Sunday, June 13, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - June 13, 2010

It's Sunday morning, the start of another humid and perhaps storm-laden day here in New Jersey. But, more importantly, it's time for my weekly off television topic look back on the week gone by in words and photos I've taken.

Sigh. When I was a child, I think I lived for the summer. Well, the summer, my birthday and Christmas. Although I tended to look like a lobster with sunburn all summer long, I loved it. I never sat around sunning or anything, but loved to swim and play outside.

As I've grown older, I don't like the heat. I don't like being sweaty. I definitely don't like being sunburned. I never tan. So, as you can see, I'm not all that keen on the heat and humidity we're in right now. We did have a few gorgeous days this week with temperatures in the 70s, dry and sunny. I liked those days. All of summer should be like that!

In my local area, there was a heated city council primary election going on. I'm just an innocent bystander to a lot of the local politics here. However, I probably see and know a lot more than I than I actually would ever talk about. I'm so not a political activist type person. That said, I want to congratulate blog reader Rebecca Williams on her win.

I just couldn't come out and say during the campaign period that I first "met" her on this blog due to her interest in the Big Brother show. Hopefully she'll have time in her busy schedule to keep up with the show this summer! I think, if elected, she'd do well in the new position and know that she's dedicated, honest and intelligent. Yay, Rebecca! Her own personal blog is a fascinating read.

Even closer to home, otherwise known as my apartment building, there have been noted improvements with the bank running the operation and the receivership appointed for us. First, apparently the extermination worked. Vincent no longer stares at the radiator. I know he loved catching mice, but I really never liked Wild Kingdom going on in my living room. Plus, I was very worried he'd actually eat one and get ill. He's back to paying more attention to his toys.

Second, the elevator is working again! Yes! I came home with a ton of groceries and didn't have to lug them up the stairs! Not only that, but it's working more smoothly and better than it has in years. It no longer provides a rather jolting ride and the door closes once again after you get out. That's the way it should be working -- the last few years, the door would sit open until someone pushed the button on another floor.

Third, I finally know that my security deposit does indeed exist and has been transferred to a different bank. Connolly never did that right and I should have exercised my right to use it for rent at one point or another because I never received my interest payments and such. Now that a bank owns the building again, I received a W9 form to fill out and notification from TD Bank (hello, Regis!) exactly how much is there and the interest rate. I was very worried that my security deposit would have been squandered by him or "lost" in the shuffle.

I still don't know anything about whether I'll be living here come fall or not. Since that whole foreclosure went down right around the time I should have gotten my lease renewal, I never got the renewal form this year. I don't think they'd want me out as I'm a good tenant, not destructive, no complaints about me, never pay my rent late, quiet, etc.

I've lived in this apartment for nine years. I like the town, the location, the neighborhood, most of my neighbors, the access to public transportation and stores, the elevator, laundry room in the basement and all. I'd rather not move. I guess I'll see. I can't make arrangements to have the other knee replacement done until I'm sure I won't have to move in the middle of recovery.

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window:


I'm sure he's just watching for humans to swoop down upon.

I Met a Cat

Sigh. I believe this cat is "owned" by the people who live in the house. But it saddens me to see pets allowed to roam on busy city streets. When I was a child, I thought the life expectancy of a cat was only two years because they kept getting hit by cars and suffering other injuries due to roaming about freely. East Front Street, Plainfield.

A Tainted Sun

Well, maybe tinted at the very least. This is the view of the upcoming sunset as seen out the train window on my way home from work last night. Hazy, humid and even tinted by the slightly darkened train windows, it seemed almost other-worldly.


Has there been a horrible accident? Is it a BEAR? (Since NJ freaks out so much about them, I always look for a good bear to shoot with my camera.) I sneak up, sneak up and ...

... he runs!

You know, it's hard to sneak up on a chipmunk! Bridgewater Train Station.

