Sunday, March 06, 2011

Off Topic - That Was the Week It Was - March 6, 2011

It's Sunday morning -- you know what that means! RAIN! Er, well ... rain and my weekly reflection on the past week in both words and photos I've taken. I'm still pretty much in my photo rut here. It was quite cold most of the week until yesterday when it got up to around 60 degrees. It's warm now, but we're under flood warnings.

My week was rather uneventful. I worked, I ate, I slept, I watched television, I read, rinse and repeat (not necessarily in that order). My knee has been bad most of the week. I blame the cold and now the dampness. I know the doctor would give me pain meds, but I don't really like how they make my mind feel. Also, when I have the surgery in a few months, the pain is much easier control with pain meds if you're not already on them. So, it's ibuprofen for now.

On the home front, several other tenants have issues with the new ramp out the building's side door. At least I now know I'm not just a total klutz almost falling out the door. One person actually fell. One of the tenants in the building told me he's going to call inspections about it. Meanwhile, now that I know the incline is right there when I step out, I'm no longer almost falling.

Also on the home front, I opened my windows when I got in last night as it was stuffy in here and the outdoor temp was around 60. All of a sudden, Vincent went wild chasing after something! I thought at first it was a Japanese beetle, then realized it was a stinkbug. ACK! I've never had one of them in here before although I've seen them outside. Thankfully I realized what it was before Vincent or I squished it. Flush!

In the good news department, the company I work for had another banner year
(despite the economy) and they added another 15% atop their match in my 401K for last year. Amazing ... looking at the pension, social security and 401K ... I might actually eventually be able to enjoy a few years of retirement!

Well ... um, I don't have much more for you. Except for the photos and the accompanying stories on some of them, that is! Clicking on an image will open it larger in a new window, then hit back on your browser to get back to the blog.

Great Skates

On Friday, despite the cold temperatures, I came across a group of teenage boys skateboarding in the Plainfield Train Station parking lot. They were thrilled to have me take photos of them. However, my settings on the camera weren't really right for action shots. So most of their best tricks went blurry on me.

In watching the kids have innocent fun, it made me glad to live in an area where there's such diversity. The group of seven were white, black and Hispanic and obviously all good friends. Not only that, but I'd love to meet their parents and tell them how polite and friendly their boys are! Each one introduced himself and shook hands with me, then thanked me for taking the photos of them.

Yeah, big bad Plainfield.

He has the moves

Hang Ten

Sure, their parents might have to worry about broken bones. But there are so many worse things teenage boys could be doing with their time. A skate park would probably be popular in the area. However, I'm sure liabilities would be prohibitive.

Spontaneous Combustion?
Weird religious ritual?

Nope, doubt it was either. I'd say a red-tailed hawk had dinner and doesn't care for wings. This was on East Third Street near the Friends Meeting House (Quakers) cemetery.

Ice Cave

Okay, it's not really an ice cave. Or, if it is, it's a tiny one. This is at the bottom of one of the remaining nasty snow piles on Church Street in Plainfield. I'm surprised they haven't found any missing people thawing out in some of the piles!

Sundown ...

"You better take care, if I find you been creepin' 'round my back stairs." - "Sundown" by Gordon Lightfoot.

I realize they aren't technically back stairs, nor are the mine. Plainfield Train Station just after the sun went down.


Nah, just a contrail which looks like the setting sun's tail. Bridgewater, NJ.

Yes, I know it's still winter.
You don't need to remind me.

Icicles under the railroad bridge in Bridgewater.

Yes, I am. But what are you?

You're an alleged criminal, that's what you are! The fool who spray painted "DRONE" all around the train station and surrounding blocks was caught and arrested. This is the sign at the East Fourth Street entrance by Vest
Pocket Park at the Plainfield Train Station. The other side of the sign has parking directions on it; this side had been blank. As of Saturday evening, it's once again blank.

Blues and golds

I didn't really do anything to this shot. This was early Monday morning just before sunrise. The golden lamps of the Plainfield Train Station highlighted the brown grass and leaves in gold while the background, looking up East Third Street, appeared blue.

I wish!

