Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Into Wednesday Morning - Aug. 4

Half the time when I look at Hayden, the word "Duh?" comes to mind. I know he's not dumb, but his facial expressions tend to betray him.

It's still not all that exciting in the house and probably won't be until the new HOH shake-up this week. But here are the evening and nighttime happenings from inside that Big Brother House of Hokey Hamsters:
  • Kristen is still working for votes.
  • Hayden doesn't want Kristen to think he's working anyone for votes (and he isn't -- he knows he has them).
  • Ragan is still all full of BB advice for anyone who will listen. "I recommend ..."
  • Ragan is definitely getting to the annoyance level. I liked him in the beginning.
  • Ragan told Kristen he doesn't think the guys (Brigade Boys) are working together. That's the opposite of what he had told Rachel. He supposedly has thought it over.
  • Some expert on BB ... can't see the Brigade for the trees.
  • Or something like that.
  • They got eight beers and two bottles of wine. Woot.
  • Rachel and Brendon are trying to work Hayden into their alliance.
  • They told him they don't really trust Matt -- everyone knows he's sneaky.
  • Well, they have that right.
  • Ragan talked about the Jokersupdates site. It would be nice if one of these hamsters mentioned US!
  • Rachel and Brendon got hot and heavy undercovers again. I switched the cam. I was so over them before they even began.
  • Enzo talked about the characters in his family. "Little Head, ReeRee, etc."
  • It's more interesting listening to Lane, Enzo, Kathy, and Britney talk about their lives and families than watching either showmance.
  • Hayden and Kristen kissed a bit, but their relationship has really quieted down since both went on the block.

Enzo quotes:
"All they do is talk of season 11. We're our own season. Let us be peacocks and FLY!"

"Just when I talk, I make everyone laugh." -- the accent
"Tri-State area is another [bleeping] animal, we have an authenticity. We're straight-up legit."

Yeah, I too live in New Jersey not all that far from where Enzo's from (sans that accent) and we're too legit to quit.
That said, this is the end of this live feeds report!


Anonymous said...

LMAO Finally someone comments on the fact that Rachel keeps digging her man hands in the food! Brit, Enzo and Ragan just cracked me up about the nut sorting that Rachel was doing. I agree with Andrew when he said, "She has no thought of other people."

Fred M said...

I thought Kristen had some smarts....I was wrong. In her position, I'd start stirring things up. Make something up for god's sake!

She will certainly feel betrayed at some point when she finds out about Haydens alliance with the Bro-gade.

This season sucks.

Anonymous said...

Has it been brought up that Kristen looks like a young Tatem O'Neil..??

RBennie said...

Kristen's campaigning is reminding me a lot of Annie. She's just incessantly repeating the same thing to anyone she can corner for a minute. Her arguments have some merit, though not as much merit as Annie's did. Too bad for her that everyone's mind is already made up - just like the Annie situation. I'm hoping that one of the DAB gets HOH this week. It is time for them to put up or shut up. I kind of don't want Britney to get it this week, because I don't want her to be the one to put R&B on the block and then some twist keeps them both there and she winds up in deep doodoo again. What if Kathy won HOH? Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Laurie said...

Hayden could look so great if he had a haircut and if he would learn to close his mouth. Between the mess on his head and the slack-jaws he does have "DUH?" sign around his neck. He could clean up well ... but maybe this look is part of his game. Maybe?

Laurie said...

RBennie ... just trying to think what kind of comp would make Cathy the HOH. Let me know if you come up with something! LOL

I would love to see Enzo as HOH. His reign would be sure to have a lot of laughs in it, don't you think? Time for him to step up to the plate and show his game.

chris said...


Exactly what comp could kathy win?
That would be a fix for sure since she ie really terrible!
I agree I would like to see Enzo as HOH
I think it would be a hoot if Brendon won it again, not that I like Brenchel but clearly those sucking up to the two of them would have to keep doing so and the diary truth sessions would just be funnier!
I wonder who America voted for as the next saboteur? I just did not like anyone enough to vote.
Altho think Brit or Enzo would be hysterical at it

JimmyB said...

Anonymous said...
LMAO Finally someone comments on the fact that Rachel keeps digging her man hands in the food!

Now THAT made me laugh.

joyn said...

Laurie, Enzo is my pool guy (along with Donna in LA and Lars) and I'd love for him to get more active in the house, too.

I give Kristen one thing. At least she isn't pulling out any sob stories to stay. They get tiresome.

CBS came up with some general comments about the hgs when they were first introduced. Were they right on?

People who will knife you - Matt, Britney, Monet

Eye candy - Hayden, Brendon, Kristen, Lane

Shouldn't be on TV - Kathy

Lovable weirdos - Andrew, Enzo, Ragan

No comments were offered about Rachel or Annie.

I can see maybe why Annie wasn't mentioned, the saboteur thing. As for Rachel, maybe she either just defies description or there just aren't enough words. LOL!

Donna in AL said...

Has anyone seen the sheep dog's eyes? Would he be so handsome if we could see them?
Kristen does favor Tatum O'Neil in her younger days!
Evil Dick's tattoo's did not bother me but Matt's seem to just scream at me.

Misspell my name is a good way to get me to post a comment!! ha

Donna in AL said...

Laurie, I have obviously missed something.... who is the little girl in your avatar?

joyn said...

Donna in AL, sorry about that. Must be getting dyslexic in my old age!

Sharon S said...

joyn, I think Rachel should be considered someone who "shouldn't be on tv." I hope she's not thinking this will make her a movie star -- but given her lifestyle choices, maybe she only has a certain kind of movie in mind...

