Monday, August 31, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Monday Evening 8/31

Natalie says that 95% of the time (pre-BB house) her diet consists of fast food. Why am I not surprised?

Since my last report, they've mainly been napping. But BB finally gave them the figures for the Pandora's Box:
  • Jeff $3,181, nothing extra for finding the key
  • Kevin $626
  • Michele $2,563
  • Natalie $1,900
  • I didn't catch Jordan's winnings.
  • Natalie was thinking the $750 a week stipend was net, not gross.
  • Natalie, I'd like you to meet Richard Hatch.
That's it for now. Short and sweet. Well, sweet unless you think of Natalie shoveling food in and chewing with her mouth open. Oh ... and why is Natalie wearing Kevin's hoodie he got in his HOH basket o' goodies? Moocher!

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Monday Daytime - PoV Meeting 8/31

Hmmm ... I can't think of anything witty or clever to say about this bunch. They're not a witty and clever group of hamsters. Um. Um. Here are the events from inside that Big Brother House of Unfulfilled Potential:
  • Natalie told Michele that she (Natalie) won't be keeping Jeff -- she'll be keeping her word to Kevin.
  • However, Natalie went on to say that neither of them (Michele and Natalie) would have a chance to win in the final two with Kevin.
  • Natalie denied having a final two deal with Kevin.
  • Michele told Natalie she'd rather see Jeff go at the final three.
  • Natalie admitted to Michele that she hasn't been giving 100% during comps but now will give 110%.
  • I bet she still can't win comps.
  • Michele said she'd be willing to get Kevin out next week because he went back on his word this week.
  • The hamsters can smell the smoke from the wildfires.
  • Jeff and Jordan are working to get Michele to use the veto to take Jeff off the block.
  • Jeff told Michele she'd have his vote to stay but he couldn't guarantee what Natalie and Kevin would do.
  • Like Michele is stupid enough not to save herself with the veto.
  • Wait.
  • Is she falling for it?
  • Oh my ... it seems so.
  • Or, is she just acting like she's playing along?
  • Jeff believes Kevin is targeting Natalie with the save Jeff plan and is disgusted that Kevin is betraying Natalie (as he betrayed him).
  • Then the feeds got blocked and the veto ceremony went down.
  • Michele's no fool. She saved herself.
  • Jeff and Jordan are now on the block.
  • Jordan cried.
  • Jeff and Jordan said that Casey and themselves are the only ones who came to the game to make friends. Everyone else is all about the money.
  • Um. I can make friends without being ridiculed on Internet feeds, a national television show, and mocked on message boards everywhere. Go on the show to make friends? Feh.
  • It's all about the money.
  • Now Jordan wants to quit.
  • Natalie (for once) offered good advice, telling her that's not the way to go.
  • Jordan is sure that Jeff will go this week, she'll go next.
  • I don't think so. I think Natalie and Kevin will try to get Michele out next because she's the one most likely to win a comp.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Overnight Into Monday 8/31

Yikes, they're snacking again! Not only will they gain weight, but it's really annoying listening to them chomp and chew all the time. Here are the evening's happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Oral Fixations:
  • Natalie told Kevin not to bother talking to Jeff anymore -- he's going home.
  • Jeff told Jordan that Michele was lying about everything. They think she's losing it.
  • Michele had been crying again. It's got to be rough being alone, but she's a stronger competitor than either Jordan or Natalie, for sure.
  • BB gave them alcohol again. Sheesh, I swear the show wants to create alcoholics. Who drinks booze every night?
  • Natalie said the day they entered the house, BB did her make-up for her.
  • Jordan thinks she can talk Natalie into keeping Jeff.
  • Jordan is still willing to give up her chance to win for her man Jeff.
  • Jeff and Jordan think they'll both wear black for the eviction.
  • Jeff wondered if there's more to the Pandora's Box and the key he found.
  • BB hasn't told them the money amounts or what the key means.
  • Kevin and Natalie plan to team up with Jordan after Jeff leaves.
  • After they get Michele out, they'll target Jordan and be the final two.
  • That's their plan.
  • Michele may just muck it all up. She's a very determined woman.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Through Sunday 8/30

Jordan is wearing a New York shirt. I bet she's never been to New York City. It would be a hoot to see her reactions to the city.

