Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Saturday Live Feeds Including POV - August 21

Brendon lost his hair, but won the Power of Veto.

Enzo kept what hair he has, but lost all of his clothes
and is now dressed like a penguin.

Here's today's news from inside the Big Brother House of Flip This House:
  • It seems like our hapless hamster just got up (late) when they were thrust into the POV comp.
  • We're talking over four and a half hours of blocked feeds.
  • When they returned, Brendon's head is shaved but he's the winner of the POV.
  • The hair will grow back.
  • Lane won a phone call from home.
  • Enzo is a penguin.
  • But some of us suspected that all along.
  • Enzo, still male bonding with his friend Brendon (or is it bird/man bonding?) wants to go up against Matt on the block.
  • He's not a happy penguin.
  • Apparently they took all of his clothes, too.
  • Lane, Brendon and Hayden were offering him clothes to wear under his penguin suit.
  • Brendon and Britney have to be handcuffed together for 24 hours. That hasn't started yet.
  • Other than the POV and "bad" prizes like the shaved head and penguin suit, they have no clue what each other won.
  • Supposedly there was an Hawaiian trip and a $5,000 cash prize.
  • No one is owning up to them.
  • Britney's upset because she did what everyone wants and now she's screwed herself in the game.
  • She thinks she now has no chance of winning or getting jury votes.
  • Lane tried to convince her that they still have her back.
  • The plan remains to put Matt up.
  • Matt and Ragan know they're both at risk of going on the block.
  • Enzo thinks the game is fixed.
  • Then we had another long period (over an hour) of blocked feeds.
  • Ohhh ... Britney had opened Pandora's Box.
  • She got stuck with Jessie and working out.
  • She says he's full of himself and a "douche."
  • At least she's a bit happier now.
  • And she has confirmed that Jessie is a jerk.
  • He kept talking about how great he is.
  • @@
  • While she was in Pandora's Box with Jessie, the others had a Hawaiian luau.

Poor Britney


Lars said...

A close friend of mine told me Jesse would be entering the BB house this week.

Sally said...

Wonder what the rest of the Pandora's Box offer was. Having to spend time with Jesse can't have been the "good thing," can it? And why is BB so stuck on bringing that tool back again and again?

That surely wouldn't cheer me up if I felt I'd screwed up my game and hadn't won any good prizes in the POV. Poor girl.

JimmyB said...

Jessie AGAIN?? I disliked him the first two times.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Jessie: "What do you want to work on?"

Britney: "Escape routes out of this room."

BJ said...

The good was the Hawaiian luau. The bad was having to put up with Jesse fro an hour by herself. I don't think there is more. Brit would be happier.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Sounds like Matt knows he's going up. He's telling Ragan that Brit is trying to avoid him and she's looking guilty.

Meanwhile, Brit is up in HOH with Hayden, trashing Matt.

Anonymous said...

Ragan, you're right! I truly believe in Karma now too!! LOL!
Twitney and Ragan you so deserve this, you're getting exactly what you dished out.

HA HA , Love "Penzo".

Matt, bet you're still glad you "kept the competitors" in the game huh! Wishing you didn't throw that HOH comp much??

I'll be glad to see Matt leave before he caves and lets Ragan put his hands down his pants instead of his own.

Joe in NY said...

Matt could use Brendon. He's got Ragan's vote. All he needs is Brendon to force Britney to break the tie. Since Brendon didn't know about a plan to backdoor Matt, he has no reason to feel that Britney or anyone else has his back. Matt might be able to convince him that he'd rather sit opposite Matt in the Final 2 than Enzo.

Of course, DSG Matt might have considered this possibility when he made that someone juvenile speech during the eviction ceremony last week. Matt is a certifiable moron. He lies and insults when he doesn't need to and didn't need to be as big a target as he is. By being nice to Brendon last week he might have gotten his vote this week.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Britney, Lane and Hayden are having a grand ole time in the HOH, joking around, laughing.

Matt and Ragan are down in the dumps in the cabana room. It looks like Matt is going to depend on Ragan to try to get him out of this mess, lol. Good luck with that Matt!

Matt is going to have to figure out how to toss Hayden under that train. There's nobody else, it's either Matt or Hayden (or Ragan).

Fun! Thanks for winning the POV Brendon! And Enzo gets bonus points for reference to Full Metal Jacket! (says Brendon looks like Private Joker)

monty924 said...

