Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Saturday Daytime, July 31

Hayden went from this to ...

... solitary confinement with bread and slop.

The majority of today was a snoozefest on the live feeds. That is, until the POV competition (which, of course, we couldn't see):
  • BB woke them up early once again -- around 8 AM their time.
  • That would be oversleeping for me, but I'm not in the house.
  • I miss Evel Dick getting up very early and talking to the Internet. I wish one of this crew did that. I'd like them solely for the effort!
  • Right now I'm not really liking anyone in the house all that much. It's weird not to have a favorite to cheer on.
  • Rachel told Kathy that if she (Kathy) wins POV and pulls either Kristen or Hayden off, she'll consider it a personal attack.
  • But, she's not threatening her. Oh, not much!
  • Kathy ran to Kristen to tell her what Rachel said. Kathy went on to say that if she wins, she'll take Kristen off just so American gets to see the look on Rachel's face.
  • Now, that could be fun!
  • But it's not meant to be.
  • Rachel told Brendon that Kathy didn't agree to not use the POV if she should win it. She also said Kathy was never friends with Kristen until this week.
  • That's basically true. Kathy usually follows the power. I think she didn't do that this week because Rachel's been acting so off the hook since winning HOH. Cathy knows the rest of the house is against Rachel.
  • Britney told Matt and Ragan that she gets free health insurance because she's 1/16th Native American.
  • Say what? I ought to collect on that! I have more Native American in me than that! And, I look as Native American as Britney does ...!
  • They did the POV pick with the feeds blocked -- Britney, Ragan and Enzo. Brendon is the host. I can see it now ... "Heeeyyy, I pick ... BRENDON! [teeheeteehee]"
  • Rachel is still ticked that Kristen kept putting her up every time in the HOH comp.
  • Rachel thinks that she and Brendon could get Lane into an alliance with them.
  • Brendon doesn't trust Lane.
  • Enzo thinks the worst case scenario would be if Kristen wins POV and saves herself -- they don't want two Brigade members on the block!
  • Matt told Hayden that he thinks America must be voting on something this week (coup d'etat, America's Player, etc.) as we're not voting on what goes with the slop.
  • Hmm ... maybe he is a super-genius!
  • I don't think I would have made the connection.
  • Kathy told Kristen and Hayden she would be willing to be put up as a replacement and go home herself so that they can stay.
  • I don't think Rachel would buy that one. She really wants Kristen out.
  • Finally, at about 2:40 PM their time, the feeds were cut for the POV comp.
  • About 5:15, the feeds return and Britney won the POV.
  • About time she won something! I think the girl knows the game very well and I'd like to see her play it better.
  • There were prizes in the POV comp, some not so good.
  • Enzo won a television, Rachel won $5,000, Ragan won some sort of Veto pass (possibly enables him to compete in a veto comp when not chosen? I'm not sure), Hayden has 24 hour solitary confinement in the Have Not room with bread, water and cold slop, Kristen has to wear a "hippie" unitard.
  • Kathy and Kristen are trying to figure a way to have Britney use the veto to save her (Kristen) and then Kathy goes up.
  • Ain't gonna work.
  • Britney doesn't like Kristen and the move wouldn't really help her in the game.
  • There's no guarantee that Rachel would put up Kathy in her place.
  • Kristen thinks she's going home.
  • I think so, too.

Eye centipedes, a scourge worse than bedbugs.

Matt took his duckies and pirate flag with him to keep by his bed.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Bulletin - POV July 31

The feeds were here briefly, now bubbles again. Kristen did NOT win POV. More as soon as I know ...

Enzo didn't win as he told Britney two people he likes are on the block and he can't do anything about it. Rachel herself doesn't look happy. Will update this post soon. Britney won the POV.

A full report on the day's events will be posted a bit later tonight.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Saturday Dawn - July 31

Brendon deserves an award for his patience. Either that or a kick in the butt for going all sappy over a woman who definitely has enough issues to have her own magazine. After the nominations, he spent HOURS trying to calm her down and get her to discuss things with him before she does them, tell him what she's planning to say. She doesn't seem to get that he's right -- her game affects his game at this point.

Here's what happened in that Big Brother House of Fool in Love:
  • As Brendon and Rachel had their never-ending talk, the mood was lighter elsewhere.
  • At one point, Britney balked because Matt and Enzo called her "Casper."
  • Enzo claimed it's because she's so friendly, as did Matt.
  • Enzo, proving he actually does have a vocabulary, said that she must be thinking of another connotation -- perhaps skin pigmentation.
  • Nah, that wasn't it, the guys said. It's friendly ... why, it's even part of Casper's name ... the friendly ghost!
  • Maybe you had to be there. But it was better than the Brendon/Rachel soap opera.
  • Kristen told Hayden that they need to play up to Rachel and Brendon, then stab 'em in the back. One needs to get off the block, with Kathy going up.
  • Rachel, at the request of Brendon, gave Hayden and Kristen a half-hearted apology claiming it wasn't personal.
  • Hayden wouldn't even look at her, "Okay. Whatever."
  • So that didn't work too well, did it?
  • After a lockdown, they went out to the yard to find a giant crudely-built pinball kind of thing sans any lights and buzzers.
  • It's apparently so they can practice for PoV.
  • It's Matt's 30th birthday today (Saturday).
  • They all spent time practicing the game.
  • Kathy cleaned the kitchen.
  • Britney complained about how cold it is there. Where is that hot California weather?
  • Obviously, it dispersed to the East Coast.
  • Britney is still disappointed that her red team didn't win in the luxury comp.
  • Enzo is still looking forward to seeing the movie. They don't know what the movie is yet. I just keep thinking how BB tends towards the Will Ferrell genre of stupidity.
  • No offense to Will Ferrell fans, of course. Just sayin'
  • Kristen and Hayden talked about being put up on the block for just cuddling and kissing.
  • That is about as far as they have seemed to have gone.
  • Not as innocent as Jeff and Jordan, yet not as sordid as Brendon and Rachel.
  • Brendon thinks Matt is only really loyal to Ragan.
  • Surprisingly, the Brigade is still a secret.
  • Now, if they could up their performance in comps, they might have something.
  • Hayden and Kristen decided to chill their relationship in the house for the good of both of their games.
  • Kathy told Hayden and Kristen that she's willing to leave the house because she can't stand being in it with Brendon and Rachel.
  • Kathy pulled the Good People Card talking to the Internet about how Rachel deserves nothing because she slept with men on "dates."
  • I say Rachel deserves nothing outside of good psychiatric care because she's such a needy-manic so-and-so.
  • Rachel and Brendon made out, had sex, whatever. I'm so tired of them hogging the feeds!
  • All are asleep as I post this.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Bulletin - Nominations

