Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Sunday Morning - August 29

Ragan half-heartedly talks using his hand puppet.

Britney's hand puppet has blond hair just like hers!

Here are the late night and overnight happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Puppetmasters:
  • I'm in shock. I'm embarrassed. I might just have to plead insanity or exhaustion, but I don't believe I mentioned ...
  • ... the fact that Lane too had a Pandora's Box.
  • He claims he went for envelopes of money but that all combined, he got $97. He also said he chose three rewards and three punishments.
  • But, due to his opening Pandora's Box, they had no Have/Have Not comp this week.
  • Instead, they have punishments they must comply with or become a Have Not.
  • The first one was going without using utensils for eating. I did mean to post that, but it was so un-newsworthy that I didn't.
  • But now they have a more interesting punishment.
  • Each was issued a hand puppet quasi-resembling themselves.
  • Every time they speak, they must move the puppet's mouth.
  • Hayden and Lane took off their puppets to prepare dinner, thus being unable to speak at all as they made the meal.
  • Ragan had his puppet talk to the Internet. He said he knows he's leaving on Thursday and wonders how he's been portrayed.
  • He said, if he could do it all over again, he wouldn't cry as much. Oh my, what an improvement that would be!
  • He also would have stayed up on the paint can and take down "the boys."
  • Too late for crying over spilt paint, I say.
  • He says he has some proud moments.
  • Although so much of Ragan this summer has been crying, pouting, Drama Queen, arrogant and rude belittling of others (especially Rachel and Brendon), lecturing all ... he does have some moments in which he can be very proud.
  • His performance (until he tossed them to Matt) in the two endurance comps.
  • His house knowledge and the way he studied hoping the HOH and then the PoV would be knowledge-based.
  • I can't believe how he was rattling off the house events timeline with minute details, backwards and forwards.
  • I couldn't do that.
  • No one else in the house this season or any other season could have done it.
  • Alas, the comp which did him in had nothing to do with extreme house or season knowledge.
  • Although he was upset about Enzo "taking" the win from him in PoV, he says he's over it -- he claims he just needed time to calm down.
  • I believe, that if Enzo physically knocked him aside or something, BB wouldn't let Enzo keep the PoV.
  • But it really sounds like Enzo saw Ragan eying and heading towards the needed clue and beat him to it.
  • It was kind of like Brendon looking at Ragan's puzzle to cheat, but makes more sense as Enzo could beat him to the punch while Brendon copying the puzzle would always remain behind him.
  • Ragan likened himself to the movie Castaway -- He's the Tom Hanks character while his puppet is Wilson. He feels isolated.
  • And that he is.
  • I'm sorry. I can't resist calling for Wilson when I think of the movie.
  • Ragan wants Lane to win.
  • Hmm.
  • Enzo asked Britney if she would go out with Lane if she and Nick split up.
  • She refused to answer.
  • One refreshing thing about Britney, despite her mean girl ways at times, is her loyalty to Nick while she's in the house.
  • In a scenario in which so many women seem to get so trampy (Erika and Boogie, Rachel and Brendon, Kristen and Hayden), she has done nothing to tarnish her relationship with her fiance.
  • Britney doesn't feel well and asked for medicine.
  • Well, her puppet asked, I guess.
  • Enzo listened to Lane's Eminem CD and rapped with his puppet.
  • Yeah, Enzo's a lazy lout.
  • But at least he can be entertaining at times, as can Britney.
  • Lane comes up with some good "dumb country boy" lines, but is more entertaining when with Britney.
  • Hayden is actually kind of boring unless you like to hear him talk about sports, skiing and snowboarding.
  • They're all wondering what the third punishment will be.
  • Wanna bet Lane got more than $97? At least it's better than the $1 lie by Matt.
  • They're all asleep as I post this.

Why did two cameras focus on this photo in Lane's HOH forever last night? Why are the feeds so often all focused on different views of the same thing so much? Why did the live feeds which we pay for NOT COME BACK ON AT THE SAME TIME AS THE SHOWTIME AFTER DARK SHOW after the second HOH comp on Thursday night?


Anonymous said...

morning jackie and everyone! thanks for the great write up

>>> Enzo asked Britney if she would go out with Lane if she and Nick split up.
She refused to answer.
One refreshing thing about Britney, despite her mean girl ways at times, is her loyalty to Nick while she's in the house.<<< think brittany would go out with lane if she broke up with nick. otherwise she would have responded "no!" -jeannemarie

Justene said...

