Sunday, September 20, 2009

61st Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Discussion Post

I know I promised the next installment of the TAR cast. I'll be getting to that tomorrow after work. I thought I'd put up an open discussion post for the Emmy Awards tonight as many of you are sure to be watching. I really enjoy Neil Patrick Harris and I'm rooting for a Jim Parsons win! How about you? I won't be updating this post with each and every win, but invite everyone to comment on the awards show!

Sniffle. Jim Parsons didn't win. Alec Baldwin won. Argh.

Jeff Probst won for the best reality show host!

The Amazing Race won AGAIN for best reality competition show. Woohoo!

Michael Emerson won for LOST. He does do the best Ben since the rat.

30 Rock won for best comedy, Mad Men for best drama.


Laurie said...

They must be on a time delay here on the west coast, just as BB is. We don't see them until 8 pm.

Bummer. I would love to be watching them early in the evening with you!

Laurie said...

Alec Baldwin beat Jim Parsons? Now that's just wrong. Jim is great.

Glad to read Jeff won, even if he does like Horrible Russell.

Jackie said...

I wouldn't have minded if either Phil Keoghan (TAR) or Ryan Seacrest won.

sizzie said...

I was so afraid Jessica Lange would forget Drew Barrymore in the thank yous, as she kept naming people. Then she said it. I was glad. Grey Gardens was so good.

RJM in SC said...

Laurie said...
Glad to read Jeff won, even if he does like Horrible Russell.

I heard Jeff say on a Survior pre-show that he did not like mean Russel and hoped he didn't win. Has he changed his mind?

Laurie said...

According to his blog, he likes him for the show.

Jeff's Blog

monty924 said...

I only caught some early awards tonight. I was SO happy that Jon Cryer finally won for Alan on Two and a Half Men. My favorite sitcom. Well deserved and long overdue.

Love the new Vincent pics, Jackie!

Laurie said...

I am enjoying Mad Men and wouldn't have even tried it out if it weren't for blog. I'm glad it won!

Petals said...

Hey guys! I am super-excited about the Emmy wins for my shows! Mad Men deserved it, so did Bryan Cranston, and I am loving that Probst won for Survivor. NPH did a great job!

Margo said...

*****DWTS TEAMS******
Reminder that DWTS starts tonite and Jackie has a discussion post listed on the side of her main page.

Here are the teams:

Melissa Joan Hart - Becky
Louie Vito - Delee
Natalie Coughlin - Donna in FL
Aaron Carter - gaylos
Tom Delay - jennasmom
Micheal Irvin - Margo
Macy Gray - Meb
Chuck Liddell - ML
Debi Mazar - Monty924
Kelly Osbourne - Nana in NW
Kathy Ireland - Nina
Mark DacascosPDXGranny
Mya - Rbennie
Donny Osmond - Sydney
Joanna Krupa - Tessa
Ashley Hamilton - Witt

Good Luck to all - See ya tonite!


Margo said...

Hey Petals - Do you want to play in the Amazing Race pool? Your absence has been noticed. I'm glad you stopped by for a comment.


JimmyB said...

I agree Parsons is very good, but the likes of Baldwin and Sheen are tough to beat.

JimmyB said...

Oh...And I think that Bryan Cranston is one of the best actors on television. He shoulda won more from his days on Malcom.

DKNYNC said...

So glad that Kristin Chenoweth won for Pushing Daisies! She is not only incredibly talented but she is the sweetest person I've ever met. What a shame they cancelled the show - it was the most original unique thing on TV in ages.

Anonymous said...

Two things only to say about the Emmys. Neil Patrick Harris did an absolutely FABULOUS job hosting. He was so perfect. Love him.

As always I cannot stand the sight of Alec Baldwin. I have to cover my eyes every time he is on stage and NO ALEC..Mr can't come close to looking like Rob Lowe!

Amy said...

I think he did a great job at hosting the Emmys.

cha cha said...

I was sad that Jim Parsons lost but was glad to see that Grey Gardens won. The Beils were such a strange family.

Drew looked fabulous even thogh she lost out to Jessica Lange

ChicMc said...

It is too bad that Parsons didn't win, but seriously, every person in that category deserved to win.

Alec Baldwin might have an over- exposed, upsetting personal life, but he is still a good actor.IMO

It was a fun Emmys to watch, to which the credit goes in large part to Neil Patrick Harris and the rest to the quick pace of the show.

Dottie in NC said...

Jackie, how did Vincent do while you were at work today?

Jackie said...

Dottie - I have to type with a cat on my lap. But, other than that, he seems to be fine.

TV Series DVD said...

Michael Emerson won! That is great! Am a big fan of Lost!

Sydney said...

Would I be stoned (not by pot, the biblical kind of stoned) if I said I was tired of watching 30 Rock win everything every year since it's inception?

Sydney said...

Amy-- I too thought he did a great job as host.

Jackie, love hearing that the cat is on your lap... a concession to be made for the moment, no? :-) Big white rabbit feet!

Margo said...

Do you remember when the Cosby show was on and Bill Cosby won every year so he took himself off the list. I think Oprah did the same for the daytime Emmys. Maybe someday 30 Rock will do the same.

And no Sydney I don't think anyone will stone you. Maybe throw some cardboard cut out stone - not the real heavy kind. The worst you would get was a paper cut. :P


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