Basically a whole lot of nothing happened today. Here's the scoop:
  • Jeff and Jordan are pretty resigned that Jeff will go home.
  • Jeff is bitter about it and warned Jordan not to trust either Natalie or Kevin as he's sure they're playing her too.
  • Michele is much more stable and doesn't need to cry. She has the power ... until Thursday when hell starts all over again.
  • Jeff doesn't think Jordan can trust Michele either.
  • They slept a lot.
  • Kevin thinks Jeff has to go because he'd be after him (Kevin) if he stays.
  • Jordan and Kevin both think they're about the same with the jury votes.
  • Kevin thinks that Natalie has lots of jury votes.
  • They're all going to gain more weight if they keep eating and sleeping all the time.
  • Natalie and Kevin think Jeff is doing himself in with his behavior. Both talk about he could save himself. I honestly don't see either of them keeping him, do you?
  • I think they're upset that he's not sucking up to them.
  • If I were Jeff, I probably wouldn't be sucking up to them either. That way, when they stab you in the back, it's not as traumatic.
  • On a side note, there have been lots of sirens around the BB house yesterday and today.

Big Brother 11 Sunday 8/30 Show Blog Party Post

Big Brother 11 Blog Logo

The show has started here on the East Coast. This post will be updated with the major events as it airs, but the real fun is in the comments section. Everyone is welcome, bring your own snacks and beverages! Later tonight my show review will be posted on TV Squad.

Kevin wins HOH and deserves the win!

Kevin told Jeff he has to put him and Michele on the block. If he puts Michele and Jordan on the block, Jeff wins PoV, he'd have to put Natalie up and doesn't want to do that. He assured Jeff he'd be safe.

Nominations -- Key order -- Natalie, Jordan

Jeff and Michele nominated because it's strategic, not personal ... they're the two strongest players.

Survivor: Samoa Begins September 17

Although we're still very tied up with Big Brother and the live feeds, I feel I've been remiss not to mention that CBS has the new castaways on the Survivor: Samoa website.

As I have time, yet before the season starts, I'll be doing a breakdown on my thoughts of this latest group. It looks like an interesting bunch and there sure are a lot of them -- 20. Yikes! I can't help but wonder with that number if it's going to be multiples going home right in the beginning.

I'm including a video here with Jeff Probst's first impressions of the castaways. Now, keep in mind that this (supposedly) was shot in the beginning of the season and he had no clue who made it to the final two. Or three, whatever they're going to do this year.

Survivors ready?

Off Topic: That Was the Week It Was 8/30/09

Yes, it's Sunday. You know what that means -- it's time for my off topic ramble through the week in thoughts and photographs I've taken. If you're looking for Big Brother 11 news, head to the BB blog tag. If you want to take a walk with me, stay right here.

We've had yet another week of muggy and often stormy weather. Even on the days when the temperatures were fairly low, the humidity was right up there. I want it to end. I want crisp clear autumn weather ... and I want it now. Do you think that will work?

I really don't have any excitement for you. I, once again, didn't win the Mega Millions. But I did only spend a dollar on each big jackpot. I suppose that made the odds go way against me. However, I didn't want to throw away more than a dollar on it. You see, I'd never be a good one to go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas. It bothers me to throw away money.

I worked all week as I'm wont to do. My life outside the day job is still tied up with all the Big Brother doings. While I enjoy the excitement in the blog and the freelance TV Squad writings during the live feeds, I'm always ready for them to end when it comes time. More than four or five hours sleep is so welcome.

