Sunday, August 15, 2010

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - August 15, 2010

It's Sunday morning, time to reflect back on the past week in words and photographs I've taken. If you're looking for Big Brother live feeds reports, a new one will be up a bit later this morning.

Like much of this summer, the week got off to a hot and humid start. This weather has really taken its toll on not only me, but on the grass and trees, too. Everything is so dry here. In the early spring we were saying, "Watch, we'll have drought conditions in the summer!" After an overabundance of rain at winter's end and into the spring, here we are with water usage restrictions in many parts of the state (New Jersey).

The last few days turned into great "open the windows and let the breezes in" weather. My cat Vincent loves to sit in the open windows (with screens, naturally!) and watch the action below. Plus, I'd rather have fresh air instead of air conditioned stale air any day. On the down side, because I had my windows open, last night the noise from my Riff-Raff neighbors annoyed me. Some people have no consideration for others. There is an intercom system. People have phones. You do NOT repeatedly pull up outside a building and SHOUT to get someone to let you in the building -- especially between the hours of 11 PM and 2:30 AM. I would have called the police but I figured by the time they got here, the jerks wouldn't be in the parking lot anymore.

Mind you, not all of my neighbors are like Riff-Raff. They're the only ones with kids running wild in the hallway and all kinds of noise these days. One of these days their door will break between the slamming of it and the pounding on it. The receiver for the bank has already put out several eviction notices. I hope the bunch in that apartment are next. Apparently they're very strict with the rent payments. One of the women from another floor complained to me "two days late and I got an eviction notice." I don't know. I mail my payment before the first each month so they have it by the first. Supposedly we have a grace period until the 5th to get it in.

For those who don't read my Facebook page, here's a video of a local rock group about the city in which I live, Plainfield, NJ. Although they used a photo of mine (along with some others from the 2009 library photo exhibition) without credit, it cracks me up. Thanks to local blogger Bernice for the link!

As you can tell, my week has been somewhat uneventful. Oh, well. Here are some of the photos I've taken during the week - clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window:

Urban Blight

This is detail of the deteriorating bricks of a building located on North Street near the Plainfield Train Station. It looks like one day this building will just crumble to the ground on its own. Since the rear is accessible to vagrants, this poses a danger to the surrounding inhabited buildings. Perhaps a plan should be enacted before it becomes yet another "emergency" with the city paying impromptu humongous fees to have it taken down ...?

Truck on the tracks!

I know the quality of this photo isn't great -- it was taken out of a dirty train window. I've been riding the train for a good five years now and last week was the first time I've spotted this. This NJT truck is actually driving ON the tracks with some kind of platform doohickey thingee (technical term) under it. Kewl!

On the early morning train
With a coffee in my hand
And an achin' in my heart
And my pockets full of sand
I'm a long way from home
And I miss my loved bed so
On the early morning train
With only work to go ...

My apologies to Gordon Lightfoot -- "Early Morning Rain"
Plainfield Train Station

"If you walk with Jesus ...

... he's gonna save your soul, gotta keep the devil way down in the hole." - Tom Waits, "Way Down in the Hole"

The Latina Jesus Ladies continue to spread the word on the corner of Watchung Avenue and North Street in Plainfield. One little blue um ... bear (?) seems to pay rapt attention.

Oh, this is SO wrong!

How could they abandon him? How could they desert him near the busy city street? What kind of world is this? He thought his soul was saved!

Just waitin' on a train

But looking in the other direction. Plainfield Train Station.

The evening skies

I took this shot from the lot of Supremo Supermarket on Tuesday evening. The days are getting shorter. I just want them to get cooler!

Just what are those piñatas up to?

The piñatas over produce in Supremo seem to be mating. We'll know for sure if I return and there's a whole slew of piñatas running around!

Texas Weiners I

Watchung Avenue in Plainfield. I edited the photo to leave just the sign in color. I never heard of Texas Weiners until I moved to New Jersey. I didn't see any Texas Weiners when I visited Texas this past spring. Different Texas Weiners places are all over here in New Jersey. Not only that, but the correct spelling of "wiener" should be "i" before "e." Weird.

Hight Lights?

