Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lost Geeks Discuss the Premiere

I found this video of AOL Television Lost Geeks discussing the major points of the premiere. I thought for those blog readers a bit lost about Lost might want to see it. Just click on the arrow to play the video. Be warned that it's about twelve minutes or so.

One thing I'd also mention would be a correlation to The Wizard of Oz. We know that in the first season, there were several references to Oz (like Ben claiming he was Henry Gale crashing his hot air balloon). I thought, while watching the season premiere, that the whole approach to the temple reminded me of Dorothy and her cohorts approaching the Emerald City. Plus, the music was definitely reminiscent of Oz ... as Maggie briefly mentions in the video.

Don't forget ... tonight at 8 PM ET/PT, there's a Surviving Survivor hour-long special!

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