Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol Winner Bulletin

KRIS ALLEN has won American Idol!

For those of you on the West Coast, the show is well worth the watch. I think it was one of the more entertaining shows I've seen in years. Steve Martin, The Black-Eyed Peas, Carlos Santana, etc., etc.

Kris is stunned.


joy n said...

YES! YES! YES! Almost 100 million votes and Kris did win! YES!

monty924 said...

I still have chills from KISS, Santana, Rod Stewart and Queen. Oh and Steve Martin on the banjo. Best finale EVER on AI.

Jackie said...

I wasn't expecting to be that entertained. Absolutely a fantastic show!

joy n said...

Yeah, this show was a very nice surprise tonight.

Anonymous said...

Wonderfully entertaining show!

Kudos to Kris and those who voted for him. I wish much success to him and expect to buy some of his music.

I cannot conceive that Adam will not rise far into the music arena. I will definitely seek out his music in whatever form it takes.

I expect that American Idol will make big profits from both of these young men.

I look forward to attending one of the concerts this summer!


TerryinCA said...

Yes!!! so happy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I loved them both, but so incredibly happy for Kris!!

Anonymous said...

America should be embarrassed about its homophobia and I am a Republican wiling to admit that. DISGUSTING!!!! Kris is talented. But come on, Adam was far superior vocally and in stage presence. Not to mention, ironically Adam is much more well-spoken and always wears an appropriate face. I say ironic b/c Kris is a college grad. and as far as I know Adam isn't. Kris Allen pulls faces when he's critiqued, he's immature. Kris is a nice guy, classy winner but let's get real people. I am embarassed for you. Adam was the reason to tune in this season. With the exception of the ridiculous outcome, this was an excellent finale, very well done, actually entertaining. And take note all, for the first time ever, Simon Cowell did not give the winner a standing ovation. He disagrees with America. The audience applause was rather lackluster as well. Anyone who voted for Kris Allen b/c they would have voted for anyone other than Adam (and you know who you are) should be ashamed.

Jennasmom said...

Congratulations to Kris. It was a good show. My favorites -- Keith Urban & David Cook.

Anonymous, I didn't vote for either guy, but I know many people that didn't vote for Adam because of the screaming - not because of his sexual preference. I'm not worried about him. He's a very talented young man who will, as a rocker, probably do better NOT winning. (i.e., Daughtery)

Jennasmom said...
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Anonymous said...

I am an Adam fan but I am not that disappointed. I believe Kris had a fanbase would vote repeatedly for 4 hours nonstop. And ATT claims that 38 million votes came just from Arkansas. Kris seem to have the most local and regional support of very determined fans.

I am a gay rights activist who does NOT believe Adam's sexual orientation played a role. I read more on the Idol message boards that some people did not like his style of singing and his theatrical touches. I found him to be the most entertaining performer in the history of American Idol.

But I will admit that I liked Kris as he was also orignal who also did songs in his own style and changed them up.

Kris made history as the ONLY married person to win the title.
All other winners have been single.

But I do believe Kris really had a strong core of supporters who voted or texted for hours on end.

As Adam could have more fans but it is not ONE vote per person but it is the NUMBER of votes that matters.

Adam fans can take heart that he too will be a big star. I do believe Kris needed this win to advance his career and I am just thrilled for him.

Both guys were said to be friends and very nice people who the Idol staff just loved as Ryan kept saying Both were Class acts.

With it not being one vote per person, time will tell the number of fans and their level of support.

SEE TAYLOR HICKS RECORD SALES VS CHRIS DAUGHTRY. I think Daugtry and Elliot Yamin had more fans that year but Taylor fans voted in larger numbers.


Jennasmom said...

There's an interesting article with some theories about how Kris won. Here's the link:

Jackie said...

Although I always watch the show, I don't vote. I know there has been talk about the religious and/or homosexual voting bias. Is it true? I don't know. One thing I noticed is that the teenybopper girls were crazy for Kris -- almost to the reaction of the Beatles. Kids will vote again and again. It could be that.

If Adam wants creative freedom, he's better off without the win. Both guys are talented and I believe they're both going to have successful and prosperous future ahead of them in music.

monty924 said...

If you go back and watch/listen to the closing duet by Kris and Adam with Queen, and listen, it says it all. Whoever came up with that arrangement was brilliant.

My hats off to both of them and they will be stars, both of them! Adam fans are proud of him for being final 2 and so are Kris's fans.

I actually didn't vote for either, but I enjoyed both of them. I've always loved the rockers (Bo, Chris D., etc) and I also love the ballad singers and country (Carrie forever...).

I can see myself buying both of their CDs. Great show and great season!

No need to point fingers as to why Adam lost. The only season I voted my fingers off was Season 4 for Carrie at first and then Bo at the end. This season was a great season, period!


meb said...

Well, among others, I was shocked that Kris won, but I'm not unhappy. Either one of them deserved to be there. Adam will certainly have a career after this, big time.

Go for it Kris!

Jennasmom said...

Jackie said: One thing I noticed is that the teenybopper girls were crazy for Kris --

My elderly mom called the contest weeks ago & said Kris would win the whole thing -- just based on the teenybopper reaction. With these tweens & teens all having their own cell phones now, I bet they were texting their little fingers off. If I was a little girl, I probably would have, too.

Adam was a nice looking guy, too. But I think his looks would have appealed to a slightly older audience. They probably have other things to do!

Delee said...

I hardly watched this season, but thought Adam was a shoo-in. If it is true that the young girls texted all four hours, I can not wait for the parents to get the cell bills. Do they not cost $.99 per text? Oh my!!!

ORKMommy said...

Delee: Idol doesn't charge for the texts, you just pay your normal texting charge to your carrier (in this case AT&T).

