Thursday, January 29, 2009

LOST Last Night

I'm still a bit confused, but the time-warping of the group on the island is making things interesting once again. I'm not sure how Juliette time-warps with Sawyer, Locke, Faraday, and the others when she's technically an Other. The Others don't seem affected by the time zaps at all. Maybe she isn't really an Other because she wasn't born there. But neither was Ben, his father or most of the other Others. Maybe she's lost what made her an Other because she betrayed them. I don't know. Of course, Richard Alpert isn't affected by time at all. "He's old," said Juliette. But he never ages, not a bit.

Hmm ... last night's episode ("Jughead") was all about the island and nothing about the reunion of the Oceanic Six. So, Charles Widmore was on the island under Richard, eh? I wonder what happened which made him a rich man and made him the guardian of hiding the island from the world.

Jughead was an H-bomb. If you bury an H-bomb, it won't just blow up as decomposition goes on all about it? I don't know.

It seems like Mrs. Hawkings is indeed Faraday's mother -- she was in L.A. when Ben saw her and Widmore told Desmond she's in L.A.

We now know why Richard Alpert was there for John Locke's birth -- John Locke from the future told him about it before it happened.

My head is spinning a bit, but this is better than smoke monsters.


Delee said...

I still have not watched last weeks, LOST. So now I have 3 hours to watch. Darn!

Reality TV World site has the cast for AR posted with short bios and pictures. February will be a great month, now bring on some warmer weather!

Donna in AL said...

I loved Lost last night. It seems to be making some sense to me. I can't explain how but it does.

becky said...

I am hooked on the show. Even if I spend a lot of time lost.

mrsdobalena said...

OK, I'm convinced that Mrs (Eloise!) Hawking will turn out to be Daniel's mother. And did you notice that they called the young girl with the gun "Ellie"? She's sooo going to be young Eloise! And how awesome to meet a young Charles Widmore on the island! This show makes my head spin, but I love it!

meb said...

mrsdobalena... welcome... Whoa... Ellie being a young Faraday's mother... what a concept... and how many times was she going to shoot him at the bomb site... too much to absorb and I'm loving it. These writers are amazing if they can put all this together before the show ends.

I hope they do a recap of the whole show giving us blow-by-blow descriptions of everything as the finale! Cause I don't think I'll understand it all without a detailed explanation when it's over.

Caroline said...

mrsdobalena said...
OK, I'm convinced that Mrs (Eloise!) Hawking will turn out to be Daniel's mother. And did you notice that they called the young girl with the gun "Ellie"? She's sooo going to be young Eloise!

I agree 100%. As soon as we saw the young girl with the gun by the creek I thought she was Daniel's mother. Originally I had thought his mother would turn out to be a Dharma member, but an Other works just as well. It explains how she knows so much about time travel and the island....maybe she was born on it.

As for Widmore being on the island..I'm betting Penny's mother died in childbirth on the island. That would have caused Widmore to return to civilization to care for Penny.

Someone mentioned Widmore as the protector of the island. I've always viewed Ben as the protector of the island and Widmore as the evil businessman trying to exploit the special properties of the island. Should be interesting as the season progresses to find out who is good and who is evil.

Caroline said...

Jackie brought up an interesting question of why Juliette moves with Sawyer and the Losties, but the rest of the Others clearly don't move.

We've now learned that Richard, Widmore and the Others were on the island in 1954, which was before Dharma showed up. It doesn't appear that anyone other than Richard stays ageless. There doesn't seem to be anything obviously different between Juliette and the rest of the Others.

Can it simply be a state of mind? The Others have never actively tried to leave the island (when they had a submarine they made supply runs, but always with the intent to return) and that separates them from the Losties. Since Juliette has tried to leave maybe the island doesn't view her as an Other anymore. Maybe Richard has the power to hold his people stable and he doesn't consider Juliette his people anymore. Maybe Richard and the island are really one and the same.

Donna in AL said...

Maybe the island is the Others "constant" and that is way they do not move through time. They stay with the island.

Sydney said...

I left a comment this AM but don't see it here... hmmm.

Maybe because I didn't say a thing of interest. Just said I'm not a Lost-ie or an AI person (anymore), so I can't join in on the comments!

my vw is BETTER!

sizzie said...

Sydney, I bet it is here but in a different time. : )

I wonder if those who don't move through time the way the Lost people do is because of something they eat or wear? Something that holds them to the island?

Also, about Richard and his lack of aging. There could be a portrait in one of the caves, I guess. But, I was thinking that the island heals Locke and maybe it keeps Richard the same. I mean the island meets a person's needs and every one is different.