Brendon is upset that Rachel is challenging people to come after them. He says she's made herself the villain and he feels he's fighting a losing side with her.

Kristen and Hayden are on the block, not unexpected.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Friday Daytime, July 30

There's a new sheriff in town. Suspecting that cop Kathy was getting between her and her man, Rachel kidnapped Kathy and stashed her in Howie's old jack shack. That will teach the evil cougar for going after her boy toy!

Okay, I lie. I'm sorry.

Here are today's happenings from that Big Brother House of a Shrewd Shrew:
  • BB woke up the hamsters early, approximately 7:30 AM their time. They were told to get ready for a game.
  • A game which didn't start for hours and hours. Heehee.
  • While waiting, Rachel and Brendon had another tiff. I just don't understand her. All he was doing was to try to give her the advice to calm down and make more of an attempt to be friendly to others.
  • She cut him off at every sentence accusing him of not being on her side.
  • @@
  • Afterwards, Ragan had practically the same talk with her and she bought it from him.
  • Apparently any instance in which Brendon doesn't think she was 100% right or perfect, he's not caring about her and being mean to her.
  • That gal has problems.
  • Kathy told the others that she's been shot, but not in the line of duty. She said she can't talk about it. Hmm ...
  • After she calmed down some, Rachel decided she should call people to the HOH room to discuss things before she makes the nominations.
  • Hayden was first. Now, this kid seems really worried. He distanced himself, his decisions, and his votes from Kristen's in the talk.
  • Hayden, unlike Rachel, said he's more concerned with his own safety in the house.
  • He also said he can't speak for Kristen.
  • Hayden told Brendon and Rachel that "someone" -- later decided by Brendon to be Matt -- told him that Brendon said a "strong couple" dropped out of the surfing comp early and should go on the block.
  • Hayden never admitted who said it.
  • And I don't remember.
  • Rachel told Hayden that she likes him and really doesn't want to put him up on the block.
  • But she doesn't say she WON'T put him up.
  • Then the comp/game/whatever started and the feeds were blocked.
  • When the feeds returned, they had on striped prison pants, orange shirts with numbers and Brendon had a green skinny headband. Hayden had the same headband doohickey. Teams, I assume. Rachel had a badge.
  • Enzo won a movie, Britney and Matt lost that by five seconds.
  • Brendon and Enzo were on the same team in the comp.
  • Enzo buttered up both Brendon (saying he always wanted to be on his team in comps) and Rachel (saying that Kristen is going about things all wrong and should take it upon herself to go talk to Rachel to clear the air).
  • Who says he's dumb?
  • Rachel isn't telling anyone she talks to that they are or aren't going on the block. Ragan, her confidant when Brendon is so mean to her, is surely safe.
  • In her talk with Rachel, Kathy denied being a floater but admitted to having continual problems with the comps.
  • Kathy told Brendon and Rachel she loves them.
  • Gag.
  • Lane also sucked up to them in his talk with them.
  • Don't they realize that everyone, except perhaps Kristen, is just going to tell them what they want to hear?
  • Rachel told Britney that she has no idea who she'll be putting on the block.
  • I think Kristen is still a sure bet and she's just undecided on the second one.
  • Kristen told Kathy that she finds it hard to pretend to like someone when she doesn't.
  • Obviously, Kristen doesn't work in the corporate world, huh?
  • Kristen talked with Rachel. She told her that Rachel was never her target until she rubbed the HOH in her face.
  • Rachel told her she gets feisty when someone tries to mess with her and her man. Oh geez.
  • Kristen said she never had any intentions to come between them.
  • Super @@
  • Although fairly calm, they both went back and forth (and back and forth again) saying the same things and neither is really giving in and accepting the other as their long lost friend from Toledo.
  • They do both agree that they don't want to fight anymore.
  • Rats. I like a good cat fight screaming match. Meow.
  • Sometime tonight, Rachel needs to make her nominations.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn, Friday July 30

Rachel reads the letter from her sister.
It was mostly about dogs.

Lots of fake cheers and excitement over Rachel's HOH room.

After the initial brouhaha after the live show (blocked to the feeds), things haven't been too exciting or volatile in the house. Rats. I want cat fights! I want fisticuffs! I want warnings from the Big Brother voice! Notice that the live feeds advertisements no longer say 24/7. It's because they block them too much. The blocking was weird last night -- we had audio with bubbles a lot. The bubbles are this year's chicken cam, spider cam, fish cam ... take your pick.

