Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Lost - "Dr. Linus"

The show is starting here. As it airs, I'll be jotting some quick notes in this entry. Anyone watching (or who has watched) is welcome to join in down in the comments section.

Island - Ben is running with Lapidus, Sun, Miles, etc.
Sideways - He's teaching. John Locke is a substitute, telling Ben he should be the principal (Ben should) because he cares more than the actual principal.
Island - Miles did his dead person read for Jacob and told them Linus killed him -- he was standing over hime with a bloody dagger. Eep for Ben!

Sideways - Ben is taking care of his aging father and fussing about his frustration with his career. The father said he signed up for the Dharma Initiative and how would it have been if they stayed? Hmmm.

Island - One or the other Kwon, Sun or Jin, is a candidate to replace Jacob. Ilana says six are left, her job is to protect them. Richard, no longer beaten up, directs Hurley and Jack to the temple. Lapidus told Ben he was supposed to fly Flight 815, but he overslept. Ilana shackled Ben and wants him to dig his own grave for killing Jacob.

When Hurley questioned Richard why he doesn't age, he told him Jacob gave him a gift. He says there are no survivors at the temple.

Sideways - Be thinks the principal is having an illicit affair.

Island - Ben looks worn and defeated as he digs his grave. Richard said something about killing himself after Hurley said he spoke to Jacob. He's into the old dynamite. He says he can't kill himself because Jacob touched him. He said that Jacob had a plan that he would share with him when the time is right, now he has no purpose as Jacob's dead. Jack agreed to help him, started a fuse and then "Let's talk."

Jack is right -- the dynamite keeps fizzling out, FLocke saved Ben. In sideways, Ben is blackmailing the principal. He wants his job. Principal counter blackmails -- he'll trash Alex's educational future.

Now Ben, after a tearful apology and his "I watched Alex die to save the island, I killed Jacob, must go with Locke -- he's the only one who'll have me." Now Ilana says she'll have him. Thunk.

Hurley, Jack, and Richard join the beach crew. Ohhh ... and Widmore's sub spots them and goes on by.


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. Have all your questions about Lost been resolved? LOLOLOL Did you see where Alex was one of Linus' students?

I forgot that you blogged this show now.

How is your weather? I thought we were going to have to turn on the AC today. It hit 80 degrees. Thankfully we got through the day. I think this is the longest we have gone without having to use the heater or AC.

Jackie said...

It was in the 60s. Oh ... the principal is countering Ben's blackmail by trashing Alex's education chances.

Becky said...

Thanks. It is supposed to be nice all week here. Our blue bonnets are blooming on the roadside. I hope they last through next month.

I have a group of friends coming to TX then. The flowers are beautiful.

Jackie said...

OH? Friends visiting Texas?

Becky said...

Glad you were here to keep me company. Goodnight. I am off to read until bedtime. Catch you later.

Becky said...

Yes, a wonderful group of ladies. One is bringing a laptop so we will be able to check The Week that Was. Night.

lynn1 said...

I'm watching too but I am no more enlightened about what the heck is going on than I was this time last year! LOL
I thought that Ben might be killed off in this episode and I suddenly realized if that happened I would feel sad to see his character die.
I am completely befuddled and mesmerized by this weird show.

Donna in AL said...

I love Lost and have gotten my son hooked on it too. I cannot blog and watch it. I want to pay attention to all of it.
I do not know how they will tie everything together in the end.