Plainfield Train Station

Obviously, I edited this shot. I left the guy and signal lights in color, making the background black and white and "posterized." On a fashion note -- if I wore pants like that, people would probably point and giggle. Well, they may point and giggle anyway, but I'm talking pants here. That style is almost as bad as "pants on the ground."


Growing wild at the Plainfield Train Station until they mow the grass once again.

Deadly Nightshade has gone berries on us

I guess these are what you're not supposed to eat. East Third Street, Plainfield.

HEY! How 'bout ME?

Huh? As I was shooting the deadly nightshade on East Third Street, I heard someone yelling to me. Um. Okay. I shot him. I don't know who he is, never saw him before. He's wearing a jacket (and shorts) when it's hot and humid out. He wanted his picture taken. I obliged. In back of him is the embankment up to the railroad tracks. It was all a bit odd. But he moved along after I shot him. (So I must not have seriously wounded him, eh?)

Piñatas over produce

Hmm. In the Supremo Supermarket in Plainfield, they now have piñatas hanging all over looking down on the produce department. Cool. I was tempted to pick up a yucca root and test 'em.

Who you gonna call?

I don't think you could even call GhostBusters on most of the public pay phones in Plainfield. This particular one on East Front Street has had a broken receiver for more than a couple years. Most either have receivers in this shape or the phone has been removed completely, just leaving the shell. I guess it's because, with the prolific use of cell phones and increased vandalism, it's just not a money making business. I edited this shot to make it look a bit more like an illustration than a photo.

In the early morning rain

"You can't jump a jet plane
Like you can a freight train
So I best be on my way
In the early morning rain" - Gordon Lightfoot

Not all that far from the freight train tracks, I had to be on my to work in the early morning rain in Bridgewater, NJ.

Also in the rain that morning

Mickey D Tea is for the birds

East Second Street in Plainfield.


I edited this one to leave the reflection of trees in one window in color, the rest black and white. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Tiger Lily

Berckman Street, Plainfield.


"Will you turn off that air conditioner and open this window, please?"

How was your week?


Delee said...

Glad to know that your deposit is lurking some where! Also that your apt building is receiving someone's attention to fix items.

Love the flower photos, keep them coming.

I was wishing I had placed the AC in my window last night. Detest muggy nights and trying to sleep. Guess that is my chore today. Does not take long but I have other things to do.

I am currently scrubbing my deck to remove all the green slimy junk that builds up over the years and waterproofing it. Can only to a little at a time and have about 1/3left to do. Really hard on arms and knees.

The poor kitty, I can not understand people who have pets and let them roam under dangerous conditions. Then the wonder why they do not come home at night. How can they say they love them, is beyond me!

Less than a month to BB----YEAH!

Sally said...

The elevator is fixed! The elevator is fixed! I think I'd be doing a happy dance every time I approached the building. And it's good to know that your security deposit is accounted for and earning interest for you.

I totally agree that people shouldn't let their cats roam--too many dangers from animals, traffic, chemicals and unfriendly people. Cats can adjust to life indoors, even if they're lived outdoors before. We have a leash law here, so it's illegal to let cats roam, but I frequently have some neighborhood cat visit my cats through the windows.

Chicory has pretty flowers and your rainy flower photos are really neat. I'm with Delee--keep them coming.

Ike Diamonds said...

The indoor/outdoor cat debate is pretty simple when you look at the life expectancy. Indoor cats live nearly twice as long.

Jennasmom said...

Hi, Jackie! Great photos -- as usual!

I've been without a computer for a bit -- now having to share one with hubby. Not getting much time online, as he needs it for work. Told him I'll need one by myself with BB starts in a few weeks! Or he can forget work! Haha!

meb said...

Hey Jackie... I've been missing in action, but finally back. No excuses. Just being lazy I guess.

I tape so many of the shows now because I've been reading more, so I rarely blog in real time.

Love the pictures as usual. Glad you've got some good news about the apartment, and hope it gets bought by a reputable firm or individual who will do the upkeep.

Can't wait for BB.

Petals said...

Sooo Excited about Big Brother!
And Vincent is precious.