Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Some TV Stuff, Some Other Stuff

This is a cool tree fungus I found in my travels. I really should have kicked the litter on the left out of the way.

Let's see ... what sort of TV have I been watching? Well, you know about Survivor and Amazing Race -- both shows I review over at TV Squad. Letterman is in reruns this week. I'm hooked on Bonnie Hunt and will be recording that one next week after I return to work. I've managed to watch (and make sense of) the entire run of The Sopranos on A&E, but have yet to see the finale.

As for new shows this season, the only one really hooking me in is Life on Mars. I think a big part of the hook are my own memories of 1973. I was in college back then and recall some of my visits to NYC which was a few hours away from my school. So I think the familiarity has a lot to do with being hooked.

I know I'm looking forward to the new season of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It's going to be on Friday nights at 9 PM on USA. I really want to see how Jeff Goldblum is going to do in his new role on the show.

The new season of Frank TV kicked off and I'll watch that now and again. TBS has sent me lots of promotional stuff for the show and I feel guilty because it's not always my cuppa tea. But I do like the travel mug!

Okay, onto the other stuff. Last week I went for the Doppler exam on my legs to check out the condition of the existing clot and look for new ones. They told me that the doctor was away and he'll call me with my results on Wednesday (now today). I didn't like the look on the one giving the exam's face, nor her increased attention to my left leg (the surgery one with the clot). But she can't say anything.

The next day when I got the call about my weekly blood draw results, I was told my level remained the same (has for four weeks). But, in a rather unusual move, they want to raise my INR levels, so they increased the Coumadin dosage. Now, from what I understand, the only reason for them to do that is if there is a higher risk of new clots. I'm hoping I'm wrong.

On Tuesday (yesterday), the doctor's office (the vascular surgeon) called me. Instead of him calling me today to go over the results of the Doppler, he wants me to go to the office on Friday to discuss it. This just doesn't sound good, but I can't let myself get all worked up over it. I did find out during the Doppler that the pain and swelling I've had in my left ankle is probably due to the clot. With the major knee surgery it's hard to tell what symptoms are from the surgery and what are from the clot. Nonetheless, I'm actually walking quite well and without the pain I endured the three years between the first surgery and the knee replacement. And I don't have the huge swelling or constant pain which is symptomatic of a large clot -- never really had that.

Tomorrow I go for my weekly blood draw, then to my pre-work release visit at the orthopedic surgeon. On Friday, I'll find up what's up with the clotting status. On Monday, I'll be at work at 8 AM. Life goes on.


Caroline said...

Good Luck with everything Jackie, I hope it all works out for the best. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, you take such amazing pics. I would never had noticed the litter if you hadn't pointed it out!

I'm liking Life on Mars too, and I've never been to NY. LOL

I can't imagine how hard it must be to have to wait for word on your results. You're in my prayers.

I just wish you didn't have to return to work next week!

joy n said...

So your roller coaster ride continues. I truly hope that your results on Friday will be good ones. Maybe whatever they need to speak to you about in person is only a minor glitch; a hill and not a mountain. You're overdue for a run of GOOD luck.

monty924 said...

Jackie, keeping you in my thoughts and hoping you hear nothing but good news on Friday.

Once again, only you could take a photograph of a tree fungus and show the beauty of nature. The leaves added a punch of color and just the right touch. I wouldn't have changed a thing. You should publish a book of your photographs, really! I would be the first in line at the Borders.

I hate that you may be returning to work if you are not ready, but I understand about life going on. Take care of yourself. Hugs!

RBennie said...

Hang in there Jackie. One day all this stuff will just be a bad memory! I saw the first episode of Life on Mars and liked it pretty much, but haven't remembered to watch it since then. There is so much stuff to watch right now that I tend to miss a lot of things. Good luck when you go back to the doctor.

lynn1 said...

What a cool picture of the tree fungus.
I hope the news from your doctor will be good.
My experience is that I often get myself worked up, convinced that that I am in for bad news. Then it turns out not so bad as I had thought. My imagination and worry wart mentally are far worse than any problems I have faced thus far. I hope that is the case for you. ( I am not suggesting that you are a worry wart but I know I am!)
I certainly admire your attitude towards moving on with your life even if it does mean going back to work.
You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Nana in the NW said...

