Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Dawn Wednesday, August 18

I know your secret!

The lynch mob -- note that Brendon and Kathy are missing.

Things were same old, same old in that Big Brother house of Misled Miscreants. Ragan was fussing, Matt was trying not to act smug as he knows he'll save himself on Thursday, there was the usual pool playing and then (cue dramatic music) ...
  • The saboteur struck and this time it was so much better than a video.
  • Enzo was heading to bed when something rustled under his pillow. A piece of paper? How could that be? They're not allowed paper or writing instruments.
  • It was a note which read, "I know your secret."
  • Ohhh ... kind of like "I know who you are and I saw what you did!"
  • Run! Run! The call's coming from INSIDE the house!
  • Ahem. I'm sorry. I got carried away with the thoughts of old scary movies for a moment.
  • It was only "I know your secret."
  • Enzo's first thought was that it had to be BB (his theory all along) as they're the only one with pens and paper.
  • Kathy said she made the bed after they came in from lockdown and there was no note then.
  • What? Why is she making beds now? They've gone unmade for a month a half already.
  • Kathy is sure it's someone in the house, not a BB person.
  • Lane said the only person inside alone back there was Ragan.
  • Hmmm ... Lane has something there and no one knows it.
  • Enzo keeps walking around asking, "What's my secret?"
  • I can imagine he's going to do this for days.
  • Dang, dude. If you don't know your own secret, perhaps you don't have one!
  • Maybe his secret is that he's in the witless protection program hiding out from Bayonne mob boys.
  • The group pretty much narrowed down the suspects to Kathy and Brendon.
  • Of course, neither Kathy nor Brendon are with them.
  • Brendon's asleep in the HOH room.
  • Kathy had given up on the note discussion and headed to her room.
  • After all, it's nearly 5 AM there.
  • They think it's Kathy.
  • Wait! They KNOW it HAS to be Kathy!
  • That's why she throws comps.
  • That's why she was with Rachel when Rachel wrote to Brendon in pretzels.
  • BTW -- Matt says that the diary room admitted that shouldn't have been done.
  • But they can't take it back, nor can they give Rachel a penalty nomination.
  • Since they've already determined her guilt, they decided they won't call her out on it.
  • They're going to watch Kathy and catch her in the act.
  • Meanwhile, our Sappy Sapoteur Ragan smiles and plays along convincingly.
  • They're still up (except Kathy and Brendon) as I get this posted.

Oh, the drama of it all!


ML said...

It's getting interesting. I would just like to say that I haven't been able to watch much recently, but all y'all's comments keep me laughing AND up to date. You're much more entertaining than the show!

Witt said...

ML, I totally agree. This summer I am off a little bit and have been away from home more than usual, but as always this blog always keeps me up to date and entertained!

General question here -- since they think Kathy is the Saboteur (????) do you think that will be Matt's nomination, or will it be Britney?

Witt :)

P.S. wv: mitcha: Nice to mitcha!

Jackie said...

I think Matt, gamer boy that he is, will probably move to take out the bigger threat, Britney. I could be wrong. But Kathy is inept in comps and, if she's still in there at the end, her lackadaisical ways aren't going to garner her jury votes. He'd stand a better chance of winning against her with his wife disease sad tale than her actual sad tale.

I doubt he'd make the move to put up either Hayden or Enzo. Although he might be thinking Enzo as he's so popular.

But I'm thinking he's going to go for Britney.

cha cha said...

I am hoping he puts up Enzo and out..I really think that if Enzo is the one that breaks the news to Mattie that he is leaving.
Last night matt told Enzo and Hayden not to split their vote on Thursday. I am wondering if that was some type of message.

RBennie said...

I would like to think that Matt might put Kathy up if they really think she's the saboteur, but my gut still says he's putting Britney up.

chris said...

I can't wait til we hear matt in the diary room discussing how is brigade mates were going to vote to keep lane over him. Not sure if that were me that it would sit well.
So being the gamer he is it would be way cool if instead of brit he put up enzo.
dont think he will and dont think he will waste the nom on kathy.
maybe bb will create a game kathy can win, hahahahaah
I would so love to see a non brigade member win the next hoh, but since brendon cant play that leaves ragan and kathy. Not good vegas odds there unless it is endurance then ragan would stand a chance but matt once again would take it.
Poor Brit won't know what hit her thursday.
there are only 5 votes so don't hayden and enzo think it is weird matt is not campaigning since he would need 3? as would lane

Anonymous said...