I don't understand why everyone has to call conspiracy or fix every time "their" guy doesn't win something. Kris is an amazing talent that I believe appealed to a much broader audience. I loved Adam too and would have been just as happy had he won but Kris is just more mainstream. Adam will have a brilliant career as the front man for a throwback 80's rock band and I'll buy the album...just like I'll buy Kris'.

Delee said...

Interesting tidbit from RealityTVWorld...

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Arkansas only has a population of 2.86 million, which would mean that -- assuming the hard-to-believe 38 million figure is accurate -- its residents somehow managed to cast an average of more than 13 votes for every man, woman and child living in the state.

Guess it is possible but REALLY?

meb said...

delee I think we have to figure that more than just Arkansas voted for Kris. There are tweens in every state. LOL

meb said...

Or are they saying 38 million all came from Arkansas? Not likely.

joy n said...

I never vote for AI contestants either and am one of those who didn't like Adam's screaming, but I also believe that Simon, among possible other producers, will be offering Adam a contract in no time. His style certainly has a place in the world of music.

That said, I admit I was shocked (happily) that Kris won and look forward to hearing his new tunes.

That was a great show last night. Best one ever IMO.

Delee said...

Yes that is the voting from just Arkansas..38 million votes from Arkansas.

Dusty said...

At first I loved Adam's singing and thought that he was great, and I couldn't wait for Kris to go home. I can't stand the way he pulls his jaw sideways when he sings. Then, all of the sudden, I couldn't stand Adam with all of his screaming. Mad World was pretty good, but come on, stop screaming. Kris grew on me and I was hoping that he would win just because everyone thought that Adam would win.

I also felt the same way with Ruben and Clay.

I didn't vote either.

Anonymous said...

Rolling Stone said that Adam is getting offers all ready and he will have to pick and choose who to sign with and what to do. He has acting experience, theatre experience, was in a band and more.

Adam's interviews talk about how he is planning to collaborate on some songs, write some music, do a variety of genres all in one album..should be interesting. Many articles say they expect to see Adam on TV perhaps movies and more.

Jamie Foxx and other mentors thought Kris was so contemporary and a talented musician, artist and singer and he will also do quite well.

So this year, I think both will soar to great heights and their great attitudes will help as in interviews, both are so nice. Ryan, Simon and Randy say these guys are the nicest contestants they have ever had on the show!


sizzie said...

I am in Arkansas, didn't see the show and didn't vote, so you would have to attribute my 13 votes to another resident. I do think the backlash will be when the cellphone bills come due.

sizzie said...

All you comments made me go look. : ) Here is a youtube of the Ark homecoming (filmed early in May)

joy n said...

That station that announced the 38 million votes from Arkansas has retracted the statement. AT&T notified them that they had made no such claim. AT&T said that information was incorrect. You can read the article on Reality TV World.

Anonymous said...

Cutest clip of Adam and Kris.

What a cool friendship they have...amazing.


Zoetawny said...

Hey guys! I knew who had won but just watched the show on my DVR last night. It was great entertainment.

Ironically, the Monday before the finale I thought, wouldn't it be sweet if Kris won. I know everyone was predicting that Adam would win for some time now. I think even Kris and Adam were shocked. Simon also had a strange look on his face when the winner was announced. I always seem to vote for the underdog so I was thrilled.

Both are very talented and will have future success in the music biz. Allison and Danny probably already have contract offers.

I just heard today about the controversy over why Adam didn't win. I really don't see it as a "gay" issue but I could be wrong. Heavy metal rock just isn't what's happening with the younger set today. It's the teen and young adult generation who are spending all their money on CD's. I'm sure the majority of votes were also coming in from that age group. Who else has time to vote 50 times for their fav? ;)

I see grown-up Cindy Lauper is still "out there" but the duet with Allison was great.

I LOVE STEVE MARTIN! He's still so cool.

Santana is still going strong and had me rock'n out. Wish I could afford Santana's line of great looking women's shoes. ;)

Keith Urban and Kris were great and I'm not really a country music fan.

Rod Stewart and Queen were among some of my fav artists back in the day and now I remember why. Can't forget Lionel Richie.

Featuring some of the great artists from the past with the AI contestants made it the best AI finale ever.

Quick note...I was happy that DJ won Survivor. How did I get so lucky liking the winners this year?

Almost time to bring Big Brother on. I hope I can make time for some fun graphics this season.

Time to get back to the real world.


Anonymous said...

I went to see Adam live on the CBS early show. They taped his segment for Thursday morning (tomorrow). You should all watch for me. I'll be the girl in the orange shirt, curly hair behind the piano. Adam is very sweet and gracious to the fans. He thanked e/o for coming out. I think he is so nice besides for immensely talented (I mention this to counter those who say Kris deserved to win b/c he's so nice; both guys are very nice and "nice" has nothing to do with singing.) I also am amused by Kris describing himself deserving to win on the basis that while Adam has a lot of vocal talent that he, Kris can play musical instruments and rearrange songs. Kris' folksy style can be seen often in NYC parks by musicians/singers strumming slong while they sing (not that amazing IMO). Kris fans can show up to the CBS early show tomorrow morning when they will be pre-taping Kris for Friday. And let me tell you, it's really easy to go there, you get a great spot and it's fun b/c you see and hear your idol up close and personal for free. (better than the tour which I won't be going to). And I apologize if I seem to offend Kris, I'm a huge Adam fan. Can't wait for the BB coverage. I continue to enjoy your blog Jackie. I might also try the Amazing Race when that comes back. (I still can't get into Survivor for wtvr reason.)


Anonymous said...

You're right, being nice has nothing to do with winning. Maybe Kris' win was only for the logical reason that his style and type of music is more popular than Adam's.

They're both talented. Kris won. Get over it.