Saturday, October 04, 2008

Looking at 'The Ex List'

I watched The Ex List last night and found myself enjoying it more than I thought I would. Now, I can't really say it's going to be on my "must see, never miss" list. But thankfully, it's not one of those shows which you end up totally lost if you miss an episode. The premise is that this young woman went to a fortune teller who told her that she's already met her true love during previous dating. If she doesn't find him within a year, she will never find her true love again.

So she has to go back over all the men she's dated in the past to try to find the right one. She's obviously had more of a social life than I have. The series wouldn't last long with the men in my past and I know none of them were Mr. Right!

All in all, I found the show entertaining and nice light fluff kind of stuff for the rather barren wastelands of Friday night television. Did you watch it?


Laurie said...

I taped it and hope it becomes a good lead in to Numbers. We will probably watch it tonight.

Am I first? Whoo hoo!

Sydney said...

yes yes yes I did. I put it on in the back ground while I was trying to catch up on posting some things on my blog. That was a bad plan. I found myself drawn in from the get go, and though I kept trying to get back to the blog, I more often than not had my eyes on the TV.

There are so many of this kind of show, looking to be a cross between friends and Sex in the city, and not just appeal to women but also guys. So many just don't cut it -- the writing is just not that clever, the jokes end up falling flat, and you can catch the actors being flat or the eps just aren't that engaging.

I think the only one of this genre that has suceeded was that one with Christina Applegate... what's that called? Where she was a sharky, kinda bitchy fast and furious career girl and she gets in an accident, has no idea who she was, and we get the softer, nicer, kooky, funny side of her. LIke all the characters too.

Well, the Ex-List was all that. I was pleasantly surprised.

Zoetawny said...

Yes, Laurie, you're first. LOL I can't believe I'm second, I'm usually 3 days late. I must be slacking with the household chores today. I came in this room to dust and vacuum but here I am on the computer. :)

Forgot to give you a hug yesterday, Laurie. How's your dental procedure coming along?

It's been hectic here but I don't know when it's not. On a very sad note, a neighbor fell down the stairs in her home and died Thursday night. She was a kind and friendly person and her sudden and tragic loss affected many of us.

I was flipping stations last night and trying to watch "The Exlist" as I didn't DVR it. I'm not sure but it might be a little too much fluff for my tastes. The rocker was just too gross for her to date. LOL I was disappointed in my usual Friday night shows. The first episode of the new season of Ghost Whisperer was pretty much the same old story line. I'm not sure if it was just me but even one of my favs, Numbers, was rather lack luster. I seem to expect the first new episode to be dynamic.


Thanks for the explanation. I've never used AOL Hometown or journals so guess I won't be missing it. I recently made a new Heroes' graphic for you but let me know if you'd rather I wait to send it to you. I know reorganizing all your files must be a major chore.

Speaking of chores, I'd better get back to business.

Oh, my verification is pugbzoe. LOL

Sydney said...

Zoe, I'm sorry to hear about your neighbor. That's such a shock, and must be to everyone around her. Hope you get a break tonight and go see a funny movie?!?

Delee said...

Zoetawny, so sorry to hear about your neighbor and I agree that would be a shock. I have a set of wood basement stairs and worry about falling all the time, esp. since I am here alone and it could be days till someone knew I fell. So I am extra careful.

I liked the EX List too, I can not imagine if I looked up old boyfriends what that would be like. Friday nights are usually a wasteland so anything 1/2 decent is good.

Sydney will check your new blog entries in the AM. Was gone from 10am till just a bit ago. Yawn...

joy n said...

I'm so pooped. Worked outside all day winterizing everything with my other half.

Off topic: OJ Simpson was convicted of 12 charges, including robbery and kidnapping, that could get him life imprisonment. The Vegas robbery took place on Sept. 13. The guilty verdicts were given 13 years to the day that he was acquited of murder charges. The trial took 13 days. The jury took 13 days to deliberate.

Poetic justice? Karma? His lawyer is screaming appeal already, one reason being the jury was white and therefore not his peers. One thing is sure. 13 is not OJ's lucky number.

Read that Misty (Olympics) was injured during practice on DWTS and it is being decided whether she will be able to continue to compete.

Gas was $3.65 in our neck of the woods today. Every penny helps!

Becky said...

I meant to watch that show and forgot. I wonder if they will show it on line?

joy n said...

That was a 13 hour deliberation, I believe. My brain is pooped, too.

Anonymous said...

Hi, all! Just got back from our lake cabin & I am way behind on all the comments. Jackie, your photo of the flowers on the previous post was beautiful! I will check out "The Ex List" next week. The Bonnie Hunt contest sounds like fun. Will work on that tomorrow. Came home with a stomach bug, so I'm off to sleep now.

Gas prices around here are about $3.43, but all the stations in Blanco, TX, on our way home, were selling it for $3.14! Can you believe we get excited over that? Better than the $4.00+ I was paying a few months back!

And I'm back to the black letters and "anonymous". For some reason, my password will not work. Have reset it three times & it still keeps telling me "invalid password."


dla said...

I watched and enjoyed The Ex List! This may now give me this new one plus Numbers if I choose to pay attention on a Friday night.

I missed the season premiere of Numbers due to the OJ verdict, as all the LV stations moved to that to wait for the verdict to be read "live"... I watched the courtroom drama and remembered exactly where I was when his verdict was read 13 years ago.

becky, The Ex List is available online now, so you can catch it. I know has it available, and may also have it.

Tom`S said...

My show the eleventh hour premieres next week,
this is an original from R.E's life. ( my relative )

Talladega pre-show

Sydney said...

TOm's -- could you elaborate on that a little?

And Joy- I can't believe all that 13 stuff. I remember this verdict was being delivered on the exact anniversary as the first one and thought that was coincidence enough... but I was shocked to see all those others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

monty924 said...

I'm afraid my sentiments on the Ex List are much like Jackie's. I know that none of mine were the ONE. I would cringe if a fortune teller told me that and then... I would thank him or her very much and walk out the door and not look back. Fortunately, I've found the ONE. :)

Thanks for the ditty about OJ, Joyn. Its one of those things that stands out in your memory, like where you were when you first heard of the murders and where you were when the verdict was read. I've always believed that the Brown and Goldman families were cheated out of their justice, so this might be some small, very small, consolation to them. RIP Ron and Nicole!

On the TAR front... I won't be able to watch the show live but will catch all the comments when I get home. Everyone have fun watching and....


meb said...

I just finished watching my Tvo'd Ex List and really liked it. The revenge thing caught me by surprise. I had a nerd in my life and was really trying all sorts of ways to discourage him. He just didn't get it. He went to my family and cried because I didn't want to be with him, he would call all my friends and ask them to try to talk to me. The show was funny, the experience was not!

Do you think the jury decided that the first virdict was wrong and they saw this as their chance to get it right. Now that would be the ultimate revenge. But, I have faith in our judicial system and believe they based their guilty virdict on the facts. Hmmmmmm.

Zoetawny...that is just awful what happened to your neighbor. So sad. Hugs being sent your way.

Alecia said...

I watched it & loved it...Now the series has me thinking about my exes, I even calld up one over the weekend, LOL. There's a similar show premiering on the WB this week with the same premise.