Here's what went down in the Big Brother House of Rachel RULZ OMG OMG!!!!!111:
  • Above, of course, is my own imitation of Rachel when she won HOH.
  • They ate. We're talking steak, burgers, pizza ... anything they could get their hands on.
  • Enzo's probably going to have more gastronomical difficulties after chowing down.
  • He is worried about fat and calories, though.
  • Kristen didn't want to see Rachel's HOH room. Kathy told her not to sink to Rachel's level.
  • Hayden is sure Rachel will nominate him and Kristen.
  • I think so, too.
  • Rachel keeps telling the floaters to grab their life vests. But I still think she'll go after Hayden and Kristen.
  • Hayden told Rachel that he would put up floaters if he won HOH.
  • He lied. He would definitely put Rachel and Brendon up now.
  • Hayden and Kristen consoled each other. Aw, ain't that sweet!
  • Ragan said the diary room told him they'll have a "game" tomorrow (today).
  • It can't be food, maybe luxury.
  • Kristen told Rachel to stop smirking at her.
  • Rachel denied it and told Kristen to stop making up drama.
  • Meow.
  • Brendon told Rachel that he's going to cut her off from the alcohol if she can't control her emotions.
  • Like that's going to happen, eh? Rachel loves her alcohol. She might be willing to give up the money winnings for her boytoy, but she's not going to give up her alcohol.
  • HOH reveal and Kristen didn't come up. Everyone else overacted their excitement a bit.
  • Ragan told Rachel that he trusts Kristen. Oh my.
  • Rachel told Ragan that she already apologized to Kristen and Kristen wouldn't accept her apologies.
  • Battle lines have been drawn.
  • Enzo tried to tell Hayden that Kristen is bad for the Brigade.
  • Brendon thinks they should stick with Matt until the end.
  • So, Matt's super-genius plan worked? Only because Brendon and Rachel are looking for any friends they can find in the house and are fools about it!
  • Kathy denies being a floater.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.
  • I stand corrected. BB just woke them up and told them to get ready.
  • Ready for what, I don't know.

Who wants to bet this couple won't last outside the house?

Britney is doing so much better in the house without Monet.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Since Eviction, July 29

It's poetry in motion
She turned her tender eyes to me
As deep as any ocean
As sweet as any harmony
Mmm - but she blinded me with science
"She blinded me with science!"
And failed me in biology
-- "She Blinded Me With Science" by Thomas Dolby

I begrudgingly admit that Rachel can play the game well, especially when her back's to the wall. That doesn't mean I like her. She thinks she's a Janelle and she's not. I wasn't a huge huge Janelle fan, but Rachel is foul-mouthed, jumped into bed with Brendon within days of meeting and wants to control who can even speak to her man. I don't like. But she's the new HoH. Sigh.

Here's what's gone down in that Big Brother house of Misguided Misfits since the live show:
  • Rachel and Brendon's new kick is "This one's for Andrew!" Um, how does Rachel's goodbye message fit in here?
  • She's saying it more than Brendon. Can you say two-faced? I thought you could.
  • Rachel is still all hyper and excited.
  • Brendon tried to calm her down.
  • Before the feeds returned, we seem to have missed a fight. Brendon apologized to Hayden.
  • Kathy told Hayden that "people like that have no morals and just want the heat off of them." She also went on about people whose strategy is to lie, lie, lie.
  • I have no clue.
  • And I'm not lying about that.
  • Hayden went to talk to Rachel. It was long, it was boring, it didn't accomplish much.
  • Rachel still despises Kristen, but likes Hayden. She also said she's leaning about putting them both on the block but hasn't made up her mind.
  • She keeps going on about Kristen putting her up in the HOH comp every single time she could.
  • But she's hurt more that Hayden pitted Brendon and her (Rachel) against each other when he said he wouldn't put them up.
  • What? He said he wouldn't put them on the block! She isn't computing the difference.
  • They didn't scream. They didn't fight. But now Hayden's one scared Animal.
  • Hayden told Rachel that every single person in the house would have put Brendon and her on the block.
  • Brendon tried to apologize to Kristen for the fight we missed.
  • Apology not accepted.
  • Matt told Ragan he didn't feel safe. Yeah, sure.
  • Rachel told Hayden that Kristen wasn't even her target until she said she was gunning for them.
  • Brendon doesn't want Rachel to put Hayden on the block.
  • Brendon and Rachel think Matt and Ragan are on their side.
  • They're not, but I'm sure they'll let them go on thinking that.
  • Kristen is as mad at Rachel as Rachel is at her.
  • I need a cat fight. Meow meow.
  • Rachel tried to apologize (at Brendon's urging) to Kristen.
  • Bwahaha! Like that will work! Kristen isn't buying it at all.
  • Britney said that Andrew's swearing in his speech will cost more than his stipend in FCC fines.
  • Rachel is worried about how many times she swore on the live show.
  • It won't keep her from swearing on the live feeds!
  • Enzo thinks Julie Chen has a crush on him.
  • Maybe Andrew wasn't so off-base with the intelligence talk (or lack thereof) regarding Enzo.
  • That's it for now.
  • Meow.

Product placement

By tomorrow night, those nails will be down to the quick.

Project Runway Talk - Season 8

The show begins tonight and here's your discussion post! I'll gussie it all up a bit later.

Big Brother 12 - Live Eviction Show Blog Party - July 29

big brother,jackiestvblog

The show is about to start on the East Coast. As it airs here, I'll update this post with the major events. Later on, I'll be writing up my full review of the show for TV Squad. Everyone is welcome to party, er ... hang out in comments and share your thoughts!

The vote:
Kristen --> Andrew
Rachel --> Andrew
Britney --> Andrew
Commercial break
Enzo --> Andrew
Brendon --> Andrew
Lane --> Andrew
Hayden --> Andrew
Ragan --> Andrew (Institutionalize and evict)

Andrew is gone.

Rachel is the new HOH.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn, Thursday July 29

"I'll cry. I'll cry, cry, cry ... 96 tears ..."
- a nod to Question Mark and the Mysterians

A new showmance? Say it ain't so!

