parkman knows, he can't be there anymore. Uh-oh, is it the end of Parkman?

Nathan leaves the hospital as a news reporter talked of his miraculous recovery ... and Peter's looking for him. Nathan thinks he was saved to do great things. Peter's ready to shoot him again if he talks. Nathan says God is the only one with a message -- "We're all connected. Only together can we be the stewards of our own destiny." Peter doesn't shoot him. "Save ourselves, save the world."

Cut back to Mohinder and Maya. He's trying to figure out the source of her power. He's isolated the genetic building blocks of her abilities. She wants her powers taken away, not given to others!

Back to Claire and Sylar. He has found her father's files on the heroes. She attacked him, but he's ready to ... he starts to slice her head ... and we go into commercial.

Back. She is cut and wonders if he's going to eat her brain. He doesn't; he just goes for a certain little bit, no eating. He pulls out the knife she stuck in him and the healing power seems to be working. He has taken off the top of her headbut he puts it back on, she lives. She heals. When she wonders why he doesn't kill her, he tells her she's special and can never die. Now neither can he.

Back to Mohinder and Maya. Blah-blah. He wants to inject himself with his discovery. She doesn't understand, thinks her abilities are a curse. She thinks his discovery is evil and should be destroyed.

Back to Nathan and Peter. Peter reminds him of the powers while Nathan thinks it's the hand of God or angels. Now Nathan doesn't want to tell the world so I guess Peter won't have to kill him again. Yikes. Peter leaves and Linderman comes in. He's the one who healed him. "You and I are meant for great things, Nathan."

Niki/Jessica is with a governor and they see Nathan on TV. She likes him. Isn't he such a lucky man?

Eww. Parkman is in a desert with a scorpion on him. He's all alone and panicky.

To Ando and Hiro talking about the woman stealing the formula. Ando wants him to go back in the past and ask his father. But Hiro wants to go to the future to see if the world gets destroyed. So he does. Future Hiro has the formula, Ando kills future Hiro while present day Hiro watches. Ando has the formula and it looks like the city is esploding, but it's back to present day. Hiro tells Ando they must get the formula.

Oh, back to Mohinder. He's ready to shoot up the serum from Maya, he does it. An allergic reaction? Poisoning? He collapses.

Back to Peter, Nathan and Mom Petrelli. She asks Peter what he's done with Peter. She knows he shot Nathan. He tells her the formula she has will destroy the world. She says something different happens and it's all because of him. She wants her son back. "I put him somewhere safe," Peter says and walks away.

But she's right, he's not Peter. Peter is trapped underground with HRG. Into narration from Mohinder about the second coming. Parkman, Claire, Sylar ... all seem to be on their missions. Hmmm ... Mohinder is laying in the same prone position as Sylar when he went down. Thugs try to steal his money and he jumps to life with some sort of super strength, not Maya's blackening eyes bit.

Chapter Two - "The Butterfly Effect"

Claire's mother is in the house and is upset that Syalr was there. Clair cut her hand, but this time she doesn't feel the pain. Before she would heal but feel the pain. She's upset -- said the pain was the only time she knew she was still human.

Huh? Mrs. Petrelli walks into a buidling foul of our heroes, the good ones all dead. The bad ones alive. Phew. It was a dream as she rode in the back of a car. She goes to Peter and tells him it's her fault. He tells her he can't, he's busy saving the world. She tells him you don't screw with time -- the butterfly effect. You step on a butterfly today and three years from now a million people die.

They talk about Claire. She tells him that she's had a bad day and he should go see for himself.

Maya and Mohinder in NYC again. He's really developed superpowers, it seems. He's thrilled to death with his new powers. He's sort of like Spider-Man with his climbing. They kiss and we get hero-sex and then a commercial.

Parkman is still staggering through the desert and looking weak. He presses on. He collapses. And we go to part two -- Syular walking up the street and getting shot by cops, flinging the two agents aside. Back to Bob and Elle at Primatech -- the agents were theirs. She wants to go find Sylar.

Back to Hiro and Ando. Hiro is jumpy around Ando probably because he saw Ando kill future Hiro. The speedster is Daphne and they get a file on her from their detectives.

To Jessica and the governor. He thinks Nathan is untested. Sje is pushing for them to go with him ... politically, it sounds like. She wants him to appoint Nathan to the junior senator of New York. She's off on her mission.

Eep. The guy who played Willard (rats), approaches her. He's some kind of journalist and wants to exp[se her past.

