Sunday, March 27, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - March 27, 2011

It's Sunday once again. You know what that means. It's time for my weekly off television topic look back on the week gone by in both words and photographs I've taken.

On the work front, I had a change of pace this past week. Instead of doing my normal thing, I was trained on new workforce management software and had to work to set up for my workplace. Gah. No, I don't have real problems learning new technology. My "gah" is because, knowing the corporate environment, this latest "best thing since sliced bread" will be taken over by a newer program within a few years. There's still a lot of tweaking which needs to be done to get it in synch with our actual needs, too. Oh well.

Then there's the weather here in New Jersey. In the beginning of the week we had warm temperatures and rain. Then we had two days of snow, rain, hail, ice and then snow again. It's ended with a deep freeze. Well, deep freeze for this time of the year. I just want spring. I want to retire my winter coat for the season. That's all.

Talking television for a moment -- I'm still liking Breakout Kings and the Lloyd Lowery character in particular. I totally missed Celebrity Apprentice last week due to my blogging job Amazing Race show being delayed. I'll have to try to catch that online today. My blog pool pick on Dancing With the Stars, Ralph Maccio, seems a natural. I just wonder how he can still look 14 when he's 49! Casey Abrams, whose talents I love, got the save on American Idol. I haven't liked his last two performances so much, though.

As for my apartment living stuff, the new neighbors are much better than the old. I do hear them more than I've heard some of the other folks in that apartment, but they're definitely bearable. And, they quiet down early in the evening. I'm starting to think they go to bed at 8 PM. That's fine by me. Maintenance people have been painting the entrance door trim, doors, pillars, the wood on the stair cases. Okay, dark red. It wouldn't be my choice, but whatever. After a quiet lull, there seem to be children running the halls once again. Sigh.

Onto this week's photos -- clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window:

Rest in peace, Lt. Lattimore

The flag at the Plainfield Police Station flies at half-mast while bunting is displayed over the entrance. Although I know a few folks on the department, I didn't know him. I had, however, heard of him and his family's legacy in Plainfield. My condolences to his family, friends and fellow officers.

My luck, I dropped off shirts in 1893.

That's when they had worse dry cleaning. But you don't see them advertising THAT! Westfield, NJ.

The sound of music.

Also in Westfield, I could sit on that bench for an hour just listening to the music emanating from the New Jersey Workshop for the Arts building.

Typical Yankees Fan

I spotted him in a store window in Westfield.

Tuesday morning.

This was the only really nice day we had this past week. The storm clouds were lifting and the temperatures were moderate. Those security gates on the stores aren't because they're vacant businesses. It's a Chinese restaurant and a fried chicken place. They just weren't open yet. East Front Street, Plainfield.


Church Street is still budding.

These trees will soon (I hope) have glorious blooms making it look like a flowery wonderland. Plainfield.

Old tree, new shoots.

This old tree in Bridgewater has new growth coming from a split in its trunk.


The forsythia is blooming ... yay! Bridgewater, but it's all around Plainfield, too.

A robin checks me out.

Either that or he's thinking "where am I and what I am doing in this handbasket?" The robins have claimed the field of geese area as their own ... until the geese return from their outing, that is. Bridgewater.

And, so I'll continue to continue to pretend
That my life will never end
And flowers never bend with the rainfall
- Simon and Garfunkel

Daffodils can't take the weight of Monday's rains. Berckman Street, Plainfield.



New growth!

Plainfield Train Station.


Plainfield YWCA, East Front Street.


A planter on Church Street, Plainfield.

Ice drops!

Say what? This is one of the buds on the trees on Church Street. That's an ice droplet, not water. Wah.

Snow on the roof.

Yes, spring in New Jersey. Plainfield Train Station.

What's that white stuff?

Bridgewater Train Station.


My train approaching on Wednesday morning. Plainfield Train Station.

Didn't we have enough of this already?

Plainfield Train Station.