Where the fare increases went

NJ Transit is slowly replacing the between cities (not NYC commuter) buses with these fancy-schmancy new ones. Inside, they smell like new cars. They have two cameras inside -- one in the front by the door and driver, another all the way in the back with a DVR recording constantly. That is a great move. I often think that the bus drivers, alone dealing with drunks and fare-beaters, need some kind of "protection." True, the camera won't protect them per se, but it might make ne'er-do-wells have second thoughts before causing problems.

The buses also "speak." Each intersection is announced. Nifty keen. They don't rattle all over either. While I walk to the train in the mornings, I'll often take the bus home as it leaves me a block away from my apartment. My monthly train pass covers the bus trip, so it's no extra cost. I won't take it in the mornings to the train as I can't trust them to be on time. The train waits for no one. This is the bus I would take to my apartment. But I won't take it to Newark! The shot was taken at the intersection of Gavett Place and North Street in Plainfield.

As the crows sit

I watched them fly. They did NOT fly in a straight line thus debunking the myth of "as the crow flies." I wonder which one is Randall Flagg ...

The chicory continues to thrive

The grass is dying, but the chicory continues to be colorful and healthy. Plainfield Train Station.

Oh, pointy!

Monday's early morning sun

Over the Plainfield Train Station track lamps.

Same sun sans lamp lights

These photos were taken at about 6:30 AM on Monday morning and I didn't touch up the colors at all. Hot day ahead.

Eastern goldfinch munching a sunflower

The pack of goldfinches continue to hang around the neighborhood where the sunflowers are located. They like to take off when they see me take out the camera. Grr. The sunflowers themselves are starting to pass. East Front Street, Plainfield.

Are you going to feed me now?

Yes, Vincent. I've finished this. Let me get the poor starving cat his food.

How was your week?


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
The video lends new meaning to the nickname "Queen City", eh?
I thought it was funny too. I laughed at the maracas as a symbol of "express your rage". I'm guessing one of your train station pictures was the one they used in the video?
One might expect that learning the correct spelling of "hight lights" would occur naturally in a hair salon. Geez!
I played that Gordon Lightfoot album constantly back in the day. I believe it was the "If you could read my mind love" song that made me buy it, but I loved every track on there. Sigh.

Jackie said...

Yes, my foggy train station photo (twice) is in it. As for the band, I looked at their website. They're a Plainfield-based garage band who have been around since the 60s, so the "rage" is actually a play on "age."

Apparently they have quite a local NJ following playing in veenues like the Stone Pony in Asbury Park, Hoboken and Brooklyn. And, surprisingly enough, I actually have something of theirs (in a way) on my not-an-iPod. Members of the band were part of Ram Bam years back and I have "Black Betty."

Plainfield, the Queen City, really does have a sizable population of gay folks buying up the grand old homes and rehabbing them.

Anonymous said...

I got to ride one of the new 59 buses when I made my escape to Westfield last week in search of Pepperidge Farm bread. I was impressed! You can now be a strap-hanger on the bus, just like the subway.
Scored three loaves of bread at Stop and Shop and caught the return bus. None of the city markets have Pepperidge Farm bread, although seniors can get outdated products free. It was my first visit to Stop and Shop - now I see why you go there along with Trader Joe's - lots of stuff you can't get in Plainfield!

Petals said...

G'morning Jackie & everyone. Always love your pics. The blue thing by the side of the road made me sad. I am the blue thing. One my best girlfriends AND my boyfriend both dumped me this week, cruelly. The girlfriend claimed she couldn't handle my drama with the boyfriend, and the boyfriend claimed a$$ is too fat. Not a good week, but I am making the best of it, spending time with REAL friends that love me no matter what. And spending time here, with normal people.
Thank you!

lynn1 said...

Great Photos again this week.
The video was a hoot. Do you think there will be another Jersey reality show based on the Drag Queens of Plainfield? LOL

Jackie said...

Sorry to hear it, Petals.

Lynn1 - The only two drag queens I personally know don't live in town! Bound Brook and Woodbridge. I have to say, living around here is always interesting people-wise.

lynn1 said...

Living in the New Orleans area we see a little bit of everything too.
Drag queens and female impersonators are a dime a dozen in the French Quarter. Wearing costumes, make-up or masks is a local past-time.

Jaynne said...