The boys, Enzo and Hayden, have said repeatedly that they are going to tell Matt thursday morning that they are voting him out. IMO, that couldn't come at a better time for Britney. They spent all of the last couple days bashing Kathy....aside from Enzo, who had made Britney his target of nasty and uncalled for insults. Tomorrow morning they tell Matt, he goes into DR and complains about his brigade. He gets a little nudge from production to not trust Kathy and the rest is history.

Maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part ;)

Nina said...

Nah at this point they all have it figured out that Matt has a power in which he will save himself. Well except Brendan and Kathy that is. Matt has all but set it up to take out Kathy. It's unfortunate for both Brendan and Kathy. Ughhh, I really don't like Matt, if only, someone would have the guts to target him instead of Brendan.

SueGee said...

Do you think BB will heighten all the paranoia about a possible double eviction week and tell everyone they need to pack and be ready to leave? Or do they just let it go down and the person Matt nominates (and probably be voted out)leave without belongings? Oh I know they could pack them up later, but now at least we have some events happening and something to look forward to!!

Sue on the left coast

PS Have a good lunch Jackie!

chris said...

oh it is hilarious
the sabotuer suspicion is on kathy, so that may help brit stay in the game.
matt may put kathy up, that would be great. the sab would inadvertently help brit who just might win the next hoh!!
i can only hope!

ML said...

Nice to mitcha too, Witt!

Anonymous said...

This season of BB is so F'ed up the producers are throwing any and everything at the wall to make it somewhat intersting. That's why let Rachel write with the pretzels, let Matt hint about the mystery power and gave Ragan the 20Gs for doing nothing.

This Thursday's HOH will be a memory game so no way the DAB will win so either Ragan [ my current most hated HG] or Britney [ if she's still in the house] will win and put up Brendon and Enzo or Matt.

If Enzo goes on the block watch out for this season's major meltdown.

He'll become Evil Dick Jr.

Enzo will be a bigger drama queen than Rachel & Ragan put together.

Kathy don't worry me and BB eye haven't forgotten about you!!!

cha cha said...

I just dont see why Matt would put up Britney. Maybe before he knows that Enzo and Hayden are voting him out, yes I would agree with that.
He knows that Kathy is with Brendan and that she has thrown everyone under the bus. I think that he will put her or Enzo up in the end. I think that he knows Brit and Regan with himself included,can win HOH and He or Brith have a great chance to win POV to make sure Brendan goes.

ORKMommy said...

What happened to Big Brother being a social game where they throw a bunch of strangers in a house and see what happens? I think the producers are getting too involved lately. If they did a better job in casting they wouldn't need stupid gimmicks like the saboteur, past relationships, America's player, etc. I liked when the game was pure!

RBennie said...

I agree Orkmommy. I would love to see the game played with everyone on an even playing field and you sink or swim solely on your own merit. I think the POV should remain in the game because everyone should have a chance to fight to remain in the game. Other than that, all other gimmicks can go.

meb said...

I'm hoping, with a few of you here, that Matt continues to think Kathy is the Saboteur and thus, puts her on the block in his place instead of Britney.

I was watching BBAD and Britney was making motions to the camera while Brendon was playing pool... she did a hangman, pretending to put the noose over her head and then tightening it... then later, making sure he wasn't watching, she did a fingers down the throat gagging motion.

You can like her or not, she's the only humor in the house and I'd rather she stay.

Rachel may have made drama, but it was so unwelcomed. I agree with you Jackie, the down time of the drama was when she was making out with Brendon. If I want porn, I'll subscribe to it... I don't want it, thus don't want to be subjected to it. I am so glad she is OUT of the house.

Brit does pick at herself doesn't she. Well, guess there isn't much else left to do in that house 24/7.

Can't wait until tomorrow!

Kathy in NC said...

If the DAB tells Matt he doesn't have their votes, Matt should do some quick thinking and counting. Maybe it's time to put up Hayden or Enzo and expose the Brigade. Since they are telling him that he is history, does he still have to keep loyal to them? If the Brigade is smart, they would tell him they are going to split their votes to not show favoritism.

lynn1 said...

I am sure this is wishful thinking on my part but when Matt uses the DPOV does he still get to vote to evict. The HOH doesn't because he nominates the people to be evicted. Wouldn't it be interesting if because Matt got to nominate someone to take his place for eviction he wasn't allowed to vote for eviction.
Of course if that happened it might be necessary for either Brendon or Matt to cast a vote as a tie breaker because only 4 people would be voting.
I am sure Matt will get to vote but it is an interesting "what if" scenario.

