Sunday, November 15, 2009

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was 11/15/09

Yep, yep, yep. It's Sunday and time for my off topic look back at the week in photos and words. I'm still not used to it getting dark so early in the evenings. But I guess winter is inevitable.

This fall here has been rainier than usual, perhaps in keeping with our early summer. Since Thursday we've had a nor'easter -- the remnants of Hurricane Ida. We didn't get tons of rain here, but the wind was pretty fierce for days. The shore got hit bad. However, since I'm at least ten or so miles from the nearest shore point (and that has Staten Island as a buffer), coastal flooding didn't affect me even though my county was under a warning. If my work schedule had allowed, I would have taken photos of the surf. But in the dark, no go.

Someone asked in my last Sunday post if my political candidate won for mayor. Nope. Hopefully the sizable turnout for him might be a wake-up call for the winning incumbent. I don't know. As for the governor race, I'm glad Corzine is out. I'm not all that keen on Christie, but we'll see. Bloomberg won again in NYC, so I expect the entire Lower East Side to be made into a pedestrian mall.

Work has been pretty much the same old-same old this week. But off work has been a bit impacted by more work I took on in terms of a writing project in relationship to the TV Squad gig. It's for AOL (which is going through huge layoffs once again before the holidays actually hit). It's money for me. But it's work. Scores of 200 word bios on various television celebrities with a deadline. I hope to get ahead of things today and push a whole slew out. I'm learning more about some celebrities than I ever wanted to know.

Let's see ... what else happened this week? My optical wireless mouse died. Ack. I had to buy a new one. With the photo editing, the old mouse(s) (mice?) I have with the cord and ball just don't work well. That was my big purchase of the week if you don't count groceries and bill paying. Gosh, an uneventful week. And, until I finish the AOL project, I'll be living the hermit life for the next few weeks, too.

Onto my photos -- clicking on them will open them larger in a new window.

Speak Softly

Yeah, 'cuz I have a lot of writing to do! This is my NJ Transit train. I wish people would take heed. They shout into their cell phones (if you like your cell phone so much, why do you yell at it all the time?). They sit across aisles from each other and shout to each other. I like the morning commute better than the evening one as folks are generally quieter, no sports fans or concert attendees.

Speaking of morning commutes ...

The train has arrived. And, yeah. I'm standing back from the yellow line.

It's a hovercraft!

This isn't good quality, but I like the car with no apparent wheels. The little Corner Store in the background are the folks who delivered me things when I was homebound for my knee recovery last year. No, they don't do deliveries. But they did for me and even gave me a nice fruit basket. The donut shop next door has the most reasonable best donuts on this earth even though their "o" is drooping. Maria there is a gem!

Be considerate

Or else. I don't know. This is New Jersey. Isn't that against the reputation of the state?

Wet night at the Plainfield Train Station

I guess this one might be my shot of the week. Although it's pretty, the evening was wet, windy, and raw.

Aw, he made me smile

I walk by this house all the time yet I've never met this man before. He was decorating the tree in his yard for Christmas -- red, white, and blue garlands and lights. I didn't comment on the color scheme but mentioned his bird feeder. He told me all the different kinds of birds he's seen feeding there and the fun his family has watching them. He told me I can come back anytime to take photos of the birds on the feeder.

In speaking with him, it's obvious that he wasn't born in the USA -- perhaps the reason for the red, white, and blue color scheme. He was very pleasant and friendly. I think it says a lot for the town, its friendliness, and its diversity when I encounter folks like him. This is more towards the downtown area on East Front Street in Plainfield.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Yes, I'm dangling a cat toy for Vincent. We celebrated his two-month "birthday" this past week and our relationship grows. He's definitely a shoulder cat reminiscent of Faron in the early Peanuts comics. Faron was the boneless cat owned by Frieda (the little girl with the naturally curly red hair). If Vincent had his way, he'd spend ten hours a day draped over my shoulder. He rips apart anything cardboard like a lion feeding off an unlucky gazelle. He runs, he plays, he sometimes runs into the wall while playing. He's a nut. But I'm so glad I have him as my companion here.

Latina Jesus Ladies

They don't even bother coming near me anymore.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Eek. Plainfield put up the holiday decorations this week. This is the intersection of Watchung and North. Alas, no sightings of Roofus. But the weather really hasn't been cooperating. Roofus knows better than to be on a wet roof! I think it was probably dry only once this week when I was there in daylight.

Veterans Day flags remain

They had a small parade and a gathering for the day which I didn't attend. I would have liked to have seen the Plainfield High School Marching Band. For some reason they're not in the July 4th parade as of late. This is East Front Street in Plainfield, NJ.

My father was a WWII veteran, my grandfather was both WWI (sneaked in at 15!) and re-upped in WWII. None of my brothers ever went into the service: one conscientious objector during Vietnam, one for medical reasons, the other ended up with the number 364 in the first year of the lottery for entry during Vietnam. I didn't serve. But I respect any who have and I've lost other friends and family to wars. I salute them ... and wish we lived in a world without wars.

I just don't get this

Here in many towns (this is Plainfield), leaves are in huge piles like snowbanks taking up parking spots on the streets. Isn't that a fire hazard? Isn't that how A.J. Soprano lost his SUV? Where I've lived in the past, they didn't do this. Of course, in my few childhood southern California years, we didn't have leaf debris all over.