Okay, it ain't so on the romance. It is so on the Andrew crying scene although that's changed, too. Here's the scoop from last night in that Big Brother House of Manic Andrew and the Ship of Fools:
  • First, not really in the house, my review of last night's show is up on TV Squad. Give it a like on Facebook! :-)
  • Andrew cried about his inevitable exit all because Matt made him a pawn.
  • Enzo has been having severe constipation problems due to the two weeks of slop and its related extras.
  • While the others made dinner, Enzo begged for ExLax and went into graphic details of his woes.
  • Andrew contemplated eating as they can't penalize him anyway as he's surely going out the door.
  • Rachel talked about dates with rich men, going off to Hawaii or Aspen with them, then dumping them.
  • Britney knew those kind of dates but her dates tend more towards The Olive Garden.
  • Kristen does not have dates like Rachel.
  • I hope that Britney and Kristen's dating history is more the norm. I'm just glad I'm not in the dating scene.
  • Rachel claims she doesn't sleep with those dates.
  • Suuure.
  • Enzo finally went. And went, and went.
  • Britney told Lane that she would go after Kristen next week, not Rachel and Brendon.
  • Lane told her the rest of the house would be angry at her if she did that.
  • Rachel would like liquor. Some things never change.
  • When Matt asked Lane why he shaves his arms, Lane said that's what Texans do -- wrestle in back yards, shave each other's arms, and carry guns.
  • I thought New Jersey had bad representation this season. I stand corrected.
  • Lane lied to Enzo, telling him that if she wins, Britney will put Brendon and Rachel on the block. Hmmm ...
  • Andrew called a big house meeting, but unlike Rachel's previous meeting, there were no fireworks.
  • He apologized to Brendon and Rachel for saying he'll target them, apologized to Kristen for yelling at her, then cried and told everyone how much he loves them.
  • Then he went to his Have Not room to pray and cry some more.
  • 96 tears is probably a low estimate.
  • Later he would turn into Happy Smiley Boy. His manic behavior is starting to get me on edge.
  • The hamsters think he's way too volatile and unpredictable to keep. They're probably right.
  • But Kathy is boring. As a viewer, I find Andrew more entertaining.
  • Ragan wants to protest a day longer on slop than other week's.
  • Brendon suggested a strongly worded letter.
  • I can't help but think I might like Brendon if he wasn't glued to Rachel.
  • Enzo thinks his fan base had to increase with The Amazing Enzo shown on the POV show. Meow meow.
  • They're all asleep as I post this. I don't really expect things to change today -- it still looks almost unanimous for an Andrew exit.

Karma, karma, karma chameleon

At least Matt didn't wear the funky pajamas all evening.

Bayonne's best ... not saying much about Bayonne, eh? Well, he is better than the last BB hamster from Bayonne, the expelled Justin from season two.

Eww! Eww!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Episode 9 Blog Party - July 28

big brother,jackiestvblog

The show is about to start here on the East Coast. As it airs, I'll post important updates in this entry. But the real fun is in the comments section. Everyone is invited to join in with your thoughts! Later tonight (or, worst case scenario, early in the morning), my full show review will be posted over on TV Squad.

Lane's the first out in POV. Matt is out. Kathy is out. Brendon and Andrew tied at 2 points. Rachel none. Three points to win. Brendon won POV - house will be taken over by Brenchal.

Brendon didn't use the POV to save anyone as Rachel would go up.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Wednesday Daytime, July 28

Finally, some action in the house.

Enough action as to bring a tear to Andrew's eye. But, it was his fault. He started it.

Here's the skinny:
  • Not long after they got up this morning, Andrew went to the bathroom where Kristen was and said, "You two are playing me like a fiddle." He walked out.
  • Matt, in the kitchen heard it.
  • Andrew and Kristen went on to have a confrontation in the bedroom. She is TICKED.
  • He claims that she's been there for Kathy and doesn't care about him.
  • She said that she told both of them when they went on the block that she'd be there for them.
  • She also said that she would specifically be there to console Kathy this week as she thought she needed her.
  • Then she said Kathy came to her and Andrew never did.
  • Andrew said he shouldn't have to come to her, she should come to him to console him.
  • Andrew said that he has nobody in the house.
  • Kristen said that Kathy didn't either and came to her -- had he come to her, she would be just as sympathetic with him.
  • Andrew doesn't understand, doesn't think he should have to go to anyone, they should come to him.
  • Andrew claimed his "you two" comment wasn't aimed at her.
  • Kristen and Kathy were the only ones in the room at the time. Hence, they believe the "you two" comment must have been aimed at them.
  • Everyone thinks that Andrew is on the edge and is digging his own grave.
  • He is, but many of them threw their shovels of dirt on the grave long before his body was laid to rest.
  • Kristen is obviously no longer the Invisible Hamster. Andrew's behavior has placed her on the front lines.
  • Andrew cried in the Have Not room, alone again, naturally.
  • Andrew told Kathy that he has no one and can't go to Brendon because he said he's after him.
  • Enzo, Lane, and Ragan all have said they're voting Andrew out. Kristen is definitely voting him out with her buddy Hayden sure to follow suit. Britney doesn't like either Andrew or Kathy but has said she's voting Andrew out. Rachel has said all along that she wants to vote out Andrew over Kathy.
  • Now, after the latest, even Brendon is talking about how he can't support his reasoning to keep Andrew in the house.
  • Oh my ... will this be another unanimous vote? It could be!
  • Kathy, perhaps eager to jump in on a rather safe deal, told Kristen that Andrew's been going around saying Kristen is running the house.
  • Say what? I haven't heard him say that and it has no basis.
  • Andrew told Ragan he loves and respects Brendon and his game.
  • Brendon tried to console Andrew a bit and suggested he apologize to Kristen.
  • Kathy told Enzo that Brendon flat-out told her he isn't voting to keep her because he doesn't feel he can control her actions.
  • Does that mean he feels he can control Andrew? Hmmm ... maybe it's time for Brendon to do some damage control, eh?
  • Enzo said that Andrew's getting desperate and will do anything for sympathy.
  • Andrew went into the kitchen and cried some more while eating his baby food.
  • Matt got his HOH camera and snapped a shot of miserable Andrew with his baby food.
  • That's about it for now.
  • At least Rachel and Britney aren't crying and Andrew doesn't dab his eyes carefully to keep his make-up from running.

