Thursday, October 09, 2008

Survivor Review up on TV Squad

Why, yes it is... my Survivor review can be found right here.


Anonymous said...

Good review, Jackie! I agree - they were crazy to vote off Jacquie. Too soon to pick off the only strong players on the tribe. I think they just assured themselves a weekly date with Jeff!


lynn1 said...

I loved your article on TVS. Your articles always have a sense of humor that I appreciate.

I read an interesting report on behind the scenes at Survivor Gabon that some of you might enjoy reading.

ORKMommy said...

My internet went out about half way through the show last night, so I didn't get to post the pool results. So, without further ado...

The tribe has spoken. Delee & Zoetawny have been voted off. Well, really it was Jacquie..

Here's the recap for next week:

Ace Gordon - Rbennie & Nancy in NJ
Bob Crowley - ORKMommy & Jennasmom
Charlie Herschel - Jackie & Katie in Chi
Corinne Kaplan - Margo & Caroline – NJ
Crystal Cox - Sydney, Laurie & Becky
Dan Kay - Joy N & Terry in CA
Danny "GC" Brown - Pdx Granny & Monty924
Sugar Kiper - Petals & Gayle
Kelly Czarnecki - Lucy & Albglinka
Ken Hoang - TXrednekgirl & Clementine
Marcus Lehman - Meb & Sue
Matty Whitmore - RJM in SC & EileenM
Paloma Soto-Castillo - Tessa
Randy Bailey - tbc
Susie Smith - Nana in the NW

Jacquie Berg - Delee & Zoetawny
Michelle Chase - lynn1 & Barbwire
Gillian Larson - Lars Eller & Donna in AL

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Lynn1. That was an interesting link!

Jackie, hope you are feeling better today.


Nana in the NW said...

Finally Friday!!
There's no school here today and my SIL stayed home so I have no grandkids....YAY!!! I cooked a turkey yesterday and am going to take a turkey sandwich to Mom. Maybe she will eat a few bites.

I don't have a fav. on Survivor, either. There are some I like but nobody has jumped out as a #1. If Fang doesn't shake up some of the allainces they are going to be regulars at TC. I am actually liking Sugar more than I thought I would.

pdx--the mammo story was priceless. I could visualize it and felt that woman's pain!

becky--it's just you and me cheering on Susie. I'm glad she got on a good tribe.

jackie--so to hear your under the weather. :(
That rat poison has just played havoc with your body!

lynn1--congrats. on being the big winner....again.

Have a good day all.

Nana in the NW said...

orkmommy--did I miss saying Happy Birthday?? I've been watching your countdown but I think I'm a day late ;[........Oh well, HAPPY BIRTYDAY O's mommy!

ORKMommy said...

You didn't miss it. It's today but I think the countdown was wrong. And thanks!

Did I put Becky on the wrong team? I thought she was invited to be on Laurie's team. I'll get her moved to Nana's team for next week.

Margo said...

Paloma was voted out last week.
You have her still in bold.

ORKMommy said...

This is what I get for keeping separate lists at home & work! The funny thing is that I get paid for my excellent organizational skills! :-)

Thanks for the catch Margo!

Donna in AL said...

Happy Birthday Orkmommy!! and my you have many, many more.

Donna in AL said...

Ooops....May you have...not my you have!!

Sydney said...

Happy B-day Orkmommy!

RBennie said...

Happy Birthday Orkmommy. Your a Libra like both my daughters. Are you enjoying being back at your old job?

Delee said...

Nana, I hope your mom was able to enjoy some freshly roasted turkey. You have my mouth watering for a bit..for one person a turkey is too much to make or even a turkey breast.

Orkmommy, Happy Happy Happy 10/10 kind of a cool date to have.

Jackie, I too hope you are feeling better.

PO'ed at my power company, they are making us pay 2x this month...10/1 and 10/30. What is up with that? The bill says it was only 28 days from last reading. Whatever happened to 30/31 days to a month? SS but they get ya comin or goin!!!

Delee said...

