Monday, October 06, 2008

Blog Announcements and Stuff

This is another flowers photo I took with the illustration mode on my older Pentax digital camera last week.

You may wonder why I called you all here. Well, I didn't really physically call y'all, but you know what I mean. A longtime member of this blog community, Sharon, has been experiencing extreme health issues. As a result, a group of folks got together to try to help her out. With no health insurance and hospital/doctor bills, it's probably cash Sharon needs the most. If you wish to contribute, please send an email to with the word "donation" in the subject header. She can give you more details. We're all praying for her.

In other news, I have a new Reality TV Newsy Bits post up on CliqueClack TV and my Amazing Race review is aboard TV Squad. Hmm ... interesting ... someone at CliqueClack decided to change the name of Newsy Bits to "Reality Clack." Nice of them to ask me.

In yet other news, I have to go for another Doppler test next week to check the status of my DVT and check for any new ones. I don't mind the test as it's actually kind of cool -- sort of like an ultrasound for pregnancies, but the veins have all kinds of audio. What I'm not too thrilled about is that they're out of my insurance network. But I've already paid my out of network deductible (the day after my surgery when the clot was discovered and I was all doped up). So it's not as bad as it could be.

Tonight I'll be reviewing The Big Bang Theory for CliqueClack TV. I think I'm going to drop trying to live-blog Heroes here as it's hard to pay attention to the show and you really have to. Maybe I'll put a post up around the time it airs so folks can talk in commercials, then fill it in with some of the major goings-on afterwards. I'll face the same quandary with Lost once it returns. Both shows are very hard to blog because there's so much happening in each episode.


Sydney said...

Jackie, thank you so much for listing that, and many thanks to Laurie for being treasurer.

Sharon sure needs LOTS of love right now. Whether you pray, meditate, vibe out, hug or whatever, she needs serious love bombing. Please join whatever good energy you've got toward her healing!

Sydney said...

Jackie -- your DVT meaning the blood clot? I am so hoping that bugger is GONE!

Laurie said...

Thanks, Jackie, for posting the information about Sharon and how to help.

As Sydney just said, please do whatever you can do to send serious love and healing to Sharon.

If you can send money (and no amount is too small) email me at and I'll tell you how to do that! All donations will be confidential. Include your email and I will let you know your check arrived.

Jackie said...

Sydney - The blood clot (DVT) will be with me the rest of my life. It has adhered itself to the side of the vein and the blood just flows around it. The rat pois ... er, Coumadin is to keep more from developing. They want to check the status of the DVT, plus check the other leg which wasn't tested at the hospital.

Laurie said...

With so many of us enjoying Survivor in Africa, I thought I'd post this link to my nephew's blog.

He is doing Semester at Sea and going around the world. The link is to the post about his African safari that he just finished. What an adventure for a 19 y/o!

Petals said...

Hey everyone. This is an awesome thing you/we are doing for Sharon. I hope she won't be embarrassed at the attention.. hehe

Lars Eller said...

will you ( thats if you have time ) write a review for the 11th hour.

I believe it's on Wed Oct. 8.
Rufus?? Where's Rufus the cat?

I'll write Sharon, I'm in between class courses, flights soon,

Sydney did you go to San Antonio zoo?

later ya'll lol

Margo said...


Is that your kitty? She is so cute.


Margo said...

Does anyone know if there is truth to the rumor that Misty is dropping out of DWTS due to an injury? Say it at so!


Sydney said...

I heard the rumor Margo, but not sure-- I haven't posted on that chat room since the first night, Better go do that!

Lars, I haven't been to San Diego's zoo yet, though I keep hearing about it. Been to SD though.

Hey Jax -- LOVE the kitty pix!!!!!! It breaks me heart to ask this, but does this mean you have to stay on rat/coum long term now?

Nana in the NW said...

It's Monday morning and I sure don't feel very rested from the weekend!!

I am really liking TAR this season! There are several teams I like---but I have to root for my frat boys...Andrew and Dan.

Some thoughts:

*Nick better be careful about agreeing to help the other teams than turning his back on them. I wonder if he knows about the part where you can put another team in time out? What's that called?

*Terrence needs to take a "chill pill"!!

*I liked the mom/son team stopping to help terrence/sarah. It is a game but it's nice to see a team take a moment to help.

*the southern belles are so dumb they're funny!

*Mark/Bill are definitely the team to beat.

*I don't like Ken/Tina. So Tina thinks she got an airline to get a bigger plane.....please! Ken is trying hard to keep his angry and condescending talk in check but the further they go and the more worn out they become I think we will see more of it.

Thanks Jackie for passing on the info about Sharon. Her situation is dire and really needs everyone's prayers.

I need to see what I can find out about Misty from DWTS.

joy n said...

Several sources have mentioned Misty being injured, but all only say that contrary to earlier reports, she did not break an ankle. They also say that a decision has not yet been made on whether she can continue in the competition. I'm starting to think they're just saving that announcement for the show.

Laurie, I'll be contacting you, today.

If only Sharon could have some good news coming. I'm praying, too, that she does.

Nana in the NW said...

I'm back!!!