The reason some men shave their heads.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds - Into Wednesday Dawn, July 28

How cold is it in Los Angeles these days? If they were on the East Coast, they'd stay inside with air conditioning instead of bundling up with jackets and throws!

We need drama in the house. I've said it before, I'll probably say it again. Yet my words fall on deaf production ears. Maybe it's because I'm not supposed to talk about production, I don't know. Here are the latest non-happenings from that Big Brother House of Monotonous Miscast Misfits:
  • BB yelled at the boys for trying to burn a lime with a magnifying glass in the yard.
  • They threw apples around the yard.
  • They made a football out of aluminum foil.
  • Matt and Kathy said they think Rachel would voluntarily quit if Brendon got evicted.
  • I don't think she would.
  • Andrew doesn't seem to realize that he's not just the pawn anymore, but the target.
  • Hayden burned his toe with the magnifying glass. Maybe he should focus it on his hair and get rid of some of that!
  • BB took away Britney's hoodie because it had a trademarked logo on it. They're very restricted in that regard -- anything with logos needs permission or, better yet, advertising dollars thrown the BB way.
  • Brendon said he'll have a prenuptial agreement before marriage as he's been burnt before. Rachel vehemently is against it. But not enough for interesting drama.
  • They talked about how they couldn't believe the fights and drama past seasons.
  • They don't seem to realize that watching a houseful of hamsters who get along is BORING and that they're most likely the most boring group ever cast in the show.
  • For being so much "in love lust," Brendon and Rachel certainly have a lot of arguments. I think they might be starting to realize they jumped into this way too quickly and for all the wrong reasons.
  • But maybe not.
  • They (Brendon and Rachel) are still divided on the vote. As such, they'll virtually have NO vote and it will be up to the rest of the house.
  • The rest of the house is planning to vote Andrew out at this time. They still want Kathy out, but Andrew is more of a priority for them right now.
  • Matt cut Enzo's hair. Enzo said it was better than Rachel's haircutting efforts.
  • Rachel and Britney trashed Kristen and Kathy while they took a bath in the HOH tub.
  • Britney is upset that people think she's lived a privileged life just because she's been places on vacation.
  • Both talked about working up to three jobs if needed to pay the bills and having to support themselves.
  • They don't think that people who complain about the lack of money (Kathy, Kristen) need sympathy on the show -- they could be out working earning money instead of being on a reality show.
  • OMG -- I actually agree with them there. I'm SO tired of people on these shows saying how much the need the money and how poor they are. I didn't ever think I'd agree with Britney and Rachel, but there you go. If folks NEED money so badly, they should be out WORKING (yes, it it takes two or three jobs -- I've done it myself over the years) instead of being on reality shows.
  • There. I said it.
  • That said, I'm not sure where Rachel's VIP cocktail waitress position falls in the world of working for a living, but ...!
  • The guys played pool.
  • BB - take that pool table away, please!
  • Britney told Matt that Kristen would be Rachel's target if she won HOH.
  • Ragan thinks a double eviction is coming up soon. I'd say in about two weeks -- sometime mid-August.
  • Enzo has a lot of gas from the BB slop and baby food. He all but admitted to Britney that he cheated last week as a Have Not. There has been no penalty for that. However, I haven't seen him cheating this week.
  • Ragan talked to the live feeds crowd while alone in the hammock before bed.
  • He said that if he plans to throw the HOH this week (which he's leaning toward), he will wear a long-sleeved navy blue shirt.
  • Oh goody, now we have some suspense for the live show. Thank you, Ragan. Please talk to us more.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds - Tuesday Daytime July 27

Andrew makes faces at his bok choy.
He might be better off cooking it.

Seriously, something must be done to liven this house up. I'm talking seriously. Really. Here's the big scoop of the day from that Big Brother House Blatant Boredom:
  • BB didn't wake them up until 9 AM their time today.
  • Rachel made French toast for the Haves. Brendon questioned why she put sugar in it and said it wasn't needed as the syrup already had sugar. Brendon can't have the French toast anyway.
  • I wonder why she put sugar in it, too.
  • They talked about iPads and Twilight. Yawn.
  • Brendon and Rachel kissed for a change.
  • They talked about college.
  • Someone made a mess in/on the HOH toilet. Matt suspects Enzo.
  • Yeah, probably.
  • Brendon and Rachel argued more about the vote. He still wants to keep Andrew, she wants to keep Kathy.
  • Rachel, "Are you dating him or what?"
  • Oh my.
  • Andrew misplaced his yarmulke (or, as Rachel calls it, his "Yom Kippur")
  • He found it. There was no conspiracy.
  • They've napped and lazed around.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into the Dawn, Tuesday July 27

I wonder if BB got Matt's PJ's from a costume shop.

I keep expecting the unexpected but BB just isn't delivering it. Oh, I long for the days of a Cappy showdown or an Evel Dick brouhaha. Although there are definite sides in the house, these folks just aren't lively --- and they get along too well, even the "enemies." Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of The Problem with Pawns:
  • It really looks like Andrew's speech during the PoV ceremony might have sealed his fate. I don't know exactly what was said, but most of the house is pro-Kathy now.
  • Brendon and Rachel can't agree on the vote. Trouble in paradise, eh? Their votes will likely cancel each other out. Not a good thing for power players in the house.
  • Lane thinks that Hayden doesn't have a personality and possesses a dry sense of humor.
  • I'm not all that into Hayden, but contend that if he indeed has a dry sense of humor, he has a personality.
  • Hayden does seem a bit boring. Maybe it's because I can't see his eyes.
  • Britney mentioned that she's been on a lot of cruises, Hayden's been on none.
  • I've never been on a cruise. I've been on whale-watching and deep sea fishing boats, but I guess it's not the same.
  • Lane agreed with Ragan about keeping Kathy this week.
  • Lane claims it will be Brendon and Rachel's fault if Andrew leaves this week.
  • Huh? Especially if their votes cancel each other out! I guess he means it's because of the Rachel/Brendon/Andrew connection.
  • Kristen told Matt for sure she'll be voting for Andrew to go.
  • They talked about how BB is editing them. Matt says that the show is portraying Enzo as total Jersey guy and capitalizing on the popularity of The Jersey Shore.
  • He does have a point there.
  • Britney is on her Hayden/Kristen being brother/sister kick still. She said that Kristen told her that her parents named all the children with "en" at the end of their names.
  • Meanwhile, watching and listening to Hayden and Kristen shows they're no way brother and sister. If it's some kind of surprise reveal, they're going to be horrified at their actions.
  • Britney thinks Andrew has eaten some non-kosher items. Don't ask me ... unless it's something blatant, I don't know.
  • Enzo doesn't think he's anyone's target. He's basically right although he doesn't realize that he's considered a bit sketchy by Brendon and Rachel.
  • Matt thinks it will be an 8-0 vote to evict Andrew. Maybe, possibly a 7-1 if Rachel sticks to her guns.
  • Looks like Captain Kosher is piloting a sinking ship.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Monday Into the Evening, July 26

