Thursday, June 25, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance 6/25 Results Bulletin

Osuka is gone for the girls.
Jonathon is gone for the guys.

I think that's about right, don't you?


RBennie said...

I was sorry to see Asuka go home, although I thought it would be here after her solo. It's very hard for a ballroom dancer to do an exciting solo. I thought that all the boys solos were very good and had no clue who they would send home. I'm glad Vitolio got to stay. I hope he and Carla will have good chemistry. I thought Nigel's tribute to Michael, Farrah and Ed was very nice.

dla said...

I was attending a business conference this week, and missed SYTYCD both nights.

I must say I am probably not surprised at who went home. Hoping to be back on track this week!

Delee said...

I missed last weeks show, I hope I remember this week!

meb said...

I was also sorry to see Asuka to go. She was a very talented young lady and after that waltz, I cannot imagine she would go. But then if not her, one of the other two and they also shouldn't have gone home.

The talent this year is so good it will be difficult to watch all of them go.