Awww, Jackie...I'm hoping it's just a pre-cautionary consultation because of your history with blood clots. You know we will all be waiting to hear the results on Friday.

Great pics. as always!

donna--earlier today you asked about Cloris Leachman...IMO she is an OK dancer for 82. It's her obnoxious behavior that drives me crazy. During the show, no matter who is being interviewed, she always sticks her face in the camera and makes some comment. Or she will waste time bowing to the audience after her performance...seeking applaud.

I bet Tom Bersheron(sp) will be the happiest guy around when this season ends!

I have not had a chance to watch any new shows this season....I'm having trouble keeping up with all of my regulars!

ORKMommy said...

Good Luck Jackie! I'm sure it'll be fine. If it was bad, they wouldn't make you wait until Friday...right?

meb said...

Jackie... it's difficult to have to wait to hear what they have to tell you, but keep positive thoughts. We're all here keeping you in prayer.

I have had to pull a million of those "things" from my back yard this fall and can honestly say I am not fond of them. They are yucky! They grow overnight into HUGE things! I had never seen them before I came up here to NC.

I'm watching Life on Mars as well. I like it so far. I'm really liking The Mentalist, he's so gorgeous. I actually am enjoying the Terminator: Sarah Conners Chronicle... I don't even know how I'm having time to watch all these shows, but somehow I'm doing it.

OK... gonna call it a night a little early... work tomorrow.

TerryinCA said...

Hey Jackie, great shot of the tree fungus, at first glance I thought it was coral.
Im sorry about the ongoing clotting issues, and Im glad the doc is on top of it. so its back to work with you on Monday?
My husband goes friday for results of an ultrasound,this getting older aint for sissies.....
I am loving Survivor, glad GC is gone, he was his own drama...reminded me of PigPen,Charlie Browns friend, walking around with all that attitude....(not PigPen with the tude though!)

Laurie said...

Jackie, you are in all our prayers. I know the waiting is hard. I often wonder if doctors realize how difficult it is to wait for the information they have. I do hope you don't have to return to work if the news isn't good.

You really are a good photographer. I thought of you while I was taking pictures in Chicago, wondering what I was missing that you would see!

Jennasmom said...

Hey, Jackie, maybe they just want you to come in so they can collect the office call $$$. I think that's what my doc does sometimes. They make me come in when it would have been just as easy to call - but they get that copayment! Keeping you in my prayers for good news! Take it easy when you go back to work!

Another great photo!

lynn1 said...

I know some of us watch Top Design. I just have to say that Eddie is a pompous arse. I wished that he had not won immunity because he would have been "dunn" and sent packing.
I'm liking Nathan and Preston for the final 2.

sue said...

lynn1, I so agree about Eddie! Every episode they show him saying something about how good he is, and I always think that means he will go home...but it doesn't happen. I wonder what happened when his boss Martha Stewart heard his put down of the craft store and its customers (in a previous episode). Aren't they her fan base?! He really doesn't get it. The contestants don't like Preston, but the judges do. Sue

Laurie said...

Who else watches ANTM? Last night's show spent about as much time advertising the new show as it did on the models. Very annoying.

I enjoyed the young women trying to model clothes in front of the green screen so only the clothes showed up. It was interesting to see them model just using their bodies!

RBennie said...

Good morning all.

I do watch Top Design, but usually on Saturday reruns rather than Wednesday nights. I didn't like Eddie from the very beginning. I don't really have any standout favorites in the bunch. Will you guys be watching Top Chef? It will be based here in NYC this season, so I'm really looking forward to it.

RBennie said...

Hi Laurie, yes I saw ANTM last night. I liked Joslyn, and was sorry to see her go. I was hoping it would be Elina. That girl has a huge chip on her shoulder. It's really hard to believe she's only 18 years old. She seems so jaded with life for such a young age.

lynn1 said...

I will be watching Top Chef. It is one of my favorite shows. I especially love it when the challenge is using junk food to create a decent if not gourmet dish. Bring on the Cheetos and Spam! LOL

Wouldn't it be fun to get to taste one of the meals the chefs prepared?

RBennie said...