Another day in that Big Brother house of Poor Casting:
  • Brendon and Rachel are the early birds this season, once again getting up before BB wakes them up.
  • They've noticed that Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Kristen hang out a lot together and are thinking there may be an alliance there.
  • They don't seem to think Matt is a part of it.
  • I actually think Matt is the loose card of the alliance and the Brigade would do better with Kristen in his place.
  • Brendon and Rachel are worried about Enzo and don't trust Britney. Um, okay.
  • Enzo is really on a "get rid of Andrew this week" trip as opposed to his earlier "get rid of Kathy" trip.
  • They went on an outdoor lockdown in prep for the PoV ceremony.
  • Bam, no feeds for the ceremony!
  • The nominations remain the same as we expected. Brendon couldn't use the PoV or Rachel would go on the block (supposedly).
  • Apparently Andrew said something about Matt being in cahoots with Brendon and Rachel.
  • Oh my. Andrew should have remained quiet. This might be enough to change up the vote and give him the boot.
  • Matt told Andrew he liked the speech. Andrew told him that if he stays he won't be gunning for him.
  • Andrew knows Matt indeed has alliances.
  • Ragan said the PoV meeting was the weirdest ever and Andrew made him laugh with his speech.
  • Hayden said he thinks Andrew's speech was all an act.
  • Kristen told Matt that, since the speech, she decided to vote out Andrew. She said Rachel's weird reaction to it makes her think he's in with them (B/R).
  • Britney agrees with Kristen.
  • This speech seems worth the watch Wednesday!
  • Matt claims that he's worried who Kathy would nominate if she won HOH.
  • That's just silly.
  • Kathy is the least likely to win any comp on the show.
  • I think Matt's working both sides of the house ... still. His only allegiance is to himself and his fake-disease wife.
  • Kristen, Hayden, Britney and Enzo seem to be solid votes to boot Andrew. Lane is a maybe.
  • Unless something big happens, Ragan is going to vote to evict Andrew.
  • I think Andrew got himself in hot water.
  • And it's all because Matt put him up as a pawn and didn't nominate EITHER of the ones they all claim are the targets.
  • Super Genius strikes again.
  • It seems like Brendon and Rachel still might be a split vote on this one. She wants to get rid of Andrew and he doesn't.
  • We'll see.

Jeff Schroeder Kicks Off His 'Around the World For Free' Run

I think this one's going to be interesting to follow --

Do note that he's still with Jordan. Now, that's one showmance I actually enjoyed watching unlike Rachel and Brendon. The website for his travels is here.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Monday Dawn, July 26

"Don't we have any [bleeping] face cream?"

Things still aren't all that exciting on the feeds, but there has been one noteworthy development -- Enzo and Lane now think that Andrew should go. They want to convince Matt, Hayden and company to keep Kathy. They think Andrew is a more dangerous player (he is) and it's best to get rid of him over the less powerful player. Well, duh.
  • Other than that, it was pretty much same old same old. At one point Enzo said they were entertainment and Ragan scoffed at the idea.
  • Brendon and Rachel's relationship is still creeping me out. I'm SO tired of seeing them on the screen. I think Allison Grodner likes this stuff, but I certainly don't.
  • Britney sans Monet is really doing well with the others. I actually like her now.
  • Britney and Enzo really seem to click -- NOT like Brendon and Rachel, mind you. Their discussions are fun. She loves to pick on his accent.
  • The one thing that really caught my interest other than the change in tides towards keeping Kathy was a fairly long talk Britney, Kathy, Enzo and Lane had on their hometowns and diversity (or lack thereof).
  • They each seem to live in their own sheltered worlds, even Enzo who likes to come across as so worldly.
  • Britney's high school didn't have enough kids for a football team so they had to combine with the junior high school.
  • Britney, "Integration and diversity were never a problem because there was no diversity. Everybody is white."
  • Enzo, though hailing from an almost opposite situation, was in awe at tales of the country.
  • It's weird, I know. But I thought the conversation was interesting because it shows that America is so huge and each area of the country is distinctively unique, yet in the end ... we're all Americans, despite the accents and surroundings. I know friends from England were amazed at how big the country really is.
  • I'm glad I've lived in many different settings from rural to urban -- it seems this crew on the show really knows nothing other than their own little worlds.

Matt has some funky pajamas.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Sunday Live Feeds, July 25

Nothing to see here today, move along. I'm just about serious. The hamsters do absolutely nothing gameworthy on Sundays. BB definitely has to do something to switch things up some.

Here are a few bits and pieces:
  • Brendon and Rachel made out.
  • Brendon and Rachel told each other how much they care for each other.
  • Brendon and Rachel sucked face.
  • Kathy campaigned and threw Rachel under the bus.
  • With Brendon holding PoV, that does Kathy no good. She's up against Andrew, not Rachel.
  • They laid around in the sun.
  • They played pool.
  • They played in the pool.
  • Kristen told Hayden that if she gets HOH, she wants Rachel out.
  • You go girl.
  • Brendon showed his ignorance of the game by saying that he thinks the next HOH comp will be endurance, too.
  • They don't ever have endurance HOH comps back to back.
  • Kathy's getting desperate.
  • It ain't gonna help.
  • That's that.