RBennie said...

I would think that he would get to vote if the DPOV works like the POV does, but then again it doesn't, so maybe he won't. How's that for confusing, LOL.

cha cha said...


I am in the number that does like Britney in the game. She is besides Matt and unfortunetly Rachel who are playing the game.
I think since Monet left she has actually become someone I enjoy.
It cracks me up when she is playing around with Lane. It really is like a brother and sister relationship.

joyn said...

How convenient that no one noticed even with cameras that Rachel wrote a pretzel note. And, oh well, let's just poo-poo it away now. Sorry about that, hgs. I have a sneaking suspicion that that was BB's way of finagling the upcoming Matt excitement this week. I know someone else mentioned this earlier. This is disappointing, BB!

The "witless protection program" cracked me up! LOL!

meb said...

cha-cha.. we can be Brit's cheerleaders...cha,cha,cha.. Oh wait, that's rah, rah, rah! Sorry...had to do it.

joyn... whatever it takes to make some excitement in the house... I'm at the point where I don't even care that BB might be finagling things. I can't wait to see Brendon's face when Matt uses the DPOV.

Anonymous said...

Last year Jeff wasn't allowed to vote but this is somewhat different

RBennie said...

Oh I'm on Team Brit too for sure! I'm just really nervous that she might be evicted tomorrow.

joyn said...

Maybe someone should provide Brendon with a 'depends' tonight!

cha cha said...

Bubbles for the last 40 minutes. Can the Sab message last this long?
Maybe they are doing the DPOV, although I can't imagine that will take place until the live voting. Atleast it shouldn't

cha cha said...

of course as soon as i write that the feeds come back

cha cha said...

The hamsters were playing some type of game and given more info. I can only suspect this is for tomorrow's HOH

cha cha said...

Ragan going over the order of things that BB told them in simon says.. Twelve jumpingg Jacks in the kitchen, go outside on your hands and kneees and howl at the moons. next hot shower, next, go outside and do a five second handstand, next toilet paper the head of house hold room, next is pledge of aliegence. Next is mimic another houseguest, exchange shirts with another house guest. Next is a group hug for two minutes, next is sizzle in the floor like bacon, next is pose like a muscle man in the mirror. Next is come up with a big brother cheer, smile untill your cheeks ache, spin untill you can't stand anymore, the one that was not big brother says was go to the storage room for ten thousand dollars.

ORKMommy said...

I like Brit and I like Matt. I know that won't make me popular but I find them both fun to watch. On the televised version of the show anyway!

Anonymous said...

ORKmommy, they are fun on the feeds too.:)

RyzandShyn said...

I hope Hayden and Enzo don't tell Matt that they are voting him out.
I'm prety sure that won't sit well with him and cause him to consider them for the replacement. He's a cold hearted one.
Other than that, I'm hoping Brit gets to stay because I like her comments, she's funny.
Good for Lane for noting who was where when.

monty924 said...

I think there is a better than good chance that Matt will put up Kathy instead of Britney.

Cha cha, you are correct that he should consider who would best help him keep Brendon from winning POV next week. Britney so far, owns the POV race. It also keeps his side alliance intact.

I just don't think it would be smart on his part to evict Britney. But hay, I like Britney and Matt both. Actually I like Matt, my pool boy, and i LOVE Britney. :) If she goes, there goes the laughs and fun from the house. IMO

monty924 said...

Oh, I also chuckled out loud over the 'witless protection program'! :)

monty924 said...

Just a fun thing to report...

I just finished listening/watching the Janelle Power Hour with Chelsea, and they both predict that Matt will nominate Kathy. The Saboteur paranoia and the fact that it is a safe nomination, they both mentioned. Janelle even said it would not be smart to nominate Britney this week.

Janelle thinks that Brendon will be allowed to play in the HoH, and she wants either Brendon or Britney to win it. She wants the Brigade broken up. :)

chris said...

I said that as well, that if enzo and hayden dont watch it, they will force matt to put one of them up.
clearly matt will see the lines divided if both voted to keep lane
and tell him about it before hand.
in any event if it breaks up the brigade and keeps brit in so be it.
i believe bb is helping the drama.

meb said...

monty... where do you watch Janelle. I know they are on, but I don't know where.


chris said...

love janelle hope she is right!

Anonymous said...

bb should take the five grand away from rachell for her stunt with the pretzels. -jeannemarie

meb said...

monty... I found it... That's quite an accomplishment for me. I'm so proud of myself. LOL