Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Thursday Dawn - August 12

Late night whisperings.

Here's the latest from inside that Big Brother House of Day Camp Rejects:
  • Ragan and Britney trash Brendon and Rachel at practically every moment.
  • Then they go hide from them because they're scared of them.
  • Apparently the cake they had during their feeds blocked halfway party had their pictures on it.
  • Rachel saved the pieces with Brendon and herself.
  • Britney mocked that move.
  • Rachel told Brendon they have a once in a lifetime love.
  • Yeah, right. Come back and tell us in a year what's going on.
  • Hayden made programming decisions for his "Just the Tip" show he plans. Enzo is allowed a 30 second appearance, but is not allowed to take over the show.
  • The Meow Meow thinks just by appearing on it, he will take it over.
  • Rachel cried.
  • They're in lockdown and wonder why it's so long -- usually the extended lockdowns are for endurance comp set-ups.
  • I really hope it's not yet another endurance.
  • Rachel gave Brendon all of her sentimental goodies from their relationship.
  • She's sure she's leaving although the house is still trying to convince them that Brendon's going.
  • Rachel and Brendon aren't even trying to fit in with the house, exiling themselves away most of the time.
  • Matt cut Enzo's hair.
  • Enzo should keep his hat on.
  • Rachel went to the DR with her glasses on for the first time. We'll see if that makes it through editing.
  • They did the 10 PM PT "Just the Tip" show. I'm not overly impressed. But at least they're talking to us.
  • Rachel and Brendon practiced skills like dropping things straight, etc.
  • The other quizzed themselves on past comps, dates, etc.
  • If the backyard set-up is elaborate, it's not going to be a quiz.
  • Enzo said that if Kathy wins HOH, he'll circumcise himself.
  • Well, that might be interesting.
  • Taking a break from trashing Brendon and Rachel, they mocked Kathy.
  • The Brigade met up and decided if Brendon wins HOH this week, it isn't a big deal.
  • They'll just send Britney or Ragan home and go after Brendon the next week.
  • Lane, Enzo and Hayden discussed whether they'll reveal the Brigade at final six or seven.
  • The three stooges were up most of the night, just heading to bed as I post this.
  • Rachel should be leaving with a 6-0 vote tonight.
  • Enzo and Hayden are going to tell Brendon the house pressured them.


Anonymous said...

rachel won't even get the kathy sympathy, I am your friend vote.
oh geez
those two shot themselves in the foot long ago isolating and alienating everyone in the house.

Sasha said...

"Britney mocked that move". Britney mocks every move and every word. I know she's funny at times and in this boring season provides a laugh or two but I still just don't like how mean she is. JMO.

My main thought during most of last night's show was just how out of touch with reality--inside or outside the BB house--Rachel and Brendon are. Yikes!

JimmyB said...

This is hands-down the funniest season of quotes; the latest from Enzo being that if Kathy wins HOH, he'll circumcise himself. (Thanks Jackie!)

Throw in Rachel's gems from last night about a monkey being able to get 4 pins (referring to nuetered Brendon); and "you're so surreal".

Bluff said...

Has there ever been a time when 2 people alienated themselves from the first week but still managed to make it this far? I've seen some people on the outs, but they can pick up some floaters and make a go. Brendan and Rachel have been by themselves the whole time.

Anonymous said...

Enzo has a pretty face

Anonymous said...

matt had a diamond veto, just how and when will this play out?


RBennie said...

Yes, Matt is sitting pretty right now with that diamond veto. I can't wait to get tonight's eviction out of the way and let the game truly begin. I kind of hope Brendon does win HOH, just because I like to see the hamster squirm. He would probably just put up Britney and Ragan though, which would play right into the DABs hands.

Laurie said...

Another morning laugh from Jackie (via Enzo this time). Thanks for watching this show for us!

One comment about last night's show. I'm glad Kathy didn't apologize for celebrating her win! That's all that was, a celebration. It wasn't about Rachel and no apologies were needed.

No matter which one goes tonight, it will be a new house this evening ... I hope it's more game and less drama!

Nana from the NW said...

So far the saboteur has been a bust. All he has done is "plant" some ideas which no one believes. I thought he was going to DO something...not just talk. If week 2 goes the same that will be the easiest 20K Ragan has ever got. I won't be sorry to see Rachel's really hard to see beyond the bad extensions and fake boobs.
With Matt having the DV even if Brendan wins and puts up anyone Matt will use the veto to save them and then oust Kathy.

RBennie said...

ITA Nana, the whole saboteur thing is a crock. No way does Ragan deserve the 20 grand! No one believes anything the saboteur says. He needs to be doing alot more than just dropping these little snippets. I remember how hard Eric had to work when he was America's player. He had to jeopardize his own game to accomplish America's tasks.

Anonymous said...

Poor Britt & Ragan are going to go insane once Rachel's gone. They're going to need somebody new to trash talk (behind their back).

Kathy is such a worthless individual.

I would hate to have a so-called friend like Britnay in real life. She'll lie to your face without blinking and trash you the second you walk away. She'll make a good lawyer.

Any of the DAB deserve to win it all this year.

