Friday, July 03, 2009

Big Brother 11 - A Closer Look at Casey and Braden

Sigh. Casey is not only the sole representative of the over-40 crowd, he's the hamster I was assigned in the blog pool. Now, a fifth-grade teacher. That sounds great, doesn't it? Oh, but not so much. At least in my first impression, that is. From his CBS bio, he worries about his nose-picking habit. Didn't Jerry, another teacher some seasons back, also have a nose-picking habit? Eww!

Then there's that Eminem white gangsta wannabe black thing going on. I'm sorry, but you're over forty, dude! What? You don't know what I'm talking about? Check it out ... Casey is DJ Mingle Mixx. I think I might rather snack on Meow Mix myself. Meow. Aight? Aight!

There are other videos on YouTube if you search for "Mingle Mixx." You might want to cover your eyes for all the bikini shots. Did I sigh loud enough before? No? SIGH. I hope I'm wrong. I hope he's just a fun guy. But it's shades of a less prosperous Mike Boogie Malin. There. I said it.

Moving onto Braden ...

See ... when someone already turns you off a bit, it's not as big of a disappointment. His bio on the CBS website, turned me off -- another model/actor wannabe. He's smug, thinks he's all that and the cherry atop the dessert. From his bio: "
He constantly boasts about his self-perceived intelligence, looks, charm and overall desirability. Braden calls himself a fashion icon and thinks anything creative is totally rad; he even designs his own jewelry."

So, I wasn't surprised that he's done gay soft-porn roles. Of course, I'm not going to post them here. I like to keep things sort of G or PG Rated. Hamsterwatch has a still shot on their adult page. has more according to a Reality Blurred article.

Here's a clean version of His Handsomeness Himself from --


Catonine said...

Well . . .

Fun times starting ;-)

Zoetawny said...

Hey guys!
Happy 4th of July!

How is this possible, I'm first?

I've missed so much here I feel like I've been in another world.

First, I want to thank you for all your support and good wishes regarding my stepson. He finally went home from the hospital today, but he still has a long recovery. I'm still trying to stay positive but there have been many crises to deal with.

Maybe BB is just what I need to pull out of the doldrums I've been in. I hope I can squeeze in some time to make some graphics for the blog.

So far, I don't see anyone I think I might root for but I haven't checked to see who I got in the pool. It looks like another dysfunctional group but then we always have so much shameless fun with that.


Thanks for all the BB updates. I know we can always count on you for the very latest. How are you going to keep up this season not being off work? I confess, I have no idea what's going on with your bum knee since I haven't been able to keep up. I hope you're not suffering in pain and have a plan set up for surgery.

Have to run again but hope to be back next week.

Miss all of you!

lynn1 said...

Looks like a couple of losers to me. I swear Braden reminds me of Jessie the tool in another body.

I just don't know what to say about Casey. Midlife crisis come s to mind but I will wait and see.

I am still cheering for Jordan nad her new Boobs! ;-)

lynn1 said...

Zoetawny glad to see your post. I know you have had a lot on your plate. I'm sending many good vibes and hugs your way.
Thanks for spending time to make a fantastic graphic to usher in the new season of BB.

Catonine said...

Ok I guess it HAS been a while since I have read the blog. Ok I will admit to being lazy sometimes and just moving on in Google Reader when there is a blog that doesn't publish.

So whats up with Jackie's knee. The last I remember was her going back to work after surgery, and is this the other knee now or the same one?

Sorry to show you how out of the loop I am.

I am glad big brother is about to be back on! there isn't anything to watch on TV...

Someone tell me what the 'rules' are for the pool?

PDX Granny said...

Oh, Jackie. I was soooo hoping our guy would be normal. I guess I should have read a bit more on him. Oh well, as Zoetawny pointed out, it's the dysfunctionality of them all that we like so much.

((((Zoe)))), it's good to hear from you and get the update on your stepson. Coming home is a big step. Your entire family is in our prayers.

Cantonine, regarding the rules for the pool, there are the standards that always go, like no splashing, dunking and running. Other than that we pretty much make most of them up as we go along. You need to cheer on your hamster, even if it's someone you wouldn't be caught dead talking to back in HS. Once your guy (or gal) is given the boot, it's usually OK to jump on over to someone else. However, if your new choice happens to win, it's only the original poolee that get's the bragging rights.

Does anyone have anything else to add for the rules???

Laurie said...

Zoetawny: Great to see you and hear your stepson is home. You are always in my prayers and I know I'm not alone with that.

Catonine: Margo is in charge of the pool so she'll let us know the rules.
I'm pretty sure swimsuits are not optional.

Jackie: I can't wait for you to review my guy, Kevin I expect him to go home in the first two weeks.

Catonine said...

go RONNIE!! Woo wooot!!

ummm ok ;-)

Someone help me figure out the background on this guy. i went to survivor sucks and was just having a hard time navigating around... Also there was so much hate there that it kinda made me want to turn around and leave.

BBUK evicted Sree! I am so glad that happened. He was such an arse.

I am reserving a seat at the swim up bar [in the pool]. :-)

TerryinCA said...

Hey good to see you here....we missed you....I see you and I are a team in the pool.....Im not thinking we will do too good!

joy n said...

Zoetawny, glad to hear your stepson is home. Still thinking of you and yours and you're still in my prayers.