I do hope that Brit and Enzo make it to the end, and that Ragan stops being so bored that he is making himself an annoyance has he has some funny things to say too. Lane is another one I would like to continue to hear one-liners from, but how will he do with that once most of the others are gone?

Kathy could win a competition in which the longest time to complete it wins. Wouldn't it be interesting for them to have a comp where they don't know what the goal is, but we the audience do?

meb said...

Love your comments as usual Jackie. Too funny!

I'll jump on the ENZO FOR HOH wagon. He would definitely put B&R on the block... he's no wuss like Matt.

Matt almost irritates me as much as Ronnie last year...both thinking they know how to play the game and blow it with each move they make. I would love for Matt to go after Rachel. I like Brendon without Rachel. I'd like to see how he would play if she were gone! Puleez..make it happen!

joyn..your comment: "As for Rachel, maybe she either just defies description or there just aren't enough words" ...Exactly!

donna in al... in case Laurie doesn't see your question... her avatar is what Rachel would have looked like as a child!

Hate to say it, but bye-bye Kristen.

When do they start the jury house sequester... and is Annie still sequestered..if so, why? Did Andrew go into sequester. I love the word sequester.

my wv.. pkopu .. peek a boo... I'm watching you BB.

meb said...

Amy said on last post:
",,I'm also wondering if Kathy could explain the difference between y'all and all y'all. She said she loved "all y'all" on Sunday's show."

Amy, that was great... I didn't pick that up, but YOU made me laugh.

JimmyB said...

meb--I'm pretty sure that I read they were all released from sequester.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

meb - I think only Annie was/is in sequester as they considered bringing her back in, but I think they instead decided to have America vote for an internal new saboteur. There's no way they could bring Andrew back because Julie told him about Matt's wife not being ill.

Amy - re: all y'all - not being Southern myself, I have an idea of the distinction. Y'all is used to address a group who is present, whereas all y'all is used when talking to a single or group but intending to apply to the rest of the absent group. I think.

Re: Matt. I am SO over him, to the point where I have to either FF or avert my eyes when he comes on screen. WTF is it with the hand down the pants? It's absolutely creepy. Last night when Kristen was cornering people he met her on a bed in the red/orange room (don't know the names of rooms except the HN). It was like his hand was glued down his pants. The whole time. And worse (YES! even worse!) he layed on the bed, with his feet near the pillow... with his SHOES (sandals) ON!! YUCK! I've commented about this before and he's not the only one who does it, but he does it the most. Bad enough putting your shoes on the bed, bad enough putting your feet on/near the pillow, but combine those two with your hand down your pants? I cannot express how much disgust I have for Matt.

In fact, I find that nowadays I FF through most of BBAD, certainly when Kristen is on screen (which lately she seems to have way too much of, especially when she's just sitting alone being melancholy or whatever. Can't watch R&B anymore, they are monotonous and/or annoying. Can't watch Matt for aforementioned reasons. Can only watch Ragan when he isn't in Professor Mode. When he and Brit and Enzo and Lane start riffing, then he's OK.

I used to like all these people. What's that saying about familiarity breeding contempt? And I'm not even living with them! Imagine!

RBennie said...

I DVR BBAD every night and watch it in the mornings while I get ready for work. I usually only watch 15 or 20 minutes of the 3 hour saga, because that's all the time you need to get the gist of what's going on at the moment. I am so sick of the camera sitting on Kristen while she sits all alone looking forlorn. This stuff is boring enough, at least keep the camera on people who are actually talking, LOL. Someone had mentioned how Kristen was not using the sympathy card in her campaigning, but I have to disagree with that. I've seen her, on more than one occasion, telling people how she gave up everything to be there and that if she leaves now she will have nothing to go back to - no job, no apartment, (probably no boyfriend either). Who would give up their home and their job just for the 13:1 chance of winning 500g's?

Joyce said...

I don't think they sequestered Andrew because Julie told him Matt was lying about his wife's illness. Therefore, I don't think they would let him back in the house with that knowledge.

Please let the new HOH get rid of Rachel or Brendon. I don't want both of them to go because I want them to be miserable without each other. I am still hoping they will interview Brendon's parents.

JimmyB said...

from zap2it: The first three "Big Brother 12" contestants to be evicted -- Annie Whittington, Monet Stunson and Andrew Gordon -- were previously being kept in sequester, but now CBS tells Zap2it they are no longer being sequestered and have returned home.


Laurie said...
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Laurie said...

Donna, the little girl is my representation of Rachel as a child. She hasn't changed expressions much.

Sharon S said...

Annie is out and twittering:

She started twittering sometime in the last few days.

monty924 said...

Anonymous said...
Has it been brought up that Kristen looks like a young Tatem O'Neil..??

8/04/2010 9:55 AM

I hadn't noticed that, but you are right. I think she's a ringer for Monica Seles. :)

joyn said...

Wonder if Andrew told Annie and Monet about Matt's lie.

RBennie, I had mentioned Kristen's lack of a sob story. Do remember now someone mentioning her lack of anything at home. This is turning into a BB sob story season.

Wasn't it that Jazinski guy (drug dealer, nosepicker, name-caller of children, etc., etc.) that also had his hands in his shorts most of his season? That IS so disgusting.

stewah said...

Jackie, if I was on the show, I would talk about how fabulous you are! However their is no way in HELL I would ever want to play Big Brother. A summer with books? I would go CRAZY!!!!!

K in WI said...


you mentioned your word verification translating to peek-a-boo, I see you and it reminded me that I've been meaning to ask if anyone else has been occasionally obsessed with needing to know who the "eye" peeking out belongs to.


I haven't noticed it as much this year, but when I did get a peek I wasn't sure it was the same one as in the past.

My best guess in the past has been Kevin Spacey, LOL