Back to Hiro and Ando. They see the Mona Lisa? Now Claire is recording again, thinking she's not human. "If you can't feel anything, do you still have a soul?" She stands in front of a train, but Peter swoops in and saves her. She tells him something awful happened to her and ... commercial.

She tells him about Sylar taking her top of her head off. Peter blames himself and knows that Syalr can heal now. Peter tells her he can't help her because if something goes wrong, it could change the whole world.

To Nathan and Jessica arriving. He's surprised. She tells him that she works with Governor Malden (?) and about the position. He tells her that she's Niki Sanders and she tells him she's Tracy Strauss. Linderman watches her leave. He tells Nathan that it was legit and that it wasn't Niki Sanders. He tells Nathan that it is God's plan. Nathan kicks him out of the room.

Back to Elle and Bob. She tells him that Sylar could be sent to Level Five and have a buffet. Uh-oh, Bob is dead. She goes to Level Five -- and that's where Peter and HRG are. She gives HRG a gun and says they have to go for Sylar.

Whoops, Sylar is there. HRG shoots him several times. He looks dead, but the bullets are falling out of him and the healing works. He tells him he got the power from Claire and flings him. Elle tried to use her hands on him. He turns the gun to gold, tells her he killed a lot of people and she's as much to blame. All of a sudden the electricity flash and I think it was Sylar gping up in the air with it. Hmmm ... did the Peter who doesn't look like Peter do it? I turned my head a second, not sure if it was indeed Sylar. Definitely a guy, not Elle.

Yep, Peter did it. He escapes with a black guy. Elle is still alive as is HRG. Syalr is pretty out of it and it looks like they're going to lock him up.

Ando and Hiro -- In France. Hiro tells him about the future Ando killing future Hiro. Ando is dubious about that. Hiro is in Daphnre's place looking for something they can use to bargain for getting the formula back.

Peter and Nathan. Nathan mentions the position offered. Peter tells him he came from the future and came back to kill him. He said it was because the future heroes were tortured and abused because of Nathan's speech and he had to shoot him. Nathan asks future Peter what he should do ... take the offer? Peter says he's from a different future and Nathan must make the right choices. Peter vanishes telling Nathan that he has to set things right.

Nathan accepts the offer and tells "Tracy" he wants her on his staff. Back to the rat ... er, journalist. She denies she's Niki Sanders. He has a video of Niki and Nathan. He keeps at her, she pulls on his arm, he freezes and shatters like glass. ZMD 320 is the plate on her car if that means anything. She seems to have frightened herself with her power.

Elle is guarding over Sylar when Mrs. Petrelli arrives. Mrs. P tells her now that her father's dead, she's in charge. She's very condescending and tells Elle that her electrical power cut down the grid and allowed the prisoners to escape -- her services aren't needed anymore. "I suppose you'll have to get yourself another life," says Mrs. P.

Hiro and Ando trying to figure out Daphne with Catwoman. Daphne arrives and Hiro dangles her running medal trying to get the formula back. The formula paper is behind the Mona Lisa. She tells them her boss won't be happy. She zooms at Ando, holding a knife to him. She wants the formula and the medal. Hiro is confident -- he put a tracker on the medal. They go off following her.

Mohinder and Maya are in bed and he ain't doin' too well. His skin is peeling off all over his back and he seems all hot and bothered.

Someone has found Parkman in the desert. It's a turtle, telling him the plant nearby will give him water. Um, okay. It does. But the turle is not a turtle. It's an African asking him if he knows Britney Spears because he's from America. They walk. He tells Parkman he must stay and spirit walk for several miles. He sees the future. They walk on.

Claire is in her house, HRG is home again. She's so happy to see him but realizes he's not staying.

Chess game -- Linderman and Nathan. Linderman tells him he made the right choice by taking the senate seat. Nathan tells him that he won't be manipulated this time. Uh-oh, turns out that no one can see Linderman but Nathan. So his aide thinks he's playing by himself.

HRG is showing Claire all the heroes files, the evil ones it seems. Yep, evil. He says they will cause unimaginable destruction to the world -- they're villains. He's the only one who can stop them. Claire wants to help him. HRG has appointed Claire's firehands biological mother to protect the family.

Peter is after Sylar in Level five. His mom arrives and tells him it was the butterfly effect. She calls him Jesse and tells him that she wants her son back. Yikes, Peter sees the flamethrower guy kill people. The evil villains are befriending him. Hmmm ...but Peter's reflection is the guy who didn't look like him but was him in Level Five. Curioser and curiouser.

