Sunday, June 26, 2011

A quick update

I'm not posting the usual Sunday morning off topic "That Was the Week It Was" post. My apologies. I don't really have many photos I could post even if I were to post.

In TV news: I'm expecting announcements regarding the new BB house on Tuesday and I think we'll get the casting updates then, too. I'll post what I know when I know it here. I've also created a Facebook page specifically for this blog and BB. The main content of the show coverage will still be right here. However, I'll be tweeting links to the posts here on Twitter as well as linking on the Facebook page. I won't be linking each and every BB13 update on my own personal Facebook page as many of my friends don't follow the show and it tends to clog things up.

In knee news: I'm doing well. This knee makes me realize how horrible my last knee recovery actually was. I can bend it just shy of 100 degrees and I can totally straighten it out. I'm getting around at home without any walking aids (walker, crutches, cane). Thanks to the new program at the hospital (the one with coaches and all), I'm not being left alone a day for two weeks. I'm so not happy with that.

Each day a physical therapist is coming to my home, including yesterday and today. A nurse came Monday and will come tomorrow. Friday I have no one coming, but I have to go for my post-op staples removal x-rays surgeon visit. On Saturday I'll finally have a blessed day to myself.

While the knee is doing tremendously well, this was still a major surgery and I have issues like being unable to sleep for more than a few hours at a time, lack of concentration and stuff. But it's heaven so far compared to my last knee replacement recovery. Now if medical people would just stop coming ...!

It's a different therapist today and he hasn't even called to let me know when he's coming. I suppose I could get dressed, then try to nap. Grr.

Also -- Vincent is no help at all. He likes the one PT who's been coming all week and tries to jump on her shoulder. He also likes to get underfoot. I love him dearly but he's not the best cat to be around while trying to recover. It's a good thing I'm in better shape this time around! I've been stuffing him with cat treats and catnip. That works! He does nap well every time I try to nap!


Delee said...

Thrilled you are experiencing less difficulty this time! I sympathize with you as my first foot surgery made the second a breeze (sort of)! You know the drill and with less complications, recovery is faster! Are you still taking the pain meds? They may be what is causing the weird sleeping patterns!

Can not believe BB is right around the corner, hope the cast is not all sex perverts and a few over 30 would be great. Doubt either of those wishes! HAHA

Poor Vincent--just wants to be close to you!

Jackie said...

Delee - It's the norm to be on narcotic pain meds for about two or three months for a knee replacement. I'm only a week in. I'm sure the meds, the shock and trauma to the body during the surgery, blood loss and pain all have to due with the sleeping problems. They come along with the op.

Sally said...

Great to see that your recovery is coninuing to go so well. I can understand why you're looking forward to having days to yourself, without people always checking in, even if they are skilled and well-intended.

Hope your regular PT likes cats, if Vincent is viewing her shoulder as a perch. He's probably feeling proud that he's finally trained you to share his fondness for cat naps.

Zoetawny said...

Jackie, I'm embarrassed to say I haven't been keeping up and didn't know the knee surgery was scheduled and over all ready. My bad!

It's good to hear that the recovery is going well. You are a trooper and always will be. I hope every day gets a little easier with less pain and discomfort.

I've been trying to avoid back surgery and carpal tunnel surgery but it's kept me off the computer most days. I really miss my virtual life and friends.

I can't believe it's almost BB time. How did that sneak up on me? I'm going to try and make a new BB logo for the blog as soon as some graphic images are available so I can see this season's theme.

I don't like to use this forum to moan and complain but stepson's cancer has come back and dealing with all the issues is totally consuming my time. It doesn't look good but we're dealing with it in the most positive way we can. He just started a clinical trial at UCLA Medical Center this week. Please keep him and my family in your prayers.

Hang in there, Jackie, you will soon be dancing around. Take care of yourself first.

Miss everyone!

RiseandShine said...

Wow,sounds like you did very well this time, I'm glad. Must have been something to hear that the knee looked so bad that doc would have thought you were non-ambulatory. Amazing, really, how your positive attitude kept you going on it as long as you did.
Keep up the good work and feel free growl as necessary.

Margo said...

Good to hear from you Zoetawny. I'm sending healing thoughts your way for your stepson. I hope this trial works!!


Jackie said...

Zoetawny - I'm so sorry to hear the latest. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your husband and your stepson.

Sydney said...

Zoetawny, I have been working two jobs and not visiting here as much as I'd like to myself. Many thanks to Margo, I learned that you wrote in and let us know how you're doing. Your internet friends miss you too and you will be in my thoughts.