While I'm here and off topic, I want to give a shout out to Bernice of the Plainfield Plaintalker and Dan Damon of Plainfield Today and Clips. Thanks go to Bernice for bringing up my blog once again. Thanks go to Dan for adding my link to his Clips blog. You both rock! Although my own blog tends to focus on television, I always read those blogs to find out what's going on in the city around me. I find this city very interesting and a friendly place in which to live. Plainfield often seems to have a bad reputation, but it's a place where almost everyone greets me with a friendly hello when I'm walking on the sidewalk. That just doesn't happen everywhere.

Onto the photos for the week - clicking on them will open them larger in a new window:

Feral cat at the Plainfield (NJ) Train Station

He looks hefty in this photo, but he's pretty thin when he stands. This one, or one who looks like him, has been around for more than a year. I feel sorry for him, but he doesn't trust people at all.

A slice of sky

Plainfield Train Station with a double-decker in port. Um ... in track. Something like that. At least the rain stopped for a few minutes.

Is it autumn yet?

The poison ivy in Bridgewater (NJ) is starting to pick up its first hint of fall color. That is, the leaves not attacked by the poison ivy leaf gall mite.

Same bees, new flowers

The flowers the carpenter bees were on last week have passed, so they're on these now. I was taking shots as it started to rain and the bees started to come after me like it was my fault that it was raining. Eek!

Planning to overthrow democracy

I know they're up to something. Something sinister would be my guess. Bridgewater, NJ.

Moth in the wind

I haven't seen too many butterflies this year. It should be Monarch season soon. However, this yellow moth was willing to pose for me until the wind flapped its wing. That irked it and it flew away.

It IS a stinkhorn!

I was reluctant to outright declare the shot I took in last week's post as a stinkhorn mushroom as the colors weren't just right. I took this shot earlier in the week this week and the colors match the website information I found. Supposedly the tip smells like carrion. I'll take their word for it.

The stinkhorns yesterday

They droop over next. Minds, gutter ... I know.

Scott Drugs in Plainfield

I used the illustrator mode plus sepia in this photo. It's too bad they misspelled "neighborhood" on the awning, eh? I believe that's been there, misspelled as it is, since I moved to town eight years ago.

Waiting on a train

Bound Brook Train Station, New Jersey

Eek! A spider!

This little guy (maybe a half-inch) was zooming around building a web. I took dozens of shots, but in most he was just an orange/red blur. Such a busy guy ... he makes the ant look lazy.

Now defunct Telephone Building in Plainfield

I imagine at one time this building was full of Ernestines. Nowadays, the front doors are padlocked. I can't help but wonder what this town was like 70 years ago.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Dawn Sunday 8/30

They spent most of the day comatose and now they're up most the night again. Not helping matters is that BB gave them alcohol once again. In a way, the Natalie age lie keeps her from imbibing and she's often the straightest thinker on alcohol nights. Occasionally she slips and drinks, but Natalie doesn't get drunk. I think all BB hamsters should take a clue from that -- why do they go ahead and get drunk? Loose lips sink ships!