Mrs. P has Syalr captive. She calls him Gabriel and wants to take him in as her son. He says she's not his mother. "But I am, but I am," she replied.

And that's that.

Fall 2008 Dancing With the Stars Discussion

It's that time again! Although I'll peek at the show now and again, I don't faithfully watch it each week. But I know a lot of you do. So here's your place to discuss the new season. The official website for the show is located right here.

A second discussion post is up as the comments here are hard to wade through. Please head on over to the new post!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big Brother 10: The Evel Dick Interviews

You're being warned -- crude language ahead. It is Evel Dick, after all. But what he does, you don't see Julie Chen doing. He asks the questions and makes the statements YOU are thinking ... albeit probably not in the same words.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Checking Out the Survivor Gabon Castaways: Part 2

Carrying on with what I started yesterday, I continue to explore the castaways we'll be seeing this Thursday when Survivor Gabon premieres. When you compare and contrast the casting between Big Brother and Survivor, you generally find folks with more stable careers on Survivor. I think that might have something to do with the time away from the job needed. Survivor is just over a month while BB is around three months. Oh sure, you still get the bartenders and the Hollywood wannabes represented on Survivor; that's the nature of the reality TV beast. Part 1 of my look at the Survivor Gabon cast can be found right here.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Randy Bailey, age 49, Eagle Rock, Missouri
I don't know. I think I'm getting sappy as I age. He's 49, thus I want him to do well. Yeah, I know that's not a great reason, but there you go. He does seem capable enough on the mental level. But on a physical level for challenges, I'm not so sure. He's a wedding videographer, not generally an all too physically demanding job. In a bio segment elsewhere, he describes himself as a bully and a train wreck. Uh-oh. I'm not liking him so much now. But he does do marathons and such. He might have what it takes to make it to the end if he doesn't brush too many folks the wrong way.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Paloma Soto-Castillo, age 24, Downey, California
Close your eyes as she talks and notice the Keesha-esque quality to her voice! Like, wow, like she should be blond. But this girl seems to have much loftier goals than Hooters. If she wins, she wants to build a school in Kenya for students with whom she previously worked. Yes, she works part-time as a waitress, but she is still a full-time college student with a B.A. already in pocket. She has experience living in Africa and I think she'll do very well in that aspect. If she can be cut-throat enough and think ahead, I think she could be a strong player.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Michelle Chase, age 24, Los Angeles, California
Ohhh ... I like her and I don't. What I don't like is that she's very smug and arrogant. But that can play well in the game. She seems to have adopted the strategy of Dan the Man in BB -- she's very strong and plans to come off as weak as long as she can to stay in the game. She's spunky, has lots of personal survival skills, has been on her own since the age of 16, married and divorced by 19. Plus, she boxes and is into triathlons. She's going to be one to watch, methinks.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Matty Whitmore, age 29, Pacific Palisades, California
Okay, I'm glad he's so proud of being self-sufficient and on his own at the age of 29. I guess it's a generational thing, but I was proud of the same things at the age of 17. Well, no dog, but I had a cat! It will be interesting to see if there is a showmance or a snake in his days in Africa. Heh. I'm tossing around with whether he'll do well or not. For some reason, I'm thinking not. But I can't tell you why. Maybe it's the young male physically fit bit. I'm thinking he might be an early target. I could be wrong, though.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Marcus Lehman, age 28, Atlanta, Georgia
Is there a doctor in the tribe? Medic! Medic! Yep, we have an actual doctor in the cast and not too bad on the eyes either. In 2006, he was named Georgia's Hottest Bachelor by Cosmopolitan magazine. He went to Harvard. I liked him in his interview. I think I'm gah-gah goo-goo over this one. How well will he do? Well, he has both the mind and the physique to go far. I only worry about that target thing. I wouldn't mind watching him for most or all of the season. Yeah, I'm being shallow.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Kelly Czarnecki, age 22, Buffalo Grove, Illinois
We're talking a self-proclaimed "denim expert" who, unless I'm hearing wrong, likes to "snooze" her customers to make them buy more. Um, that would be "schmooze." While I think she's probably got some good things going for her, I'm not all that sure she'll do too well. For some reason, I can see her coming on with MY doctor.

Stay tuned for part three. What can I say? It's a big cast.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Big Brother 10 Gag Reel

Thanks go out to commenter BJ for the link to this gag reel played at the BB10 wrap party!