I would especially like to taste something made by hunky Sam from a couple of seasons ago. Especially if he hand fed it to me, LOL.

Laurie said...

I was wishing Elina would go, too. She has some issues, doesn't she?

Count me in on the Top Chef list. I really enjoy that show. The egos always amaze me!

Caroline said...

I'm also a Top Chef fan. I was thrilled when Stephanie won last year and hope the talent this year is as good as last year. Even the annoying personalities made some awesome dishes last season.

Margo said...

Does anyone else see a huge post at the end of DWTS that is gobble dee gook? Jackie can you remove it? That is if anyone else sees it but me.


monty924 said...

Same one at the end of the latest TAR post. You aren't seeing things Margo. :)

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen the Top Design show this week yet, I'm with RBennie and catch it on the weekend. I almost a HUGE Top Chef fan - looking forward to the show coming on.

Jackie - hope you get good news tomorrow - we're all thinking of you...

Karen in MD/DC

joy n said...

Saw those posts. Don't want to know what it all means.

Can't wait for Top Chef - NY.

Eddie on Top Design is a pompous a**. Nathan gets a bit cocky at times, too. I'm rooting for Preston. Rick Schroeder's wife made the right decision to leave last night. Her heart wasn't in it anymore.

Nana in the NW said...

Because you all mentioned it I had to go check out what's at the end of the TAR and DWTS post. I immediately page to the bottom and see the words "premature penis ejaculation kit"!!! There are other strange titles too, that one just jumped out at me.

Miss have some deleting to do after the vampires are done with you! LOL

With my life being turned upside down this past month I didn't get a chance to winterize my I have green algae growing ;[
Went to the spa place and got some chemicals to treat it, hopefully it will work and then I can put it to "sleep" for the winter.

Survivor tonight. I sure hope Sugar isn't dumb enough to give Ace the Idol.

Going to spend the afternoon working on Halloween costumes and writing some "Thank You's" goes on.

ORKMommy said...

I watched ANTM last night. I like Elina and don't like the "mean girls" who pick on her.

What was up with them showing an extended commercial for the new show 10 minutes before it started? They didn't have enough material to fill the whole hour so they had to bore us with a commercial for a show we were about to watch?

joy n said...

Just what Jackie needs when she gets home; perversity in Chinese symbols. And long-winded at that.

I swear, my wv says humpenm.

Zoetawny said...


Interesting pic of that tree fungus. I've never seen anything like it before. I'm getting an education here on the blog. ;)

It's always grueling to wait for test results...makes me crazy. It must be an ethics thing when the person doing the test can't say a word about the results. I'm glad your doctor is being thorough with the Doppler test. I'm hoping you get good news on Friday and will check back to find out.

I've never watched "Life" on Mars but now that you've mentioned it I'll have to find the time to check it out. I don't have much time to watch TV and even had to delete some shows on my DVR. I want to see the new season of Law & Order CI with Goldblum. I was a huge fan of D'Nofrio in the early seasons.

I'm really enjoying the "Mentalist" and "The Eleventh Hour". I'm definitely a crime drama buff but like the unusual slant of these two shows. "My Own Worst Enemy" is pretty good with a high-tech edge. But, I'm not sure if it's too much violent action and not enough story line for my taste.



I hope you're having a better week.

Thank you all for your emails of encouraging words regarding my stepson.

Ok, now I have to go check out the TAR entries to see what you're talking about.

Survivor tonight...something good to take my mind off of RL. I didn't like the preview of Ace saying "trust me" to Sugar.


Zoetawny said...

joy n said...
Just what Jackie needs when she gets home; perversity in Chinese symbols. And long-winded at that.

I swear, my wv says humpenm.

10/23/2008 7:34 PM

LOL At least your wv is in English, or is it? Mind says uncapp.

joy n said...

Maybe wv has a virus?

Zoetawny said...


Forgot to tell you I emailed a new Halloween graphic for you. :)

Wish I could watch Survivor with all of you and not have to wait until 8 P.T.

PDX Granny said...

Zoetawny, I'm with you! I also wish I could watch Survivor along with the rest of the gang. By time I watch the show, and begin commenting, everything's been said and everyone's gone to bed.

It's like going to the playground to play ball, only to find everyone has picked up their toys and headed for home.