Thursday, November 20, 2008

Not Tony Soprano's New Jersey

Nope, it's not Soprano's territory here where I live in New Jersey. It's Roofus the Cat territory! He rules the roosts and the roofs. I took these yesterday morning on my way to work. I had just been thinking it was a perfect day for him to be up there -- cold, yet the sun shining on the building front. He wasn't there when I arrived to the train station, but showed up just as the train was coming.

I managed to come down with a case of gastroenteritis last night and well into today (my day off from work). I'm not sure if it's related to the boil water advisory here in this area -- huge broken water main the other day, but I've followed the rules -- or I just ate something funky or picked up a bug (but no one I know has had it). But I was so violently ill for about 18 hours that I'd almost prefer knee replacement again! I'm feeling better now, but I missed all my TV shows last night -- Bones, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, as well as Letterman. Blech. Plus now I have to be on antibiotics for a period so the knee replacement doesn't get infected. Perhaps my immunity defenses are still down from the surgery. One good thing ... now I have a bottle of Pepto-Bismo which hasn't expired two years ago!

I've watched my Bonnie Hunt Show recording from yesterday as well as today's show. She had Terence and Sarah from TAR on yesterday and he got all taken with her not liking him. Today she showed the perfect example -- when the couple came out to the stage yesterday, he was first and let the door slam on Sarah. I noticed it on the show, but I was thrilled Bonnie repeated the bit on today's show!

This last shot isn't Roofus the Cat, but I found the bike with the bad grafitti around it kind of interesting.


Sydney said...

roofie's back in black and white!

Sydney said...

OK, just wanted to write that quick to see if I could be first! Amazing the things that thrill me these days...

I am sure all of us will write how great it is to see Roofus again. But I must commend you for being camera ready as the train pulled in to the station! With the crowds about to come off and the ones going on crowding in, and your possibly still being a little protective and maybe needing a little more time to "dash" in before the doors close, it's a wonder you caught anything but a blur of bricks and fur. Applause! I, for one, appreciate your commitment to get us pix of our communal cat.
He amazes me too, as he's looking healthy as we enter yet another winter.

Speaking of healthy, I will just say OY for your 18 hour trials. Hello health gods! This is not necessary! Here's to wishing them gone to pick on someone ELSE!

lynn1 said...

I am happy to see Roofus enjoying the sun.
Sorry to hear about you stomach bug. As one who had it a few weeks back I know it is gawd awful. Please take it easy the next few days.
It is all too easy to feel good for a few days and then relapse.

I know for sure is that it is terrible, it is contagious and lots of Gatorade is required.

Delee said...

So sorry to hear you got a bad bug. Could be you had icky water before the warning came out. You will never know.

Very happy to see Roofus, miss seeing pics of him. At least he had a bit of sun. Too cold here for Nov, if this is how it will be I can not wait for Jan.

Delee said...

Thank you for wishing the bug on someone else. I found that funny. Just so it is not someone here.

~~Silk said...

What you had was probably norovirus. You want to die for about 12 hours, and then it's gone. Highly contageous, and currently hitting NYC and central NJ pretty hard. The only way to avoid it is to stay away from people. We are sisters of the porcelain throne.

(Heh heh - verification word is "sters". Word, man!)

joy n said...

All is right in Roofus' world. (Sigh of relief)

Sydney said...

That's funny Silk!

Jennasmom said...

Glad to see our Roofus! Sorry to hear about the stomach bug. No fun, at all!

The bicycle pic is wonderful. You really have an eye!

dla said...

Jackie, I am sorry to hear about your stomach virus. It is no fun to be sick, so I hope that you are on the mend. Take care of you!

Roofus rocks!!! So glad to see he is still ruling the roost!

KarenJC said...

Jackie - if it's not one thing it's another! Time for a break - hope you are feeling better soon. I loved the bike picture! (and the train/fog picture!)

Sending hugs - Karen in MD/DC

meb said...

So glad to see Roofus. He looks so healthy. Also seeing the teddy-bear in the window makes me think that people actually live there and he is well taken care of at night, let out only in the daylight hours. It makes me feel better to think this, so that's the way it is!

Jackie, sorry to hear you went thru all that, but I'm just going to believe that it has gone away, never to be seen again!