I disagree. The worst thing that Britney could do would be put Matt up. Matt needs to out the Brigade and tell her, 'there's been a four person alliance since day one, and two of them have been actively campaigning to get you out (Enzo and Hayden). The two of them have a side alliance with Brendon'!

All true and Matt knows so. The EHB alliance was all plotted with Matt and Lane's approval weeks ago. If he can put enough doubt in Britney's mind, Matt has a chance... even if he's on the block against Enzo. That would hinge on Lane though.

Come on Britney, don't be a dumb a$$. The boys you are trusting right now, never had your back in the first place. Matt kept you off the chopping block. Wake up BRITNEY!!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Joe, the DSG Matt made the fatal mistake of talking about his wife's (non-existant) disease, thus ensuring that NOBODY wants to be in F2 with him. NOBODY.

And those who think Brendon won't get any votes, hah, just wait and see. If he manages to make it to F2, I expect him to sweep ALL of the votes.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

If Matt goes home this week, make no mistake about it: they sent him home because they (to a person) were all afraid that he'd get the sympathy vote in the end if he were F2.

That means that each person there is so selfish that they'd rather win the money themselves than let their good buddy with a dying wife win it to cure her.

Bunch of douches if you ask me!

Anonymous said...

i am sooooo glad Brendon won POV, Matt should have put one of the brigade last week, aligned himself with Brit, Ragan and Kathy and he wouldnt be going home this week.


Joe in NY said...


That's not a bad strategy by Matt, except he'll have to out himself as part of that conspiracy or claim it was a gang of three. The fact is, since Britney doesn't trust Matt why would she believe him when he suggests that Lane is part of a group that doesn't include her? Brilliant if it works, but a tough sell when you've convinced the whole house you're a big liar.

As for Matt not putting up Britney, the same could be said for Brendon and we know how much gratitude Britney had for that! I'm not sure it matters which way she goes. If she puts up Hayden to break up the Brigade, she may be technically in the majority: Brit/Ragan/Matt/Lane vs. Brendon/Enzo but she has to know she's at or near the bottom of that group. If she backdoors Matt, she annoys Ragan but no one else and, as far as she knows, she's in with Hayden, Enzo, Lane which might be a threesome she trusts as much or more.

Either way, she's in a group of 4. But with Brendon still around, they can keep focusing on tossing him out. (Why? I'll never know. Much ado about nothing at this point.) And can she really trust Ragan and Matt?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Oh, and all the other "reasons" they are giving--Matt was the saboteur, Matt won the $5k and the vacation, Matt has been behind all of the conflict, etc--these are all just cowardly attempts by everyone to NOT say what they are REALLY thinking, which is what I pointed out above.

Otherwise, they would ALL love to take Matt to F2 and let him win and cure his wife; afterall, the other person would still get $50k.

But not ONE person in there is that concerned about Matt's wife. And it's not because they don't believe his story, either.

Joe in NY said...


Well, if they chose to give the money to their "friend" (they've known him for 6 weeks!) for his fake-dying wife they'd be saps. So, they really can't win: their either douches (why you ladies are throwing around that term tonight, I don't know) or saps.

It would satisfy me very much to see Matt go home, done in by his own web of poorly executed lies. Seriously, $1 in Pandora's Box? He could have made it $1000 and at least it would be believable. And all his shenanigans about being a pawn for Brenchel way back in week 2..bunch of unnecessary lying then.

The sick wife lie is the only lie he's told that seems to have had a point! LOL

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Joe, good point, I don't usually use that "D" word (although it doesn't offend me, personally) but it was being used so much in the past hour or so by Britney et al to describe Jessie, it just sort of came out.

Anonymous said...

FA, so the house is selfish for voting out Matt with his fake dying wife, are they more selfish then Matt for making up such a horrible story to try to get sympathy votes? Was it also selfish of Matt to want to break up a couple in the house that were in love? So if you hear a sob story from someone why not just say on the first day, ok we all give up, you win with your sob story. Their all strangers, screw that.

Anonymous said...

Why can't BB get the hint...We don't like Jesse...although it is kind of funny that he is the bad thing!

Joe in NY said...

Good point, anon. And, of course, we all know that they threw out Kathy last week for no good strategic reason and she really was sick and really has money problems.

(Personally, I find that a little gratifying because I always hate the "who deserves it more" voting at the end.)

Nick said...

