Monday, October 27, 2008

Tv Stuff and My Return to the Rat Race

Just another plant in the wall. I always enjoy man vs. nature kind of shots. I took this last week at the old stone wall surrounding the Old Presbyterian Graveyard in Bound Brook, NJ. I also took some interesting old grave shots ... but I'll save them for Halloween.

I returned to work today. I lived. But I'm really tired. I didn't review The Big Bang Theory for CliqueClack TV as it was a rerun. My Reality Clack column went up there this morning and tomorrow morning (Tuesday), a Halloween special post with a video I made will be posted around 9:00 ET. All of my work there can be found at this author link, but check out the place ... quite a bit happening! Last night my review of The Amazing Race went up over on TV Squad.

I watched Heroes tonight, but I'm getting more mind-muddled by the week with the show. I don't know -- since they have Marlo and Bubbles from The Wire on it, maybe all we need is McNulty to look into the case and explain it all.

I think I'm going to have to head to bed early. I've got to get used to this working for a living kind of thing again. Grr, now that my 401K has been hit so hard lately, I'm not thinking early retirement!


Donna in AL said...

Jackie, I glad you survived today!! Sounds like you did great. Go to bed now, I'm an hour earlier than you and I am about to go.

Yikes...That plant is poison ivy or poison oak! I get them mixed up but I know not to go near them! I have them all over my property.

I am hoping all our 401k recuperates and very soon.

nite all

Donna in AL said...

I cannot believe I am first!

Jackie said...

And second, too! I think that's poison oak. I'm very familiar with poison ivy and shoot that a lot. This isn't that.

I'm not allergic, though!

TerryinCA said...

I loved the picture Jackie. Its so artsy with the stone wall...thanks for sharing it.
Hope you get good rest now that you are back in the salt mines...take it easy!

joy n said...

Hopefully the first day will be the hardest and it will all be downhill from there.

Really like your pic. It's amazing how that stuff can grow anywhere!

Laurie said...

Hi Jackie, so glad to read that you survived your first day back at work. It might be a rough week (and several early-to-bed nights) but we know you will make it! Take care of yourself, please.

For those who are interested, I posted about my trip to Chicago and my pictures on my blogs. You can see the post at ... our home away from home.

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, I'm glad you've headed off to be early tonight! I imagine you're absolutely pooped!!

Laurie, your pictures are great! Thanks for sharing. Now, you just need to get the Portland pix up! : )

meb said...

Say it ain't so.. just read the following two items re DWTS:

Derek Hough has finally publicly admitted that he and his season 6 'Dancing With the Stars' partner Shannon Elizabeth are living together but they're not alone. PEOPLE says their roommates include three of his band mates and four dogs. Isn't nine a crowd?

Are 'Dancing' pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Karina Smirnoff getting down and dirty off camera? That's what Star Mag alleges, and the rag has a hot pic of them kissing to back it up. Talk about smooth moves.

Don't know which one bothers me more... maybe Maks with Karina..YUCK!

Jackie... happy you made it thru your first day. Did you happen to walk by where Roofus lives? I'm hoping we get to see him again soon.

RBennie said...

Good morning all.

Glad you survived your first day back at work Jackie. Welcome back to the 9-5 grind!

Nana in the NW said...

good morning.....

re: Max and Karina---sounds like Max is "looking for love in all the wrong places; loooking for love in too many faces...." Does anyone remember Urban Cowboy??

A few weeks ago it was Cheryl Burke that he was out getting friendly with. Although she said she doesn't date people she works with.... but c'mon now Maks--Karina!?! He is way too hot for her.

laurie--loved the pics. I also just read your blog about the book....I may have to buy it.

meb--your game is killing me! I can not get past 32.

Jackie--great pic. It is amazing how nature will do what it wants....remember though to look but don't touch! Get lots of rest while your body adjusts to working for 8 hours.

Have a good day all and don't have too much fun while I am gone!

Margo said...


That was me - Margo who asked about the Pumpkin game. I think I found it on my own.


~~Silk said...

The plant is not poison ivy or poison oak. It's Virginia Creeper, Parthenocissus quinquefolia. The berries are poison if eaten. I fight a continuing futile battle with that stuff in my woods and yard.

joy n said...

Off topic news:

Reality TV World reports that Carrie Underwood and Dr. Travis Stork (Bachelor - Paris - 2006) have been seen together in NYC several times dating all over town. He is now appearing on The Doctors, a new syndicated daytime TV series.