OH yes...have a great 3 day weekend and may your team win unless they are playing my team!!!

meb said...

Happy Birthday Orkmommy!... 10/10.. neat... mine's 11/11... Just thought that little bit of info was relavant.

I haven't seen Survior yet (I see Marcus didn't get voted off, so Sue and I are still in it). My daughter and one grandson went to California for a convention for our new nutrition business (Los Angeles) and my other grandson and I manned the club. We thought we'd probably do a few smoothies and make about $30 or so. We kicked butt!

We were so busy that I am dragging and I'm going to bed now, but we're so proud of ourselves.

We've only been opened like a month and a half, so we're really pleased with the success so far. Hey, everybody wants to get healthy and that's what we're all about!


Delee said...

Jackie, you did it again with Fang Follies. Great review.

To shorten things we should do:
FF Fang Follies
KK Kota Kickers

oh well, just a thought!

joy n said...

Jackie, hope you're feeling better soon. what a drag this must be for you.

Meb, sounds like you and your grandson did yourselves proud. Just don't overdo, lady! You're amazing to me!

Orkmommy, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! In 2years, your b-day will be on 10/10/10. That's really cool!

RealityTVWorld has a very good interview with Jacquie. Sugar had told her about having found the idol.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Orkmommy! Hope you are enjoying the weather in WI! I miss it.

Hope you enjoyed your day...

Jennasmom - I'm waiting for TAR to cheer on our team.

Karen in MD/DC

sue said...

It is off topic, but I am wondering if any of you watched Life on Mars Friday night, and if so, will you keep watching it.

Jackie, I hope you are feeling better. Sue

Sydney said...

OH Nana, I bet a sandwich like that made fresh by you will be sure to tempt her.

And way to go MEB -- I am so glad your storefront is having so much traffic! Good draws good to it, so no surprise you're doing so well.

I'm for FF and KK delee!!!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Orkmommy!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to my Survivor Partner! Hope you had a good day, Orkmommy!

Karen - can't wait for TAR Sunday!

Nana - send me some of that turkey! My kid went to bed early, hubby went to a game & since I was all by myself I ate junk out of the refrigerator. Yuck!


sue said...

Jennasmom said: I was all by myself I ate junk out of the refrigerator. Yuck!


That is what mom's do, isn't it!? Why go to the trouble to cook if it is 'just' for me, I usually think. Bue, I was alone yesterday and I cooked a meal. It seemed so wrong to waste time and food for just me. It was good, though, and it kept me from eating the gallon of ice cream in the freezer. : )

delee said...

Sue, I am watching Life on Mars now. It was eerie when he turned and saw the World Trade Center. It has a very good cast and I am a fan of time travel novels, so I guess this is close.

Nothing like a fish out of water!!!

Lars Eller said...

My post comments should be number 25, there were 24. Jackie are you out there?

My family wanted to ask you about writing a book.

Sydney the business phone number is public but I didn't want to write it here, because it's considered a " PLUG " LOL

Do ya'll know anyone who was born on Columus Day, or maybe live in a city named Columbus?
I think Ria's favorite driver T.S lives in Columbus.

I'm getting Tom'S vibes on Nascar

I overheard two people talking about the age 34 & 37

I'm double ill feeling as to why anyone would want to bring ratings up by causing a deadly wreck.

For the record I can't vote in USA..

Jackie where are you????????? I don't remember your brother Dale??

I also received a new laptop but I'm like a restricted plate.

Zoetawny said...


Sorry you haven't been feeling well. I hope it passes quickly. Your writing is always top-notch even though you're not feeling that way.


How thoughtful of you to take a fresh turkey sandwich to your mom. I'm sure she will be happy to see you.


Guess we got the boot. I agree, of course, that Fang made the wrong decision. Kelly or GC should have gone. Jacquie's connection to Sugar posed too great a threat to the original Fang. It's interesting that even after a split or change in tribes the members seem to stay true to their original tribe. It doesn't take too long to bond with others when in a survival mode environment.

