Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big Brother 12 - Wednesday Live Feeds - August 11

Brendon shows his love by painting Rachel's toenails.

Today was SO uneventful ... well, except for a few things. Here's da skinny:
  • Britney and Ragan complained about Brendon and Rachel's behavior.
  • Brendon and Rachel complained that Britney hasn't washed dishes since she entered the house.
  • I do seem to recall that she has, but not all that often.
  • Britney and Ragan trashed Brendon and Rachel, mostly to each other but to whomever would listen.
  • Matt got his HOH camera and he included Rachel and Brendon in his shots.
  • Britney later talked tried talking him into deleting the photos of them.
  • Ragan and Britney hatched a plan to move around things in the house to get Brendon and Rachel studying the wrong things thinking it's for the HOH comp.
  • Ragan found out that if things are movable, they can do it. Things like the flamingos attached to the floor, no.
  • Britney cried some. Rachel cried some.
  • The Meow Meow didn't cry.
  • There was another saboteur video message (blocked to the feeds).
  • It said (along the lines of): True love conquers all. Don't sweat who goes home tomorrow, neither may leave.
  • Of course, it's like the lifelong friends saboteur lie.
  • But now they're thinking that Rachel is not only the saboteur but she might have a power like the coup d'etat.
  • The feeds were blocked for their big halfway mark party and even Kathy could eat.
  • The season's half over? Heck, it just started getting decent!
  • Enzo, Hayden and Matt tried to make up a code for speaking but the BB voice said, "Stop that!"
  • Brendon keeps encouraging Rachel.
  • And we're back to Rachel crying yet again.

Matt's tats


Laurie said...

And Rachel Cried.

Remember our other band, And Amber Cried?

At least Amber was really crying!

dla said...

Argh... I have just about given up on watching them... It is so much more interesting to stay updated through you, Jackie!

Thank you for your patience and stick-to-itiveness... They are such a snooze.

Laurie, I absolutely remember And Amber Cried! I just cannot acknowledge Rachel... she makes me crazy, and not in a good way! ;)

Non-Hamster Matt said...

It's not a lie, Jackie. Matt (the hamster) has the Diamond Power of Veto. He can use it tomorrow night just before the vote to remove one of them and put someone else on the block, which then could mean that no one's going home.

It's not going to happen, but it could. Same is true of next week -- just because Matt likes the nominations how they are doesn't mean that one of them has to leave. It could be someone else.

So let them get nervous. And let Matt get nervous wondering if anyone will figure it out.

Non-Hamster Matt said...

Argh…I meant that it could mean neither Brendan nor Rachel goes home, not that "no one" goes home. My bad.

ML said...

Rachel's DR crying during the show was so totally fake. There were no tears. Her crying and whining from immediately after she was nominated is ridiculous. There was no sneakiness or back door attempt. B&R got put on the block, like pretty much everyone is at some point in the game. Who does she think she is? She is my pool girl, but I have no sympathy for her. She simply does not see herself as the outside world does. She is self-absorbed, and I can just picture her little girl tantrums when she was kid. I'm sure her mother must have given in to her all the time.

What Brendon said at the veto ceremony was just stupid. It wasn't enough to really get anyone mad, and Britney totally turned it back on him. Someone commented in a prior post about how attactive Brendon is and was surprised by his actions. We really shouldn't be. Physical attractiveness does not imply intelligence nor character. There are many beautiful idiots in this world.

Jackie said...

Ragan doesn't know that Matt has the Diamond Power of Veto. He made it up about no one going home, not BB.

chris said...

I went on and made a suggestion that Ragan tell the house someone among them told a huge lie.
That would stir up things!
Of course Matt would squirm and Ragan would have no idea that what he said was even true!
Rachel only sees what everyone does wrong to her,not what she has done to others.
Amazing that Britney could still pretend to be her friend!