Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tonight's 'So You Think You Can Dance' ... and Stuff

"In the clearing stands a boxer ..." - "The Boxer" by Simon and Garfunkel. Of course, this is more like The Boxer by Jackie. I met this dog this past Saturday. While I tend to have cats, I enjoy a good dog, too!

Speaking of cats, I finally spotted Roofus the Cat yesterday but I had grabbed the wrong camera going out of the door. Um ... I took the Pentax whose memory card was sitting in my computer. Argh! I haven't seen Roofus for quite a while and was relieved to see him. It would have been better with a working camera!

Onto the meat of the matter here tonight ...

It's the two-hour So You Think You Can Dance. None couples are taking the stage. And here's your place to discuss the action! Please feel free to share your thoughts on the show as it airs and afterwards, too. I'll be here.


Jackie said...

Randi and Evan's jive looked like fun Although the judges seemed to think Evan could have done better.

Delee said...

I do not think the level of dancing ='ed last week's show. Was it the dances chosen or did the dancers let up a tiny bit? I did not have the wow factor for any of the dances.

meb said...

Jackie... After the judges said Evan didn't have the bounce the jive required, I watched again and I could see what they were saying. Randi was hoppin' but Evan was so smooth. He's a great dancer, and reminds me of Emmitt from DWTS. Smooottthhh! So I agree, he needs to step it up and get out of his comfort zone. Still liked the dance tho.

delee I agree with you, they didn't have the wow factor like last week. I couldn't have picked just one person last week as being the best because they were all so good. Tonight I would go for the waltz couple ??, Ade and his partner and what's the kid's name that Mia tore to pieces before the final 20 and Mary loves so much.. I really liked him and his partner, but none really stood out.

I truly must learn their names.

Mary's screaming is already starting to get on my nerves. Oh well, we have a whole season of her.

Since she mentioned her botox first week, I've noticed when she turns sideways, her eyes don't move. Too funny.

I really like Cat or Kat, however she spells it, but didn't particularly care for her outfit tonight.