Loved the "sugar shack" comment. Sugar continues to delight. I want to see how she does in a tough challenge.

JP is killing me this season with his terse but true comments at tribal council...worst performance ever seen in a challenge. Kelly's comments, "Should-a, could-a, would-a…over it" made me dislike her even more than I already did.


HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY! I hope it was a good one.


WTG on the new business! Send over one of those smoothies. :) Oh, and what's the name of your product?

Jennasmom said...
I was all by myself I ate junk out of the refrigerator. Yuck!

I always keep a "healthy" frozen entree in the freezer for the times when I don't want to cook just for myself. Cedar Lane makes some pretty good ones.

Have a good weekend all!

Delee said...

I agree Zoetawny, we were too young to go so soon! HAHA Petals invited me to join her in rooting for Sugar. I am sure you can too! Sad thing is you were on the west coast and we never met up to cheer Jacquie on...maybe that is why she is gone. :-(

I too keep a healthy meal in my freezer...Amy's Cheese Enchilada with black beans and corn (sides)...tasty and organic. Seems to hit the spot and less calories than Taco Bell to boot. No, I am not an organic nut, just found I like this.

Sydney said...

I love Amy's lo fat lasagne and her low fat mac and cheese hits the spot, but I am tying to lay low on carbs. Whether or not I'm succeeding in any given day is my little secret, lol

sue said...

delee, Life on Mars is unusual, isn't it? It is showing a different side of the 1970s than Swingers did. I had forgotten how women had to keep such a low profile in the business world. I felt that part (what the policewoman said) was true to the era, though. I will watch again, but wonder if it will hold up in other episodes. Sue

Donna in AL said...

What network, day and time does Life on Mars come on? I haven't seen it advertised but I haven't watched a whole lot of TV lately...too many projects going. I did like Swingtown and I hate it isn't going to be back!

Laurie said...

Hey Jackie,
Just a west coast shout out to you to let you know you are on my mind. Hope you are feeling better.

sue said...

Donna in Al, Life on Mars is, I think, Thursday night on ABC at the same time 11th Hour is on. It is a time travel, police show about the mean streets of the 1970's as backdrop. The music was fun, but I am still waiting to see how I feel about another episode. Sue

Donna in AL said...

Thanks Sue,
Time travel huh, I like those too. Jouneyman this past season was a good show but I don't think it is coming back. I also like Quantum Leap years ago.

Delee said...

Quantum Leap was great as it jumped here and there. Scott Bakula was not bad to look at either.

True, I forgot to mention the 70's music. Makes ya feel young again and jump up and dance. Also how the young lady cop was treated, glad things have changed, somewhat!

I have to tivo all ABC shows, Thurs night (8-11) since CBS has me that day! :-)

Sydney said...

Woah, I was driving about 30 minutes north of Houston and saw a SHELL gas station with regular going for $2.99!!!! I could not believe my eyes, as Shell often charges the higher prices than smaller stations. When I got back into the city it was $3.49 at the Shell I passed, but that means it's lower at the more discounted, out of the way stations I go to to fill up.

Now all your talk about LIfe on Mars is intriguing, but really, I can't add another show!!!!!!!!!!

meb said...

I just finished watching DVR'd Life on Mars. I sort of liked it. Like Journeyman a lot better last season. I'll watch LOM again just to make sure.

Is anyone else watching Life. Really enjoy this show.

Did I read that Friday Night Lights is only on Direct TV? That's a bummer...

sue said...

meb, Yes, I like Life! I wasn't sure about the new man in charge (can't remember his title) but I am getting used to him. That school experiment was crazy/odd, but somehow I could really see that some college might go for it. I think Friday Night Lights will get to regular TV after the first of the year. I hope so. Sue

Anonymous said...

donna in al...
where did you hear swingtown won't be back?...i hate that...really wanted to see tom and trina as parents...


Nana in the NW said...

Hello my blogger family.

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I am writing today. My mom passed away yesterday morning....only 18 days after being told she had cancer. I will share some details for those interested.

