Sunday, June 20, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - June 20, 2010

It's Sunday morning, time for my weekly off TV topic reflection on the week gone by ... in both words and photographs I've taken. It's also Fathers Day. So, if there are any fathers out there reading this, have a good one! I often wonder how my father would react to today's world. He died young when I was very young. He always told me I was his favorite daughter. I have three siblings, all brothers. Heh. He was a good Dad, worked too hard, and has been gone from my life longer than he was in it. I still miss him.

In other news, I don't have much other news. It's been one of those weeks in which I work, eat, sleep, then do it all over again. Sometimes I shake up the eat and sleep order just to liven things up. Vincent is well. I bought him some catnip mice to replace the now gone mice in the wall. It's just not the same for him. But I sleep a lot easier knowing that I don't have to worry about mice in the apartment, nor blood on the duvet.

My elevator is still working, yay! It's such a relief not to trudge up the stairs with groceries and such. After all, the elevator was one of the reasons I went for this apartment so many years back. That and the laundry room in the basement.

Plainfield is still having shooting incidents, gang woes, and now a (probably) gang-related murder on the other side of town. Unfortunately, people outside of the town basically hear about the crimes in town. I find it one of the friendliest places I've ever lived. People say hello (or howyadoin') as you pass, folks stop and chat, teenagers hold doors open for me.

No, I wouldn't wander around on foot in the wee hours of the morning. However, there aren't many places I do that these days. Maybe Manhattan if I miss the last train to New Jersey. But there's always people around there. I feel safe enough in my own neighborhood to take trash out at odd hours if the whim hits. True, this warfare between gangs has to stop.

But Plainfield is a lot more than just crime -- a lot of decent, hardworking, and even some wealthy folks live here. Heck, actor Dudley Moore lived his last few years and died here (not due to gang violence) and Judy Blume penned books here. We won't even go into the George Clinton and P-Funk! ;-)

Onto this week's photographs ... clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window.

Not blooming yet

While the sunflowers on the left are taller than the man on the right (or they were when he walked near them), no sunflowers yet. I'm watching! East Front Street, Plainfield.

Bunny in da 'hood, bunny in da 'hood

This is next door to next door from me. It used to be a church-related private school's playground. However, it shut down and eventually all the playground equipment was removed ... probably a liability as the neighborhood children liked to play there after the school vanished. The church is still there and I don't miss screaming children at recess and lunch periods.

East Front Street flowers

The planters in Plainfield are full of pretty flowers.


He knows I took his photo. He's probably going to hunt me down, sting me, and kill me. I'm deathly allergic to bees. Actually, these bees aren't overly excitable. They're not all that interested in humans.

Hubba hubba!

Probably someone's husband husband. But I can man watch from across the tracks, can't I? Plainfield Train Station.

Quiet late spring morning

East Third Street in Plainfield. I messed a bit with the editing to make it look a bit more like an illustration -- more noticeable when you view the larger size.

Mad World

All around me are familiar faces
Worn out places, worn out faces
Bright and early for their daily races
Going nowhere, going nowhere
-- "Mad World" by Tears For Fears

On an NJ Transit train, Raritan Valley Line. I edited it to leave only the window in color.

Master of His Domain

East Front Street, Plainfield.

In which I risk my life for the shot

Now, THESE are ornery! I don't know if he's a wasp, a hornet, or a cicada killer. I didn't ask.

What about George?

This is the cemetery in back of the Friends Meeting House (Quakers) in Plainfield, along Church Street. They dug a trench along the fence for a stretch of fifteen feet. I think they're just a bit too close to George for comfort!

Gravedigger, when you dig my grave
Could you make it shallow
So that I can feel the rain, Gravedigger.
-- "Gravedigger" by Dave Matthews

I hope George wasn't shallow!

Now they're ordering Chinese take-out and littering!

I tell you ... those birds are plotting against us. Even worse, I think this was chicken. That's creepy cannibalism, isn't it? East Front Street in Plainfield. I hate litter and this meal looks like it was barely touched!

Rapunzel, stay out!

Nope! No tresses here! I'm always aghast when folks PAY for signs with misspellings. There isn't just one, but two with this same spelling on either side of the entrance to ScottWay Townhomes off of East Front Street. Of course, I may be misspelling "ScottWay." But, if I were making a sign, I'd check the spelling first!


Shouldn't be parked on the street without paying the meter, but there is a license plate in the window. Front and back bumpers might help, too. Outside of Custom Underground on East Fourth Street, Plainfield with the Plainfield Train Station in the background.


I don't know what it is, but I don't think he did all the damages to those leaves.

Where Plainfield Auto Body WAS

They even swept the lot, ripped the windows out, put in new, put up a new fence, stuck two chairs and two planters out. But no one seems to be in there, per se. I edited this to make it look a bit more like an illustration. East Fourth Street, Plainfield.

And then there were two

Blue chairs in sea of grays. Yeah, I messed more with it.

Carved in stone

The stairway leading to the westbound platform at the Plainfield Train Station. I don't use it, but I always think it's kind of neat.


I don't know for sure what they are. I won't eat them. I prefer to be sure of my berries!

Too Much Catnip

I woke Vincent up from a nap and it looks like he's hungover!

How was your week?


Anonymous said...

Jackie....those are red raspberries, google(image) to check for yourself. Mmmmmm very delish! There are also black raspberries (deep purple) looks the same except for color. Equally good.

~~Silk said...

Second the raspberries. If they pull off easily with just a touch, leaving a hollow in the middle of the berry, you can be sure. Best eaten warm right off the bush, no washing necessary (unless they've been sprayed or something).

(If you have to tug to pick them, they're not quite ripe enough yet.)

Delee said...

That is a hornet. Bumblebees rarely sting but they can.

If they turn black then they are blackberries, stay red raspberries. Starry and I eat some b-berries every morning, they are growing wild below my shed.

Plainfield is not the only place with out of control violence. Chester PA is setting a 9p to 6a curfew because of many killings in the last week. I to rarely venture out after dark, just in my yard to take Starry out. Alas I live in a safe place, just not a night owl too much anymore.

WV is unwar weird

Becky said...

Hey, Jackie. Long time without checking in. I pulled a Jackie and took a spill that put me out of commission for a while with a concussion and then the aftermath. The computer hurt my eyes so I stayed off for a while. But I am BAAAAAACK. Well, for a few days. Then I am off on a trip. Loved the pictures.... especially the one of Vincent. I am watching Leverage. Will check and see if you have a link set up for it. Take care.

Sally said...

You woke Vincent up from a nap? Haven't you heard that old adage about letting sleeping cats lie?

Interesting photos again this week. And I always like it when you match them up with song lyrics.

Donna in AL said...

The wild blackberries and dewberries look like that right now before they get ripe here in my area. My grandmother would always make blackberry cobblers and blackberry jam with them.

Delee, are you sure that is not a yellow jacket? Our HS mascot was a hornet and it just has one white stripe.

The purple flowers are beautiful and look like one of my favorite bedding plants: petunia.

I have tried catnip on my Fluffy but he could care less! He is especially no caring for anything now that he has had his summer haircut!

Can't wait til July 8th and BB!
Thanks for all you do for us, Jackie!! Have a great week!

TerryinCA said...

loved the pictures Jackie, and yes Vincent does look a bit hungover....bless him.

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