Wednesday, June 30, 2010

'Big Brother 12' Meet the Hamsters

I just about literally got in the door from work. But I wanted to get this video posted. I have to investigate these new hamsters a bit more, write up an article for TV Squad on them and then comment more on them here over the next few days.

Hmm ... I'm not seeing a lot of age diversity at a first quick glance, are you? But Allison said she listened to what we (the fans) want!

And here is the new house ...


Catonine said...

I have been watching the bbUK and they aren't very age differentiated this year either. I think there is one older person [and by older I mean my age in my 30's lol]. Still, can't wait for summer tv!

joy n said...

The house looks better than a lot of other seasons.

Some things are sounding a bit disappointingly familiar; the havenot room, the cold shower, the sabateur thing. Hopefully, they'll have some new surprises up their sleeves for us. That double bed thing sounds interesting.

The hgs seem somewhat same old, too, as far as diversity, but then again, maybe we'll see some new personalities.

No matter what, I'll be there watching every show.

Anonymous said...

This practicing Jew guy Andrew cannot possibly be for real. As a practicing Orthodox Jew myself, I can tell you that it is 100% impossible to play big brother. Now I know he didn't use the word Orthodox, but that is clearly what he was insinuating with the term practicing, that he was either Orthodox/Conservadox or Conservative but practicing a lot of Orthodox things which is clearly why he mentioned the different dishes thing. He can't eat what the other HGs eat; he can't cook his food in their oven without double wrapping it; he needs separate dishes. He can't do loads of stuff on the sabbath from friday at sundown until saturday night. I'm pretty sure a lot of comps, I think veto, happens every saturday. On saturdays, this guy can't write or swim or do a whole host of things that would typically occur in competitions. He couldn't even being using a microphone on the sabbath either. He couldn't do the eat disgusting things competition; pigs feet, blood, wierd sea animals like oyster, clam, lobster, none of that stuff is kosher/permissible. Not to mention all sorts of ritualistic stuff like praying everyday with tefillin, making kiddish- blessing on wine on Friday nights.


Witt said...

Hey Jackie! Happy Summer!
Thanks for posting the videos of the contestants and house...can't wait to see it all unfold! I think the Jersey guy will be a target right away; not sure. The princess will have a hard time (doesn't do her own laundry???) I think. I love the law enforcement officer! Don't know if she will want to reveal that right away, but since I'd be toast the first week I probably shouldn't give advice.
I'm at a conference next week so I will miss the first night! However, the moment I return I'll be online right away to see your commentary.
Nice to be back!!
Witt :)

cha cha said...


As for the sabbath we need to remember that Kaysar every morning woke up and did his prayers every morning.

I am a reform jew.

I think he is doing this maybe for attention only? He can't follow the all the rules of judiasm in this game.

Maybe he goes to services every week and keeps kosher. It will be interesting how the BB gods portray him and also see what and when he eats food.
I really hope that the players in this game don't mess with his foods if they are kosher.

I am curious though if the only book that you can bring in the house is your bible, will he have his prayer book or book of torahs.
We have those to follow when hearing a reading from the actual torahs at the synagogue, when I go which is high holidays and when my son has to go for religous school)
I am the most reform of reform jews if you can't tell. I sighed relief when Nathan(my son) finished his torah portion at his bar mitzvah last october.

PlaidChick said...

I'm just happy the Tool isn't back.

My first thought about the orthodox jew in the house was Kaysar as well. I don't know all the rules, but it should be interesting to see what he does and how it's portrayed.

Witt said...

Plaid Chick -- you said it!!

JimmyB said...

I suppose the majority of viewers prefer the young, hottie-types. Everyone seems to be approximately the same age. I'd like to see a little more diversity; especially in age.

I'm still keeping an open mind,'ll be fun and I'm looking forward to the 1st show!

Sydney said...

what do you think Allison listened to Jackie??? That we didn't want skank, drugs and ho? The sheriff looks older by a decade, but her hair and MU are very well done.