I went to check out DWTS and Misty. The latest report is from an interview with Brooke Burke this morning.....Misty has a torn achilles tendon and will have surgery.

This was on MSNBC but has not been confirmed by ABC...can we all say "ratings" the show to find out what really happened!!

BTW--Did you all see the commercial for Survivor during TAR? It indicated that new teams will be picked on Thurs. There will be three teams with each of the blondes doing the picks. That's a great twist this early in the game!

Sydney said...

Wow, achilles is a tough injury

GAWD, after all that volleyball at the olympics, kind of funny that if she was going to tear it it would be now, but thank goodness too I guess. The Olympics only come around so often and she worked 4 years for that.

Nana in the NW said...


Many have asked about my mom so I wanted to do a seperate post.

She is home and seems to have been doing much better last week. However, yesterday was a real setback. I think she's scared about what is going to happen to her, having watched her sister die of the same thing.

My dad is a stubborn german who thinks he doesn't need help from anyone and is not good at following directions! Although he has been told several times Mom should have her pain meds. every 4-6 hrs. he has decided she shouldn't take them unless she's in pain. Of course, by the time she tells him she is miserable.
The hospice nurse is coming out today to go over her meds. AGAIN with my dad!

Mom has also been very afraid to be alone so my sisters and I are trying to be with her anytime my dad has to leave. But on Sat. he decided to run out and get a speciality light blub(they live in an RV). He was gone for almost 2 Mom panicked and called my sister who lives 1 hr. away! She just kept her on the phone and calmed Mom down. Ohhhhh, my Dad!!! I think it's part denial for him about how grave Mom's situation is. I really believe we will lucky if she is still with us by Thanksgiving. She hardly eats or drinks anything.

Our hospice nurse has told us this process is like riding a rollercoaster. I hate rollercoasters....they make me sick....I want off!!

Thanks for listening....I feel better!

TerryinCA said...

I wante to let everyone know I called Sharon in her hospital room and was able to convey to her how much we love her and are praying for her. She took a while to be able to get the phone, and was breathless as we spoke. I asked her what could we do for her specifically and she said "please pray" She confirmed she was out of ICU and was in a lot of pain from her surgery. I asked her if I could pray for her then and she said "oh yes please do" and so I offered up a prayer and asked for mercy and peace and relief from pain. I assured her how much we all thought about her,and asked if I could call her again in a few days and she said oh yes.
So I am planning on calling her back tomorrow.

RBennie said...

I checked out both your articles Jackie. Good stuff as usual. I really appreciated the little video on Nuttin but Stringz. I love those guys and fellow NYers. I was one of the people who were bummed that they didn't win. They are crazy talented. I had to laugh when I was reading the comments to your TAR article. Some of those commenters you get over there would never fit in here, LOL.

I'm sending waves of love and good karma to Sharon.

RBennie said...

Oh Terry - you've got me tearing up at work now. I'm glad you were able to speak to Sharon and let her know how much support she has from all of us. But its so sad to hear how ill she is.

Donna in AL said...

I need a box of tissues at my desk now too.

Jackie, I saw the post on Heroes last week but I watched something else at that time slot. I do like the idea of just a place we can comment later.

Becky said...

Jackie, I can't help much, but will write to Laurie and send what I can.

Could you please start another Dancing link. We have so many posts on the last one.

I will miss Survivor this week. Our granddaughter is getting married on Saturday. I told our daughter (another Laurie) that I would come on Thursday to help with last minute details.

joy n said...

Terry, glad to hear someone was able to have a direct "chat" with Sharon and relay to her again how concerned we are for her. I feel so sad for her and her husband and family. She will be remaining in my prayers as in others.

Nana, my heart goes out to you and your family also. I will remember her, too, in prayer. The thought of possibly losing a parent is a tough row to hoe, no matter how old you are. Your poor Dad, too, must be very worried. I'm thinking of you daily.

Anonymous said...

Prayers to you, Jackie, for a good report. Nana, you and your mom are in my prayers, too. And, of course, our dear Sharon is in there for lots of prayers. MEB, you, too!

Nana, I totally agree with you regarding Ken & Tina. But since that is my team, I guess I'll have to cheer them on. Besides, each year I root for the NICE people and they always lose. Maybe if I am pulling for the not-so-nice, the nice ones will have a chance.

Well, I'm off to dance class -- my little one's, not mine! Look for her on DWTS in about 20 years!


delee said... is reporting that Misty May is out of DWTS...sad!

RBennie said...

That's too bad about Misty. I don't think she had much chance of winning, but damn, I'm gonna miss Maks!

Jackie said...

Lars - I didn't watch that show, so I can't review it. I'll try to catch an episode. As for Roofus, I'm rarely at the train station these days and haven't seen him.

Margo - Yes, that's my cat.

Sydney - I'm not sure. I'll know if I stay on it past December next week, I guess.

Terry - Thank you for calling her and letting us know!

Nana - You know our thoughts and prayers are with you. Hang in there.

meb said...

(((SHARON))) (((NANA IN NW))) (((JACKIE))) (((TEABAGFAN)))

Hugs to anyone out there who needs them.