Here's the latest from that Big Brother House of Smoke and Mirrors:
  • Smoke and mirrors describes the night well. Schemes and dreams could do it, too.
  • Jordan, forgetting that she is trying to win a half million dollars to help her family as well as herself, is willing to blow it all for Jeff to stay in the game.
  • Jeff, on the other hand, doesn't want Jordan to ruin her own chances in the game. Yay, Jeff.
  • Natalie is the one most antsy trying to find out how much money the hamsters won in the Pandora Box yesterday.
  • BB ain't tellin'.
  • Jeff says he really can't trust Kevin again because he broke his word and put him on the block.
  • Jeff broke his word and put Russell on the block.
  • Jeff admits that it's a game and he got got. But he won't trust Kevin again nonetheless.
  • He shouldn't have trusted Kevin and Natalie in the first place!
  • However, Jeff still trusts Natalie, as does Jordan.
  • Ack. Fools and their money will soon part.
  • But do Natalie and Kevin dislike Michele more?
  • Jeff can't think of a scenario in which he can make it through this week.
  • Yet, there are schemes.
  • Jordan is willing to go home in his place.
  • Natalie, Kevin, and Jordan came up with a new scheme -- Kevin will "betray" Natalie. He'll get Michele to use the veto to save Jeff and promise to put Natalie in his place on the block with Michele. He will trash talk Natalie and convince her that he wants her out.
  • Then they'll vote out Michele.
  • I don't think that Michele is that dumb. I doubt she'll fall for it.
  • Michele is acting like she wants Jeff to stay. She told Kevin she wants him to stay.
  • But who can tell with her?
  • Michele knows that of the people left, Natalie would be her most likely adversary.
  • But no one is close to her in the house still ... near the end of the season and no one can really declare her as a friend.
  • Meanwhile, Jordan has really worked herself in well with Kevin and Natalie.
  • I think they'd like her in the final three, but boot her before the final two because she's too popular with everyone. No one wants her against them with the jury.
  • No one has approached Michele with the latest scheme yet.
  • They're muddled with alcohol.
  • I'm muddled with all the schemes and dreams, smoke and mirrors.
  • We'll see what happens, but I can't think of Michele pulling a Marcellas.
  • Jeff himself thinks it's pointless to try.
  • Jordan and Natalie think Jeff should flirt with Michele.
  • If Natalie and Kevin do this, one of them deserve to win ... even if they save Jeff.
  • Whether it's better for Jeff or Michele to leave for them, I don't know. Jeff is a strong player, but he's predictable. Michele is proving herself a strong player, but is very unpredictable and a lone wolf.
  • Then again, going against Michele in the final two might be a guaranteed win for anyone. Going against Jeff may be a bit trickier.
  • I just don't know.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Saturday Daytime 8/29

Scroll down.
There. That's as exciting as it gets.

I think today has been the dullest day ever in the house. Well, sometimes when they have that silly extended stay time with the final two, maybe that's worse. I'm basically posting this so you don't think I forgot about you.

Here's the latest from the Big Brother House of Snoozing Losers:
  • Jeff is dreading going to the jury house with the people he evicted and watching [bleeping] movies and [bleep].
  • Jeff doesn't want to campaign to stay because it would mean Jordan goes home.
  • We need to remind ourselves that the veto meeting hasn't happened yet.
  • But I don't see Michele pulling a Marcellas.
  • Natalie mentioned how often Michele goes to the bathroom. (I told you there's nothing happening!)
  • Jeff told Jordan that Michele has no reason to save him.
  • Kevin thinks Michele needs to go next because she's a strong player and not to be trusted.
  • If Michele is HOH and Kevin or Natalie win veto, they would get Jordan out.
  • Well, duh.
  • Natalie thinks she could beat Michele in a comp.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Jeff isn't really talking to anyone but Jordan and no one is talking to him ... but Jordan.
  • He drank an entire bottle of wine last night and probably is feeling that a bit, too.
  • They're all napping except Michele. She's staring off into space.
  • Um, okay. I must stare into space now.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn - POV - 8/29

There are aliens in the mirrors.