Snow on the forsythia.

Snow on the YWCA flowers.

Snow in my 'hood.

Remember, despite the snow, it is late March. It's about time the lights on the 14th floor balcony on the left come down. Or, just stop lighting them. It's not Christmas anymore! East Front Street, Plainfield.

Snow on the branches.

Wintry commute in March.

Approaching the Plainfield Train Station from East Third Street. No, that's not my train. Due to my software training, I caught a later train than normal. That train up there starts in Plainfield heading to Newark/NYC instead of Plainfield being merely a stop. It sits there every day for about fifteen minutes before it moves. Mine goes the other way.

Ice, Ice, Baby.

Keeping Plainfield Clean!

They've given him a number and taken 'way his name. East Third Street, Plainfield.

Have a seat!

East Second Street, Plainfield. Oh, I should mention the price of gas has stayed the same all week here.

More snow in my 'hood.

The Presbyterian Church looks classically pretty in the snow. But it would look fine with green grass, too! East Front Street, Plainfield.

No Snow

The sunshine has gotten rid of the snow. But it's way cold. I guess I'll take shots of twirly old vines again. Bridgewater Train Station.

Leave me alone. I'm watching Animal Planet.

To be honest, he was watching a film of baby elephants on my computer. Every now and then Vincent actually does check out the television or computer. It's fun to get him going playing bird calls from the Internet. I know. I'm cruel.

How was your week?


RiseandShine said...

Good Morning.
I agree, sick of the weather here, enough already! That warm day was delicious.
I find it hard to get excited about all the "best thing since sliced bread" things I've been exposed to at work. I mean, bravo and good try and all that to those who do the seeking and the setting up, but it never ends up as easy as they think to implement or as helpful as they imagine to use.
The Presbyterian church you have pictured is quite like the ones built in the (many) towns here in Bergen County. I think they are beautiful.
Here's hoping for no more Robin Snow, and real Spring! weather.

Lifeguard Laurie said...

I do love the little spots of spring you caught with your camera. I cringed when I saw the ice on them later. They work so hard to begin their new life, it seems a shame for Mother Nature to test them this way. I can't wait for you to have the real spring. I think those are my favorite of your pictures!

I agree with you and R&S, the latest and greatest technology is never the perfect solution. However, learning it does keep our minds sharp and prepares us for the next iteration of software. Can you tell I work in IT?

Happy Sunday and I'll see you later for TAR. I'm finally in town for awhile!

SueGee said...

I too am going through learning new software that eventually I have to teach to the rest of the group. Just remember to save something back so that they can't ever let you go until you let them in on the "secret"! heh heh heh

And my cat loved Kitty Kat Nip, a tape of birds, squirrels, mice, hamsters etc. I know she would love it if I hooked up a VCR to the TV and let her watch it again! Maybe she would like Stuart Little? ha ha

I hope these rains that we are drowning in here does not turn into snow for you guys again. See you all tonight!!

Sue on the left coast

Sally said...

I find myself humming old Simon and Garfunkel songs now… And that’s not a bad thing.

I’m with you all--truly ready for spring. We had a lot of areas of bare grass a week ago, but got hit with another foot of snow on Wednesday. Actually it went from freezing rain and ice pellets to snow/thunder snow with low temps and high winds. Seeing your photos of buds is encouraging.

Good to know that maintenance is continuing at your apartment building. And I like the idea of Vincent being entertained by video of baby elephants playing. He probably has no concept of the size differential!

Daisyme said...

New to your site, just reconnected with you after 30 odd years. you have quite an eye with the camera. enjoyed the pics. and comments. We're definitely related!! I personaly ordered spring the day after Christmas, but all the snow & bad weather keeps delaying delivery!!

Jackie said...

Daisyme - That must be you, cousin Sue! The snow comments definitely aren't coming out of our Florida relatives! It's great to be in touch again and thank you for the kind comments!