Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day and The Amazing Race Blog Pool Listing

Aw ... Zoetawny made Vincent into a Valentine's Day sweetie! I hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day full of love and chocolates. Of course, we'll have the real treat with the new Amazing Race. Margo and her Mom (mostly her Mom) have randomly picked the teams for the blog pool participants. I'm listing them below and I'll be posting a blog party post for the show by 8 PM ET. Let's just hope it's not delayed for sports!

Here's the news from Margo:
Adrian & Dana - Auntie Leigh, Donna in AL
Caitlin & Brent - Terry in CA, Joy N, Tessa
Carol & Brandy - Margo, Chris, Delee
Daniel & Jordan - SueGee, Lisanne, Lynn1
Jet & Cord - Rbennie, Jennasmom, Sally
Jody & Shannon - ML, Merrilee, Dusty
Joe & Heidi - PDXGranny, Txrednkgirl, RMJ
Jordan & Jeff - Rozee, Caela, Monty924
Louis & Michael - Sydney, Brent McKee, Nana in NW
Monique & Shawne - Laurie, MEB, Donna in FL
Steve & Allie - Jackie, Becky, Zoetawny

Thank you so much Zoetawny, Margo, and Margo's Mom!


Alecia said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Jordan & Jeff outside of the Big Brother game.

Delee said...

Zoetawny where does the talent end? Great graphic thank you for adding Vincent!

Sydney said...

oops, didn't see this post as I signed on in haste at 7:06 for TAR... then asked on those comments for someone to post the list, since I didn't see it on that Tar post.

Zoetawny, you've outdone yourself. Jackie, did you show Vincent what a star he is?

BTW, have you see Roofus lately?

joy n said...

Yes, great work, Zoetawny, all week long. You DO rock!

Anonymous said...

Im so excited that i made it inot the pool and for Jeff and Jordan (my favs!!)! woo hoo!!!