I assume Britney would go out with Lane if she broke up with Nick, but it's an impossible question. My kids sometimes ask would I go out with so and so if I got divorced from their dad. And I could predict how I felt then how?

And why hurt Lane's feelings if the answer is no?

RyzandShyn said...

I agree about Britney. Thank goodness. I hate watching young women destroy themselves in the BB house. Ok, maybe "destroyed" only in my eyes, but that's how I see it. We saw how Kristen slayed some poor young man and we slutted around with Rachel. Glad Brit has more sense.
So, Ragan has started beating himself up before he's even home? He's going to be some wreck watching it back and reading the blogging. I feel terrible knowing that he's the beat-myself-up type.

chris said...

Hey Ragan got 20k for doing nothing.
so he should be thankful for that.
I do believe after he sees how he was duped by Matt he won't be thrilled. However Matt was loyal to him for a bit.
oh well as they say, it is what it is, not a ragan fan anyway.
The turning point IMO was how the dpov was wasted on kathy.
I do not see her winning any of these recent comps.
Even Enzo won one as did Hayden and both of those seem to strenuous for kathy despite her saying how she threw comps.
really, that first comp cost her team the HOH and gave hayden the win. Why would you piss off your team that early on?
Still rooting for Brit to take out a brigade member.

Nana from the NW said...

I hate the fact that Hayden or Lane will very likely be the winner of this game. They are both young and I think the money will be wasted in a short amount of time. These last few weeks are going to be boring...watching "the boys" lift weights, trash talk everyone that's gone and sleep....yawn.....
I agree with RyzandShyn...Brit may be a "mean girl"(which I think she is)but she has kept her morals and not given into the temptation of Lane. It would have been easy to do, thinking it would last forever but obviously her love for Nick is strong.
Won't be sorry to see Ragan go. He really is an expert of the game...just not the manipulating and lieing aspect. His mistakes were being trusting of Matt and giving him the 2 HOH comps.

IMO there is no one on this season that I would like to see on an all-star season. Rachel is the only that comes close but....ugh!!

Anonymous said...

Some people have mentioned Muscle Milk:

Muscle Milk is basically a gym drink. The guys I have known that use it to help them gain muscle mass.

Some people swear by it, others view it skeptically, like a lot of the other supplements that gyms sell.

When he said it tasted like Thanksgiving, it was just a bad joke. FYI The guys that I know who drink it tend to drink a LOT of it.

Nina said...

Maybe Enzo will pull through. We can't count him out yet. I def. don't want to see Britney win, personally. She's only still there right now b/c the Brigade boys are convinced that they can easily beat her or she would be out already. Her HOH was run by the brigade.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts:

When asked the question about Lane? Why didn't she just say something about her and Nick never breaking up?

I don't think it is a case of morals. IMO She is a 'mean girl'. She can rationalize saying horrible things because (in her mind) she's right, and America would see that (I don't though). Cheating on your fiancee is different. That is something you do when America isn't watching. Like maybe on those trips that they keep talking about after the game.

That said, even if Lane pursues her in Vegas, he and Hayden are clearly looking forward to being mini-celebs after the game, so he won't be looking for a relationship...with anyone.


Anonymous said...

Good blog much as I was hoping Ragan would stay and make it interesting cause he is the outsider but he still won 20k - so I can't feel too bad. It will be hell in the jury house but at least he'll have Matt and here's hoping that Brendon will see how Rachel treats Ragan and get turned off but I doubt it - he's an idiot!!

Anonymous said...

Funny hearing Brit talk about Kathy trying to buddy up with whoever is HOH. Brit has done this since week one, even with Brenden and Rachel.

Glad Enzo won the comp. Want to see him beat these remaining Hgs.

Ragan's reflections on his game play. Hilarious. I would love to be a fly on the wall when he reads the comments about himself.

A good memory alone doesn't make you a good player.

Never be a pawn. Avoid the block. Thinking like this is what led to Matt leaving. You always do your best! Focus on what's in front of you. And it doesn't help your case to be a bad winner or loser, so leave your rhetoric at home.

Right now, Brit will believe anything Lane says. We'll see if it changes when he isn't HOH.

ORKMommy said...

