Sunday, August 01, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Dawn - Aug. 1

Orphan Annie wig with a "hippie" unitard. Um, okay.

That was Kristen's punishment "won" at the POV comp. It's too bad she didn't win the veto. I believe her days are definitely numbered.

Here are the happenings from inside that Big Brother House Malingering Miscreants:
  • The latest Brendon and Rachel hit list is Kristen, Hayden, Matt and Kathy. Oh my, they like Enzo, Lane and Britney.
  • That's not to say Enzo, Lane and Britney like them!
  • Britney and Lane have struck up a side alliance.
  • Matt's birthday is a fake ... and BB played into it with candles, ice cream and the makings for a cake.
  • His birthday is a lie. His wife's disease is a lie. The next thing we'll find out is that the tattoos are just color marker art.
  • The comp was one in which they win things, then trade with others already finished.
  • Enzo didn't just win a TV, he won a 3-D TV. He's already talking about selling it.
  • Hayden and Kristen sat on the floor on opposite sides of the door confining him. They played fingers under the door. Gag me now. If they wanted to convince the others they aren't a couple, this isn't the way to go about it.
  • They blame Andrew for the dilemma.
  • It doesn't matter that most of the house thought something was going on with them before Andrew spoke up.
  • Kathy and Kristen want to convince Britney to use the veto to save Kristen.
  • How delusional can they be?
  • Everyone is talking about how poorly Hayden played, yet supposedly he came in second. He took the veto from Kristen and Britney took it from him.
  • You know the final person always takes the veto!
  • Kristen actually pleaded with Britney to save her with the veto.
  • Britney said that there would be no guarantee that Rachel would put Kathy on the block.
  • Britney, probably just to get away from the begging and pleading, told her she'd consider it.
  • I don't think she will.
  • When questioned by Rachel and Brendon, Britney didn't go into detail and just said that Kristen was giving her reasons she wants to stay in the house.
  • Brendon and Rachel told Britney they'll take her to the final three with them.
  • I think Britney is going to prove to be a better player than either of them.
  • Britney has decided Kathy is Doom -- every person who's her most recent BFF heads out the door.
  • All are asleep as I post this and I doubt Britney will use the veto. Kristen will go out that door this week ... in her Orphan Annie Hippie Unitard.

Get the face!


Petals said...

G'day Jackie & All! Yeeks. So much info, hard to make heads or tails of it.
I can't believe "Brenchel" is still going strong. I thought that would have been spent by now.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kristen is toast, but I am so wishing that Matt is somehow found out immediately, he is such a liar and BB should not along with him, they should at least expose him of the lie about his birthday, I know it's a game, but getting extra treats and good wishes on a lie should not be tolerated.

Jayne said...

Andrew missed a big opportunity when he made his exit from the BB house, right before he walked out he should have informed everyone he was a Doctor and that perhaps Matt's story about his wife being sick was shady.

Laurie said...

Hey Petals! Good to see you this morning. I think most of us are surprised about the "romance" still going but there have been little fights and lots of red flags. I still have hope Brendan may see the light. I think he might still stay with her rather than turn her into an enemy but we shall see.

Anon, I wish Matt would get caught in his lies but don't expect help from BB. You know they love anything that makes for drama. This one comes with no extra charge or imagination from them,too. Sweet deal for CBS.

Sally said...

Brandon and Rachel may be kind of stuck with each other at this point. No one else in the house seems to like them and probably wouldn't trust either one of them enough to form an alliance.

joyn said...

What is in that bucket in the pic with Hayden? Looks like french bread next to toilet paper and bottled water.

joyn said...

A bread and water diet?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

I like Brendan even more now, after hearing him and Ragan have an intelligent discussion about geopolitics and current events. It's so frustrating to see so many young people on BB who have almost no clue whatsoever about what is happening in the real world!

Go Brendan!!

PS: Kristen = Mrs. Roper

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

As much as I want Kristen gone this week, the real power move would be to evict Hayden. There are only 3 Brigade members voting, and once Hayden is gone, Kristen's game is compromised. After this week, it will be tough to get rid of the Brigade.

But it won't happen.

What I don't understand is why people in the house keep saying that R&B "don't deserve to be here" anymore. Why? Aren't they dominating in the comps? WTF? What do they mean when they say "deserve" anyway? Bugs the hell outta me.

And they mercilessly bash Brendan, even though he has a good heart and has been decent to everyone. Enzo and Lane can be bullies. Funny, yeah, but bullies still.

joyn said...

Oops, just read the other posts. Hayden IS on b&w.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

joyn, and slop, but he said he won't eat it.

Enzo and Lane are being funny, talking about how they need to reintroduce Hayden to civilization slowly so he doesn't come out and destroy everything, like a caged animal. It's funny how these two entertain each other, when their not being cruel about someone that is.

chris said...

By the way Jackie, this is the second POV britney won.
she seems better without monet
I have Kathy in the pool but hope she loses, lol

chris said...

The reason they wont evict Hayden is no one knows about the brigade!
Kristen did herself in by pitting rachel against brendon in the HOH.
She should have let someone else do that.
I liked someone elses idea about brendon becoming the saboteur.
It would piss off rachel if he was keeping secrets and sneaking around hahaha
Brendon could not dump rachel now even if he wanted to, she would go ape shit on him!
But I would wager it wont last outside the house.
and why is BB helping Matt with his lies????

