Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lost - "The Package"

The show is starting here. As it airs, I'll be jotting some quick notes in this entry. Anyone watching (or who has watched) is welcome to join in down in the comments section.

On the island, Sayid tells FLocke he doesn't feel anything anymore. Jin wants out from the FLocke. Whoa! Uprising with the Tina Fey gang and darts of some type. They want Jin.

FLocke wants Sun, tells her he has Jin (little does he know). Instead of going with him, she flees. Um. Okay, she trusts no one, I guess. Ben finds her and rescues her while FLocke finds his camp people attacked and Jin gone. Now she can only speak Korean again.

Tina Fey is holding Jin in the old Dharma Initiative's Room 23. "Take me to your leader." He gets a meet and greet with Charles Widmore. He tells Jin that if Locke ever gets off the island, there will be chance to reunite with Sun.

FLocke says he has to take all of the people whose names were on the wall to get off the island. Claire's name wasn't on the wall, but he needs her anyway. He wants Jin back.

FLocke met up with Widmore who knows he's not Locke.

Sideways Sayid rescued sideways Jin while he killed the men who killed his brother. Oh no, sideways Sun was accidentally shot by Jin. I'm so lost.

Ohhh... Widmore's group has Desmond!


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. I have come by a couple of times, but no one is here. I don't want to talk with myself. I will check back and see your update.

Franz said...



lynn1 said...

Darn I missed about 15 minutes of the show due to an important phone call that I had to take.
I really wonder how things can possibly be explained and what the resolution will be in the few espisodes left.
I know this is not Giligan's Island, but I have a feeling after investing a lot of time to following this show for several years I am not going to be satisfied with the outcome.