Monday, June 08, 2009

TV Doldrums ...

Is it just me or is television at its worst in a long, long time? One redeeming shiny gem could be the openings for The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

Since I watch Letterman almost religiously, I try to catch the Ferguson openings before hitting the sack. It's always a delight when they're "special." I hear the two dancers are staff members, but don't ask me the story about the gay leather bondage little dude. Of course, the puppets are part of the scene. Last week when this opening in the above video played, I couldn't get to sleep right away. I kept singing the tune in my head.

So... what have I been watching? Hmmm ... I stayed up really late one night (perhaps the "Istanbul" night) watching Craig, but then flipped to Jimmy Fallon during a commercial. Oh my. He had Paul Simon and Steve Martin TOGETHER on the show. They interacted with each other, did a skit, performed. The only drawback is that Fallon hasn't gotten the hang of interviewing people down yet. Great guests; I'm just glad they talked to each other most of the time while Fallon was basically limited to dorky comments now and then.

I watched Mental on FOX, the first episode. I didn't catch the second one. It wasn't bad, but not an instant hit with me.

The Bonnie Hunt Show is in reruns. It's been two weeks now. Does she get the entire summer off?

I watched The Tony Awards last night. I've actually seen one of the shows. Well, kind of, sort of. Hair was the first Broadway show I ever saw on my own. Alas, I saw it when I was 14 or so and it's not quite the same cast these days. Some of the men would have to be singing, "Hair, hair, comin' out of my ears" if it were the same bunch. I was very happy for the three boys who play Billy Elliot. Liza and Elton were their usual big shot selves. And, what was that suit that Neil Patrick Harris was wearing?

I also caught the season premiere of Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E last night. I think Nick and Sophie are the only two teenagers I like on TV these days.

It's going for 8 PM and I'm not sure if I'll watch I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here. It's almost embarrassing that I've actually seen three of the four shows so far. It's two hours of my life I'd never get back.

There's a new episode of The Closer on TNT at 9 PM ET/PT tonight. That sounds much better.


Delee said...

I also love to watch Family Jewels. Nick and Sophie are well-raised children. Who knew with Gene Simmons as a parent. They adore their parents. Loved seeing Sophie's 16th b'day party last night.

I have seen all the Help...I am a C.

Other shows I have been watching:
SYTUCD- J/K+8-Chimp Eden-HGTV $250,000 Challenge-Ne_t Food Network Star-Deadliest Catch-Groomer Has It- on and on. So not totally bored waiting for BB to start.

Jennasmom said...

TV? I haven't been watching hardly anything. Nothing has piqued my interest. Besides, the kid is out of school & always wants to see Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers. Only things I've watched are the local news & the late shows. I am having reality show withdrawal, but just haven't really had time either. I'm the VBS director for our church & busy getting ready for that right now. At least it will be over before BB starts! Counting off the days! Can't wait to see all our friends back here! Hope everyone is having a great summer - even if it isn't officially summer by the calendar!

sizzie said...

Today I watched In Plain Sight that I recorded last night. I am ready to try out some 'summer replacements'.

Jennasmom said...

Hey, Delee! Looks like we both have black & white dogs!

Becky said...

I watched to Tony's last night. The three little boys from Billy Elliot were adorable. My group who will meet for the reunion in a couple of weeks. We wanted to see if anything peeked our interest for a show to attend. I know all of the award winning shows will be sold out, but wanted to see if there was anything else I wanted to see.

When I get back I will be chomping at the bit for Big Brother to begin. Until then, there isn't much I want to see.

Right now I am switching back and forth reading email and watching our granddaughter's high school graduation on the Internet. Whoops, they are starting to give out diplomas, so better go.

Donna in AL said...

All I gotta say about that clip Jackie is....what the h-e-l-l ???

I'm trying to catch shows like Bones and House that I missed while watching others. Last weekend I watched all the Without A Trace episodes I had recorded. I have Leverage, Cold Case and Saving Grace recorded to watch.

This weekend I watched the History channel with shows about D-Day and Pearl Harbor. I have also discovered Clean House and like that show.

Laurie said...

I'm watching In Plain Sight and started the new USA channel show about the doctor who goes to work for rich people. Only saw the pilot and it was fun. I started Next Food Network Star on Sunday and I'm hooked. I think the Next Design Show Host starts soon, too. So, I have a few new things to watch. I am looking forward to meeting the new BB contestants and chatting with everyone here when it gets going.

Caroline said...

Not watching much now, but there's some things starting soon that I'm looking forward to.