Call me a 'mean girl' like Brit but I just don't see that what she's doing is that bad. All the 'mean girls' I've ever known did a lot more than just trash talk about people behind their backs. True 'mean girls' start horrific rumors, steal clothes during gym class so the victim has to wear her gym uniform all day, pretend to be your friend and then use info they learn against you, etc. And the only thing they gain is a warped sense of self worth. I myself tend to talk about people behind their backs but it's more of a stress releiver than anything. True, I don't like those peole in real life but it's not malicious. I guess I just don't see that what she's doing, in that BORING house...with NOTHING to do, as that bad.

Anonymous said...

Brit hasn't tarnished her relationship?

Well, she hasn't helped it that's for sure.

I know I could be wrong. But don't you wonder how Nick has felt about Brit's relationship with Lane? Because Lane, Lane's parents, her parents, the other houseguests and America all see there is something more than just being friends going on. He can't have felt good about them becoming so close. Especially with all the jokes Lane has made at Nick's expense. What guy would? Imagine this in your head, "My girlfriend has spent the summer flirting with a guy on TV/Cable and the internet. Everyone sees it everyday. But it's ok because she didn't outright cuckold me."

Your friends, family and coworkers are all watching and when someone asked that question of Brit, her best answer is to refuse to answer?

Of course, there is no good answer, but it has to sting anyway.

To the ladies, if it was your fiancee, wouldn't it bother you?

Maybe it's a guy thing.

Guys, what do you think?


Joe in NY said...

Britney and Lane didn't do any hand holding or little kisses or any I love yous. (Remember Danielle and the other Nick: 1 - 5 - 3) Women have guy friends (Lord know I've been the F-word enough times!). So, as I guy, nothing Britney did would bother me. As for what his parent's and friends think...big deal, they aren't in the house and that's only their perspective on Lane.

I'm not sure I'd even consider Lane and Brit's relationship to be flirty. Lane tries but Brit ignores it for the most part. She very much acts the bratty little sister.

RyzandShyn said...

I imagine Britney as one of those girls who has a lot of guy friends. She's been very at ease with all the guys in the house, and was at ease even with Brendon during the cuffs/chum time. I imagine she's met guys like Lane before. I imagine she's probably even a little flattered that he's been suggesting more than just friends kind of things.
I think she knows that it's good in the game to be "with Lane" and a pal to the guys. She probably imagines she hears the truth even though we know it's not true.
I think it's just the game and just the way she is and Nick knows that already. She's probably itching to turn on them all for the win.
Now, her mother is another story. Nick wasn't there watching the show with her family and it seems like she doesn't care much for the engagement. Lane's mother played the "he's so cute, isn't he?" card. I think she was putting on her biggest, brightest smile. She probably has a big switch waiting for him when he gets home.
I don't see anything shady.

Anonymous said...

The jury house will be more interesting then the game.
Can you imaging Matt & Regan
pulling stuff on Brendon and
and Rachel..........omg


Justene said...

My children tell me that Brit got engaged an hour before the show and the mother hasn't met Nick.

If that's untrue, I guess I am the mean girl but they are both pretty good about chedking the info.

ORKMommy said...

I don't see Brit & Lane's relationship as flirty either. I have a very good guy friend and we act exactly like they do but there are absolutely no romantic feelings.

Brit is a lot like me in that she gets along with the guys really well and tends to flirt even when she doesn't mean to. Any guy I'm with has to understand that from the beginning and be secure enough in our relationship to not let it bother him. I'm sure that's how it is with Brit & Nick. As long as he trusts that she loves him and she has friends who happen to be guys then I don't see anything wrong with it.

All I see between Brit & Lane (from her side anyway) is a sibling type relationship.

Anonymous said...

Joe in NY/ RyzandShyn

I appreciate your perspectives. Interesting insights.

People do have 'friends' outside of their primary relationship, innocent relationships, maybe even flirty. I've had an 'office wife' myself. Except that these are not played out on TV for everyone to see.

And just to be clear, your descriptions of Brit could very well be spot-on. She might just be the outgoing girl that likes to hang-out with the guys, or she might be playing them, or a little of both. And maybe Nick knows this, but we don't know. If you were to put most people in Nick's place. I think the knee jerk reaction to Lane/Brit subject would not be a positive one.

Heaven knows it doesn't take an overt act to create tension or jealousy in a relationship.