Checking Out the Survivor Gabon Castaways: Part 1

Okay, now that we have Big Brother out of the way, it's time to think about Survivor! I'm going to give my own first glance opinion of the castaways based on what CBS is telling us about them right now along with a few other sources. Definitely jump in with your thoughts! Survivors ready?

Watch CBS Videos Online

Jessica "Sugar" Kiper, age 29, Brooklyn, NY
Well, I'm not so sure about the crying. This isn't BB after all -- no Wahmbers welcome on Survivor! She's a pin-up model/actress/waitress currently living in Brooklyn, but has lived in both the South and the West, too. I just don't know. She seems a bit not cut out for living in the jungles of Africa for me. I do like her thoughts about using the show as a weight loss plan -- that's something with which I can identify!

Watch CBS Videos Online

Ace Gordon, age 27, Naples, FL
He seems quite the character. The English accent comes from being raised in London although he was born in New York. He does definitely come across as arrogant. It's interesting that he mentions he might be portrayed as "evil" when this season is going to be a battle between good and evil, doesn't it? I have a strong feeling that I won't like him as a person, but he stands a chance to do very well in the game if he doesn't offend others too much.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Corinne Kaplan, age 29, Los Angeles, CA
Okay, she's from New York, not California and she's yet another pharmaceutical sales rep. Why are so many of them on reality television shows? Don't they have to work for a living? But, besides that ... I like her views on showmances. However, something tells me we may see her in one if for no other reason than to get closer to the prize. After all, she seems in it to win it. She might be a strong competitor. I'm getting better surviving vibes from her than I did from Sugar.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Ken Hoang, age 22, Westminster, CA
While I think he's young and a bit cocky, I think I'm going to like this kid. He's a professional gamer who will hopefully do a lot better than the last professional poker player. He seems intelligent and he is looking at the show as a game. He's probably going to try to think moves ahead and he just better be good at the puzzles, too! He also seems to be physically fit. Of the ones I've looked at so far, he's my favorite. Mind you, I have over a dozen more to look at.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Susie Smith, age 47, Charles City, Iowa
You know, she might end up being my sentimental favorite. How well she'll do in the game, I don't know. I get the feeling that she might have to rely on others too much and could be weak in challenges. But then again, she grew up working as a crop field worker as a child with her Miexican immigrant parents. She's been through some rather tough things. I'm not all that positive she's going to see too many horses in Aftica, though. I predict no further than mid-season but I hope I'm wrong.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Robert "Bob" Crowley, age 58, Portland, Maine
Oh my, he looks like Richard Belzer's older brother. You know, John Munch on L&O:SVU and Homicide: Life on the Streets. The shame of it is that I believe they're probably around the same age. A physics teacher, eh? My Survivor-sense is telling me he might be a competitor. But I think that he thinks the others will underestimate him. I think they're going to realize he's a threat. I'd say past mid-game for him.

Stay tuned for the next bunch!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Talking Bonnie Hunt

If I were in charge of programming and I had to come up with the absolutely perfect laidback talk show for folks to just sit back and enjoy the rapport ... I'd have an hour a day with Bonnie Hunt and David Letterman just chatting. But I'm not in charge of programming and I can't do that. Oh well, I now have the next best thing. I have my Dave (not really "my" Dave, but you know what I mean) and now I have Bonnie Hunt on her own show every weekday.

I've adored Bonnie's sense of humor, quick wit, and just a spiffy neat-o kind of personality on talk shows for years. I enjoyed her rather short-lived sitcoms, too. But I think Bonnie's real strength lies in her personality and that's not always easily conveyed in scripted shows. Now, I have my chance! Yay, I say.

If you're old enough to remember, and alas ... I am, the old Dean Martin show, she's built an homage to that set for her show. Yes, she has the pictures on the walls, the pole (not for pole dancing! I don't think so, anyway), and the door through which guests arrive. She doesn't have the martinis, the cigarettes, or Dean. Of course, if she had Dean, we'd be talking a totally different kind of show here. That would just be rather eerie, don't you think? But everybody loves somebody sometime, just not from the grave.

Teaming up with her long-time business writing and comedy partner Don Lake (Second City comedy troupe), Bonnie makes her new show a delightful and entertaining respite amongst the afternoon judge shows. Hey, I'm not knocking the judge shows per se, but the plethora of new ones this season is judicial overload! Instead, I'd rather watch Bonnie chat with her staff, the audience, her guests, and the occasional kid or two. Her guest list isn't quite the norm -- she gives two young guys, one of whom gave his kidney to save the other, as much time as the "name" guest star of the day. She talks about tidbits from her own life and makes me chuckle.