Jackie, how do I access your facebook page?

Anonymous said...

i love vincent, what a sweet baby

Laurie said...

Not only that, but the correct spelling of "wiener" should be "i" before "e." Weird.

Lovely, just lovely. You are so witty!

As always, I do enjoy my Sunday morning with you and Charles Osgood and my pot of tea.

Joyn, I'm sorry you had such a bummer week. I hope things pick up for you soon. Real friends don't walk away!

Lynn, I was in NO in Feb and loved all the sights and people. Great city!

meb said...

If I get this posted fast enough without talking too much, I can still say Good Morning Jackie..and everyone.

Vincent is gorgeous. It's been a while since we've seen him front on with his eyes open. :)

Loved the pix and especially the early morning sun without the lamps.

Petals... so sorry to hear you're having a bad/sad time. Just remember we are all your friends here at Jackies. Come talk to us anytime.

Slept in too, too, too late, gotta get moving!


JOKATS said...

Oh bad bad bad mommy not feeding your starving Vincent ;). The little chub chub boy lol. Like he's missing a meal!! I usually just follow your BB reports, but I wanted to drop you a line & thank you for always giving me an enjoyable read!! >^,,^<

Sally said...

Some of those photos just shout "Hot! Hot! Hot!" I too was able to open windows this morning, after a solid week of a/c.

Now I've got Gordon Lightfoot songs running through my mind. Lots of memories there.

That chicory is a pretty plant. Love the color.

You actually wrote your post BEFORE you fed Vincent? Wasn't he plastered to your side until you fed the King of the House?

Petals, sorry you had a rough week. Sounds like you've found the best approach: "spending time with REAL friends that love me no matter what."

RyzandShyn said...

(((Petals))), sorry for your bad week. Sounds to me like the week handed you a blessing in disguise though. Bye-bye to the hurtful drama-filled people and Hello to yourself and real friends!

Petals said...

You guys are awesome. {{{you guys}}}
See you later in the POOL!!!

joyn said...

Laurie, I assume you meant Petals in you comment. I actually had a pretty good week. My oldest step-son and one of my granddaughters was here from ND. Thoroughly enjoyed that!

Sorry your week was such a bummer for you, Petals. Your ex is out of the loop. Big butts are in!

Jackie, loved the clip! Good dancing song. I was grooving with it.

That red sky even looked hot!

I occasionally see those railroad trucks on the tracks around here. I've always assumed they have radio contact with someone and know when to get the heck off the tracks.

I think the crow on the right is Randall Flagg. He looks devious even in that pic. Must be getting ready for his next appearance. I LOVE Stephen King!

I also watch Charles on Sunday mornings. Loved those camp letters this am. And Rob Reiner.

Well, dh is working and I'm going to slack off this whole day while waiting for BB. Think Rachel will be seen tonight?

joyn said...

Oh, and Vincent looked like he meant business asking for his next meal.

Buzzmaam said...

Jackie, I'd like to read your FB page.

Lars said...

I enjoy viewing your photos Jackie.

Thanks for sharing

PDX Granny said...

Jackie, I love the way you see things.

I'm sure the picture of the train station in the fog is yours, although the White Star is very much your style.

The pics of the morning sky are {{{HOT}}}!

PDX Granny said...

LOL If I had only read before posting, I would have seen that you agreed with me. The train station in the fog was yours.

PDX Granny said...

Petals, sorry to hear about your breakups. I say you're better off without them. If a girlfriend can't be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, what good are they? As far as the boyfriend, you don't need anyone that shallow in your life!

What I found most interesting about your comment was that you find us "normal"!! Thank you folr that. LOL

Jackie said...

The link to the Facebook page is on the right sidebar to this blog.

Anonymous said...

petals sorry to hear about your best girlfriend and boyfriend. people like that we don't need in our lives. my wv is "farther" as in the "farther" away these people are from you the better off you'll be!

jackie do you ever enter any of your photos in contests? i bet you would win if you did!

and i am sure you've answered this before; but what happened to fufus? -jeannemarie

Jackie said...

Jeannemarie - I've only entered one photo contest. The foggy train photo in that video was one of my five photos entered in the local library's photo competition. That photo won second place -- money, a ribbon and a certificate. I'm planning on entering again this year.