Top Chef Masters 6/10
Japanese Gameshow 6/17
The Superstars (anyone know which athletes are supposed to be competing in this?) June sometime
Big Brother (of course)
Warehouse 13 (Sci Fi channel in July)

I also intend to use the summer to watch Weeds (never seen any of it) and to restart Lost from the very beginning to figure some things out (plus a friend has never seen any of it).

And as always, the summer is a great time to catch up on reading. I have a full bookshelf calling my name!

lynn1 said...

I am still watching "Help I'm a Celebrity." It isn't entertaining because it moves so slow. It isn't mind numbing it is more like a heavy sedative! I admit I get a kick seeing the train wreck with the people involved.
The only 2 people I have any empathy for are Sanjaya and Patti.

The 2 "new" shows that I have enjoyed most are Royal Pains on USA and Royal Inquest on ID.
Isn't it odd that both shows have Royal in their title?

I watch Countdown with Keith Obermann and the Colbert Report when there isn't anything else on.

I also have been watching Fashion Show on Bravo. It is really lame when compared to Project Runway. I guess in fairness to the contestants the show is looking for designers of clothes for regular women. About half of the designers can't sew which seem weird to me.
Bring on BB!

Margo said...

BB Pool anyone interested? I thought I would get an early start to collect as many participants as possible.
As with the other pools I ran - floaties are available and no swimming until at least 30 min after eating.

Nana in the NW said...

About the only thing I have been watching on TV is the list of shows being recorded on my DVR.....all of which I don't have time to watch!! So what am I recording? The Bachelorette(have only watched part of one episode--I am done with this show!), The Newlyweds, Deadliest Catch, SYTYCD, and General Hospital. Life has been so busy the last 6 weeks I'm one of the few that is glad there was no good TV viewing. Really looking forward to BB--hope the new cast has some people we can hate!! LOL

Margo--when you open up the pool I want the air mattress with the pocket for a drink and pillow!!

Jackie--thanks as always for everything you do. I have made some good friends here and it's all because of you!!! Have you got a date for your knee surgery?

joyn--""hi""...nice to see your name and comment!

sizzie said...

Count me in (the BB pool) Margo.

Caroline, I am hoping Top Chef Masters will be good.

All I have seen of the Get Me Out show was last night with Dickinson in the box of water with reptiles and other things. I would have freaked, too. But, what surprised me, was when she was released, she was very gracious to S. Then back at camp she was her usual self.

I saw a little of HSN with Suzanne Sommers. : ) She sold a lot of anti aging things, but looked very bad on my hd tv. What about it, did any one else see her? Did she look good?

Margo said...

In my Christmas present TIVO with the humongous brain I still have CSI 12 ep, Lost 19 ep, Brothers & Sisters 4 ep, Desperate Housewives 3 ep, Castle 1 ep, 30 Rock 4 ep, American Idol 5 ep ( yea I know who won), DWTS 2 ep (also know who won), Bonnie Hunt 25 ep, Ellen 13 ep. and so on. So I could just watch this stuff all summer but Burn Notice and Closer have started. I liked Royal Pains so I season passed that. Americas got talent starts on the 23rd, BB starts next month. Leverage, Psych and Monk start sometime this summer so it goes on and on.
My weekends when I used to catch up on my weeks TV have been spent out in my gardens. My evenings have been busy with dinner thingys. I was out of town for a week when every show I watch had there finally.
Oh yea - Pushing Daisies was on the last 2 weeks with the finally this week and I read the Eli Stone is gonna show it's last episode(s) so these were added to my list.

I love my new Tivo - since it can hold so much stuff . Also my old Tivo has a few things in it.

Yea I know - My Name is Margo and I AM a TV addict.


PS I put Nana, Sizzie, Me and Jackie in the pool so far. Nana is floating around on her raft with the cup holder awaiting a margarita I guess.

Sydney said...

Margo! I'm IN! Thank you for starting it!!!!!!!

I am praying for a Janelle and Will year....

Laurie said...

Margo, thanks for offering to do the pool. I would like to be in it, too. I'll need a floating chair with a lid so I don't get any sun on me. It's so nice of you to offer to do this for us. Actually, I'll need a shady place in the yard away from the pool, too, since my skin doesn't need more wrinkles!

lynn1 said...

Margo please add my name to the pool for BB.
I don't need any water toys but how about a cute guy to apply my sunscreen and to bring me frosty Pina coladas;)

RBennie said...

