Thursday, August 27, 2009

Big Brother 11 Live Feeds Into the Evening Wednesday 8/26

Lots of fingernail interest going on.

What? Together again?

Despite the excitement this afternoon, things have been rather dull this evening. Odd, perhaps. But dull, for sure.
  • Odd: Jeff refers to Russell and himself as "kid.' Now, I might think of them as kids at 25 and 31. But when I was 25 and later 31, I didn't think of myself or my friends as "kids." I joke about the kid inside, but I can't help but wonder what happened to the generation?
  • Michele continues to befuddle me. She's in with Jeff and Jordan, out with Russell. The next moment she's in with Russell again and he's making her dinner.
  • Russell doesn't befuddle me. He's working every angle he can to stay in the house.
  • He tried to convince Kevin that if he were to vote out Natalie, he'd be in an alliance of three (Russell, Michele, Kevin) against two (Jordan, Jeff).
  • Kevin may be scheming to get Jeff out, but I get the feeling he likes Jeff.
  • He doesn't like either Michele or Russell.
  • He's frightened of Russell.
  • Natalie, Jeff, Jordan, and Kevin gathered in the HOH room for Russell and Michele bashing.
  • None of them can read her.
  • Neither can I.
  • Nor can Russell, methinks.
  • Natalie had the gall to say that Michele didn't take a shower after one of the comps.
  • You heard me.
  • Michele reported back to Jeff that Russell thinks he has Kevin's vote.
  • She does seem a bit more at ease talking with Jeff.
  • I still can't say I can read her.
  • Now Natalie, with Kevin eating Russell's gastronomical goodies meal, is reporting to Russell everything Jeff said about Michele.
  • I'm confused. That's all for now.
  • I want Jordan to beat up Russell just for my own entertainment.

Russ is cooking for himself and Michele.

Jeff hangs out with his buddies Natalie and Kevin while Jordan is in the diary room.


Anonymous said...

Jeff is going to be leaving pretty soon. What allowed him to stay in the game so long was his stopping other houseguests dead in their track at the sound of lies--I guess he forgot this when he started listening to nathalie and kevin??? i don't care for any of them at this point.

Anonymous said...

The BB house would drive anyone crazy but I am certain this group came into the house without all of their marbles. If only they were bad actors...

Dennis said...
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joy n said...

I wouldn't count Jeff out so fast. Without Russell there, Jeff has a good chance of winning comps that require strength. He's also studying up on possible other comps that require memory. He's working for this and playing harder. Miracles happen.

Anonymous said...

Jeff will need to survive this week and he can't play for HOH.

joy n said...

But he can play for POV, which at this point is much more powerful than HOH.