Watchung Avenue at night

This was last night as I was coming home from work. Although it's not really late, a lot of shops were closed up and pedestrian traffic was a bit down. I blame the weather for the latter.

Looking the other way on Watchung

Okay, more foot traffic near the bar there, as well as police activity (the bright lights in the right lane).

Billboards available

Near the main train station in Plainfield.

Looking for hidden treasure

I think the squirrels will have a good year. I've gotten bopped on the head with lots of acorns this fall.

How way your week?


Delee said...

Marvelous OT per usual...

I saw a bit on Animal Planet last night about Burmese cats. It said they are very clingy and would live around your neck if they could. One guy even had a special carrier made to attach his cat on his handlebars of his motorcycle.
When the cold winds blow having Vincent around your neck will keep you and him warm!!!

Sometimes when people are so loud on there phone I will answer a question they shout into their phone! I hate that in public I do not want to know their business.

The oaks here had tons of acorns this year. For about a month you could hear them drop on roofs.

Nice of the gentleman to invite you to take pics of the birds this winter. Hope to see some here.

We had no effect from IDA...I agree would have been fun to see the ocean and the waves from it. Atlantic City had quite a show I understand.

Anyone have the N1H1 shot yet? I scheduled a free one here for Friday. Amanda says when I was sick that it sounded like I had that so wonder if I need the shot!

meb said...

Jackie, when you can, if you can, try to get a picture of Vincent wrapped around your neck. That would be so neat to see. Maybe a picture of the two of you from a mirror. Did you ever decide that he wa a Burmese. He sure looks like one from the pictures I've seen of them, right down to the gray on his head.

Love the pix of the train station all wet and deserted. Beautiful.

YAY! I finally got over here early...couldn't beat delee tho.

Anonymous said...

always a wonderful tour through your neighborhood. as you know, im in sunny calif, farthest east ive been is ohio when i was 2. have always wanted to go to the upper east coast (sigh....)... every person on the street always has their own story and im always so curious to know. thanks for the little insight you give us. tell the gentlemen trimming his tree hello from calif!! LOL
debie in calif!!

Laurie said...

Thanks for another interesting week, Jackie. Being in southern CA and still wearing shorts and a t-shirt in November, I find your life so different and interesting.

I need one of those electronic signs above my cubicle. It would either say "speak softly" or "shut the hell up" ... depending on my mood.

See you in a few for TAR. Sorry I missed Survivor the other night. I did finally watch it yesterday and all I can say is WOW. I loved it!

Zoetawny said...

Happy Sunday!

I've given up trying to play catch up with all the past posts but I'm still here reading the most current ones.


Congrats on your photo awards! We've all known how talented you are but it's nice to see others recognize your photography talent as well. I especially love the photos of Vincent you share with us. He's one cool dude. :)

I finally watched the lastest Survivor episode. I got my hopes up for just a minute that someone would hit the target on Russell's back but I knew it wasn't going to happen, just yet. He does have some luck. Laura seems to have some good luck as well.

Is anyone going to watch "The Prisoner" tonight? I'm going to DVR it and give it a try. I have to admit my first show of choice when I don't have time to watch everything I'd like to watch is "Flash Forward". The "Mad Man" finale was awesome.

The holidays are creeping up fast and yes we do have leaves turning colors here in CA. They just don't end up on the ground all at the same time. ;) We've actually had our heater on in the mornings to take the chill off, but it's still sunny.

Well, I should be doing some house chores as it's rare for me to be home on Sunday afternoons.


Sizzie said...

I made a special trip by to see your Sunday photos and read about your week, Jackie. Thanks for doing that. Vincent is getting more beautiful every week. His coat is even changing colors a little. I can tell he is happy.

joy n said...

Love the train station in the rain especially. Something about the reflections and colors.

I guess it is harder to get any shots of Roofus this time of year and throughout the winter but hopefully you'll catch a glimpse of him occasionally or hear news of him thru your friend.

I laughed about Delee's comment about Vincent keeping you warm while he's wrapped around your neck. Any more problems with that landlord of yours and that habit may turn into a comfy necessity. LOL!!

Can't wait to read some of those celebrity bios you mentioned.

Laurie said...

Jackie, I forgot to ask this in my earlier post.

What can we, as members of the Jackie Fan Club, do to help you succeed with your writing for AOL? Do you need followers or commenters or anything like that? We are here to help if there's anything we can do!

Becky said...

Jackie, another week of beautiful pictures. You are so talented. I hope you reply to Laurie's question regarding how Jackie fans can help further your career.

Jackie said...

Delee - It's possible he's a Burmese mix -- he has a lot of the body traits. But I have no clue.

Laurie and Becky - Thank you for the offer of support. Lately all I've been doing are the Survivor and Amazing Race reviews there. I had intended on kicking it up with other posts, but then the bios bit came along. All I can ask is that you read the reviews and comment on them if you wish. With the bios, I don't even know if they're going to be credited to individual writers. I think it might be for some database. Just as well as you can't get too much into a 200 word bio!

Laurie said...

We can certainly read and comment on those reviews. We are good at expressing our views!

Michael O said...

Interesting way of looking at everyday things. Love the photos.