I agree with you about Gene Simmons kids Jackie. They did a great job raising those 2. I will admit to watching I'm a Celebrity. It's kind of like watching a car wreck, you know it's going to be bad, but you can't resist looking. My favorite show right now is SYTYCD. The auditions are over and the competition starts tonight, I think. I can't wait for BB to start. I really hope there will be a few people I can really root for.

Please count me in on the BB pool Margo, and thanks for doing it.

Oh, another show that I really like is Burn Notice. Does anyone watch that one?

I hope all is well with you Jackie, and thanks for all you do.

Margo said...

Laurie - you can join me under the umbrella. My skins idea of a nice tan is to turn bright red then peel off showing the pale tan underneath.
I know this is NOT good so I try to stay out of the sun. This is hard in the garden but I go out when it is shaded or I have a beach umbrella that I put up to work under. I also have Ocean Potion SPF 50 for when sun is unavoidable.


Delee said...

Margo, add me to the BB list. I would like a padded lounge chair with a throw to place under me!!! Not a water person anymore. I do like to walk the beach or stick my feet over the edge of the pool. So a lounge and a throw please!!!

Thank you for doing this again!!!

Hey Jackie

meb said...

Margo... Please add me to the BB pool... I have no real preference... just make sure I get a good hampster. Smile

In Plain Sight and The Closer are two I'm watching. I also started watching the Listener... not bad. I've seen two of them, so I'll watch again.

Can't wait for Leverage to return and I don't want to hear anyone tell me it's been cancelled cause it was so good I won't believe you.

And I have to tell you that the Blachlorette isn't bad. In fact, I'm liking it a lot. Jillian is so down to earth that you can't call her a phony like "whats'ername" last Bachelorette. Jillian has made them all so relaxed when they are on dates, and she doesn't act like she's in love with all of them.

Someone snitched and said there were some guys there who had girlfriends and that really upset her. My tivo stopped recording right at that moment, so now I have to go watch it on-line. She's down to 10 as of next week.

Jackie... can't wait for BB to start. Looking forward to the good ole group to return for some fun!

Sydney said...

OK Meb, I ended up watching last night for the second half thru because I was on the treadmill and that was sure to keep me on it for over 30 minutes.

I saw the part you described. I think the only really cute guy is Jack. I'd go for him (the one who was upset about being perceived as Mr. Perfect). I don't think the guy who cooked with her was cute but they were all over each other, and it looked real.

Sydney said...

DLA-- if you're out there, are you watching Bachelorette?

dla said...

Margo, I would love to float in your BB pool this summer! Count me in! I will be the wrinkled sun goddess floating with a cold adult beverage. :)

Sydney, how funny! I just checked in for the first time in a while, and there you are! (smiles) Yes, I got sucked in and watched Bachelorette... Actually, I have not watched every week as I was traveling last Monday night, but did watch again last night. I have liked the pilot from the first episode... Should be interesting to see how this plays out. I still don't love her, but it is entertaining enough to keep me engaged on Monday nights for a bit. Not really making it a point to watch, but, there it is for background noise if nothing else.

I am a huge Weeds fan, so excited to see that start up again last night. :)

Also watching the NBA playoffs. I LOVE Phil Jackson, so any team that he coaches is just fine with me. I am hoping he gets ring number 10!!

Donna in AL said...

Hey Margo, I don't want a floater, I mean to float in the pool...I'm diving right in! Add me to the BB pool, please!

PDX Granny said...

Margo, count me in with the pool.

I haven't decided if I want a floater for the pool, or a lounge beside it ~ so I think I'll take both, along with a tall cool drink. It doesn't matter what the drink is, as long as it has the mandatory umbrella! And of course, I'll need a throw to keep handy just in case for those cool summer evenings.

Jennasmom said...

Margo, "Throw" me into the pool as well!

Caroline said...

Margo...I'd also like to be in the BB pool. Thanks so much for organizing everything.

Very excited that SYTYCD really gets going tonight. It's definitely one of my favorite shows.

I've kind of half-heartedly been watching The Bachelorette...only because I like Jillian. Right now I think the two best guys are Jake & Kiptyn. I really hope she does pick a "nice" guy. There's still plenty of losers left though.

Becky said...

Margo said... BB Pool anyone interested? I thought I would get an early start to collect as many participants as possible.
As with the other pools I ran - floaties are available and no swimming until at least 30 min after eating.

Count me in.

Anonymous said...

Count me in for the BB pool! Thanks for oraganizing
Hopefully it will be a season
Donna in FL