Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lost - "Lighthouse"

I'm befuddled. I missed the first few minutes due to a late changing of channel from American Idol. Jack has a son? Maybe my mind is deteriorating with age, but I don't recall a son. This was a sideways time bit. The son's quite the classical pianist. Jack and the mother are divorced. I'm lost. Yikes! In sideways time, the ninja dude from the temple is the father of another child at the recital. Jack didn't know his son still played piano. Curiouser and curiouser.

At least Jin is saved from the jungle by Claire and Hugo is still talking to dead Jacob. Okay, I'm down with that. Claire seems a changed woman, though. The black captor claims she'll kill both him and Jin. The people at the temple told Jack "something happened to her." Claire thinks the temple people have Aaron -- her father and her friend told her so.

Jim told Claire that Kate took Aaron three years ago. Whoa. She killed the black dude with the ax anyway. My, she's gotten surly since living in the jungle, eh?

Oh ... sideways time, Jack's father left Claire Littleton something in his will. Hmmm ...

Jack told Hugo he came back to the island because he's broken. I think they all are. Hugo, directed by Jacob, led him to a lighthouse. Again with 108. Hugo was instructed by Jacob to crank the wheel in the lighthouse to 108 degrees. Oh ... names and numbers on the wheel. Sheppard is 23 degrees. He can see the house he grew up in. Jack realizes Jacob has been watching all of them for years. So he smashes the heck out of the place. Okay.

Jack "broke the lighthouse," yet Jacob says someone is still coming to the island. Jacob told Hugo that Jack has something he has to do and must figure it out himself. He also says someone bad is coming to the temple. Jin is lying to murderous Claire saying that Aaron is at the temple. So is she the bad person? Or could it be Not Locke? Eep ... she says Not Locke isn't John, that's her friend.

Curiouser and curiouser ...


meb said...

Jackie, I couldn't find this tonight until just now... it didn't come up on your regular blog spot first... and I guess I'm not the only one since there's no one here.

meb said...

Never mind... I've been looking for American Idol... and couldn't find anything. Doesn't anyone discuss AI anymore, or yet???

Anyway, I hope they get around to explaining something soon on Lost, cause obviously they are just making more questions come up.

Wow, Claire has certainly changed!
John is not John.
Jack has a son.
Hurley is a candidate?? for what?
Jin got stiches without screaming (cause I would have).
Nobody is going back to the temple.
Sayid is there alone now.
Where is Miles?
OK... I give up.

Becky said...

I came over last night and no one was here.

Meb, I agree. They seem to be piling on additional questions. I noticed all the things you observed too.

How much longer is this season?

Donna in AL said...

I will be back when I have watched the entire episode. I only saw the last part since I was helping my mama walk the hospital hallway after she did a little therapy.
Jackie, my mama has a "reverse" shoulder replacement. She had a normal replacement in 2003 but it did not hold up.
Lost is getting very disturbing. I hope it does not end up like "Life on Mars" and it's just a future time travel thing.

Becky said...

Anyone here?

Becky said...

Okay, will check back later.