Prayers are going out for all the above.

terry in ca... thanks for that report on Sharon. So glad you were able to actually talk with her. She sounds so ill. Keep praying for her everyone... Prayer is Powerful!

Clementine said...

The joys and the sorrows of life...

Prayer is truly the greatest gift we have to give Sharon and her family. And for her to be reminded there are people out here who care.

Meb, your news is wonderful. Your spirit must feel so light!

Nana, I've been on that rollercoaster. It's exhausting and frustrating and so terribly sad. But all you need to do is love both your Dad and your Mother. Your Dad is about to have his world ripped out from under him and is probably very scared right now (speaking from experience). I'll pray for all of you, that the love you share as a family transcends your pain.

meb said...

Clementine... that was beautiful what you said to nana... I had typed something similar about her dad but certainly not in those words and then I went to look at another blog to get a name and when I came back my typing was gone. I chose not to say anything about her dad. Now I know why... it was for you to say, you said it so eloquently!

Jennasmom, thanks for the note. I think some of you guys should get together and write some kind of book. You can say things the way I want to, but never seem to express myself in the way I'm feeling.

Great group of cyber friends/family here!

Sydney said...

Jackie --

I don't know if you will continue to blog on Heroes, but boy, I got more confused as last night's ep went on. I wondered if I was watching an ep written by the people who do LOST. What did you think? Are you liking how this season is unfolding?

One little thing -- I am amazed that a show of this quality production wise, does such a bad job of lifting people up on wires. I mean when the Senator suddenly saves the blonde who jumped off the bridge... it looked horrible as they flew away. Ditto some ad or preview at the end of the show last night where Peter just lifts straight up obviouusly with a harness pulling on his clothes and his legs look totally unnatural, stiff. I think it jerked him up just a little. I wonder, HOW CAN THEY LET THAT kind of thing slide? IS that the best they can do or is it supposed to feed into the kitch aspect of the show?

Sydney said...

Clementine, I second what Meb said. Just beautiful.

Nana, we are all embracing you as you walk this path with your folks. I too can relate. My father was an absolute bear when my mother's changing abilities as Alz was coming slowly on. He would just expect things to proceed as normal, that she would do the bills (evenTAXES!!), cook, etc.. and was angry and crabby when she might have trouble. That was not what she needed. She got so anxious as she knew something was changing that she could not control.

But being a manly man, he didn't have many more tools than that hammer to cope with what must have been such fear inside himi -- and you know they say: if you only have a hammer, everything becomes a nail. sigh

The way I decided to take all that, after being a bundle of anxiety privately, was to see it as one way it could be done, and vow to do it differently when I got in their position. And I did try to give understanding and soothing to both parties, to help make up a little for the lack of it in the other. In the mean time, the care givers need care, so your bloggy pals are here to do that, among your other friends and family. Thank you for sharing this with us.

RBennie said...


Zoetawny said...

First of all, I have to say how special you all are for being so loving and caring.

I'm very sad today for many reasons. I've requested that Sharon be put on a prayer list at church. If only we could reach out and hold her hand while she is going through such an ordeal.


I'm very saddened to read about your mom and will add her and your family to the prayer list. She is fortunate to have you as you go above and beyond your duty as a loving daughter.


I'm sorry to read that you will be dealing with the blood clot for the rest of your life. As much as you detest the Coumadine, at least there is a medication to prevent more clots. I feel better knowing that you are taking good care of yourself.

I almost don't want to post this personal info but I need to explain my recent lack of enthusiasm. My oldest stepson has been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. It is the worst type of lymphoma. My family and I, are in the state of shock right now. But, we are all determined to bond together to give support in whatever way we can. My stepson is married and has a 3 year old precious little girl. He couldn't be more devastated worrying about taking care of his family.

I needed to share this so you would understand why I've been so quiet lately.

BIG HUGS to all!

joy n said...

Zoetawny, I am shocked to hear your news. How sad for your family and what an especially difficult situation for a young family.

Our prayer list gets longer each day, it seems. They say God doesn't give us more than we can handle, although at times it seems our hearts are stretched to the max. Hang in there. I'm sure your support will help immensely. Wish I had more than words.....

Sydney said...

Well said JoyN -- The list is full in my life as well.

Zoe, I wrote you last night. While he may have to plan for what is to come, it's not impossible to be one of the ones who recovers. That is my hope for your family.

meb said...

Zoetawny... I am so sorry to hear this sad news. You know that we are praying for you and your family. Keep your positive thoughts and go to God with an expectancy that He, as the Master Physician, will take control. As my doctor told me, ..."it's not in his hands, it's not in my hands... it's in God's hands!" I know you have been praying for everyone else on this take time for yourself.

Love, meb

Laurie said...

Zoetawny, my heart goes out to you, your stepson and all of your family. We will be praying for remission and recovery and for strength for all of you. You are surrounded with great love, all your friends here are with you in spirit.

RBennie said...

Zoetawny - I'm so sorry to hear the sad news about your stepson. You and your family will be added to my prayers. Please stay positive and keep the faith, miracles really do happen.

Patty said...

Zoetawny-May it help to know that there are so many loving arms wrapped around you and your family right now. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Take care friend!