Saturday, July 31, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Saturday Daytime, July 31

Hayden went from this to ...

... solitary confinement with bread and slop.

The majority of today was a snoozefest on the live feeds. That is, until the POV competition (which, of course, we couldn't see):
  • BB woke them up early once again -- around 8 AM their time.
  • That would be oversleeping for me, but I'm not in the house.
  • I miss Evel Dick getting up very early and talking to the Internet. I wish one of this crew did that. I'd like them solely for the effort!
  • Right now I'm not really liking anyone in the house all that much. It's weird not to have a favorite to cheer on.
  • Rachel told Kathy that if she (Kathy) wins POV and pulls either Kristen or Hayden off, she'll consider it a personal attack.
  • But, she's not threatening her. Oh, not much!
  • Kathy ran to Kristen to tell her what Rachel said. Kathy went on to say that if she wins, she'll take Kristen off just so American gets to see the look on Rachel's face.
  • Now, that could be fun!
  • But it's not meant to be.
  • Rachel told Brendon that Kathy didn't agree to not use the POV if she should win it. She also said Kathy was never friends with Kristen until this week.
  • That's basically true. Kathy usually follows the power. I think she didn't do that this week because Rachel's been acting so off the hook since winning HOH. Cathy knows the rest of the house is against Rachel.
  • Britney told Matt and Ragan that she gets free health insurance because she's 1/16th Native American.
  • Say what? I ought to collect on that! I have more Native American in me than that! And, I look as Native American as Britney does ...!
  • They did the POV pick with the feeds blocked -- Britney, Ragan and Enzo. Brendon is the host. I can see it now ... "Heeeyyy, I pick ... BRENDON! [teeheeteehee]"
  • Rachel is still ticked that Kristen kept putting her up every time in the HOH comp.
  • Rachel thinks that she and Brendon could get Lane into an alliance with them.
  • Brendon doesn't trust Lane.
  • Enzo thinks the worst case scenario would be if Kristen wins POV and saves herself -- they don't want two Brigade members on the block!
  • Matt told Hayden that he thinks America must be voting on something this week (coup d'etat, America's Player, etc.) as we're not voting on what goes with the slop.
  • Hmm ... maybe he is a super-genius!
  • I don't think I would have made the connection.
  • Kathy told Kristen and Hayden she would be willing to be put up as a replacement and go home herself so that they can stay.
  • I don't think Rachel would buy that one. She really wants Kristen out.
  • Finally, at about 2:40 PM their time, the feeds were cut for the POV comp.
  • About 5:15, the feeds return and Britney won the POV.
  • About time she won something! I think the girl knows the game very well and I'd like to see her play it better.
  • There were prizes in the POV comp, some not so good.
  • Enzo won a television, Rachel won $5,000, Ragan won some sort of Veto pass (possibly enables him to compete in a veto comp when not chosen? I'm not sure), Hayden has 24 hour solitary confinement in the Have Not room with bread, water and cold slop, Kristen has to wear a "hippie" unitard.
  • Kathy and Kristen are trying to figure a way to have Britney use the veto to save her (Kristen) and then Kathy goes up.
  • Ain't gonna work.
  • Britney doesn't like Kristen and the move wouldn't really help her in the game.
  • There's no guarantee that Rachel would put up Kathy in her place.
  • Kristen thinks she's going home.
  • I think so, too.

Eye centipedes, a scourge worse than bedbugs.

Matt took his duckies and pirate flag with him to keep by his bed.


Laurie said...

Okay, those eyelashes really are scary!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Kristen and Hayden are laying on the floor in front of the door to the HN room, putting their fingers under the door so they can hold finger tips.

It's just creepy and pathetic, imho.

Laurie said...

FA, I have to agree.

Nina said...

So who r we all voting to be the saboteur? I picked Brendon.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Earlier when Kathy and Kristen were trying to strategize, they pulled out the "we're the GOOD people, we don't lie" (meaning, Kathy, Kristen and Hayden).

Really? But they flat out denied there was any showmance, and now they're acting like lovesick puppies with one in prison. Oh yeah, no showmance AND no lies.

Right. Once someone on this show pulls out the sanctimonious holier-than-thou card, they make my shitlist for good.

Laurie said...

Nina, I think Brendan is a good choice for the saboteur. Best part would be keeping it secret from his girlfriend. Wait, can he get between Rachel and her man that way?

ML said...

No Laurie, but WE CAN!

Atticus said...

Laurie, Brendan has been my choice for that very reason,,
to get between him and Rachel,,lol

spikenola said...

I heard that Jesse was going back into the house as the saboteur.

Anonymous said...

so, they are talking about how much alcohol they have in the house. Ratchel got some, didn't she? She probably drank it all the first night she was back in the HOH room. Poor Hayden has to sit by himself while they toast Matt in the other room? Why don't they do it by the door?

Nina said...

I just realized I lose in the pool at the same time last year. Ronnie was my person last year and this year I have Kristen. Not that I care too much about Kristen but I woudn't mind seeing Hayden leave instead. Kristen ought to try campaigning and at least argue the point that Hayden is more dangerous than she is.

JimmyB said...

Nina--That would be a fair argument (Keep Kristen over Hayden). She hasn't proven herself to be any kind of threat; and that should be what someone does--campaign to stay in no matter what. We need to see some "game play".

RBennie said...

It really disturbs me that Kristen is all for the plan of Kathy sacrificing herself to save Kristen. What a friend she is. I'm not bothering to vote for this Saboteur thing. I thought it was stupid to begin with and haven't changed my mind about it at all, though Brendon being the saboteur could be amusing if he couldn't tell Rachel, LOL.

joyn said...

I didn't vote for the saboteur thing either for the same reason. Although I'm sure it will cause some fury in the house. Matt would probably figure it out first. As a matter of fact, Matt would most likely welcome the challenge if they offered it to him.