Monday, August 16, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Monday Live Feeds - August 16

Enzo makes faces after Ranting Ragan walks out of the room.

Matt should be evicted solely on the basis of
wearing those pajama pants with that hoodie.

Here's the latest scoop from inside that Big Brother House of Ditzy Dolts:
  • The group who stayed up late to catch the saboteur caught nothing.
  • Well, maybe a cold. They're all talking about how cold it is at night there this summer.
  • Ragan talked to the cameras (or to himself) as the dawn arrived.
  • He wasn't looking for the saboteur.
  • He knows that when he uses the PoV, it's likely his bromance best bud Matt will go on the block.
  • He thinks it's more important to keep Matt in the house and splitting up the three "boys" (Lane, Enzo and Hayden) is of lesser significance.
  • When Ragan came to him to ask what he should say to Brendon, Matt told him not to plead on his behalf.
  • Ragan told Brendon how much he wants to keep Matt in the game.
  • The feeds were blocked for the PoV meeting.
  • The replacement for Ragan was indeed Matt.
  • Matt told Hayden that he has hope that there's a power out there someone has which might save him.
  • He's treading dangerous ground there. Knowing Matt, he checked how much he can say.
  • But why is he saying anything?
  • Just whip out the diamond PoV Thursday night!
  • Britney told Enzo that Brendon told her people were throwing her under the bus.
  • Well, yeah. It's Big Brother, silly!
  • Ragan keeps fussing that a person who claimed to be taking out floaters is taking out one of the best competitors and that's poor sportsmanship!
  • Matt has mentioned that Brendon actually brought up the subject that he wouldn't nominate him or backdoor him.
  • He did.
  • And, he did.
  • Lane told Matt he thinks he (Lane) is going home.
  • He lies.
  • Enzo and Hayden would vote to keep Lane over Matt.
  • So would Britney.
  • But we know none of the boys are going anywhere.

Ragan counts the ways he hates Brendon.


Lili said...

OK, can someone please tell me what Enzo means when he sort of frowns and makes weird gerbil noises with his mouth?


RyzandShyn said...

LOL. I think that might be Bayonnese for fuggedaboutit.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

As for why Matt is trying to hint that he will be saved: the only reason I can think of is that he wants to prevent the Brigade from self-destructing, which they will surely do with two of them on the block. He probably suspects that Enzo and Hayden will toss him overboard, but he doesn't want them to do so overtly, because then he's forced into his secondary alliance which isn't as strong.

I just think we're going to see Enzo and Hayden make public moves against Matt this week, and then the Brigade is history--well, unless it's resurrected with Brendon as the new 4th.

Joe in NY said...

This would be a perfect week for a double elimination. Matt has to play the dPOV but then doesn't have time to do damage control before the second elimination. C'mon CBS, give us something, you owe us after this Saboteur disaster...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Aside from the whole being-locked-in-with-strangers thing about BB, I keep forgetting about the isolation from our electronic connections.

Just think, less than a century ago, humans didn't even *have* these things to miss.

If any of us were on BB, we'd be doing shout-outs to Jackie and saying how we miss reading the blogs. Can you imagine not being able to get email for over a month? It really is cultural isolation, no wonder these hamsters do such strange stuff.

meb said...

Jackie... love the picture "Ragan counts the ways he hates Brendon".

I need to say that I CANNOT wait for Matt to use the DPOV and see the faces of everyone there. Especially Brendon when he realizes Matt is not going home. Priceless!

Ragan will be so happy, he will forgive Matt... afterall, Matt was BB bound not to tell anyone. Ragan can certainly understand that, since he's the Saboteur, working for the money. Both similar in that they neither can tell anyone.

I'm just hoping it's Kathy that goes up, not Britney. Brit is funny even when she's being mean. Where else is there any humor in that house. Talk about boring... if she goes... Kathy is left. Oh goodie!

Nina said...

Oh I am wishing so badly that Britney goes up so that this week is not a total waste of time. I also think Brendan should be allowed to compete for HOH next week since his HOH was usurped as much as Chima's was last season and BB let her compete. But knowing Matt, he'll want to take out Kathy.

Anonymous said...

Matt want final 6 to be DAB, Brit and Regan. I think he puts up Kathy. Lane, Hayden and Enzo want them and Kathy in Final 4.Matt can mess that up by putting up Kathy. Unless BB takes DV from him because he won't shut up about it. He's not a DSG he is a DSDumbass.

monty924 said...

Good thought on that, Nina. NN might let Brendon compete, but there is a difference. Chima had both of her nominations and entire week overturned. Brendon is just getting one nomination overturned. Who really knows what BB will do.

I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that Matt puts Kathy up. Slim chance... but its a chance.

monty924 said...

Lol, fingers on the wrong keys....

NN might let Brendon compete

should have been BB might let Brendon compete

Joe in NY said...

It could be interesting if Kathy goes up. Might the boys turn on Lane? Doesn't seem likely but if you have to lose one of our final 4 or 6, you have to decide which one you want to sacrifice and Kathy would seem to be the one easiest to beat in the end game.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Joe, at this point I think the only member of the Brigade that's actually at risk of betrayal by the others is Matt.

Anonymous said...

Ragan will be angry with Matt whomever he puts up in his place. Don't forget that catty queen crybaby is close to both Kathy and Britney. He'll take offense that Matt doesn't use his power to put up Hayden or Enzo.

If Britney (if she's still in the house) or Ragan wins HOH one of DAB will be sitting with Brendon on the block. If Brendon wins POV there's goes the DAB. I don't think those chumps really thought ahead in the game.

Why won't Kathy leave?

This season can't end fast enough.

Sydney said...

lol FA! Agreed.

And Meb, if Ragan were smart he'd not be mad at Matt for the reason you said. But he seems to be pretty bitchy, which is a shame for me, because I wanted to enjoy him more than I do, so maybe he won't get that he too is doing something underhanded and secretive himself.

Maybe I'm wrong.

So if Matt gets himself free using DPVeto, I guess Ragan can't go back up.... but have a question for you all, since I have not read as much here and don't have feeds... do you feel Matt is more aligned with the Brigade or Ragan when it comes down to loyalty?

Anonymous said...

Well, all I can say is the elimination episode ought to be a doozy. Can't wait to see everyone's faces. LOL


Keeping Up With... Me said...

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Tristan said...

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Anonymous said...

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Donna in AL said...

If Matt has an alliance with Ragan and Brittney too, I would not think he would want anyone on either of his alliances to go home yet. It would show to the others in that alliance that he is not sincere. Since he cannot put Brendan in his place on the block, that would only leave Kathy. If he puts up Brittney, then that would make Ragan doubt his bromance with Matt.

Has Brittney made any true alliances with anyone? I know she is close to Lane now and was with Ragan and Matt. But has she actually made an alliance with any of them?

Looks like the most action of the season may be this Thursday! We are in a summer weather pattern where afternoon thunderstorms pop up out of nowhere. It will be my luck one will pop up and knock out my satellite during BB Thursday!!