Big Brother 12 - Episode 8 Blog Party Post

big brother,jackiestvblog

The show is actually starting on time here on the East Coast once again! As it airs, I'll post important updates in this entry. But the real fun is in the comments section. Everyone is invited to join in with your thoughts! Later tonight (or, worst case scenario, early in the morning), my full show review will be posted over on TV Squad.

HOH is down to Matt, Ragan and Andrew. Down to Ragan and Matt. Matt wins HOH. Matt put up Andrew and Kathy.

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning, July 25

Meow Meow

Wait just a second, I think my cat wants me to get him some food. Oh. It's just Enzo. I guess if someone has to represent a stereotypical New Jerseyan, he's better than the Jersey Shore bunch. He can be entertaining, at least.

Here's what happened in that Big Brother House of Odd Bedfellows into the dawn:
  • Brendon winning POV forced Ragan into a quandary. He likes both Andrew and Kathy, wants neither to leave. Kathy told him to just do what he thinks is right.
  • Lane is ready to go to a normal bar.
  • Rachel probably would be happy anywhere there's alcohol, bar none.
  • Enzo told Brendon that he's still a bit upset that the five people (Haves) jumped so early in the HOH comp. I think he's more upset that he wasn't one of them!
  • Kathy and Andrew are both telling people to vote the way they think is right.
  • I'm sure come Thursday one of them will think people voted wrong.
  • Rachel told Kathy she has her vote to stay.
  • Kathy thinks Andrew has alliances in the house and will get the votes.
  • I think she's right. Brendon and Rachel aren't two peas in a pod on this one. Rachel doesn't like Andrew (thinks he was mean to her) and Brendon does.
  • The Brigade is also more Andrew-friendly as they think Kathy is an extension of Brendon and Rachel.
  • But Brendon doesn't dare take either Andrew or Kathy off the block because Rachel would go up.
  • Kathy is sure she's on the block solely because she was the second vote against Matt last week.
  • That has very little to do with it, methinks.
  • Rachel point-blank asked Andrew if he hated her. He didn't answer.
  • How do you answer a question like that anyway?
  • Because of some rock music heard somewhere from the CBS lot, the hamsters had to go on indoor lockdown.
  • Rachel told Brendon and Ragan that she wants to play the game like Janelle.
  • Fat chance there.
  • Enzo cut the sleeves off of yet another shirt. Oh, more mandanas!
  • They played a flippy cup drinking game even though some had to drink water or juice instead of alcohol.
  • Kathy campaigned both Enzo and Lane for votes. Neither really committed to anything, although there may be some hope for her with Lane.
  • But I think he'll stick with the Brigade vote even if he'd rather keep her over Andrew. Later the two guys complained about Kathy cornering people and putting them on the spot.
  • They think their drinking game was good TV for Showtime.
  • Yeah, right. A real brouhaha would have been more entertaining!
  • Eek! Kristen ate a recently deceased spider on a dare! She didn't even fry it up or anything.
  • Rachel told Kathy and Britney that Hayden is having a showmance with Kristen.
  • Britney doesn't believe it. She still thinks Hayden and Kristen are twins, brother and sister.
  • Rachel told Kathy she doesn't control Brendon's vote.
  • In other words, chances are that Rachel and Brendon's votes are going to cancel each other out and the Brigade will have the ruling numbers.
  • Enzo is still on the BB Conspiracy Theory with Brendon and Rachel -- they've played every POV! Um, well ... the first week they had to because they were on the block!
  • Enzo told Matt that Britney told him that Monet told her that Hayden and Kristen have a relationship outside the house.
  • Whatever! I'm just tired of seeing showmances in bed and all over each other.
  • The Brigade wants to vote to keep Andrew. They think if Andrew wins HOH, he'd go after Rachel instead of them.
  • I say, "Maybe, maybe not." Andrew has had some whispering sessions with Brendon. I'm not so sure he's not really on the side of Blinded Me With Science.
  • The Brigade feels they need to keep one of their own members in power with HOH. The time may come that they need to put up their own on the block, but they need to make sure they have the numbers to keep them.
  • Despite the fact that the alliance can be a bit laughable at times, no one seems onto the Brigade at all.
  • It's a shame they didn't come up with a better name.
  • They're all asleep as I get this posted.

Matt in a hat

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - July 25, 2010

It's Sunday morning (well, actually really really late Saturday night) and it's time for my regular off topic glance back at the week gone by in words and photographs I've taken. Big Brother live feeds coverage will return later this morning.

This summer is SO not a good one for me in the weather department. I'm one of those people who can take the cold much better than the heat. With heat wave after heat wave and 35 days so far this summer being over 90 degrees (usually coupled with high humidity levels), it's beyond horrible. Thankfully I do have air conditioning at home, as well as enough means to pay the bill to stay relatively comfortable indoors. Alas, I do have to go outdoors daily. Case in point, I should be a hermit or a recluse ... something to that effect.

I won't be going out heading work this week because I'm on STAYCATION! Of course, I'll be doing writing work with the BB season on. But, it's different if I WANT to go out to the store, etc. I can choose the time I go, like early in the morning or in the early evening.

Let's see ... what else was there besides work and heat this past week?

I feel compelled to mention in my town's (Plainfield, NJ) budget crisis, they sent the animal control folks packing. I have a police scanner and heard a heart-wrenching call earlier this week. A puppy had been hit by a car. A police officer called in that the dog was in bad shape and he had the juvenile (16 years old) puppy owner with him. The teen's parents weren't available.

