Monday, August 09, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Monday Morning - August 9

We didn't expect earthshaking developments and we didn't get them. Here's the latest from inside the Big Brother House of Delayed Emotional Growth:
  • They played yet another pool tournament.
  • When Rachel joined the others, her fake loud laugh became even more fake and louder.
  • Brendon and Rachel talked more about wishing they could get Britney to use the veto.
  • Brendon thinks he should be the one to leave because she stands a better chance of winning.
  • Like Brendon or Rachel have a choice in the matter, eh?
  • Once again Rachel offered Britney the $5,000 to use the veto.
  • If she doesn't want to use it on her, use it on Brendon!
  • No, no, a hundred times no.
  • Britney said that using it on Brendon is using it and she's not planning on using the veto at all.
  • Rachel told Enzo that he and Hayden will be targets after she and Brendon are gone.
  • Rachel thinks Enzo is playing a good social game. She thinks she's not doing well with the social game.
  • You think?
  • BB gave them alcohol.
  • Rachel got drunk.
  • She did a stripper routine in the kitchen, then went on to make her bed in her underwear looking so naked-ish that I couldn't use it as a screen cap on this blog.
  • Now Regan, Matt, Hayden, Lane and Enzo are in HOH talking about how embarrassing her behavior was and how bad it is for Brendon, too.
  • They don't think they'll last as a couple outside of the house.
  • I don't think so either!
  • Brendon is saying he's going to go all Evel Dick on the house if Rachel goes.
  • Brendon never watched that season, so he's only heard tales.


Big Ed said...

come on Jackie send it out the screen cap with a warning anyway. It is her one redeeming virtue.

chris said...

watching Brendon last night, all I could think was how pathetic.
now I have to wonder if he ever had a relationship where he wasn't whipped. Omg grow a pair Brendon.
She treats him like dirt, she belittles and berates and emasculates him and he begs for more.
the girl is mean
they both use me when it should be I or I when it should be me.
as far as game play, one has to say Matt is playing a good one but is squirmy lying makes me not root for him.
Britney too is playing smart, kathy not so much.
While I would like to believe her, I dont think she can win one thing ever!
the boys are talking about taking her to the 5 with them
How hilarious would it be if she won HOH at that moment.
The brigade would be torn apart, and we would see how quickly they turn on each other.
now that would be fun.

joyn said...

The brigade ought to think some more before they add Kathy to their group. She has a big mouth.

It doesn't surprise me that Rachel would behave that way. I can't figure out why Brendon is still so stuck on that vixen. She's obviously using him and I'd bet that he's not her first to experience that. His mother must be mortified.

ORKMommy said...

So, what does the Brigade plan to do when it's down to the 4 of them? Have they paired up? They do realize they ALL can't win, right? I think that if Lane were smart he would pair up with Brittney and make sure she gets to the final five. Then hope like hell one of them wins HOH and take down one of the Brigade members. Then they go into the final four 2 against 2 and the odds are even. Lane doesn't seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer but he has to realize that he'll only end up in 3rd at best!

joyn said...

OT - The Early Show just had a segment on the intro of the new Suvivor castaways. Jackie should have something for us soon.

monty924 said...

Brendon going Evel Dick on the house??? Bwahahahahaha

Brendon, you are no Evel Dick and couldn't even hold a candle to him.

RBennie said...

Brendon doesn't have it in him to channel Evel Dick (a good thing in my opinion - I was not an Evel Dick fan). With Rachel hopefully being evicted this week, Brendon should be able to get his head fully into the game. My girl Britney won POV - whoo hoo!

JimmyB said...

I might be willing to entertain the notion that Rachel is smarter than Brendon.

So....I guess that makes Brendon a certified moron.

AlbGlinka said...

AlbGlinka checking in here! Thanks again for the great blogging, Jackie!!!!! So: I like Matt's pjs, I don't like comments about hg's needing to "grow a pair", esp Ragen: seems homophobic to me... jmho, and I can't believe the Br-Br-Brigade is still around, usually those 4-guy early alliances self-destruct immediately.

Brachel has been a nightmare to watch, I've had to avert my eyes and ears.

~~Silk said...

Someone said the diamond veto had not been used before. This is from

"The final Veto competition of Big Brother 4 resulted in another elevation in power. Called the 'Diamond Veto,' and presented with a clear Lucite medallion, the Veto Holder could not only remove a player from nomination, but also earned the sole vote to evict. Alison, who was nominated, won the Veto, used it, and ultimately evicted Erika from the house. The Diamond Veto was only offered on this one occasion."

chris said...

grow a pair just means brendon should stand up for himself and not let rachel walk or over and berate him
figure of speech not homophobic in any way shape or form
i wonder when britney will realize there is this 4 person alliance.
and yes it seems that rachel is the brains of the brenchel operation which is quite sad!
she definitely has more game in her than he does

JimmyB said...

