Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lost - "Happily Ever After"

I'm glad I didn't try to write about Lost while watching it last night. I can barely handle it today wide awake and alert. The episode was Desmond-centric, something I thought would be very interesting as he's one of the most intriguing characters on the show. Instead of being entitled "Happily Ever After," it might be construed as "Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places."

Most of the episode took place in the sideways world. We found out that Eloise, the mother of Daniel Farragut, is actually Charles Widmore's wife and Daniel is his son. Penny, Desmond's love, is Daniel's half-sister. Desmond, after landing from Australia on Flight 815 was assigned the task of taking Charlie (who had been arrested on the flight for his heroin possession) to do a concert for Mrs. Widmore and her loving son Daniel.

Then all kinds of love connections happened with Charlie (of all people) being the prophet. His drowning hand with "Not Penny's boat" reenacted as he forced Desmond to crash into water. Desmond began his search for true love ... for Penny. Apparently the message is that love is more important than anything else, I guess.

On the island, I was thrown into my own state of confusion by the befuddled Fiber One grocery clerk being in a position of intelligence and authority of some type. I kept expecting him to call his manager to tell them there are no nuts or twigs. Desmond was tested in a killing electromagnetic force and survived as only he could. Widmore has a mission for him. But then Sayid appeared at the end and Desmond went off with him. Oh, now I'm all Lost again! How about you?

My Watership Down theory may still be viable. There was a rabbit.


meb said...

Absolutely Jackie... everything you said, whatever you were rambling on about, cause it has totally lost me...

Seriously, I got all the bit about Eloise, and Daniel being her's and Widmore's son, and Penny his half sister, etc. etc. etc., but ??? none of it makes sense, cause we don't know whether any of that is real.

It appeared to me that somehow Widmore has erased everyone's memories, and they're getting them back a little at a time. But then what does that have to do with the Island.

and I'm still lovin' it! Thanks for posting this. I've been wanting someone to say something, just so I know I'm not the only crazy one watching!

Donna in AL said...

I got all this you said but still don't know how it all ties into the island. How come Desmond, Ben and his dad, and Sawyer in their sideways life are totally different while others are similar to what they were? Is that a clue as to their importance?
Is Widmore God, Jacob Jesus and F-Locke the devil?
Help, I'm lost on Lost...