This is another billboard/poster in the mattress ad campaign I photographed last week. Dunellen Train Station.


I keep thinking it should pick me up. It's always empty. I guess no one in town is special enough, eh? The corner of Watchung Avenue and East Fourth Street in Plainfield.

Is spring ever coming?

A commuter is all bundled up waiting for her train at the Plainfield Train Station.


Supremo, on East Front Street, was having a big 77 cent sale. They're redoing the inside of the store and adding much needed new frozen food cases. I hate getting lost in there as they move everything around! But I did find Scrapple after it's gone missing for two years from the store. Coolio.


Adjacent to Supremo on East Front Street, there's the 99¢ Plaza.


Say what? This is at the corner of Church and East Second Streets. Yes, I've featured their signs with their "breaks" and "alingments" before. How much is gas where you live?

The Target Snow Mountain is Melting

This was once over twenty feet tall, a good 400 feet long, and took up about 20 parking spots as well as blocking two "roads" in the lot. Bridgewater, NJ.

No wonder it's cold!

It's still January 17th! No, they still haven't changed the papers in this honor box. They did put up two new Star Ledger boxes but only one has the current day's paper. The window is all foggy on the other and they haven't put new papers in it since the day they put the box there. Meanwhile, the five NY Post boxes vanished as quickly as they arrived. Bridgewater Train Station.

Emergency! Call the fashion police!

It's thirty degrees with a wind chill of about twenty. This teenage boy is wearing huge loose white shiny gym shorts and Uggs? Bridgewater, NJ.

First outside arachnid of the season!

As I waited for my train last night, I saw something small go running in front of me. It was too small to be a rabbit, goose or deer -- the regular wildlife I've seen for the last few months. Why, it's a spider! It must be spring. I think I scared him with the flash.

Vincent, all of your blood is going to rush
to your head if you keep doing that.

"Got any catnip? Are you going to play with me? Can I get on your shoulder?"

How was your week? Don't forget to stop back for the Amazing Race blog party tonight!


RyzandShyn said...

Good Morning!
Enjoyed your pictures and they show hopful signs of spring.
I actually saw a yellowjacket on the first warm day. Just one, all by itself, looking a little wobbly like they usually do in the fall.
I had a crazy week. I had to go to the dentist twice in one week, which for this extreme dentalphobe was traumatic. I also was subpoenaed to testify in family court for one of my students in Jersey City. I've never been to Jersey City before. Lucky for me, it's just a minute from Hoboken so I stopped over to Carlo's Bakery and drowned my week in cake.
All's well that ends in cake.
Vincent looks as adorable upside down as he does right side up.

Delee said...

I am finding one sting bug a week, have no idea where they are coming from, Starry seems to find them and wants to play with them...flush!

I agree polite young men parents need to be told. Too many are rude or they ignore you if you try to converse with them.

Sally said...

Terrific picture of Vincent! One of the best. I like the blue and golds photo too, and the one of those picturesque light posts at sundown

Gas here is around $3.45. Luckily, I have a smaller car that gets fairly good mileage.

How nice to read about that friendly group of young skateboarders. When you took the photos, did you tell them some pictures might end up on your blog?

Delee said...

You must have taken the gas price early in the week, retake it! Last I saw here was $3.49 and that was early Friday!

I hate spiders! 77 cents would have me searching and searching for bargains, glad you found scrapple. Wish I had some to fry and top with maple syrup!

Got interupted before Vincent is a ham! Snowing here, saying 2-4 inches! Ding Dang Darn!

Delee said...

For people like me, who have too much to tivo on Sunday nights, here is a reminder that the first
2 hour Celebrity Apprentice (8p E) and the America's Next Great Restaurant (10p E) will replay on CNBC Friday night, March 11. I almost always have to watch it Friday night!

Jackie said...

Delee - Gasoline is one of the only things with low taxes here in NJ. We generally run a good twenty cents (or more) less than neighboring states. It was still that price Saturday morning.

I have to write up TAR for TV Squad, but will have Celebrity Apprentice on in the background. It looks like it's going to be entertaining this season!

Sally - I told one of them about the blog. Maybe they'll visit.