Monday, August 09, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Live Feeds Monday Daytime - August 9

Rachel did this ...

... just so she could do this and mess it up.

The big news of the day is that Britney didn't use the power of veto. But we already knew she wouldn't use it. But ... there is some related news to the PoV meeting.
  • After several of the hamsters were up most of the night, BB woke them up a bit after 9 AM their time.
  • The vote is still planned to be 6-0 for a Rachel eviction.
  • Lane promised that if Matt's in the finals with Enzo or Hayden and he (Lane) is on the jury, he'll vote Matt for the win for his sick wife.
  • Hopefully, if that's the case, Lane will snap Matt like a twig when he finds out the wife disease is a lie.
  • They had the veto meeting.
  • Apparently Brendon and Rachel kicked in their plan to alienate Brendon from the house so that they'll vote to keep Rachel.
  • He insulted Britney and Lane (and probably more) in his veto speech.
  • Rachel cried, horrified at Brendon's behavior.
  • Yeah, right.
  • Brendon and Rachel think their plan is working.
  • The others see through it, plan to let Brendon and Rachel think they're changing their minds for a Brendon eviction.
  • Then they'll unanimously vote out Rachel.
  • Everyone except Kathy, Rachel and Brendon are in HoH going over questions for the upcoming comp (which they think will be a quiz).
  • Rachel is sucking up to Kathy.
  • That's about it for now.
  • I haven't seen anything from the saboteur and no one is thinking Ragan.


ML said...

First, first. Is Brendon that sorry a case that he's doing this for real? He deserves to go.

Jackie said...

Rachel is better in comps and house/game knowledge. They'd be fools to not take her out.

Nina said...

Captain_Kosher on his twitter thinks that we should have the saboteur bring a live chicken into the house at 3 AM and steal the 8 ball. (I'm thinking you'd appreciate this recommended sabotage, Jackie since you're always saying that Pool table should be banned. Maybe the saboteur can take all of the balls.)

joyn said...

Nina, and then maybe he could loan two to Brendon. (hee,hee)

Suffice it to say, Rachel will not likely be offered any acting jobs.

Matt should be ashamed if these guys do give him their votes because of his lie. Hope the whole house kicks his butt if he wins.

JimmyB said...

I LOVE that the HG's are playing with Brachel letting think their plan is working. Classic comedy.

Brendon has been neutered. Although it would much more entertaining to keep Rachel in the house; they'd be nuts to do so.

JimmyB said...

oops. Sorry 'bout the unintended pun :)

Shanno98 said...

Forget the 8 ball, hide the cue ball! Drop it behind the washer or dryer. That would make pool totally impossible.

Sasha said...

Hi all, I'm late to the game as usual, having just watched last night's show.

One (admittedly very stupid) thing that was bugging me was...does Rachel not realize that when she redid her hair color, that her extensions no longer match and look totally ridiculous?! Or maybe it's just me. I couldn't help noticing it in nearly every shot.

My favorite Rachel comment was when she said about's not all about you, Brendon. LOLOL. That's true because it's ALWAYS all about Rachel. Ummm, also, am I the only one to be shocked that someone her age already uses Botox? Yeeesh.

Oh well, just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

I guess the saboteur is going to playing practical jokes on houseguests and other antics.

I had been hoping the saboteur title was more like the definition of a saboteur: I thought the saboteur would try to affect the outcome of the come by starting rumors and causing havoc among houseguests and getting houseguest paranoid about who is in an alliance and trying to change votes and so on.

It is not looking like that is what the role of the saboteur is ?


Lucy said...
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Lucy said...

Caroline, I think the saboteur takes suggestions from viewers. If the viewers are sending in prank suggestions that is what he has to choose from. Perhaps America needs to look up the definition of saboteur before making suggestions. A saboteur should be trying to ruin everone's game play and "stir the pot." We will have to wait and see how this all turns out.