And everyone it seems, except Brit and Nick, has seen and acknowledged the attraction, and when she had the chance to set it straight, she didn't. Ouch!

Other people's opinions don't matter? It's just TV? I would love to agree. Really. But these are pretty extreme circumstances. Besides...How many people do you know that can successfully live in a vaccuum outside of other opinions? A husband might, for example, disagree with the wife's friends or family, but it is also a pretty common scenario for the start of a fight. I mean even if Nick started out understanding with no problem, how many times would Lane and Brit have to be talked about or linked together together to create a sore spot?

It might not be a big deal for you Joe. And I definitely think that makes you a bigger man than most. But IMHO, it makes you the exception, not the rule.

Maybe a better question for my initial post would have been, how do think MOST people would feel about this relationship if they were Nick?


ORKMommy said...

I just reread what I wrote and think I should state that I think there is a difference between 'flirting' and 'being flirty'. In my book, flirting is done when there is an attraction and you're trying to let the other person know you're interested. Being flirty is just a way a person is...friendly, outgoing, etc...

Anonymous said...

(This will be short. Ha!)


Glad you made the clarification. But I think you might agree that the distinction between flirting and flirty can be easily lost sometimes. Add the pressure of Time/ Distance apart to the attention that the Lane/Brit relationship is given, and you can easily find an unhappy boyfriend.

Start with the question, "Bob, your girlfriend Sally spends a lot of time with Bill, what's up with that?" Repeat it often enough, and you will get an unhappy boyfriend.

joyn said...

Golf is still on CBS, running late.

joyn said...

Ah! Now we have local news. If BB runs late, it shouldn't be more than a few minutes on our side of the country.

Della said...

I think Brit likes the attention she gets from Lane but I don't think she would date him outside the house. Their backgrounds are as different as Rachel & Brandon. Different lifestyles. She's a princess (in her head). Lane is more down to earth.

chris said...

funny how everyone wants to try to find fault with britney and her relationship with lane.
maybe she did not answer cause she does not know the answer,
does not trust the person who asked her
or does not think the person who asked has a right to know.
remember brits mom was not adverse to her having something with lane.
there will be the interivew with nick tomorrow there is a link on jokers.
hey if this "relationship" with lane makes her question her relationship with nick once she leaves the house, then so be it.
she has not acted on any feelings for lane, her flirtatiousness seems innocent enough.
and her HOH blog reaffirms her feelings for Nick.
She and he can decide for themselves.
Lastly ork mommmy
I agree I don't see her as the typical mean girl.
I think boredom makes them trash talk they have nothing else to say that bonds them

Sally said...

Entertaining post, Jackie. I'm looking forward to seeing the other puppets. Bet Hayden's has a lot of hair. Is Enzo's a penguin>

I see nothing wrong with Britney and Lane's friendship, and their teasing and bickering. It's similar to friendships I've been in, purely platonic, but a lot of fun and great fondness toward the other person.

It's sad that Ragan won't get to put all of his "what-happened-when" expertise to use And it would have been fun to watch him breeze the morphed photo contest.

Anonymous said...

Ben, the problem with your question about Bob and Sally is that Brit is in the house with limited people. If she wasn't in the BB house and she was out in the real world and she CHOSE to spend most of her time with Lane instead of Nick, then yes, Nick would have every right to be offended. But she's there with limited people and of those people, she's spent a fair share with Ragan and Matt and others. Lane just happens to be one of them. Surely Nick is mature enough not to be offended because Brit doesn't give Lane the cold shoulder? I haven't seen anything she's done as flirting. Just playful. If Nick can't handle that, perhaps he's too immature to get married in the first place.

JimmyB said...

60 Minutes appears to have started on time here in the northeast.

joyn said...

Yes, they shortened our newscast here in upstate NY.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened to the tease that two of the houseguests are lifelong friends? That was never mentioned again after the one time announcement. Was that just a lie from the sabaatour?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't careless about Britney and Lanes relationship, she has been an a.., thought out this game, and I'll just be glad if she doesn't win the money. Evil is as evil does. Jordan also kept her morals while she was in the house and she never was mean or talked mean about anyone.She could have just said no to the question and none of us would be talking about it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:52,

Since when does jealousy have anything to do with logic, rights or even maturity?

It will be interesting to hear from Nick, but I don't really expect to hear anything special. I mean even IF you were jealous, it's not like most people would admit to it in this forum.