Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big Brother Blast From the Past

OMG! (As the kids would say.)

I found that QuirkyDude over on YouTube has entire past seasons of BB up -- including where it all started ... season one! Chicken George, Sloshy Josh, Eddie, etc. What memories! I remember Megaphone Lady (aka Kitty) and things being shouted, thrown over the fence. I'm including the first part of the first episode, but he's got them all up. When the feeds are boring and I'm not at work, I'll be reliving the first season.


Lucy said...

Thanks for this Jackie. I will definitely check out the other videos. It was great seeing the original hamsters again. I have been a BB fan from the very beginning but I forgot how the first episode began. Things certainly have changed. One thing I miss is the innocence of the hamsters - the first group had no idea what they were getting into and now the hamsters go into the game with strategies, thinking of ways to manipulate people, and dreams of alliances.

Sydney said...

OMG, lol. This is great Jackie! I tell you, the first show engenders more excitement than this current season does... Julie reporting from the control room, the motorcade of the contestants coming in, the crowd of family and friends waiting outside the house in the dark waiting to see the contestants for one last time. Much better.

And I totally forgot about Ian co-hosting. I used to dress him in the late 80's when he was a VJ on V-66 (there's a documentary now being done about that now for any old east coast fans of that New Englad MTV type station)and years later reconnected when we both lived on the upper west side in NYC. He's still hosting a radio show in NYC and probably can be found in the nearby Irish tavern. Did he go on to the second season or???

It's also a trip to see Julie... and I confess I like what she's wearing better then too.