Now, I need a chuckle or two each day in my life. I've got my Bonnie and I hope the show sticks around for a long time to come. You can check out bits and pieces of the show at her website.

I'm going to leave this off with a YouTube video of Bonnie Hunt when she was one of the last guests on Tom Snyder's show. He was another person I admired in the talk show circuit and in this clip, he thinks she would be perfect for a talk show. Hey Tom, you're right!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dan and Memphis on The Early Show Video

And here it is ...

Watch CBS Videos Online

Jerry's interview with Gretchen is here -- they've disabled embedding. Ah, the kindness from Dan was saying goodnight every night.

Memphis interview.

Keesha interview.

April interview.

Libra interview.

Renny interview.

Michelle interview.

Steven interview.

And Good Dumplings Abound

I took this photo on Monday in the Little Italy/Chinatown border area on Grand Street in Manhattan. Of course I'd go for the good dumplings rather than the Just OK Dumpling House or the Bad Bad Dumpling Depot, wouldn't you?

My review of last n
ight's Big Brother finale is up over on TV Squad. I saw Dan and Memphis on The Early Show and hope I can post some video of that. It was SO short on the actual show that you didn't miss much if you missed it. But CBS is supposed to have more video which isn't up as I get this posted. The article about the interview is online there.

I want to thank everyone for a fun BB season here on the blog. We had health issues, hurricanes, and more trying to thwart our good times, but it was good times we had. (They go well with good dumplings.) You all rock and I'm glad you hang out here -- the blog wouldn't be anything without the community it has grown. Merci!

My knee and hip (from all the stairs) are both a bit sore from all the walking and the stairs on Monday. But I'm fearless. I'm going with a friend to the outdoor cafes, shopping, and roaming about Westfield, NJ later today. Ah, but there will be no stairs!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Big Brother 10 Season Finale Live-Blogged From the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB!0

Well, this is it. The feeds have been blocked all day since the wake-up call at the BB10 house. And here we are at the season finale. As the show airs this post will be constantly updated -- typos and all. You know you're welcome in comments and I know how much you love a party! I hope you don't mind the spoiler in the Zoetawny graphic. Yes, Ted the spider won the season, but let's watch the show anyway!

71 days and we're ready to crown a winner. And we recap it all -- including Dan as the AP for the week. Alliance changes. The beginning of the Renegades. All of the evicted and how the alliances worked -- ho-hum. We're almost up to Jerry getting gone. I want new stuff!

Finally, we're down to Memphis and Dan. So, let's recap the action in clips again!

Ohhh, Julie has a slinky black dress on. And Dan and Memphis have sport coats on.

Jerry goes to jury -- it got heated when they realized they all got played. Keesha wants arrogant Memphis. Ollie wants Dan because he mocked them. Libra would like to see Jerry because he wasn't the gingerly old man we thought. They talk about Jerry floating his way through. Everyone is just quite. Michelle says the two evil people are in the house. She thinks Memphis and Dan allied. Jerry said they played them all. Jerry tells them he put Keesha up instead of Memphis because he had a deal. Renny lit into Jerry.

Renny thinks Memphis is insensitive and conniving. Keesha thinks Dan's best move was getting everyone to like him. Michelle is still mad about the roulette. April thinks it was embarrassing and mocking. Keesha really isn't mad at Dan and Renny said that you have to get into Dan's head. Libra has it down -- both are culpable, but this isn't a game of trust. They're now talking about who played the best game deserves to win.

Michelle's trip -- Jerry finds out. He's stunned. Keesha is really pushing for a Dan win. Jerry thinks Memphis let Dan do all the dirty work. Jerry definitely thinks Memphis had a better strategy. Keesha thinks Memphis used her. April thinks Memphis played better than Dan. Renny cannot give someone a half million for not winning anything. Michelle is tossing between going with someone who did have blood on their hands or someone who didn't.

Jury questioning -- could they handle the truth?

Libra - Father Dan - most strategic move and why -- backdooring Michelle.

April to Memphis - Why should I vote for you? We got separated in the start, straight shooter.

Michelle to Dan - Jury House Roulette - why chose Michelle to go on trip, me backdoored alliance's idea? Dan - Make amends with the trip. Original backdoor plan was mine, had to get alliance support. To Memphis - We were in an alliance that only benefited you -- you didn't win any HOH, etc. -- Memphis - you were a hard competitor, backdoor not first to jump aboard, was hard.

Ollie to Dan -- the deal, why did you put Monica's name in -- Dan: Knew you were an emotional player, had to do it whether shameful or not.