After a night during which the feeds were blocked a good portion, the power of veto comp is over. And, look who's wearing the necklace -- Michele. Now, all of a sudden, Natalie and Kevin are her new best friends. It was an odd evening before the feeds block. Here's how everything went down:
  • They ate together, but separately bashed each other. Kevin and Natalie bashed Michele and Jordan/Jeff dependent on occasion. Jeff and Jordan bashed Michele.
  • All in all, there are two distinct camps -- Kevin/Natalie and Jordan/Jeff. Michele is a lone wolf and no one really has her figured out. She has different tales for whomever is listening and no one really knows her at all.
  • Then came the aliens. We've seen this before. Jordan spotted one first in the mirror in the kitchen while Michele was washing dishes.
  • Jordan thought it was funny, not scary. Michele didn't quite believe her.
  • That is, until Michele went to the bathroom. When she saw the face in the mirror, she laughed and said it was amusing.
  • There was another one in the splish splash room and yet another one appeared in the HOH room as Jordan tried to tell Kevin and Natalie about them.
  • Kevin seemed to think they're a bit creepy but just about everyone else think they're funny.
  • Kevin thinks they opened Pandora's Box in the earlier not-a-luxury comp in the yard -- now evil will unleash.
  • They were told it would be a midnight PoV.
  • So there was a scurry of studying.
  • Michele and Jeff clashed. She said he called her a liar and made her look bad in the Pandora's Box.
  • He said it was because he thought she was lying.
  • Michele cried.
  • She muttered to herself that she hates him. I think the latest him is Jeff, not Russell.
  • Jeff and Jordan think Michele is going crazy and that it's funny.
  • Jeff (once again) told Jordan how important it is to focus.
  • For some odd reason, all of the others think Michele knows what's behind the Pandora's Box story and just isn't telling them.
  • They were getting clues in the Diary Room for something.
  • Jordan assured Jeff that Natalie told her the plan is to get Michele out of the house.
  • Michele told Natalie that her (Natalie) performance in the last HOH was so horrible she had to throw it. Natalie denied throwing the comp.
  • Finally, when pressured, Natalie just said, "Okay, I threw it." I think she did it to shut Michele up.
  • Then the PoV went down, so did the feeds.
  • From what they're saying, it sounds like the face morphing comp again.
  • Michele to America, "Your boyfriend is going home."
  • Michele told Natalie and Kevin that her plan all along was to take out Jeff and Jordan.
  • Michele, Kevin, and Natalie all say they have to get Jordan out of the house before the final three as she would win the jury vote over them.
  • Natalie is sure she will win HOH next week. Yeah, right.
  • Jordan told Natalie that she's willing to go home instead of Jeff this week.
  • Oh my.
  • Natalie told Jordan that if she wants her to vote her out, she will.
  • I doubt she will if she has the chance to get Jeff out.
  • Jeff found out Jordan was campaigning to leave over him and told her to stop it.
  • He told her she was the sweetest girl in the world.
  • Jeff admitted he got too cocky and said that Kevin's move to put him on the block was the right move for Kevin.
  • Jeff is sure he will be evicted this week.
  • I personally don't see any other scenario myself.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations 8/28

After a long (two hours-ish) feeds block, they're back. As Kevin indicated to both Jeff and Michele earlier ... they're both on the block.

There are no fireworks. Michele stocked the toilet tissue and Jeff is cooking.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Friday Daytime 8/28

Yes, here I am ... down here! And, here are the happenings from today inside that Big Brother House of Looney Toons:
  • It started off slow today. Apparently BB wanted them to clean house. No, I don't mean of Russell -- that was last night!
  • Nominations are today according to the plasma screen. Well, duh. I think they should know that by now.
  • Jeff plans to campaign to get Michele out.
  • Well, duh. He knows that Kevin won't put Natalie on the block. Either he or Jordan will be on the block with Michele. It's not like there are plenty of hamsters to choose from.
  • Jeff thinks he'll be backdoored this week.
  • He could very well be right.
  • Once again they have an ant problem in the kitchen. This happens every season.
  • I don't have ants in my kitchen.
  • BB called an indoor lockdown and ... surprise, surprise ...
  • ... it's not the mystery door.
  • They were told it wasn't a luxury competition.
  • But it was indeed a luxury -- money hidden all over the yard. They each gathered a bunch.
  • Of course, the feeds were blocked, so we didn't see it.
  • Kevin is talking to everyone to "see where their heads are at."
  • Natalie told Michele that she would put her up if she were head of house, but she isn't.
  • Michele thinks she for sure will be on the block.
  • I'm pretty sure she's right there.
  • Kevin told Jordan that if he does put her on the block, she isn't the target and if it's a tie, she won't go home.
  • I'm really not sure what he'll do. Getting Jeff out would be a smart move. But if Jeff wins veto, the target would go right on Kevin.
  • He's hinting to Jordan and Jeff that he wants Michele out this week.
  • But, as far as I know, both Natalie and Kevin still want to go after Jeff.
  • In a talk with Jeff, Kevin pretty much said it will be Jeff and Michele on the block.
  • Jeff says that if he (or Jordan) don't win the veto, he'll be going home.