AG should be fired also.

Anonymous said...

I thought Ragan had to accomplish a certain number of tasks to win the 20 grand. If, for example, his "task" was to turn Rachel & Brendon against each other with the "Brendon has been throwing comps" comment, then he failed and shouldn't win the money. The saboteur is the lamest twist one believes anything he says so what's the point?

DKNYNC said...

While I have to give the DAB credit for keeping themselves a secret (how has no one ever overheard them talking?) it is going to make for the most boring weeks of BB ever! At this point even if Ragan, Kathy, Britney and Brendon (assuming Rachel is voted out tonight) formed an alliance - which would never happen - they are only equal to the 4 person DAB alliance. From now on the DAB is going to pick off the remaining houseguests one by one with no chance for anyone to switch things up. BORING!!!

~~Silk said...

(Repeating info from last night.) Here's a list of duckpin bowling lanes in the US:

Duckpin uses the narrower pins and small balls withour holes. You can play with all the pins, or variations like "front five" (five in a V shape), back five, three pin, or whatever other patterns the machines are equipped to set.

The lanes are disappearing as the pinsetting machines wear out, because no one is making the equipment any more.

meb said...

nana and rbennie... the saboteur has been given suggestions the fans of BB are sending in. If he does what they ask, then he deserves the money... not his fault they're all lame suggestions.

Anon 11:16 ... I think Rachel HAS turned against Brendon, calling him names, or saying he doesn't win anything and he's not saving her from anything like he says he will. All said in the DR, but said just the same. Maybe Ragan should get half the money. LOL

I still enjoy Britney. I'm not watching 24/7, so I pretty much only see her comments on show nights, and a little of BBAD. If she wasn't sniping with Ragan, what else would we be watching? Kathy laying down, Matt with his hands down his pants laying down, Enzo, Lane and Hayden continually repeating themselves, blah, blah, blah. Britney at least gives us something to talk about. IMHO

Laurie: I too, am so glad Kathy did not apologize to Rachel. She was happy she won..FINALLY... and was celebrating her win... And like Jackie said, pot/kettle/black!

Cannot wait for tonight!!!!!

~~Silk said...

Anon 9:00 - Yeah, I think Enzo has a nice face, too. I wish he'd let his hair lie down, though. It would look thicker.

Sally said...

I've been on vacation for a few days, away from TV and the Internet, but was able to quickly catch up with BB by reading the blog. All things should be so easy. Thanks, Jackie!

I agree that even Saboteur 2.0 is lame, having very little impact on the game. It might be fun when the houseguests realize that Rachel is gone and the Saboteur is still there.

Anonymous said...

I would love to see a double eviction tonight. Just so everyone doesn't have time to figure out what everyone else is gonna do! Add some new drama! :o) My husband hasn't been watching BB this year he has in years past. He ended up watched with me last night and left the room he could not STAND watching B/R. He only watched 30 min of it!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Woo Pig Sooie! Go Brit and Kathy!

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, I hope Brendon goes next week. Not because of anything he has/hasn't done (I am not huge fans of his or Rachels but I don't despise either of them) and it's not so that he and Rachel can be together again. It is because once Brendon is gone, the game will truly begin as we watch the house have to turn on one another. ;-)

meb said...
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meb said...

Now you're talking Anon 12.53... that will be fun...Of course, with the Brigade in control, it'll come down to the 4 of them, at which point Matt will be the first to go from that group unless he can win comps to get him thru.

I just hope they keep Britney around for a little while since she is funny, and R&B will be gone, so she won't have them to talk about... yeah, right, they'll always be a topic of conversation in the house... so much to talk about.

I know... my bad.

joyn said...

Well, now Ragan and Rachel are getting on my nerves too. They got what they wanted, R&B on the block, so why don't they just turn down the burner a bit and let it go?

I doubt that the DAB would look kindly on Matt if he used that Diamond Veto. It would only be viewed as another letdown from him. He'd probably save it in case he needed to save himself in the future, wouldn't he?

RBennie said...

Was there a time limit on how long that veto could be used? It really doesn't seem fair if he could hang on to it to Final 4 or
3. I too am sick of the trash talking from all of them. Change the topic for a while already.

chris said...

matt can use it this week or next
that is why he does not care and would even offer to be a pawn next week.
joyn the brigade guys have already said they would give it to matt for his wifes surgery, that is why I think BB should not have allowed the wifes letter from home which perpetuated the lie.
That is also why I wanted ragan to have to tell the house there is a big liar amongst them!
as far as the brigade they are already discussing when to brag to the houseguests about their alliance, like at 7 or 6
well that would be just stupid since if they reveal then dont win hoh they will be targeted.
If two of them go up only one could come down with pov etc.
so loose lips sink ships!
Britney needs to win hoh not this week but next, altho Lane will convince her to put up kathy and ragan. Perhaps the girl will wake up and see the light.
the brigade is actually hoping for a brendon win to take out brit or ragan or kathy for them and leave their hands clean. Smart thinking!

Anonymous said...