Renny to Memphis -- One thing you did for me in the game. Memphis is lost for an answer, gave you the least of myself, didn't connive you.

Keesha to Memphis - Why me? Why Jerry over me? Remorse? - The hardest move I had to make in the house, from game standpoint, I had to do it, only way I could get to this point.

Jerry -- Arrogance when winning comp, respect any jurors? Dan - The moves I made weren't meant to be disrespectful. To Memphis, alliance with me to end, who would you have picked -- me or Dan? Memphis avoids an answer again, never had to pull the trigger. Dan throws him under the bus about throwing the final HOH.

Memphis tells them all he tried to make a business plan to the end, asset to YOUR game, only threw two HOHs, played straight-forward, if I'm better player, vote for me.

Dan the Orator -- reminisces, how am I going to win, sounding like Coach Dan, everything I did, I did for a reason. Wanted Ollie and April to dislike him, vote for the better player.

Now the jury has food for thought.

Jury comes to live show stage. Keesha looks like a slob with jeans while Renny is all gussied up. Even Jerry has business casual on.

Checking in on the F2 - Dan? It was tough, heck of an experience, intense. Memphis? Kind of like being on a firing squad.

Keys for the winner, can make one final statement to both.

1. Libra - Contrary to popular belifef, not easy, just go crazy, best man win.

2. April - Congrats, thank you for all the experiences we shared, appreciated it.

3. Michelle - Crazy ride, congrats

4. Ollie - Wassup? Unforgetable summer, congrats and good luck.

5. Renny - Hello, as a business woman, decision was easy to make, important people don't take little things for granted, in this game it's good to get in touch with the human spiritand THAT IS WHY I'M VOTING FOR THIS PERSON.

6. Kessha - Love you both like little brothers

7. Jerry - I do have a lot of respect for both of you, decision on kindness, will explain later.

The first four evictees will join in after commercial and share info now that the votes are locked in.

Brian, Angie, Steven, and Jessie. Brian predicted Memphis would go far, what does he have to say to jury? Both never attacked a person, it was a game. Ollie -- temper tantrum - personal reaction, surprised. Michelle first reaction to losing Hawaii, personal reaction to Libra, you guys attacking Keesha's physical appearance, the two played right.

To Steven - Whose behavior surprised you the most? Jerry. The way he treated Dan was disappointing, Judas comment. The treatment, horrible things said. Jerry brings up the bringing religion in it. A little off color, but had effect,

Julie, the conspiracy, no plant, one week AP -- The nominations Jessie. The hug. Michelle is going on with I knew it, I said it.

Jessie to Dan -- Moreso to America, thank you for keeping me on your mind, obviously entertaining, I got back to be a gorilla.

Julie tells them America has been voting for favorite juror, later on.

The winners -- Keys --
Libra - Dan
April - Dan
Michelle - Dan
Ollie - Dan

DAN WINS! The votes were unanimous for Dan.

The favorite juror - close between top two. Second place, Jerry. Keesha got it.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Monday Into Tuesday Dawn

The excitement on Dan's face in this screen cap I took last night says it all. Too long for two people to be in the house with nothing to do. Here's the rundown from inside the Big Brother House of Non-Events:
  • Ted was the most exciting houseguest. I think he'll be looking for a SAG contract and hear he's hired a fashion designer for his wrap party wardrobe.
  • Dan and Memphis slept until well past 11:00 AM their time yesterday.
  • Dan still didn't get up until BB woke him up at noon.
  • Dan is positive McCain is leading in the polls.
  • They played badminton without a net, then Dan napped some more.
  • Memphis told Dan he thinks it's his fault that Jerry offered him the shirts he didn't want. (Jerry offered him his not cut-off sleeve shirts when he was packing.)
  • Dan worried if anything he did might result in getting fired from his job at St. Mary's.
  • Memphis was upset that there was no Craig Ferguson appearance this week.
  • BB gave them a Japanese dinner.
  • They played cards and called it an Olympic event.
  • They played beer pong.
  • Dan put a box of Tampax on Memphis' bed. Oh, the hijinks!
  • They're asleep as I post this.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Off Topic: The Feast and Stuff

I want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes! I spent the afternoon and into the evening in Manhattan, mostly at the Feast of San Gennaro. I haven't been to the feast in years. Alas, it's become more generic since the days when the mob used to run it. But I like street fair food anyway. I brought home a half of a sausage, onions and peppers sandwich, a fried Oreo, and chocolate-covered strawberries. (Clicking on the image will enlarge it.)