One thing nice to see this year is multiple HG's playing their own game. It seems that way with Matt, Ragan, and Britney.

...Always a few missteps along the way; for the most part; they've been doing a good job.

RBennie said...

It's going to be really interesting once they get Rachel & Brendon out of the house. They are all going to be looking at one another and thinking "well what do we do now". The focus has been so intent on getting them out, I don't know if anyone has thought past that point. I do fear that the DAB will turn on Britney as soon as R&B are gone.

chris said...

that is when britney needs to win hoh!
after brendon and rachel are out.
matt wants to be nominated coming up so he can use his special veto and put someone up in his place.
that in itself will be interesting since if brendon is up who would he choose??
Britney better open her eyes and get some much needed power after this week or the day brendon is evicted.

Anonymous said...

Britnip needs to save Rachell. Sure they'll be mad at her but aleast there will be another major target in the house because Lame won't save her.

I hope Ratt turns on Hairden & Enzzzzz sooner than later. Maybe sooner if he uses the diamond POV.

Hopefully Brendumb can get something going with Bush.

Katnap will go down as the biggest floater in BB history.

Joe in NY said...

Actually, hate to say it but Britney, Ragan or Kathy ought to make a deal with Brenchel although it is probably too late. Here is where the DAB are more Brigade and less DA. By keeping themselves secret (still hard to believe they've done it despite some suspicions on the part of Kristen, Britney and Brenchel), the Moron Brigade of Ragan, Kathy, Brenchel and (hate to say it cuz I loves her) Britney have turned themselves into cannon fodder. Britney thinks she's tight with Lane. Ragan thinks he's tight with Matt. I don't know WHAT Kathy is thinking. And Brenchel just don't know how to make friends. End result, after this week's elimination it is a four man Brigade against four singles.

I'm ready for next season already! LOL

RBennie said...

I agree Joe. If they manage to keep this alliance a secret much longer, we will have to stop calling them the DAB! Any other season they would have been outed a long time ago, but as I said earlier, everyone's focus is so on R&B that they don't see anything else that's going on.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand Britney. She is a mean girl, as Matt keeps pointing out. She is a tattle tell. All she does is talk nicely to Rachel and then embellishes and mocks what she said to her. I can't wait to see that shoe on the other foot...especially when Lane is using it to kick her to the curb. The Britney, Hayden, Regan and Matt 'talk show' about WWJD (what would Julie do) was far more disgusting than anything Rachel and Brendon could ever do. All they did was rip the two of them up one side and then down the other....for things that I see as personal flaws. Who gives a rats behind about Brendon's big toe? Britney has a wandering eye, if you ask me! Hayden needs to grow up and get a man haircut (who would hire anyone with that hair?) and Matt should take his nasty hand out of his baby boy jammies and/or his undies.
Kathy is the most useless house guest in all of BB history. Too bad they keep forgetting that Brendon and Rachel will each have a vote in the jury and they will likely vote the same!

Brent McKee said...

Check this out - about midway down the page:

Takes Rachel's catch-phrase and takes it to logical conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Please, please house, get rid of Rachel. You all can handle Brendon.


RBennie said...

It appears that R&B cooked up a scenario where B is so obnoxious and out of line that everyone will change their mind and want him out instead of Rachel. He apparently said some really mean things about Britney in his POV speech. I don't think the hamsters are falling for it though.

Jackie H. said...

Last year I sent Evil Dick a comment, not thinking I would hear from him. I told him to get a life. He was old news now and people didn't care what he was doing. He answered and told me to die old woman. I'm 70 and he thought that was old. ha!

Joe in NY said...

Jackie H. said...
Last year I sent Evil Dick a comment, not thinking I would hear from him. I told him to get a life. He was old news now and people didn't care what he was doing. He answered and told me to die old woman. I'm 70 and he thought that was old. ha!

8/09/2010 4:30 PM

LOL. Ironically, your comment disproved your point. The fact that you took the time to write to him indicates that he does indeed have relevance.

And, I hate to break this too you, but most of the world thinks your old at 70 and most of my students think your ANCIENT. (Although I'm fairly certain none of them wants you to die).

RyzandShyn said...

I'm finding it infuriating that Kathy, Brittney, and Ragan are off in la-la land about alliances. Kristen TOLD them what she suspected which was actually what was going on and which if given a second thought would be transparent, dontcha think?
I agree, Joe NY, that they should team up with Branchel and DO something. This is going to be very boring otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Brittany is not nice at all. I never did like her. She will talk all day about Rachael and whoever else but will never say anything to their face because she is afraid. She is the kind of person who will never stand up for what she believes in and bad mouth everyone around her.

Jackie H. said...

Rachel has to go. This girl is weird and Brendon can't see it. Oh well. By the way thank you Joe in NY. You have a beautiful dog. Jackie from NC