So Matt gets the Diamond Power of Veto and the downside is the house gets some stupid comments by the saboteur that no one believes anyway...Wow, could this "twist" be any lamer?

I doubt Matt will expose the fact that he lied (again) about Pandora's Box unless he has to save himself and since the DAB has the voting majority I doubt he'll need to do that.

RBennie said...

I think the best thing about this season will be the reunion show. That's when the lies will be revealed. They will all feel like chumps if they make Matt the winner.

joyn said...

Matt may decide not to show up in person if he wins because the jury and the viewers will be REALLY pissed! He may need to hold on to the money for hospitalization costs.

Anonymous said...

If Matt wins (God forbid) he will still be in the house for the finale and will be forced to face everyone when his reprehensible lies are revealed. I would however love to see the DAB beat the crap out of him and watch his face when he realizes he's not the genius he thinks he is because even his wife is disgusted by his lies.

RBennie said...

Matt's HOH diary is up if anyone is interested in reading it. At least he's a better writer than Rachel, LOL. He thinks Enzo is the Saboteur. Won't he be surprised to learn it was his buddy Ragan. Instead of being called the "Saboteur", he should just be called the "Pest", cuz at most all he is is a minor annoyance.

Laurie said...

I know some folks think the show will be boring with Rachel/Brendon gone, but I think it will be more interesting with them out of there. The other people have formed an alliance over a common enemy (Brachel being one person in a way) and have actually become friends. Of course, the DAB is the top level of friends and will try to get rid of the others first, but eventually they need to turn on themselves. The DAB hasn't really had to take a look at each other with the common enemy in the house. Soon they will ... after they try to get rid of one of the top players, a girl!

Anonymous said...

Will Rachel go to the jury house or just leave the game? When does the sequester begin for jury members? Anyone know?

Laurie said...

I'm not sure but I think tonight's evictee goes home, not to the sequester house.

Anonymous said...

I thought they said last night that THIS evictee will go to the jury house. It might also explain the "saboeut message" that said "neither will go home" because technically the jury house isn't HOME

Laurie said...

Oh, that could be true. As I said, I don't really know for sure. I'm sure someone does!

Anonymous said...

someone posted a website that they watch the current bb12 show on at 5pm (est). . . anyone know the website?

Jayne said...

I agree that kathy hasn't done much, but either has Enzo or Lane, yet no one complains about them.

Lars said...

DAB keep themselves a secret because they haven't done anything, makes me wonder if they'd know how to play or win a comp.

Nobody noticed DAB alliance simply because they're busy repeating one another, re-hatching various conversations as if they were rehearsing for a grade School play!

Zoetawny said...

I can't believe Rachael was lecturing Kathy about integrity and character. Quiet Kathy sure did stand up to the bully in the house without making herself look cheap. Does Rachael ever take a close look at herself and her actions in the house? I used to wonder what Brendon sees in Rachael but now I'm thinking they both deserve each other. R & B are doing a sick dance together. It will be interesting to see how and if Brendon's game changes with R gone.

Thanks for the giggle, Jackie, about Enzo circumcising mean a nice Italian boy isn't aready circumcised? ;)

I can't wait to hear Rachael's conversation with Julie after she's evicted. I'm sure Rachael will be delusional and take no responsibility for her being disliked in the house.

monty924 said...

Tonight will begin the Jury phase. There are 9 houseguests, so that leaves a F2 and a seven member jury. They also had their half-way party this week, and that signals the beginning of sequester for those voted out.

Laurie said...

Thanks Monty!

In that case they should keep Brendon a little longer so he can grow into a man before he returns to his true love.

monty924 said...

Just another note about the saboteur. Some are confusing it with 'America's Player'. AP had to actually accomplish the tasks, i.e. the 10 second hug. The sabo only needs to perform the request without being caught or found out by the other houseguests.

With the wimpy tasks they are giving him, Ragan has this one in the bag. :)

K in WI said...

After seeing last night's show, I was convinced that Brendan and Rachel must be plants and we are being punked. They are both pretty unbelievable.

Can you imagine being alone with one or both of them in the jury house? Talk about motivation . . .

I have to admit that I'm afraid its going to be a little boring with those two drama queens gone.

monty924 said...

YW, Laurie.

I'm off until the live show. Could be late, but I'll be here eventually. :)

K in WI said...

They just had the feeds blocked for an hour and now Lane and Kathy are packing their bags.

Looks like they were told it's double eviction night ? ? ?

Laurie said...

K in WI, I just came back to say that very thing. I went to Jokers to see how the contestants were getting ready and all the buzz is about a double eviction. Gosh, I hope they don't send Brendon and Rachel both out the same night. That's too good a gift for them! On the other hand it would be cruel and unusual punishment to send anyone else to spend a week alone with either on of them!

K in WI said...

Laurie, I totally agree with you. I guess it might be better to let the lovebirds have that gift than to subject anyone else to the cruel and unusual punishment. Of course then it will be 2 against 1 when the next person goes.

What a mess.

I am afraid it's going to be boring with them gone though. I'm not looking forward to the remainder turning against each other although I know it's necessary for the game.

Anonymous said...

wheres jackie? hope she is okay