Wednesday, June 01, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: NYC and Salt Lake City Auditions

Tonight's SYTYCD extravaganza covers the auditions in New York City and Salt Lake City, two very culturally different cities. We'll have to see how much the dance styles differ! I won't be able to live blog the show as thoroughly as I did last week, but I'm sure to comment now and then! And, you're all welcome to chime in with your thoughts in comments!

Salt Lake City is in the house first. I think they're Stomping the Yard! The two were good at it.

Annie, dancing to "Sweet Dreams are Made of This," is absolutely amazing! Onto Las Vegas! The dance with her father made me giggle.

The Ringo Starr "daughter" is very bizarre. And, of course, not the daughter of Ringo Starr or Richard Starkey (who IS Ringo Starr). No, she can't dance. NEXT!

NYC auditions are up and running! I thought the first audition, Princess Lockaroo (Sandra Cohen) would be a loser, but she was tremendously entertaining! Wow! Mesmerizing! Vegas.

Local guy from New Brunswick ... very nice. He's through. A lot of contemporary dancers are making it through to Vegas. Let's see how the krumper does ... talk about attitude! He's onto choreography.

Irish dancer Mary Kate is up, excellent! She's won all sorts of awards for Irish dancing, but can she get through choreography? She makes it to Vegas! Mr. Tough Krumper Attitude Man also makes it though ... crying.

The theater dancer dude is very good. I like him better than the judges. He's going onto choreography. He SHOULD have gone straight to Vegas! He makes it through to Vegas ... as he should.

Tomorrow night is the Los Angeles auditions show.


Donna in AL said...

Hi Jackie, this is the second season for me to watch. I really enjoyed last year and so did my sons!

Jackie said...

This is the only dance show I'm into. It's amazing to watch some of them and they work so hard at it!

Donna in AL said...

Yes, they do. I am behind now. I paused while I made my plate for dinner!

Jackie said...

What did you think of the "whacker" - Princess Lockaroo?

robert hass said...

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