We have to see Jessie again?!? What do the Big Brother producers like about him so much??

Too bad the houseguests dont know who won the Hawaiian vacation. I would like to see a lot of drama over it like there was in Season 10 when Libra took the vacation from Michelle and Michelle was stuck with the read unitard!!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Anon 10:47, I'm not saying they *should* feel or do anything, I'm just saying that what they ARE doing reveals what they really think about Matt and his wife.

Not one of them has said they don't believe his story. That's all I'm pointing out.

But they are inventing all sorts of other excuses for why they're voting him out, when if they were honest with themselves, they would just admit that it's because they think they wouldn't win if he were F2 with them. Admitting that means they know that they are kicking him out because he might take *their* money and use it to treat his wife.

And, I don't think someone I've lived with 24/7 for a month or more can actually still be considered a stranger, do you?

monty924 said...

Joe, he absolutely has to out himself as part of the four. He was the only one in the Brigade that kept her safe last week. Lane was on the block and Hayden and Enzo were gunning for her.

It makes sense to me, but will Matt think of it. ;)

Joe in NY said...


Either way I still think Britney is better off not trusting Matt. I mean if he argues: "I'm part of this super secret alliance of 4 that wanted you out and I saved you so we need to break up that alliance of 4 which, by the way, has your non-boyfriend Lane in it..." Even if she believes him, he's just admitting to another major lie. And why should she believe him? She knows Brendon didn't nominate her last week when he could have and she tossed him on the block anyway, so even if Matt saved her why would she be any more grateful to him? And how could she trust him at all if he convinces her that he's an even bigger liar than she thought?

Joe in NY said...

At some point, a couple hgs are gonna have to decide that a real alliance with Brendon might actually make strategic sense...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Joe, I think that Hayden and Enzo have already done so with Brendon, even though they still tell everyone that it's all just pretend.

In reality, it's a backup card in their pockets and they both know it.

Joe in NY said...

With the double elim this week, we go from 7 to 5 so three is the magic number for an alliance. Good for Enzo and Hayden if they mean it...just doesn't seem like they did or they would have told Brendon about the plan to backdoor Matt this week.

Anonymous said...

I called it back when Rachel was coming back-- That dang Jessie-- please just go away!

Great Job Jackie- I laughed outloud several times in the past few weeks at your recaps- Thanks!
Angie in KC

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

So Matt and Hayden are convinced that the comp was rigged or something by BB, and we get bubbles every time they start talking about it.

Apparently they couldn't see each other and what everyone else was doing.

It's surreal watching this convo between Hayden and Matt. Or is it just me?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Whoops, sorry Ragan, Matt tossed you over to Hayden. Matt just asked Hayden to get Brit to put Ragan up instead of Matt.

Poor Ragan!

RyzandShyn said...

Well, Brit is screwed now. Even if she keeps Matt in, which she should do, there's probably little she can do to align with Brendon.
If she doesn't put Matt up she's done with the boys. If Matt leaves, she's done. I guess she's just done unless she wins comps like crazy.
Should Brendon make it to F2 it would mean he would have continued doing well with comps and/or a remarkable job of alliances, and could be the winner. I think that only person you could drag with you for a win would be Ragan at this point.

Lars said...

But not ONE person in there is that concerned about Matt's wife. And it's not because they don't believe his story, either.

8/21/2010 10:39 PM

If I was in the house I would NOT have believed Matt's story. I believe they're afraid to admit they didn't believe his story.
There's a reason why people have instincts, in Matt's case they've sensed something wasn't adding up within Matt's behavior, why would winning the money suddenly buy his wife a cure? Matt's expressions while explaining his wife's disease reeked doubtfulness, he didn't appear sincere, he had a leaning grin, no eye contact , although did have left hand in pants, maybe with each lie, Matt has to hide his hand!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Uh oh, Ragan's having an existential crisis:

"I mean, why am I even playing this game?"

I know, huh! Why?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

This is really happening! Brit and Brendon are going to be cuffed together for 24 hours!

This should be good...

Just in time for BBAD!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

OK this is really funny when you think about it.

Britney and Brendon!! She HATES him, she wants to puke when she sees him, and now she's gonna be chained to him for the next 24 hours of her HOH.

He's been a have not eating bean dip and brocolli.

meb said...

With Brendon and Britt cuffed for 24 hours, that's a lot of time to do some strategic planning. If they are smart, they will team up with Lane and Ragan and get Enzo and Hayden out of there.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

"It's 9:11, so that's appropriate" they both snicker, walking shackled hand in hand.