RTVW also reports that Reverend Al Sharpton was offered to appear on DWTS and also Celebrity Apprentice this season but couldn't because of "the election". He is "seriously considering" doing the next season of DWTS.

TMZ reports that Mike "Boogie" Malin won $150,000. in Vegas at the Hard Rock Casino last night. He was up to $250,000. but didn't "walk away" soon enough.

Some jerks have all the luck.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clean up!

Zoetawny said...


Very cool photo! The plant growing through the broken stone is facinating. Leave it to you to spot something like that. Whatever poison it is at least it wasn't "rat" poison. ;)

It looks like you survived your first day back at work. I hope your desk wasn't piled high with paperwork to delve into. It must have felt like culture shock after being home for months. How did your knee do by the end of the day?
I'm sure Scherzo (sp?) missed having you around.

Just checked out your Halloween post and video on ClickClack. It was very entertaining as usual. Loved the music, too. You're getting more and more advanced with your computer skills. ClickClack is quite a cool site and it's great they allow you to upload your own personal work.

I watched Heroes last night but flipped back and forth watching Lost reruns on the SciFi channel. I'm not sure why but Heroes just isn't holding my interest this season. The SciFi channel has 4 hours of Lost on Monday nights. I am so hooked on that show and watching the reruns helps make more sense of what's going on. I think I must have missed the beginning of the first season.

Thanks to Sydney, I'm so hooked on Mad Men. I must have watched each episode twice already. Our cable is showing all the episodes on their HD Showcase. Sunday was the finale and I have to find out when the next season starts.

Looks like my Windows Updates is prodding me to install so better sign off now.

Hope everyone here is fine this week.


sue said...

zoetawny, I watch Mad Men, too. I know they are picked up for a third season, but I haven't heard the date yet. Do you read their forum?

meb said...

Just got this in an email... thought I should pass it on to everyone. With Halloween here, a warning as been issued not to let your kids (or you either) eat the Sherwood's Milk Chocolate Pirate's Gold Coins from China as they contain melamine which children's deaths were related to recently.

For once, one of these warnings is true, Read the full story at the following link from Snopes:

Just thought I'd give everybody a heads up.

Donna in AL said...

They announced the warning about the chocolate on the radio here yesterday morning. They said it was mostly sold at dollar stores.

Jennasmom said...

~silk, you beat me. I was going to say it looked like Virginia Creeper to me, too! Yes, we have it down here in Texas, too. It is invasive, but I like the way the leaves change color in the fall. Besides, sometimes the deer will leave it alone on my fence! Nice photo, Jackie!

I remember what it was like to return to work after a long recovery from surgery. Take it easy, Jackie! Takes a while to get back into the routine.

Anonymous said...

They were just showing SNOW in NJ on our local news. Is it in your area? Think we may be in for a long, cold winter this year!

lynn1 said...

We are definitely having unseasonably cold weather here in the deep south.
I live just outside of New Orleans and it has been in the 30's every morning when I get up.
Usually on Halloween night when we treat the trick or treaters we sit out in our driveway in shorts and
T-shirts,it is quite warm and humid. I don't think it will be warm enough to sit out this year.

I am going to Alabama on Saturday to be with my Mother who has Alzheimer's. We usually take her out for a ride and an ice cream. I am not too sure we will want ice cream this trip.
I had planned to take her to the park to feed the ducks and to blow bubbles but we may have to rethink that plan.
delee , I know you are traveling. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your Dad and Conny. Be prepared for some chilly evenings when you are in Biloxi.
Jackie, I know you must be exhausted after work and your commute home. Please take it easy while you get used to your new routine.

dla said...

What to watch on Friday night at 9pm??

I didn't love the show, but I didn't hate it, either...

I miss Swingtown. :)

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I hope today finds you all well and happy. It was a cold and windy 42 degrees here in NYC when I left the house this morning and its not expected to get out of the 40s today. We had a relatively mild winter last year, but I think we are in for it this year.

Patty said...

Jackie, I am glad to hear you made it through your first day. Hopefully you were able to make it to bed a little early.

Lynn-Enjoy your trip and time spent with your mother. I know what it is like to have a loved one with Alzheimer's. My mother is also on the journey with it.

Meb-I went through a little withdrawl from not seeing Prison Break this week. I guess I am addicted to all the "eye candy."

I hope everyone has a great day!