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into Friday Dawn 8/28

This is the first time there haven't been distinct "I hate you" sides with a HOH win. No one in the house doesn't like Kevin. But that doesn't mean that everyone is necessarily thrilled to death that he won.
  • Natalie told Kevin that she wanted to win the comp to vindicate Chima and put Michele on the block. She had her speech all prepared and everything. But she calls it "vindiction." I just can't do that.
  • Then why didn't she try to win the comp?
  • Michele cried. And cried. I believe she thinks it's the beginning of her end in the house.
  • I don't know if Kevin will do Natalie's bidding, but he's often said he doesn't trust or care for Michele.
  • She probably should cry.
  • Natalie is sure she will win the next HOH. She thinks it will be a memory-based comp.
  • I'm sure she'll continue her streak of not winning.
  • Michele cried some more.
  • Natalie seemed to automatically assume she would be moving into the HOH room.
  • Kevin didn't invite her, nor did he protest her assumption.
  • Natalie, Kevin, Jeff, and Jordan sat around Russell-bashing.
  • Kevin said Michele has thrown him under the bus many times.
  • Jeff is sure that they'll put Michele on the block (probably right) and that she's the target this week (possibly not).
  • Jeff has washed his hands of Michele.
  • Kevin told Jeff and Jordan that Russell told him he had Jordan's vote to stay.
  • Now, that would have been ludicrous! He called her fat!
  • Kevin got his HOH room. He was super emotional with his letter from his partner.
  • Natalie went through his basket of goodies as if they were hers. She claims the Mike's Hard Lemonade for herself.
  • Gee, is she old enough to drink?
  • I would so love it if Kevin abandoned Natalie.
  • But I doubt he'd do that.
  • He got an Enrique CD and they're all playing up on Enrique.
  • Natalie keeps saying she wants Michele gone.
  • Jordan thinks she herself will be going home.
  • Jeff thinks he'll be backdoored.
  • Yet, no one has said anything bad about Kevin.
  • You know, Kevin is growing on me.
  • They think there will be a luxury comp today.
  • Natalie told Kevin they should stick to their original plan - get rid of Jeff.
  • Kevin thinks production likes him now and the HOH comp was made for him.
  • Kevin thinks they have to get Jeff out now before the final three round of competitions. He thinks no one would be able to beat Jeff in them.
  • I like Jeff, but I think Kevin's right.
  • They stayed up all night talking downstairs and upstairs. No brouhahas although Michele cried us a river.
  • Boy, I'd love if Kevin turned on Natalie just because she irks me and she has attached herself to power all season while doing horrible in comps.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds - HOH Comp 8/27

10:25 PM ET - Feeds finally returned. As expected, Kevin is wearing the HOH key.

10:10 PM ET - We've had a long feeds blockage (about 7 minutes). Methinks there is a winner.

10 PM ET - Natalie is beginning to remind me of one of the crypt creatures from Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video in this comp. Kevin is just about there. He is SO going to deserve the win. He's jogged for about an hour now.

9:50 PM ET: Kevin is jogging back and forth and barely slipping. Michele isn't as fast, but doing well. Jordan went down, but is back up. Natalie whined about losing her cup in the barrel and probably wanted to use that as an excuse to quit.

9:40 PM ET - Heh. Michele is the only one wiping the top of her contraption each time after pouring a cup. It must be the lab rat in her. Unless something happens, this is going to be Kevin's game to win.

9:30 PM ET - Kevin in lead, Michele second, Jordan third ... who knows what Natalie's doing. She's more interested in cheerleading Kevin and talking than doing the comp. BTW - Feeds are horrible tonight technical-wise. I lost mine and had a heck of a time reloading them.

9:09 PM ET - Feeds return ... looks like Kevin is in the lead followed by Jordan. Here's a shocker -- Natalie has the least.

As I get this posted, the feeds are still blocked. Once they're up, I'll update. But feel free to mingle, snack, and imbibe in comments while we wait.