Friday morning I was on my way with her turkey sandwich and my dad called to say she had a rough night and thought she would be passing away soon. All my family gathered at their RV and spent the day visiting with her(she wouldn't leave the couch or go to sleep). The hospice nurse came out at noon and explained to her that she was on the bridge and would be passing over soon. Because she was in so much pain the nurse started her on liquid morphine every hour. At about 5p.m. she said she was tired and wanted to go to bed so my brother-in-law carried her to bed and my dad laid down with her. We took turns visiting and about 8 p.m. everyone but my sisters,myself, and Dad left. Mom and Dad held hands and fell asleep. By then enough morphine was on board that she couldn't fight any longer. My sisters and I continued the morphine and every hour and about midnight noticed a change in her breathing. We called hospice and they said she only had minutes, maybe an hour left. My Dad woke up 5 mins. before she passed away with all of us by her side at 1a.m.

It has been a very long rough 3 days and the week ahead will not be any easier. I must say I am gled she went quickly and didn't suffer for long. Everyone has a chance to say their good-byes while she was still lucid. I keep telling myself that God will not give us more than we can handle.

thanks to all of you for being here.

Clementine said...

Nana, you have my deepest sympathies. Take care of yourself.

joy n said...

Nana, how terribly sad to hear your news, and yet it's good to hear she left peacefully, without pain and with all of her family around her. I pray that your family will find strength in the days ahead. My heart goes out to you, my friend.

sue said...

nana in nw, Your words brought tears to my eyes. And, it might not be for the reason you think. I am sad to hear your mother had such a terrible illness and that you will have her loss with you for the rest of your life, but hearing of her family being with her and the care all of you took in her final days, is inspiring and made me feel the emotion of your words. I think your mother must have been a wonderful woman to have created a family who can share in death just as much as in life. Thank you for telling us. May God be with you all this week and always. Sue

Delee said...

Nana, my heart cries for you. Glad you could all be with her to love her and say your goodbyes at the end. Hugs to you and your family. Prayers for strenght in the coming week and know we all are thinking of you.

lynn1 said...

I am very sorry about the loss of your Mother.

I know even with the pain she suffered through, she felt blessed and comforted to have you and all her family by her side.

I am praying for comfort, peace and strength for you and your family.
God Bless all of you.

RBennie said...

Nana, so sorry for your loss. You should feel great comfort that you were able to be with her till the end and that she went so peacefully. My prayers go out to you and your family.

Gayle said...


God Bless You and Your Family.

Laurie said...

Nana, your post was a testament to your love and caring for your mom. It is wonderful that you were there to see her move to her new world. She certainly knew she was loved by all of you.

The days ahead will be difficult, busy, exhausting and sometimes uplifting. Please remember to take care of yourself and just rest when you can. We will be holding you from where we are, and I hope you can feel the love when you need it.

Sydney said...

Dear Nana,

Thank you for coming here to tell us what has happened. I too have great emotion reading this... what a blessing that your mom and dad could lie together, holding hands in her last hours of transitioning. It is amazing that everyone was able to have time with her, and that she knew it, and that you could all be there with her. These are things that most of us hope for. At the same time, I can only imagine how many things you are feeling right now.

From reading the other beautiful comments, to which mine can contribute little, it's clear we're all here, sending you lots of love.

Jackie said...

Nana in the NW - I'm so sorry to hear the news and you have my condolences on your loss. But, it sounds like perhaps this was best -- surrounded by her loving family and peacefully. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

PDX Granny said...

Nana, I'm so sorry for your loss. Knowing the right words to say is never easy at a time like this. Many here have said them so much better than I, but my sentiment is the same. Take comfort in knowing you are in our thoughts and prayers.

I wish you and your family all of God's peace.


dla said...
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dla said...

(( Nana ))

I am touched by your words, and grateful that your Mom left peacefully and surrounded by her family.

You are in our hearts... I wish you great strength as you pass through the next hours, days, and weeks.



Anne said...


I am so sorry for your loss.

I mourn with you.