RBennie said...

Hey where is everyone today? I'm bored to death at work and there's no one here to play with! MEB we (and by we I mean me) need another game or something.

sue said...

rbennie, meb must be at work. Try this until she gets back to the board. Sue

RBennie said...

Thanks Sue, I'll try it. Thanks for taking pity on me, LOL.

RBennie said...

Oh Sue, what have you done? This game is going to drive me nuts. I love it! Did I mention that I don't drive? I'm one of those life long New Yorkers that never bothered to learn. Well I wanted something to keep me busy and this sure will, LOL.

Wow my WV is an actual word - unstrap

dla said...

rbennie, here are couple options for you...

Have fun!! :)

RBennie said...

Thanks DLA. I can always count on you guys.

dla said...

Sue, I have just crashed about 50 cars... Thanks!!! :)

RBennie said...

LOL DLA, glad to hear its not just me!

sue said...

rbennie..I drive and it took me forever to just get to the next level. In fact, it took me a few times to read the directions and not back the car in!

dla I had fun with the snowball fight and Deal or No Deal...but once, again, I played a couple of times before I realized not to hit Santa! Which I should have known wihout reading...don't hit the good guys. Thanks for the fun. Sue

becky said...

Jackie, glad you made it through the first day at work. Get come rest.

Nana in the NW said...

I was noticing a commercial for Survivor and it said there would be 2 tribal councils....not each tribe would go. I wonder if they will have one challenge, go to council, merge, have another challenge, and then another council?! That would shake things up.

lynn1--enjoy your time with your Mom. As I well know they aren't with us forever.

rbennie--you made me laugh at your post this morning. It reminded me of the movie Pollyanna when the little boy threw rocks at her window and yelled..."Pollyanna, wanna play....Pollyanna, can you come out?" LOL

I would have been happy to entertain you but I was busy at school all day. I am playing "catch-up" from the last month but that's OK. If I sit home with nothing to do I dwell on my sorrow and that's not good!

Our schools are closed on Halloween(teacher waiver day) so tomorrow is all the "non-halloween" parties. To be politically correct they are called harvest celebrations! I really miss the days of the children dressing up and parading through the classrooms, decorating halloween cookies, and sharing treats.....I think I must really be getting old.

I must say...."Good-bye Cloris. It's past time!" Next week it should be Susan Lucci.

Jackie--I hope you are not too exhausted working 8 hours, the commute, and doing you internet stuff.

Criminal Minds tonight. I love that show!

I still can't get past 32 pumpkins on Meb's game....grrrr. I'm off to try the ones Dla and Sue suggested.

Donna in AL said...

Hi all, I didn't get to come out and play today. I got to work at 7 and my son called to say the DSL guy was on his way to my house. I left and have been home all day without internet as they have been working on it ALL day. The guy left a 7pm! Hopefully, now no more losing my connection all evening. AT&T upgraded my service, after me telling them I was happy with what I had...for $5.00 more a month. Come to find out, I am too far from the "box" for the upgrade to make it to my house. I do not exactly understand all of it but I think they owe me a lot of credit on my bill!!

Rbennie, I would have played today as I do not have much to do at work! Maybe tomorrow you can come out and play. I will be here!

Ok, now I have to play some of these games and try to watch Criminal Minds.

Donna in AL said...

Oh DLA, I miss Swingtown too!! They played the whole series on one of the satelite channels last weekend. I don't remember which just saw it as I was trying to find something to watch.

meb said...

Hi all... you're right Sue... I was working, but at helping my daughter in the nutrition club. When I'm at my "real" job, I can be on the computer all day long, cause I have nothing else to do (well not much) and have permission to play... I watch TV and pretty much stay on the computer...

OK, now I have to go and play some of these games you guys put up. But tomorrow... It's a "real" work day so I'll play then.

Criminal Minds was great as usual. And the think I'm going to like the new girl. Bet she ends up staying.

OK, nitety nite time. Talk with everybody tomorrow.

dla said...

Here are a couple more sites for you. These are not so much "games" but great ways to contribute when you have some time to kill...

The next site comes from Sydney, who shared it with me last year. Great way to stretch your brain while doing something to contribute at the same time.

Have fun! :)

PDX Granny said...