When the officer requested animal control, he was advised that they'd come from Newark with an estimated time of an hour and a fee of $100. The officer requested they try something closer -- Newark is about 18 miles away and it was rush hour with NYC commuter traffic. He was told the town only has a contract with Newark. The officer started flagging cars down trying to get someone to bring the dog to the local animal hospital (about a ten minute drive). No one would do it. The officer requested permission to take the juvenile and dog there himself. Denied. Someone must have stepped in because the officer, after a phone call, did just that.

This had to be a nightmare for the officer, the puppy and its owner. I would think there had to be other fat which could have been lopped off the budget leaving the two part-time animal control people in place. There have been, though not recently, situations with rabid animals in town. There's a proliferation of tough dogs in town, many who seem to run free. Deer wander into town. Newark ain't gonna cut it, contract or not. Our ambulance situation is even worse. Sigh.

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window:

I keep seeing dead people

Scarf lady has a new friend. I read in the paper that NJ Transit is experimenting with quiet cars on one train line. Those would be rail cars where cell phones, screaming kids, loud talkers, etc., aren't welcome. I want that on my line. In the mornings it's not too bad, but sometimes the cell phone idiots (who do you talk LOUDLY to at 7:00 AM?) drive me up the wall.

Coming home is another matter. The sports fans are usually obnoxious and NJ Transit feeds into it by allowing them to drink alcohol on the trains. The other evening there was a woman in front of me LOUDLY talking on a cell phone in Hindi, a man behind me LOUDLY talking on a cell phone in Spanish, across the aisle another man yelled at his cell phone in English, two seats away someone was watching a soap opera on some sort of device with no headphones, a child old enough to be able to behave in public wasn't and his mother was ignoring him, I could also hear someone's iPod and know they'll be deaf in another few years if I can hear it six seats away.

I end up putting on my own not-an-iPod just to drown out all the noise around me. No, my not-an-iPod can't be heard by anyone but me. PLEASE, NJT -- quiet cars on all the lines! No, not all the cars are quiet, just a few on each train.

Uh-oh. Am I the only one left in the world?

It's like the old Twilight Zone episode in which the man wanted to be alone and got his wish. This is my early (Monday) walk to the train. Once I round the corner, there will be people again ... I think. East Front and Church Street, Plainfield.

Kind of, sort of

I went from blogging to um ... well ... a blogging job. AOL/TV Squad hired me due to my earlier blogging days.


I'm going to document the epic fail of this house number. I edited this shot to leave some in color, some in black & white. North Street.

Here comes the sun(flower)

A sunflower is ready to burst through on East Front Street.

It's the bee's knees!

Or, the yellow jackets' domain. As this nest gets bigger, it's going to be interesting to watch it from the back. Bridgewater, NJ.

New Jersey Transit, "The Way to Go"

Two very different NJT buses stop near the NJT Railroad overpass. The first bus is the style which makes Manhattan runs. The seats are fairly comfy with more legroom than on Greyhound (or its ilk) buses. The second bus is one which makes small local runs like to the Metuchen train station and such. It rattles and the seats aren't lush like the first bus.

At five o'clock it's much too crowded
Much too crowded, so crowded - "Expressway to Your Heart" by The Soul Survivors

You aren't in Kansas anymore

To be more exact, you aren't in Roselle. Why was a fire engine from three towns away going lights and siren through Plainfield? A Fanwood (adjacent town) one also went screaming through, but my camera wasn't ready for that one. This was Tuesday early evening, corner of Watchung and East 4th. When I got home, I turned on the scanner and heard there was some sort of fire scene on North Avenue, but it never hit the local papers or local bloggers. Our ambulances are cut, but the fire department is still manned pretty well. What's up?

Do not disturb any further

I can't believe it! Someone actually tried to load the yellow jacket nest honor box with papers! That must have been quite the surprise for them, eh? It dislodged the two dead soldiers stuck in the plexiglass flap a bit, but the nest seems to be still in action. Now they're mad. I didn't get real close.

Vroom Vroom

No, it's not that brand of car. But it sounds like that! I had a Vroom for my bicycle when I was young -- a thing which made engine noises. It was better than attaching playing cards with a clothespin to hit the wheel spokes. Anyone remember the Vroom? East Fourth Street, Plainfield, outside of Custom Underground, edited for the black and white/color effect.

Bat without a belfry

Yes, it's a bat sleeping way up high in Bridgewater, NJ. There used to be a lot of bats, but the population has taken an incredible hit with white nose syndrome. I'm always happy to see these little guys ... unless one is in my apartment, that is. They're fascinating creatures and kill bugs which annoy me a lot more than bats!

Chicory thrives

Due to the lack of rain, the grass looks more like kindling than grass in most places and even the leaves on trees are turning brown and falling. But the chicory grows wild all around the Plainfield Train Station.

A tri-shroom!

I noticed this growing in front of the main post office in Plainfield. It's HUGE.

Baked by the next morning

This is the very next day. They're bigger in diameter, but flattened.

I can't seem to find a sunflower without a bumblebee attached

East Front Street, Plainfield.

It's a sunflower jungle

Other parts of town might be an asphalt jungle, but it's sunny here. The walkway at my sunflower site. They're as tall as previous years, but the flowers aren't as big and the plants themselves are less lush. I blame the heat and lack of rain.

Storm clouds move in

This was at the corner of Watchung Avenue and East Fourth. It only sprinkled a bit, though. Many heavy-duty storms hit north of us, but very little rain right here.

Life is bare, gloom and misery everywhere
Stormy weather, just can't get my poor old self together
I'm weary all the time, the time, so weary all of the time
- "Stormy Weather" as sung by Ella Fitzgerald or Billie Holiday (take your pick)

Early morning skies

And it's hot once again. Taken from the Plainfield Train Station at about 6:30 AM Monday.

I will close my eyes each time you take a shot

Vincent didn't want to cooperate with the camera. He's not asleep. He's just closing his eyes every time I hit the button on my camera. Silly kitty.

How was your week?