Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business 4/10 Episode Blog Party

The show is delayed twelve minutes here due to the Masters golf tournament. Once it starts, everyone is welcome to join in with comments as it airs -- that's where the real fun is! I'll be updating this post with any big news as I watch it here on the East Coast.

Gary and Mallory were treated to the best of India, which obviously includes Snapple Ice Tea. They're remaining in India this leg -- at least for now. Zev thinks Calcutta should be called Calcrowded. Uh-oh, most of the teams got a 10:45 arrival time for their flight, the cowboys 11:45 AM. The Globetrotters got the 10:45 AFTER the cowboys got the later flight!

Ron is now being played up as a nice daddy? Hmm ...

Kent is being a bit obnoxious, don't you think? The Globetrotters got a great taxi driver!

Roadblock - Search for meaning of life. Reminds me of the old Maharishi Mahesh Yogi kind of deal, finding six religious dudes by photos. Big Easy and Jen worked together for a while, doing well. Anorexic Santa Clauses is Justin's description of the holy men. Ron is failing at this!

I find myself a bit like Zev surrounded by noise and chaos.

Big Easy, Jen and Justin through! The cowboys finally got there and Cord is beating Ron. Kent is through. Gary is through.

Detour - Feed the fire or feed the buffalo.

Cord is through with the roadblock test, Ron not doing so well. Ron FINALLY got through the Roadblock. Most of the other teams are well into the Detour.

Zev and Justin are in the lead with the Globes on their tails. Heading to the Pit Stop.

Globetrotters went from last to first! Trip to Hawaii.
2. Justin and Zev
3. Kisha and Jen
4. Gary and Mallory
5. Jet and Cord

Yikes, Ron and Christina took the water taxi and may beat Kent and Vyxsin!

6. Kent and Vyxsin
7. Ron and Christina -- Philiminated.

The nice take on Ron as Daddy was a huge clue in the beginning of the show.


Becky said...

Hey, Jackie!

Lifeguard Laurie said...

Yay, that means I'm not late with the current pool players!

Gary & Mallory- Karen in CA. Becky, Caela (1 win)

Flight Time & Big Easy - Terry in PA, Jackie, Monty934

Jet & Cord - ML, Margo (1 win)

Kent & Vyxsin - Rbennie, Laurie

LaKisha & Jennifer - PDX Granny, Donna in FL

Ron & Christina - Lisanne, SueGee

Zev & Justin - Zoetawny, Brent ( 2 wins)

meb said...

Can't believe the cowboys didn't check it out on the board before they bought their tickets. This is sad. Oh well, they'll probably catch up.

Becky said...

Meb, I couldn't either. But I love how easy going and calm they remain.

Becky said...

We know which one the cowboys will choose!

Jackie said...

Things aren't looking too good for Ron and Christina unless this is a non-elim. leg.

meb said...

Dad is totally off on a tangent. And I'd have to puke when I found out one of the things was making paddies out of cow poop! Yuck!

meb said...

You're right Jackie... but I had forgotten about the non elimination leg... it probably is.

Becky said...

I agree about Ron. He completely over thinks every thing -- just like he said.

meb said...

OMG... they're gagging... and I would be too... but it is funny!

Becky said...

At least they have gloves to wear! LOL I bet it doesn't bother the hippies.

I knew it! The cowboys "came to India to haul hay".

Can you imagine living someplace with so many people?

joy n said...

Can't believe I'm just getting here after a super-duper Murphy's law day!

Have no idea what's going on but did think to tape it earlier.

Hope the cowboys make it or that it is a non-elim. They're about due for one.

Becky said...

I love Vixen's spunk!

Jackie said...

The cowboys will do fine unless they get a bad cabbie. It's Ron and Christina who are lagging.

I wonder where everyone is tonight?

Jackie said...

Becky - Kent is getting on my nerves, though. I do like how he snaps at Vyxsin and she does what she wants to do anyway!

joy n said...

I just read that Meb was worried about them in an early comment. Just read the rest.

Becky said...

What in the world happened. I missed what happened after the hippies got into the boat.

Bad day, huh Joy?

Becky said...

Jackie, Kent has gotten on my nerve since the first time they were on -- and they were my team!

joy n said...

Becky. yes. Just little things all day. Frustrating.

Sorry to see Ron and Christine go.

Becky said...

Do they have the "elimination station" this year?

joy n said...

NO, darn it!

joy n said...

No Ponderosa heading on Survivor's CBS homepage either. I know it doesn't start until the jury but they always had the heading up for it all season. I'm wondering if that's gone too.

monty924 said...

Sooo happy that Flight Time and Big Easy came in first. That cow patty task would have sent me over the top. Ick!

I miss Elimination Station this season too. I'll be super disappointed if they did away with life at Ponderosa on Survivor. It the little extra clips like this that most of us fans love. I'd like to see just a lil 3 minute clip of the Big Brother Jury House on Big Brother as well. I'm sure their answer to the question is that they don't have the money or resources to do that, but I say phooey! All of these shows make CBS and their production companies big moolah during their seasons. We know Survivor and TAR have the resources so what's up with this season? Grrr!

Did anyone else catch Julie challenge the Talk ladies to one night in the BB House? That will be funny... hope they show it!

Sally said...

I recorded the show and ended up with an hour's worth of severe weather coverage. Glad you included more info in your blog post this week, since I can't read your recap on TV Squad.