Ow, I hurt. Stairs, walking, go to an escalator in the Port Authority building and it's not on! Ack. Walk, walk, walk some more. Deal with subway station stairs. And, I didn't bring my cane. So I'm here with my leg elevated and ice on the knee. But I'll be fine -- I just gave it a really good work-out. It's better than pre-surgery!

Regarding the Internet MySpace thief -- that page address is http://www.myspace.com/bigbrotherwatcher -- anyone frequenting that page is more than welcome to leave a nasty message about my work being plagiarized. And, feel free to let the world beware!

If you want to see some good accounts of Ike, check out Sydney's blog! I was so relieved to hear that she and others in the path of Ike fared okay.

As for the Big Brother live feeds, it looks like I didn't miss much at all. BORING! Now, if they had fisticuffs or something, there would be something to report.

Thanks again, everyone!

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn

This is about as exciting as it gets. They played cards, played beer pong, fed Ted the spider. Dan got in trouble for singing. BB kept spouting trivia at them. Really a lot of nothing.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Big Brother 10: 9/14 Show

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

The show is on a delay here. I won't be live-blogging it per se when it starts as tonight's show isn't a normal episode. It will be clips, previously unseen bits, and such. However, I'm opening this show post for folks to discuss the happenings in comments. I may have a comment or two of my own ... once the show starts, that is.

Finally, at 8:44, we're ready to start the show.

I like the change in how they're introducing the clips with Memphis and Dan reminiscing.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

BB10 - Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds post is up over on TV Squad. It's a few hours behind, but it's not missing much. The only other thing of interest is that Michelle told Dan about how nice the jury house is -- pool, tennis court. And she also told him that they got gift baskets. At least this is what Dan is telling Memphis.

Big Brother 10: Live Feeds Into Saturday Pre-Dawn

I hope they eventually change the amount of days that the final two spend alone in the house. The only thing of interest is the jury questioning -- blocked to the feeds. That happened last night. What are they going to do for four days? The jury has it worse -- after the questioning, they will all be individually sequestered and not able to discuss the vote until Tuesday (if I'm understanding that right):

  • BB gave them a bocce ball set and a kit to make their Renegades tie-dyed t-shirts.
  • After the jury questions period, Dan seems to be very worried about getting Renny's vote.
  • Dan also made a reference that "He has to get either April or Ollie's vote and he never said a word to them."
  • Memphis thinks the vote is a toss-up and a lot will depend on whether April and Ollie vote as a block or not.
  • Memphis also said he doesn't think he'll get Michelle's vote as Dan took her on the trip.
  • Apparently Renny asked Memphis what he did for her in the game and he told her "nothing."
  • Dan doesn't think Keesha is going to forgive Memphis. But Memphis said it was like firing someone -- as a friend it bothered him, but he had to do it.
  • Dan told Memphis that Michelle badmouthed him (Memphis).
  • Dan told Memphis about his computer work side business and how he makes money from websites and creating sites for small businesses.
  • Memphis says that no matter if he just wins the 50 grand, he wants to invest $25,000 in the Renegades clothing business. Wait until he finds out that the 50 is more like 25 after taxes!
  • They're both asleep as I get this posted.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Big Brother 10 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn

Well, it's down to the Renegades. It's only slightly more interesting in the house than when Jerry was there. Jerry's voice droned on and put me to sleep. At least Dan and Memphis have more animation in their voices. But it's all very predictable conversation-wise:
  • They talked about how smart they are.
  • They talked about questions the jury might ask them.
  • They talked about how they'll invest their fortunes.
  • They talked about how mad Jerry might be at Dan.
  • They gave shout-outs to the Internet.
They went to bed early (for them). They're still sleeping off the big meal BB gave them now.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Big Brother 10: 9/11 Show Live-Blogged from the East Coast

jackie's tv blog, Big Brother, BB10

The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will be constantly updated as it airs. Mind you, there WILL be typos since I'm paying more attention to my television than to my monitor. Everyone is welcome to jump in with their thoughts and reactions in the comments -- bring snacks and beverages and your comfy chairs!

Recap. recap, Michelle, veto. Upset Keesha, Dan using the betrayal to his advantage, Memphis sent her packing. Three part battle for final HOH starts ... finally to the opening -- Julie has on a dark short sleeved dress.