Brendon has to take a chum bath every hour, so Brit has to wake up too and accompany him to the chum bath.

This IS HILARIOUS. Random indeed. They totally scripted this one.

Although any two of them would be funny.

meb said...

I just left Matt out so I guess that's a sign that he's going up on the block and leaving this week! Of course it is.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

meb, I assumed that was as you intended. That this was the next logical step.

This is hysterical, *we* (and Britney) all know that she wants to do the hangman's noose thing, the pistol to the head, all of that, you KNOW she's just aching to do it!

We are SO going to hear about this from her, sooner or later. LOL

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Matt, *this* is why we watch.

We know, because Britney told US straight to our camera-faces, that she despises Brendon, just really finds him personally awful and repulsive.

So we KNOW that is how she truly feels.

But yet, she's trying SO hard be pleasant and decent about it (well, Brendon may win next HOH after all...)

It's almost painful to watch if it weren't so comical.

First they pump Brenden full of farty foods, give him a fish-bath every hour, and make him sleep with Brit in the HOH!

Brit practically held a gun to everyone's head telling them to get ready to stay up ALL NIGHT outside with her and Brendon.

Funny if they all desert her?!

Anonymous said...

Britney & Brendon chained together for 24 hours! Haha! Wouldn't Rachel just have a fit?!!!


P.S. WV is "woories" --
Rachel would be having woories if knew Britney was chained to "her man."

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

"You have NO idea how bad it was being with Jessie!"

--says Britney to Brendon

Like was that her talking to US? Or telegraphing to Brendon that she's going to be saying the same thing about him as soon as she can?

Tonight's BBAD might be worth watching.

lynn1 said...

Is Brendan still a Have Not or is that over for him? I wondered because would he be allowed to sleep in the HOH room with Britney? Will he be allowed to take a showers after his chum bath?
I don't have the feeds or BB after dark so I depend on Jackie and all you good folks for updates.
I am kind of happy that Brendan won POV. Although it plays right into the the brigade's plan I would not be sorry to see Smarmy Matt leave.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

What if people were handcuffed to the people they hated (or thought they hated) until they learned to live peacefully side-by-side.

Is BB trailblazing that social experiment?

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

lynn, I don't know but it sort of looks like he's still formally a have-not but this temp 24 hour gig superceeds that or something.

I think they all got to eat at tonight's luau, but they're back on the slop/broccoli/beans deal.

I think Brit doesn't even want him in the HOH but she's being as polite as she possibly can. I know it must hurt her terribly!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Ew, this "chum bath" is a horse trough in the backyard filled with this greenish slimy gross stuff, AND he has to dunk his head under.

He gets out, showers off and then he's good to go until in an hour when he has to do it again. All night!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

This is MEAN. The producers have decided to humiliate Brendon this season.

Now Brendon's sitting in the hot tub, trying to de-chum further, and everyone is SO grossed out, I mean, what an effed up situation to put somebody in!

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

This ALSO means that Matt/Ragan/Anyone won't be able to have a private audience with Brit anytime soon, and probably not before the POV ceremony.

Justene said...

My gut says they don't believe him. Ragan mantions it often. No one else does. He doesn't talk about it. If I had a sick spouse, I'd bring it up whenever my mind had wandered. They asked at first but lately, no discussion at all.

I know someone who I think lies. I never say anything because if other people believe them, they'd be horrified that I actually doubt the various tales of woe. It's only when a good friend I never see showed up that I asked and old friend said "of course they're lying."

SO you have 5 prople besides Ragan doubting Matt but never wanting to say something and appear unsympathetic.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Uh oh, the boys are taking dry ice from the chum trough and are going to put it in a soda bottle and let it explode.

Watch out guys! Wonder if BB will stop them? That plastic can become schrapnel.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

"It didn't say in the rule book that you couldn't make a dry ice bomb." (after BB yelled for Matt to Stop It)

I think that was Lane. What will the Brigade do when it loses it's brain?

Justene said...

Hayden's starting to look like Conan the Barbarian

Nina said...

WOW, I don't actually have anything intelligent to say right now about the goings on in the game beyond total ecstacy over Brendon winning his third clutch POV and lmao at Jessie being Britney's bad Pandora's box prize. I enjoyed everyone's postings this evening immensely and I agree with all of them even the ones that disagree, lol. Most fun I've had all season. Thanks for such a great blog Jackie.