Gee, I wish I could come out and play too! Unfortunately, I don't think my boss would be too keen on the idea. I don't know why!! LOL

I did email MEB's pumpkin game to myself at work tho. It won't work on either of my home computers, but it worked on the job. It took me a while to figure out what I was suppose to do, but I ended up getting 31. I could only play it once, but I'm going in early tomorrow, so I'll shoot for more.

Now, I'm going to go and check out all these new ones you guys are talking about. FUN!! FUN!!

I really should go to bed tho! 5:30 comes way too early!!

PDX Granny said...

I've played, and now it's time to head off to slumberland and dream of more games.

I got my car parked (once I figured out how to do it) in 31.6 seconds.

I got to the 2nd level in the snowball fight.

I had two suitcases left, with $300 and $750,000 showing. I was offered $243,384. I said NO DEAL!! I ended up with $300.

, , , , , and so goes the story of my life!

PDX Granny said...

OK, I lied!!

I had to scan something on my computer in my bedroom, so decided to play another game of Deal or No Deal. I was feeling lucky because I had just won a contest on the radio where Deal or No Deal was the answer.

I decided to add up all the numbers in mine, my daughters, and my grandsons birthdays. I came up with 19, which is the case I took. I got down to 2 numbers showing - $.01 and $1,000,000.

I WON!!!!!!!!!

Does that mean I can retire now??

meb said...

Patty... I love Prison Break too, so can't wait for next episode, especially since someone dies???

I'm off to play some of those games you guys listed last night. I'll post later how I do.

RBennie said...

Good morning all. I'm so glad to hear that more of you guys will be around today. It was lonely and kind of scary being here all by myself. I don't know what I would have done without Sue and DLA. Although I really suck at those games, I'm gonna keep trying today. I'm no quitter, LOL.

Yes, Survivor tonight. I can't wait. Nana I seem to remember that in the previews they showed right after last week's episode, they said each team would be going to tribal counsel. Does anyone else recall exactly what was said?

meb said...

I got to the third level in the snowball fight.

I couldn't play the car game. It wuldn't give me the box to with the arrows to move the car no matter what I did. Can anyone give me a hint... did the box come up automatically?

Deal or No Deal... I played once and had picked the box with 1 cents in it. The million dollars was still there, so of course I opened my box and lost. Then it wouldn't let me play again. Maybe I can't play these things at work, even tho my boss said I could. The computer is probably programmed to keep us for doing that. Oh well, I still have you guys to chat with, even if I can't play.

Did I tell y'all that I was doing some yard work and managed to get poison ivy all up my right arm. Just thought I'd mention it since Jackie is taking pictures of stuff like that. I wouldn't know poison ivy from a weed if you put them together and asked me to pick it out. I know it has 3 leaves, but so do a lot of plants. Itchy, itchy, itchy! Calamine lotion and soap and water... the soap and water seems to work better than anything, just keeping it clean, but it still itches!

RBennie said...

Hi MEB, you poor itchy thing you!

You have to use the arrows on your keyboard to manuever the car. The space bar is the brake. I think if I had one more hand I would be great at that game. Let me know how you do. BTW, I'm still trying to do better than 30 pumpkins!

lynn1 said...

I am so pleased that Eddie went home last night on Top Design. He is such a PITA.
I did think it was funny that the viewer's voting question was about Eddie's ego last night. LOL
I thought Nathan's room looked uninspired for him.
I personally didn't like Odine's room, I thought it was garish but I am not known for my sense of style anyway.
I did like Preston's design the best of anyones.

meb said...

ROTFLMBO... rbennie... that's really funny... use the keyboard... who woulda thunk...

Now I'm going to play... I'll let you know!

meb said...

I crashed about 5 times and finally got it parked in 58.1 seconds. Just made it. I'll try to do better later.. gotta look for other stuff now.

I have a few new posts on my blog if anyone is interested. Going to go look at Laurie's pictures now.

meb said...

My word verification for this post is... ready??? fartin No kidding. Had to make a post just to use it.

lynn1 said...

Sorry to hear that you have a poison ivy itchy rash. I hope it feels better soon.
Thanks to all of you who have wished me a nice visit with my mother, especially Patty and Nana.
It is always an emotional experience for me.
Alzheimer's is such a devastating disease. There is a person in my mother's body that I don't know and who does not know me.
I am thankful that she does not have any other major illness because I would not be able to explain to her so that she would understand and remember why she felt bad.
At this stage of my mother's disease it is like she has a 3 year old girl trapped in the body of an 84 year old woman.

Margo said...

I put some new games over on the new post.