JimmyB said...

I say again--They're idiots if they don't know about "The Brigade". How obvious can they be, always hangin' out together?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

chris, even if they don't know about the Brigade (and I agree that they don't) it's still a smarter move because Hayden is a much better competitor than Kristen and is more socially involved with everyone, while Kristen is isolated. That's what they're not taking into account, and it will end up biting them in the rear soon enough.

I mean just look: Hayden is in solitary and Kristen is glued to the door separating them! If Kristen were in solitary, would Hayden be doing that, or would he be outside hanging with his boys? That's what they should be thinking about. When you break up a couple, you want to remove the one most suited to surviving the breakup.

Nina said...

@Jayne. That is so true; Andrew should have said he was a doctor and said something about the story of Matt's wife being shady.

And boy do I wish, the HG's would see the light and evict Hayden. I almost wish Britney would save Kristen and the Rachel put up another Brigade member against Hayden that would be perfect. We all know Brendon desperately needs the next HOH if Brenchal are to survive a fifth week.

RBennie said...

Matt's birthday is a fake too - why am I not surprised? I think it would pretty much take a miracle for Brenchal to make it to F2. They would literally have to win every HOH to have any chance of that. I don't think their luck will last too much longer. I do like Brendon, though that wanes a little each time I see him sucking up to Rachel. The person who I think has a good chance of getting to the end is Ragan - you never hear anybody talking about putting him up!

RBennie said...

This is a response to a comment by Fred M. from a couple of posts back.

I don't think Rachel would go for an alliance of 4 women and her man! Knowing her, she'd probably agree to it and then immediately start getting paranoid and try to get rid of them, LOL. Britney has not liked Kristen from day one, and I can't imagine that she would use the POV on her. She could possibly be convinced to use it on Hayden, but that leaves too much chance that Kristen would stay too. I would pay money to see Kristen sucking up to Brit though. She's always looking at her with such disdain. If I was Cathy I would zip my mouth and let what happens happen. Does she not realize she would most likely go up if either Kristen or Hayden got saved? She already believes that Matt penalized her for voting for his eviction. Does she want to add to that by trying so hard to keep Kristen? I guess it's a lot easier to see the different scenarios when you are not in that house, LOL.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

RBennie, about Kathy: she's an odd nut to crack. On the one hand, she pledges her eternal loyalty to "her children" (Kristen & Hayden) and says she's willing to take a bullet (eviction) for them.

But then apparently when she was talking to Britney she told Brit that Kristen was going to try to ask her to use the POV on her, but sounded as though she didn't really want Britney to actually do it.

But, she's one of the "good" ones, y'know? :gag:

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

BTW, when Kristen was trying to con Britney into using the POV on her, her biggest argument was that she "left everything" to come her and that if she leaves before jury, she literally has NOTHING to go home to: no job, no car, no home, no money.

WTF? Really? Sounds like crazy James. Or is she just trying to tug at Britney's heart strings?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Lane talking about how freaky it was last night when Matt was wearing Kristen's psychotard and chasing him around, and that it actually scared him.

"It's like "It" (from the Stephen King novel) screwed Carrot Top and Matt came out!" --Enzo

~~Silk said...

Andrew didn't say anything about Matt's wife's illness being a lie, because he didn't know that it wasn't true. And if it WERE true, saying that it was a lie would have been despicable.

joyn said...

Another sob story! What's with this group? It'a a little late for Kristen to be kissing up now.

joyn said...

Yes, Silk, from what he said to Julie, he suspected, but didn't know for sure until she told him.

If he had known, you can bet he would have told.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Here's a screen cap of Matt in the unitard... Jackie feel free to grab it if you want, although the quality isn't that great.

(photo is linked at name)

chris said...

FA (formerly anon)
the problem is 3 votes already save Hayden, and Ragan will vote with Matt, and Brit with Lane.
So Hayden is safe no matter what.
He only needs 4 votes to stay so even if Rachel decided she wanted Hayden gone she would not be able to secure those votes.
The most she would get would be Brendon and Kathy and maybe Brit if she bullied her.
But the 3 brigade members plus Ragan would foil that plan.
In any event Rachel has not played a very good social game and in all these reality programs, like survivor you shoot yourself in the foot when you fail to play to the potential jurors, just ask Russell Hantz!
I am not sure why BB helps Matt with his lies??? since when do they let them fake birthdays, and since when do family members write their letters after viewing the stuff. BB is supposed to screen thsoe letters so clearly they knew what affect her letter would have and they allowed it! Seems unfair.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

chris, I agree that's probably what will happen, but it's not the smart move for anyone but the Brigade. If Britney and Ragan really thought about it, between Hayden and Kristen, Hayden is the obvious choice to remove from the competition. Kathy would probably opt to keep Kristen just because she's closer with her than Hayden (she'd be in the Sophie's Choice situation, in a sense).

If they only stop for a minute and think about the game instead of their silly emotional reactions, they'd know to evict Hayden.

(ew, wv is "forkinho" -- put a fork in da ho, she's done)

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Hah, the DR told Matt to tell everyone to stop calling Brendon "needledick" because then they can't use any of those conversations.

Why do they call him that?