It's On a Wing and a Prayer. Dan tells Memphis he made a good game move and we see Keesha voted off again. "This is the first time someone actually did what they promised to do for me," says Jerry of Memphis. Memphis tells us that they stand a better chance against Jerry. Dan tells us he told Keesha to finish it in regard to Micchelle's vote. Dan's comments were staged and Jerry believes it. And he does.

Jerry's down quickly. Dan tells us the plan was for Memphis to fall sometime soon after. Memphis tells us that he thinks Dan was overplaying the card and would make it too obvious. He doesn't go down as quickly as planned. But he finally goes down and Dan wins part one of the final HOH.

Jerry tells Memphis, "I want to thank you for today." He tells us there's a nice side to Memphis and he didn't get a chance to enjoy it before. Then it's to Memphis and Dan scheming. Dan says Memphis HAS to win heat two.

Returning to Julie -- Jerry and Memphis must duke it out in round two. Dan comes to call them with boxing gloves. Memphis is out first == 10 round fight to the finish They have to knock out the cut outs in the right order leaving up the HOH and the two nominees in each of the ten rounds. Jerry is confused by week three. He keeps saying "I'm so lost" throughout. Memphis is concerned with his time. Memphis time - 8:35, Jerry -- 51:22. Jerry "I'm totally ashamed and embarrassed."

Dan and Memphis do their Renegades dance and we get to see Jerry's underwear.

Julie talks to the three. Jerry says when he fell in the pool, his brain got waterlogged. He says he feels maybe-=maybe not, it will be their choice. Memphis - hard to choose between Jerry and Keesha, hardest ever. Dan -- Less than a week away, how has the mood changed? Dan says more fun, almost smell the half-=million in the air.

Keesha goes to sequester -- did she follow through with threat to turn them against Mempshis. Renny tells us it sucks, "we're losers and that's why we're here." Michelle is ready to rat out Dan for the luxury. Keesha shocks Michelle by mentioning the trip first. They watch the DVD. April sees right through Dan and Memphis. Renny said she told her all along. Finish it dan to Keesha. Keesha sees through Dan, but says he's a great player -- he's trying to get her vote, Michelle's and others. Find out how you can help your favorite juror (RENNY!) win $25,000 -- probably will be up on website later.

Time for part three -- in a few moments. How the juror completed the statement, two choices.

Libra change alliance or behavior -- alliance Dan one point
April coasted under radar - jerry or Memphis - Memph gets point
Michelle best stretgic - me winning hoh and revenge/backdooring me - both right
Ollie fatal arreo - trusting dan, letting heart get into the game - heart - both wrong
Renny - moment irritate -jerry dentures, Jessie punk - Jerry - Dan right, lead by one point
Keesha - uncomfomtable moment - birthday, or evict night - Dan got it right.

Dan wins the third part. Dan has surprised us before, does he have one more trick up his sleeve? To commercial.

They give speeches -- Jerry, apologizes, played game strong,
Memphis -- Wild ride, put me on the block twice, find out if they're a true renegade or not.

Dan tells them that he hopes he's as strong at 75, but evicts Jerry. It's the two renegades for the end game.

House footage -- the bandanas are on their wrists.

Julie talks to Jerry -- "I'm not sure if it wasn't even planned." Heh. Did Dan make a mistake. Jerry thinks he made a big mistake as he's the deciding vote. Who best player or settle personal score. Goodbye messages -- No hard feelings, heck of a job, something to look to. Memphis -- see you as a friend.

Last hurrah for Jerry? I'm proud, I'm 75, did myself and family proud, blah, blah.

Julie tells us how we can help a jury member -- America's Vote -- favorite juror $25,000

BB10: Latest Live Feeds

My latest live feeds report is live over on TV Squad. Please join us for the live-blogging post I'll be doing here for tonight's live show -- it will be in motion at 8 PM ET. Snacks and beverages should be shared.

We Shall Never Forget 9/11

I want to thank those blog readers who shared their memories and thoughts of 9/11 in the comments of my previous post. I should have put this up earlier, but I had to go out for my weekly blood draw. The tragedy of 9/11 hits very close to home for me -- my company lost seven people, I lost friends, neighbors, and a relative. Life drastically changed in the city and here in the commuting towns in the Greater NYC Metropolitan area. I can still recall the acrid smoke smell which drifted in the air here and my view of the skyline is forever changed. I do wish the politicians would quit bickering about the memorial and just get it up.

This is a photo I shot of the weekly war protest in front of the Shaker building where I live in NJ --

And this is why we should never forget -- the future. I met this little girl in Central Park the week before the attacks. No, I don't know who she is and she's surely changed by now. But in the eyes of a child, things have to change.