Anonymous said...

FA(Formerly Anon
In one of your most are you saying that the HGs should admit that they really dont care about Matt or his (fake-dying) wife, and just tell the truth that they dont want to be in the final2 with him because they probably wont win againt him. Give me a break, all of these people went into this house to win $500,000, they all met someone who had a sob story (lie) and now they are just to forget the reason they all spent their summer away from their love ones and just give the money to Matt, I dont think so, it seems his strategy just fell through because they might now start to question his story $500K will make a lot of things look questionable. It's a game and sometimes the best LIAR doesn't win. He's a creep and no amount of money would make be tell someone that my love one is dying, remember KARMA.

FA (Formerly Anon) said...

Professor Ragan is lecturing Britney about Prop 8 in California.

The irony is that he doesn't KNOW what recently happened about Judge Vaughn overturning the law!

That would be a great question for a competition, where they ask about what is going on outside the house?

joyn said...

With all the other lies Matt has told in the house, why wouldn't the rest of the hgs doubt Matt's biggest lie? I agree that a sob story should not win the big moolah. Would your feelings be different if Johnny Fairplay had won?

If Matt does go, I'd love for Julie to tell the hgs the truth about his disgusting lie. I'd bet you'd hear several "I knew it(s)!"

chris said...


I was so thrilled brendon won pov
I want Matt out
Brit is afraid she will follow out the door since if brendonw wins hoh she will be nominated, if ragan wins he will avenge matts ousting. she is in a no win situation unless she uses the time with brendon to tell him that she wanted all along to backdoor matt.
He may buy what she sells.
she needs to rally the troops behind her to oust ragan next
one of the brigade needs to step up and win hoh and brit needs that POV no matter what
wow this thursday should be great.
Rachel will cheer if matt arrives followed by ragan or brit.

JimmyB said...

FA (Formerly Anon) said...
This is MEAN. The producers have decided to humiliate Brendon this season.

I'll say again: Brendon chose to humiliate himself this season. On him.

ORKMommy said...

FA - We didn't see the comp play out but it sounds like Brendon "won" the chum bath, the handcuffs and the haircut. He could have thrown the comp and not won them! How is BB humiliating him? Sounds like he was willing to do whatever it took to win POV and it worked for him. Would it still be humiliating if Enzo won? How about if Matt won? Brittney?

Joe in NY said...


I mostly agree with you. It does seem, however, that they are screwing with Brenchel. I mean, might be coincidence, but Rachel is the "bad thing" that happens to the house? If anyone but Rachel had been evicted that week would that STILL have been the bad side of Pandora's box or would it be something else? The interview Brendon's ex, although they also interviewed Kristen's. They knew Brendon needed this POV the most, would it have been a different comp with different issues if it weren't Brendon? I don't know. Like I said, it could be coincidence or it could be BB screwing with him.

Matt gets dPOV, Brendon gets a massage.

BB lets (suggests?) the pretzel message so that Brendon puts Matt up so Matt has to use the dPOV. This is an entirely different game without that move, I think more for Brendon than Matt. If Brendon had put up Britney, as he wanted then either Lane or Britney would have gone home which would have been better for Brendon's game than getting him to nominate Matt which sent Kathy home. Kathy was no fan of Brendon, but she was less a threat than Britney or Lane.

I think there are game show rules which apply to BB in terms of what they can and can't do, but I'm not sure they don't tailor some of the timing of things and the comps/prizes to what's going on in the house. I mean if it weren't Brendon in HOH, how would they have enticed someone to open the box? They wouldn't have offered Ragan a massage and a seductive picture of Matt, would they? (Or WOULD they! LOL)

ML said...

I am trying so hard not to wake everybody up on this Sunday morning, last sleep-in day before school starts, but I am chuckling reading all theses comments (I don't have the feeds) louder and louder with each comment painting a truly hysterical picture in my head of the goings on in that BB house, especially the Brendon/Britney shackling.

Nina said...

@Joe in NY, I don't think BB rigged the game more than giving a DPOV in the first place. Brendan was going to put up one of Matt and Britney either way and considering he started with Regan, it made the most sense to replace Regan with Matt, pretzels notwithstanding. Brendan certainly wasn't enamored with Matt and def. wanted him out and had no way of knowing about the DPOV.